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Defining what would be progress for Arsenal in the coming season

What is progress? And can it be achieved? By SV

Dictionary definition…“Forward or onward movement towards a more improved or advanced position/destination..”

Fellow Gooners…..

I Ask what is progress and do we have the personnel to achieve it..? After winning the FA cup.. Progress could be measured in 3 phases..

1. Premier league winner
2. Champions league winner
3. Top 2 finish in premier league and quarter/semi final Champions League.

Although No 3 is 2 options.. it’s progress in either competition

Arsenal Debate – EIGHT reasons why the media hate Wenger!

Why is Arsene so unpopular? by TB

I’ve just read a piece asking why Arsene Wenger doesn’t get the respect he deserves from people within the game and the media. As someone who greatly admires Arsene and what he has done for football, and especially Arsenal, I get very frustrated by the amount of abuse he has to suffer and so I decided to have a go at answering the question – why dont people like Arsene?

Chips Keswick promises to lead Arsenal to success, while Hill-Wood retires gracefully

End of an era at Arsenal! by Ash

The official club website confirmed yesterday that Peter Hill-Wood would step down as the chairman of Arsenal Football Club, ending the three generations of the position at Arsenal. Reports in recent days had suggested Hill-Wood would look to step down, but I believe it has been in the thought for some time since Peter Hill-Wood’s health unfortunately declined in recent months.

Should Arsenal copy Porto and look to South America?

The Ultimate Business Model by Alexander

While we’re bombarded with new outrageous transfer targets on a daily basis I wanted to take a break from speculation and have a look at something a bit closer to reality.

It’s pretty much well known that Arsene Wenger likes to spend low and develop players – this has been his philosophy for many years. Sometimes this policy works wonders, producing world-class players in the form of Fabregas, van Persie, Nasri, Henry, Overmars, Petit, Vieira, etc. However there are many more instances when this doesn’t work. You only have to look at the number of ineffective players sitting on the squad list to realize this.

Arsenal Debate – Is Wenger really in decline?

The myth of the decline of Wenger. By CI

Unlike many fans on the Just Arsenal website I am very pro Wenger. He has stuck with this club through thick and thin. When his best players, which he created, were leaving, when (and even now) we were having strong financial constraints. Would you really expect Wenger to willingly sell his best players and not replace them adequately? This is wholly down to the board, while Wenger has openly taken flak for something which I don’t believe is his fault. And I’m not surprised he hasn’t quit because of this pressure from the anti Wenger brigade. Seeing fans even fighting over his future, quite literally as seen in the game against Brighton.

Arrogant Wenger can’t give Arsenal any further success

GUNNER for life…….. by Popeye786Sailor

This season was an eye opener to anyone connected to Arsenal FC. When a player like Robin van Persie makes a public statement that the club lacks ambition before eventually leaving the club at the peak of his career to join our rival Red Devils, it does raise many eyebrows. What really must have happened behind closed doors of the mighty Emirates? Why would a player, whose career was moulded by the father figure manager who backed him through his hard times, would leave by making noises?

Is Diaby the key to Arsenal’s success this season?

Is Diaby the key to future success? by CI

During my life as an Arsenal and football fan i have witnessed many remarkable moments of Arsenals history including the invincible era. But ironically my first real game i watched on TV was our last major trophy. In this game (fa cup final of 2005)i saw a winning team, but where did it all go wrong? Or has it? Despite going without a major trophy for nearly 8 years, we have always been around, Whether that has been in a Champions league final or coming 3rd in the league.

Adam Kemp – Wenger is turning Arsenal into the new Liverpool…….

Oh the wins keep coming, coming and coming! by Adam Kemp

Arsenal’s league form is almost an illustration of the age and impotence of the once great Wenger. As this man ages without grace his methods seem to be dissipating from under his grasp! The lack of creativity and clinical finishing has seen Arsenal fire blanks with a sense of utter embarrassment. Wenger may be taking Viagra to fix his personal impotence and yet refuses to purchase the quality players that we need to put the spunk back in our play!

Gazidis – Wenger will spend Arsenal’s money wisely…..if he wants!

The Arsenal Chief Exec Ivan Gazidis has been happily announcing new sponsorship deals which (he says) will put the Gunners amongst the “top five clubs in the world” in terms of revenue, but with Arsenal fans clamouring for all that cash to be spent on building a trophy-winning side, Gazidis has made it clear that any transfer decisions are made entirely by Arsene Wenger and not the board.

Arsenal’s Commercial Director Tom Fox defines “success” (Top Four of course!)

Fox tries to Fox Arsenal Fans by TS

Anyone else a little perturbed by the statements made by Arsenal’s chief commercial officer, Tom Fox? For those that don’t know, Tom Fox is responsible for increasing Arsenal’s commercial income and has stood behind the Financial Fair Play policy. Arsenal are without a trophy, having sold key players consecutively now for back to back seasons but the club is still run with what is generally considered ‘good financial footing’. There is an expectation that once the new rules regarding finances start to have an effect, Arsenal will be among one of the teams to benefit most.

If we win this weekend, Arsenal’s season is full of positives!

Nine positives that Arsenal can take away this season by Nitesh

With Newcastle and the Spud’s results on Sunday, Arsenal are firmly in control of their own destiny where third place is concerned. If Chelsea wins the Champions’ League, then fourth place will be redundant, and its occupant will be playing in the Europa League next season. God forbid, if Arsenal somehow slips up on Sunday, Robin van Persie will leave the club for sure, along with who knows what other changes.

Santos reveals the secret behind Arsenal’s success

After the way Arsenal started the season, by losing Fabregas and Nasri and then losing a series of very important games at the beginning of the season, the fact that they are currently holding the third spot tightly is nothing short of a miracle.

According to newly arrived Brazilian Andre Santos, the fact that the Gunners managed this incredible comeback is due to their extremely tight bond both on and off the pitch.

“We’re always messing around in the changing room, on the pitch during the warm up.

“We work together every day and need these moments of distraction.