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Arteta – The Key to Consistency is to Win every Week!

Why do Arsenal players seem to get more ridiculous questions asked of them than other team’s players. We all know that Mikel Arteta (our captain I think) is doing his coaching badge, and is probably the most likely to end up as a manager one day, so he probably needs more practise fending off the media than the other players.

Walcott – Wenger takes the blame but it’s the Arsenal players at fault…

The Arsenal winger Theo Walcott thinks it is unfair that Arsene Wenger takes all the blame when the team loses as he is aware that it is the players’performances on the pitch that decide whether they win or lose.

Arsenal are ready to storm ahead next season

The Spirit of the Gun Rages On: by SN

Arsenal are starting to look like the real deal at last!

Things could be looking up! By SB

Arsenal are once again a team. The performance against Stoke showed real cameradery, heart and pride for the mighty cannon. The boys looked like they were willing to fight for each other until the very death, which is what they achieved.

Time to pick the Arsenal team to face Tottenham..

Arsenal have had very many crucial games since the turn of the year and, to be honest, haven’t come out of many of them with the result they wanted, but for Arsenal fans this one against Tottenham is probably even more important!