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Blame Arsenal players NOT Wenger blasts OX! Is he right?

There have been many debates about the various problems Arsenal have had already this season and no doubt there will be many more. The Arsene Out Brigade and the Arsene Knows Best faction may never see eye to eye but when the team are struggling on the pitch, the debates are always more strenuous and heated.

The AOBs have recently had the upper hand because of the way the Gunners have stuttered so far in the Premier League as well as failing to win the Champions League group and suffering an early exit from the league cup. But a few good performances and results have swung the pendulum back to the AKBs a bit and now the Arsenal star midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has added his own voice to those Gooners that are fully behind the Prof.

Wenger tells fans DON’T PANIC! as Arsenal head for 5 wins from 6!!!!

It was perfectly understandable for the Arsenal fans to be pretty far from okay last weekend after losing away to Stoke City yet again. It was not just the result that cheesed most Gooners off royally, it was the limp manner of our first half performance against the Potters. For me it evoked memories of those painful away days last season at Anfield, Stamford Bridge, Goodison Park and the Etihad.

But as unhappy as I was with Arsenal in that first 45 minutes, I was equally unhappy with the abuse that Arsene Wenger got at the train station afterwards. Whatever we think of how well he is doing at the club, Arsenal have always had more class than that and Wenger deserves so much more.

Wenger – Arsenal fans SHOULD NOT judge our defence harshly

There is no doubt that Arsene Wenger should have invested in one more defender and a defensive midfielder in the summer transfer window, because injuries (and suspensions – like now) have left the Arsenal squad with practically no defenders.

But Wenger feels that the Arsenal fans have been harsh in constantly criticizing the weak state of our defence and suggests that we should also consider the ames when we have defended well. “I think we defended well in Galatasaray,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “Before that game we had three clean sheets in a row but that is the modern game – it is always the last game that is judged definitively on the quality of the team.

Spurs legend SLAMS Arsenal fans over Wenger abuse

The anger and frustration of all Arsenal fans has been bubbling ever since the Gunners failed to build on the opening day win over Crystal Palace. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster that’s for sure, with a few wins in a row to get us believing – and then a dismal performance or bad result to knock us down again.

So with some Arsenal fans getting the `Wenger out` campaign going again just months after the Frenchman signed a new three year contract with the club, there was always going to be a strong reaction to Arsenal losing to Stoke City on Saturday, even though a strong second half performance might have earned us at least a point if not for the harsh sending off of Calum Chambers.

AKB v AOB – Arsenal fans need to STOP fighting each other!

The fighting has to stop by Sam P

The war between AOBs and AKBs reached new levels after Arsenal’s defeat at Stoke City. First of all we had supporters (???) booing Arsene Wenger as he boarded the train for the trip back to London, and then we have actual fist-fights amongst our own fans on the journey home.

The Sun took to twitter and found some interesting tweets from Gooners like: “Fist fights between Arsenal fans after the game, absolute joke. Disgusting to see our own fans punching each other.”

Wenger is to blame for Arsenal’s “soft” defence

Why Wenger is To Blame for Stoke Defeat! by AT

Following the 3-2 defeat to Stoke City at the Britannia stadium, the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger once again blamed the defeat on the Gunners’ defensive frailties, whilst also pointing out the several casualties that were unable to start the game. Arsenal’s weakened defence conceded three goals in the first half and although there was a turnaround in the latter parts of the second half, it simply wasn’t enough to save Arsene Wenger’s side from defeat.

Will Arsenal ever REALLY get going this season?

Once again Arsenal fans have had to sit and watch our team fail to keep up the momentum and growing confidence that was building up after four good performances and three good results in a row. We were simply awful at the start of today’s Premier League game against Stoke City and once their ythird goal went in on the stroke of halftime, we gave ourselves too much to do.

The second half performance may have rescued a bit of self belief, but we failed to capitalise on our opponent’s poor form and our rivals’ struggles and it is not the first time that it has happened to us.

Wenger to risk Arsenal star DESPITE injury fears!

Although Arsene Wenger dismissed the idea that Arsenal are completely reliant on our summer signing Alexis Sanchez, the manager did accept that the Chile international is a massive player for us. As reported by ESPN, the manager spoke in glowing terms about his striker and all thge things he brings to the Arsenal team, including 14 goals already from just 22 games.

Wenger said, “He has a huge desire, no complex and a fighting attitude. Even when he misses something, it doesn’t affect him. I believe as well he is very mobile, very determined and he has the sense to be in the right place in the box.

Chelsea problems open the door for Arsenal BPL push!

After Arsenal put in a truly awful performance for Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game in charge of the Gunners, allowing Chelsea an easy 6-0 win, the thought of catching Jose Mourinho’s team in the Premier League was laughable at best. And, to be honest, it is still very unlikely, but it is looking a lot more possible.

The reason being, Chelsea are having a bit of a nightmare at the minute. Two damaging losses in a row, to Crystal Palace in the Premier league and PSG in the Champions League, have made them look vulnerable and eroded their confidence. And all of a sudden, Mourinho’s man management skills of blaming his players and heaping pressure on them, do not look likely to help them.

An Arsenal fan blown away and inspired by trip to the Emirates

The Emirates is truly awesome By AondoaverK

Hi Arsenal fans. Saturday was not a very good day was it? I missed watching the Stoke game on Television, holed up at, of all places, Stamford bridge. If I say I wasn’t feeling dejected, I would be lying. There was this feeling of something slipping away. And the taunting of other rival fans was loudly heard before they said anything. Surely, the words came…….trophyless season, no world class strikers bla….bla….bla

Arsenal need to stop talking and start playing

I don’t mind the Arsenal players talking up a good game, by any means. However, it really winds up the fans when they have been saying all the right things before a game, only to fail to produce on the pitch.

One of the worst occasions recently was before the trip to Anfield. The week leading up to that awful performance and the worst defeat of the season saw lots of stories in the media from the likes of Olivier Giroud and Mikel Arteta talking about what an important game it was and how the whole team were determined and focused, so it all sounded a bit daft in hindsight.

Wenger slams talk of Arsenal being bottlers

It is hardly surprising that Arsene Wenger was not in the best of moods after his Arsenal side lost a crucial game in the race for the Premier League. And the fact that the Frenchman was not very pleased with the tough tactics of Stoke and the leniency of the referee will not come as a shock to anyone.

The manager had another reason to complain, though, as he refuted the idea that has been going around all season that the Gunners are on the verge of a crumbling slide down the table. Wenger feels this reputation is completely undeserved and pointed to last season as proof, as reported by The Mirror.