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No love lost between Wenger and Liverpool

How do you react to one of your rivals losing their star player in a transfer window? What would be your reaction if the same team loses two best players in two successive summers? Whatever it may be, the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has no sympathy at all.

Liverpool will regret letting Alexis join Arsenal!

Arsenal famously made a 40 million plus 1 bid for Luis Suarez the year before he moved from Liverpool to Barcelona, which ultimately was the catalyst for us to buy Alexis Sanchez from the Spanish giants. According to Arsene Wenger, the Gunners got just as good a player in Sanchez as Barcelona got in Suarez, thanks to the desire that both of them have to win, win, win, at whatever the cost!

Are Arsenal simply conning the fans again….. ?

Arsenal Con Job by DS

Arsenal Debate -How many players do we NEED this summer?

Do Arsenal need so many players to win the title next season? by OI

I read Jamie Carragher in the Daily Mail writing once again about Arsenal. This time he believes Arsenal are living under a certain illusion of their team being great again. No, Arsenal aren’t great yet, he avers. If they want to be great again they must buy players.

Why Arsenal SHOULD worry about FIFA’s Barcelona let-off

Many Arsenal fans have long held the belief that some clubs are `more equal than others´ in the words of George Orwell. Whereas the Gunners and other English clubs often seem to get the rough end of certain decisions in the Champions League and Europa League competitions, some seem to always seem to get the rub of the green from UEFA officials.

Could Luis Suarez help Arsenal to win the title?

Arsene Wenger famously made a concerted effort to bring Luis Suarez to Arsenal 18 months ago, although the strange rumours about the Gunners offering Liverpool 40m plus 1 pound sounded extremely far-fetched at the time but is now taken as true. The Telegraph is claiming that Wenger tried again to sign Suarez in the summer, and that he is still keen to bring him to the Emirates.

Is this La Liga midfielder REALLY the right transfer for Arsenal?

Newsflash! Arsenal need a defensive midfielder, or at the very least, a central midfielder to add cover and competition at the heart of the Gunners squad. But the million dollar question is whether Arsene Wenger really agrees, or which players he thinks will do the job.

Analysis – Why Arsenal were RIGHT to ignore Song and Fabregas

Arsenal should not have allowed Fabregas to join Chelsea and should have brought back Song – Could this have been possible? By Tinashe Shamuyashe (The Analyzer)