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Arsenal midfield the key to Leicester and Premier League wins?

For quite few years now it has been the Arsenal midfield that has been the best part of our squad, even though there has been criticism of Arsene Wenger for relying too much on the same sort of small and technically gifted players like Tomas Rosicky, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla and not enough steel and aggression.

Why Arsenal fans will soon be able to laugh at Tottenham again

Oh how the football media and fans of rival clubs have milked the fact that Arsenal have had a bad month and dropped to fourth place in the Premier League table. There have been reports about groundhog day and plenty of talk about it being the same old story for Arsenal. And one of the things hitting Arsenal fans the hardest is that our north London rivals Tottenham have gone ahead of us in the table for the first time this season.

Arsenal tactics for Tottenham – Patience or push?

There is a decent case to be argued for both of the different tactics that Arsenal could employ against the spuds in the north London derby on Sunday, but which one is the best and which one will Arsene Wenger want his players to use? The good thing is that Arsenal have shown ourselves well capable of playing either well and with a successful result, in the Premier League at least.

Arsenal still have NLD advantage despite Bayern blow

There was not much for Arsenal fans to cheer about last night, as the German champions Bayern Munich more than made up for losing to the Gunners in London two weeks ago. The 5-1 defeat has the football media and the fans full of criticism for the Arsenal players, especially the defenders, and wondering whether this awful result has given Tottenham a big boost ahead of Sunday´s north London derby.

Arsenal must beware despite Kane´s goal drought

It remains to be seen just how strong a side Arsenal will be faced with in out away game with Tottenham in the Capital One cup, but I suspect that their main striker Harry Kane will be in the starting line up. That might not be too much of a worry to most Arsenal fans, as the Spurs centre forward has yet to score for his club this season, but I think we need to be very wary indeed.