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We are the Arsenal and won’t give up without a fight!

Why we must give our all against Bayern! by MH

I am writing this article on the observation of Arsenal’s last few weeks of brilliant football. Since our win against Manchester United, many fans were over the moon (even I was) and they rightly deserve to be, simply because of our performance. But after that there is a large group of Arsenal fans and pundits who are wishing that we give up our Champions League hopes if we lose out to Bayern.

Arsenal to swap Theo Walcott for Lionel Messi?

Well I didn’t start it, but there are lots of Arsenal rumours around saying that Barcelona have drawn up a short list of players, including Theo Walcott, that they want to replace the injured Brazilian Rafinha. The 22 year-old Brazilian midfielder has injured his cruciate ligament and is expected to be missing for the next six months (If he was an Arsenal player we’d be guessing more like a year!) Or, alternatively, they want him as a replacement for Pedro, who just moved to Chelsea.

No love lost between Wenger and Liverpool

How do you react to one of your rivals losing their star player in a transfer window? What would be your reaction if the same team loses two best players in two successive summers? Whatever it may be, the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has no sympathy at all.

Liverpool will regret letting Alexis join Arsenal!

Arsenal famously made a 40 million plus 1 bid for Luis Suarez the year before he moved from Liverpool to Barcelona, which ultimately was the catalyst for us to buy Alexis Sanchez from the Spanish giants. According to Arsene Wenger, the Gunners got just as good a player in Sanchez as Barcelona got in Suarez, thanks to the desire that both of them have to win, win, win, at whatever the cost!

Are Arsenal simply conning the fans again….. ?

Arsenal Con Job by DS