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Arsenal should make Alexis Sanchez our new STRIKER!

Why Alexis Sanchez can play as a striker at Arsenal by AT

As most of you will know, Arsenal are in talks with Sanchez and his agent and numerous sources yesterday reported that Arsene had met both of them after the Chile game. He would be a great signing as a winger due to the lack of pace our team has but there is also the possibility that Wenger wants to bring him as a striker option and it is definitely a credible solution to our lack of depth up front in my opinion.

Do Arsenal actually NEED Cesc Fabregas? I don’t think so….

The curious case of Cesc Fabregas by MrAFC

Cesc Fabregas, a name that will forever be in the hearts of all Arsenal fans. The diminutive Spaniard who went from youth prodigy to captain in just a matter of seasons, and who led the team with purpose and aggression, the type that had been lacking since a certain Patrick Viera. The golden boy, who could strike a ball onto a five pence piece from forty yards away, and carried the burden after the departure of the invincibles. There is no doubt about it, he will always be remembered as a legend, the boy wonder that symbolised everything that is great about the latest Arsene Wenger era; ‘we don’t buy superstars, we make them’. Now, with his stock falling in Barcelona and the fact that we have first refusal, the pursuit of our former captain is well and truly on, but there is just one question; Do we actually need him?

Arsenal fans set for more transfer torment as Wenger urges patience!

Hopefully Arsenal fans will have a warm glow in their hearts this summer. If the Gunners keep up their recent form for another eight days, we won’t have to listen to every other pundit, commentator or interviewer trawling out their favourite line about, blah blah years without a trophy.

And the players proved this season that, with a bit more luck with the injury situation and a few key additions to the squad, Arsenal have got the quality to push the big spenders all the way next year. But we really need those key additions.

Arsenal should go for this hot young English striker!

Arsenal must get Connor Wickham or someone else will! By Twig

One of Wenger’s trademarks is the ability to spot young and obscure talents and mould them into fine footballers with Arsenal. He did it with Nikolas Anelka, Thierry Henry and quite recently with Theo Walcott. It must also be the motivation behind the signing of the injury prone Yaya Sanogo, who had put in a number of fine performances for the France U21, even though fans were baying for the already world class Luis Suarez.

Arsene Wenger reveals that Arsenal don’t need to buy a striker this summer

Every Arsenal fan and their dogs expected Arsene Wenger to buy a new striker last summer to complement (if not replace) Olivier Giroud, and that seemed to be confirmed by the Gunners interest in Luis Suarez, but nothing came of it and we got Mesut Ozil instead to calm the fans frustration.

But the fact is that Arsenal DID buy a striker last summer by the name of Yaya Sanogo, and after his impressive display for the Gunners against Liverpool in the FA Cup win (which earned him a place against Bayern Munich), it seems that Wenger is now preparing to make him a regular first-teamer.

Is Chuba Akpom set to be Arsenal’s new striker this season?

The talent of Chuba Akpom by Ash

If you weren’t sure who Chuba Akpom was before, and to be honest I reckon there is a fair few out there that weren’t aware of him at Arsenal, then I’m sure after the way this pre-season tour of Asia has been going, then you will surely be aware of how talented this young striker really is.

The positions Arsenal REALLY need to strengthen

The Areas in our Team that REALLY need Strengthening by Uche

Hello boys and girls. The 1st of June is here at last, and with that comes the eager anticipation of new signings at Arsenal. Up until now, we have managed to find excuses for the club’s lack of announcements of new signings because the transfer window has not officially opened. But once it is 12am on the 1st of June, we are officially allowed to rip into Arsene and the Arsenal Board if nothing is announced.

Giroud promises to improve for Arsenal next season

At the beginning of the season, it looked like Olivier Giroud would be a complete flop when he missed sitter after sitter in Arsenal first five or six games, but he is under the impression that he has settled in rather well for his first season, and he promises to improve even further in the next campaign. He said on Arsenal.com: “For me it’s a good season,”

“I’ve scored 17 times and got 10 assists. I’m happy with that statistic but I think I can improve my game and my relationship with my team-mates.

Arsenal Debate – Do we need a new striker? Part Two…The writer responds

Do we really need a new striker? Part 2… by DG

Hi, my name is Lamb, where’s the slaughterhouse?

Yesterday I wrote an article discussing the change in dynamic of our forward line, prompted by the fact that unlike many previous years, goals are coming from multiple sources. The title and summation playfully asked whether we really needed a new striker. The question was somewhat tongue in cheek, but the main thrust of the article was that there is plenty to give us hope going in to next season. That being said, I don’t want it thought that we don’t read what you guys say, and there were some excellent points brought up that deserve a response. What’s the point of debate if it only goes one way, right? So let’s get started.

Arsenal Debate – Do we really need a new striker?

Sharing is caring; Arsenal’s high scoring forwards by DG

If I were to ask you which Premier League team has four players that have scored more than 10 league goals this season, which would you guess? Man Utd only have two – RVP and Rooney. Man City? Two – Dzeko and Aguero. Chelsea actually manage three, but only if we include Demba Ba’s goals for Newcastle in the first half of the season. No, the only team to hold that particular record is Arsenal. Walcott has 14, which is quite impressive considering he missed a large portion of the early season. Cazorla has popped up with 12 which is a fantastic return from midfield, especially in his first season at the club. As well as these, both Giroud and Podolski have now netted 11 times each in the league. Spoilt for choice? You better believe it.

Wenger reveals Podolski problems at Arsenal

There was great deal of excitement and expectation amongst Arsenal fans around this time last year, because we heard that Arsene Wenger had secured the transfer of the German international Lukas Podolski from Cologne. The 27-year old has enjoyed a pretty good first season with the Gunners, but there have been concerns over his fitness and rumours of a problem between him and Wenger.

This has mainly been because he is almost always substituted when he starts a game, or only brought in later when Arsenal are struggling. Wenger has been speaking about Podolski, who is likely to be the centre forward against Wigan in the absence of our other summer striker signing Olivier Giroud.

Arsenal should raid Man United – But not for Rooney!

Are we trying to buy the wrong Man U striker!? by DG

If you buy any paper today you will be inundated with rumours, reports and speculation that Arsenal are set to launch a sensational bid for Wayne Rooney. If these reports are to be believed (and when did a tabloid paper ever get a transfer rumour wrong…) then Wenger will make a bid of £25 million pounds for the 27 year old. I have no doubt that Rooney would score a hatful of goals for Arsenal – he has always scored goals for United even when playing through one of his ‘off’ seasons. However, if we’re going to make a £25m bid for one of their strikers, should we really be looking at Rooney?