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Lets get real – Arsenal (including Giroud) only played a friendly!

Come on let’s stop with the slagging off of our players. So Giroud, Sanchez and every other player didn’t score today. So why pick on Giroud when he is nowhere near peak fitness, just like the rest of the Arsenal squad.

You have to remember that this was simply a warm up game for all the players to regain a little bit of fitness ahead of the serious business, which doesn’t even start next week in the Community Shield. It actually starts a week later when we have to begin to grind out results every single week against Premiership opposition that wouldn’t have the same high pressure build-up that we are experiencing.

Why Arsenal fans need to support Ozil AND Giroud

An article actually worth reading, highlighting two important topics that should be understood. by Kazra

To my fellow Gooners, I have been viewing this website for over a year now whilst reading almost every article posted. I admit some are good but I also admit more often than not, several are of a poor quality. This is my first attempt at writing an article for Just Arsenal so feedback in the comments section would be much appreciated and if people like this, then I may consider doing more!

Wenger calls on Arsenal fans to keep good run going

Arsene Wenger is not asking the Arsenal fans to bring laser pens to the game to blind the opponents, or to sneak some dodgy Lasagne into their catering supplies, but the Frenchman does think that Gooners have a big part to play in helping Arsenal to success this season.

He is talking about the support, especially at the Emirates. There was plenty of negativity around the place last season, and it is not hard to see why after another year of scraping into the top four and winning no trophies. It is hard sometimes to follow your heart and feel positive when your head is screaming at you otherwise. After the opening day defeat, it got even worse, and I think it was a blessing to the players to have the next two games, against Fulham and Fenerbahce, away from home.

Forget problems, Arsenal fans must make Emirates rock!!

Arsenal Fans MUST unite against Spurs by Luke

And it’s Arsenal, Arsenal FC, We’re by far the greatest team, The world has ever seen.

As fans we have rights. We have the right to voice our concerns, demand change and (especially ticket holders) the right to watch our club lift trophies. Asking for (our) money to be spent on improving our squad is also a right we have. I wrote the other day that “I’m willing to wait until September 3rd before I pass judgment on our situation, even May 31st. I can’t, I won’t lose faith in my Arsenal.”

Come on you Gunners- Support Arsenal whoever we buy!

Come on you Gunners – by Trishit

Yeah! fine. agreed. No doubt Arsenal haven’t won any trophy since almost a decade, no doubt we have failed to sign top players, no doubt we have lost our reputation as great passers of the ball and no doubt we have to be the joke of our Man Utd friend s- but my fellow Gunners, this year is going to be ours, by hook or by crook!

This Is The Time To Get Behind The Team 120% – Show Your Bloody Passion You Gooners!

These last two games of the season are so massively important, we can’t afford to inject the typical poor support for the team that those who usually attend home games emit. This is the time to get behind the team 120%! None of these awkward silences and conspiring whispers and jeers. For these last two games, our fans need to be so vocal, that it draws attention from the commentators, distracts the opposition, and energizes our beloved gunners.

Arsenal are ready to storm ahead next season

The Spirit of the Gun Rages On: by SN

This year, as we all are perfectly aware of the fact that Arsenal is navigating through deep water. It’s a tough time but as the clichéd ‘every tunnel ends up opening a new daylight’, we are actually quite near the summer sun. It’s been really tricky and hard to push the way forward, but we are almost there to bang start a new season in 2013. This campaign is more or less over in silverware perspective but, it’s still a while to reach the finish line. So it’s high time we let go off all the miss hits, embarrassments and frustrations and support the great team to finish up in top four. It’s no use sulking and complaining this late in a season and hence rather back up our men in Red and White.

Arsenal can win three out of three in February!

Three out of Three? by BN

Can we end February with three out of three? I hope so and think we can.

First up we face Blackburn in the FA Cup, a home tie, and if Arsene picks the right team we will win! Arsenal are miles better then them and as long as there is no complacency we will go through. I personally would pick the strongest team available.

Why Arsenal should start listening to the fans…

Fans should be thanked not dismissed. by GP

Hello fellow Gooners, With the current situation regarding our beloved football team being a major concern to most of us, I’m sure we all have our point of view on what needs to be done. However i would like to say a few words about the clubs most important commodity… Us the fans.

At various stages in our lives we all decided that Arsenal was the club for us. We were not invited or forced into it although the club runs deep in many families. Regardless of age or sex we have invested time money and most importantly for a fan, emotions into this great club. We have experienced great joy and great disappointment but whether we realised it at the time, we were all interconnected.

Arsenal Debate – Most Arsenal fans still support Wenger?

Arsene Wenger had to listen to the Arsenal fans at Aston Villa chanting “You don’t know what you’re doing” at this weekend’s game against Aston Villa, and (rather like Rafael Benitez’s reaction to the Chelsea fans) is pretty sure that it is only a minority of verbose Arsenal fans that really want him to leave the club, and these are the views promoted by the media.

“That some fans are not happy when you draw 0-0 at Aston Villa I can understand because I am not happy,” Wenger said after the game. “I want to win the game as well.

Usmanov – I don’t want a place on the Arsenal Board, I just love the club!

The second biggest Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov has made an interview which seems to be a peace offering to Stan Kroenke in which he declares that he has never petitioned for a place on the Arsenal Board, but just wants the club to stop selling their best players and so increase their chances of winning a trophy.

This seems to be the only complaint he has about how things are going at the club. Usmanov said: “Nobody can convince fans that the club is doing fine if for the past three or four years the club has been selling its best players.

Great News – Arsenal winning the war for Financial Fair Play

Wenger defends financial fair play

Yesterday a meeting was held, where all the 20 Premier League clubs where various methods of implementing the upcoming financial fair play were suggested. Although no final decision has been taken, most of the clubs are in favour of these rules.

Arsene Wenger, who is known to be a long term fan of FFP, said – “You should just get the resources you generate, that will determine the real size of the club.

“I personally am a long-time defender of financial fair play because I believe in the strength of purely football.”