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Why Arsenal SHOULD worry about FIFA’s Barcelona let-off

Many Arsenal fans have long held the belief that some clubs are `more equal than others´ in the words of George Orwell. Whereas the Gunners and other English clubs often seem to get the rough end of certain decisions in the Champions League and Europa League competitions, some seem to always seem to get the rub of the green from UEFA officials.

Spain´s La Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid definitely seem to be favoured by the European football authorities and now it looks like the world governing body FIFA is getting in on the act. As reported by Sky Sports, Barcelona have just had a boost to their transfer plans with the lifting of the ban on them signing players this summer. Surprised? Neither was I.

Could Luis Suarez help Arsenal to win the title?

Arsene Wenger famously made a concerted effort to bring Luis Suarez to Arsenal 18 months ago, although the strange rumours about the Gunners offering Liverpool 40m plus 1 pound sounded extremely far-fetched at the time but is now taken as true. The Telegraph is claiming that Wenger tried again to sign Suarez in the summer, and that he is still keen to bring him to the Emirates.

Is this La Liga midfielder REALLY the right transfer for Arsenal?

Newsflash! Arsenal need a defensive midfielder, or at the very least, a central midfielder to add cover and competition at the heart of the Gunners squad. But the million dollar question is whether Arsene Wenger really agrees, or which players he thinks will do the job.

Wenger is famous for not being the biggest fan of the January transfer window, but it is widely believed that he will be using this one and hopefully will do more than bring in an aging Swedish midfielder who is carrying an injury. But according to a Metro report, the Frenchman may be considering another loan deal until the end of the season.

Analysis – Why Arsenal were RIGHT to ignore Song and Fabregas

Arsenal should not have allowed Fabregas to join Chelsea and should have brought back Song – Could this have been possible? By Tinashe Shamuyashe (The Analyzer)

Watching PL Fan Zone could be a torture if you are an Arsenal fan. From a panel which is rabidly anti-Wenger, to purported Arsenal fans that send emails that are anything but supportive to the club they claim to support, to skypers and callers who always moan about everything Arsenal and Wenger. Yesterday while watching the program after the match there was a caller from Nigeria who claimed that Wenger made a mistake by not bringing in Fabregas and Song back to Arsenal. This provided ammunition for the anti-Arsenal panel to criticize everything Wenger with one panellist suggesting that he believed that this was Wenger’s last season at Arsenal and he would be promoted to the board.

The reasons why Arsenal fans are RIGHT to criticize Wenger

Why Wenger IS to blame for Arsenal’s failings by PA

Arsene Stubborn and Impractical
Even before the trophy less spell Wenger was always stubborn, with a rigid adherence to philosophy over tactics. It was always his way or nothing. There are two problems with this.
First his way hasn’t arguably translated to success on the playing field. Success is the great arbiter. If he was successful, in a manner not open to arguments then his philosophy and personality would not ever be questioned.

My Arsenal team with Wenger’s “fighting spirit”

Arsene Wenger believes the South American football fighting spirit gives them an edge over other players. The statements below have been attributed to The Arsenal Manager.

‘Look across Europe and where are the strikers from? Many of them, at least 80 per cent, are from South America,’ Wenger said.

‘Maybe it’s because in Europe street football has gone. In street football when you’re 10-years-old, you want to play with 15-year-olds.

‘Then you have to prove you’re good, you have to fight and win impossible balls.

Bad News Arsenal, Man Utd look good! Good News, Liverpool look doomed!

It is just as well that Arsenal have ended the trophy drought with the FA cup last season and that the club is now ready to give Arsene Wenger the money to spend on some top players, because other wise I think that the Gunners’ long run of years in the Champions League would be over.

Once again the Premier League looks harder to win, as almost all of the top teams strengthen their squads and reinforce the theory that England has the best league in the world. I know that the likes of Bayern Munich and the La Liga giants of Barcelona and Real Madrid have dominated European competition lately, but apart from a few rare occasions, their domestic league campaigns are pretty predictable.

Wenger shows Arsenal CLASS – Aldridge and Gerrard prove Liverpool CRASS

Arsenal have always had their fair share of rivals, as has Arsene Wenger since becoming manager of the Gunners back in 1996. There are the spuds of course, who have kindly failed to finish above us in all that time and show no signs of changing that anytime soon.

There are the teams and managers that have been major rivals for the silverware in that time. There are the foreighn teams like Barcelona that have poached some of our best players and their are the teams like Bolton and Stoke that have done their best to make sure those players cannot finish a game, and then there are those that just seem to want to wind us up, like Liverpool recently.

Liverpool are no threat to Arsenal this coming season!

Why Arsenal shouldn’t fear Liverpool next season by KJ

Liverpool last season were the best attacking team in the league and became lethal at around February. Unfortunately, Arsenal were the first club to experience their wrath at Anfield and succumbed to a heavy loss. Even the players didn’t understand how that had happened. We expected to control the game at Anfield and Liverpool punished us heavily. They’ve already spent £60million this summer and look to confirm the deals of a few more players this week. But even after all that, I don’t particularly fear them anymore and here’s why.

Rodgers reveals reason (he reckons) for Sanchez choosing Arsenal

Last summer definitely saw Liverpool get one over on Arsenal, with Arsene Wenger making the infamous bid for Luis Suarez of one pound over £40 million. That may or may not have triggered a release clause in the cannibalistic Uruguayan striker’s contract, but they stood firm and used the opportunity to take the mickey and show Arsenal plenty of disrespect along the way.

Liverpool admit that Alexis Sanchez is going to Arsenal!

There is excellent bit of Arsenal transfer news today as the local Liverpool rag the Liverpool Echo have reported that Alexis Sanchez has turned down a move to Anfield in favour of Arsenal.

This is a direct quote from the article:

Liverpool FC have been forced to admit defeat in their attempts to sign Barcelona attacker Alexis Sanchez.

The Reds held talks with the talented Chile international and hoped he would agree to be a makeweight in the Luis Suarez deal.

However, Anfield officials have been unable to convince Sanchez to make the move to Merseyside and they are resigned to the 25-year-old joining Premier League rivals Arsenal instead.

FIVE reasons Sanchez would choose Arsenal over Liverpool!

5 Reasons why Sanchez would pick Arsenal over Liverpool by KJ

The rumours today are that Barcelona officials are in London to negotiate the transfer of Suarez from Liverpool and Rodgers is asking for Alexis Sanchez to be included in the deal. However, it has also been reported that Sanchez doesn’t want to join Liverpool and would prefer joining Arsenal. With all this confusion, I felt like I needed to list 5 reasons why Sanchez would choose Arsenal over Liverpool.