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Walcott – Wenger takes the blame but it’s the Arsenal players at fault…

The Arsenal winger Theo Walcott thinks it is unfair that Arsene Wenger takes all the blame when the team loses as he is aware that it is the players’performances on the pitch that decide whether they win or lose.

Theo said: “If we don’t perform he always takes it back on himself, but at times it’s not fair because we’re the players that go out there and do it. He definitely lets us know when we are not performing though, which is the right way to do it. He’s a great manager and I’ve learned so much from him over the years.

Arsenal are ready to storm ahead next season

The Spirit of the Gun Rages On: by SN

This year, as we all are perfectly aware of the fact that Arsenal is navigating through deep water. It’s a tough time but as the clichéd ‘every tunnel ends up opening a new daylight’, we are actually quite near the summer sun. It’s been really tricky and hard to push the way forward, but we are almost there to bang start a new season in 2013. This campaign is more or less over in silverware perspective but, it’s still a while to reach the finish line. So it’s high time we let go off all the miss hits, embarrassments and frustrations and support the great team to finish up in top four. It’s no use sulking and complaining this late in a season and hence rather back up our men in Red and White.

Arsenal are starting to look like the real deal at last!

Things could be looking up! By SB

Arsenal are once again a team. The performance against Stoke showed real cameradery, heart and pride for the mighty cannon. The boys looked like they were willing to fight for each other until the very death, which is what they achieved.

For the first time in a long time, when we scored the whole team joined in for the celebration, although it came with a slice of luck, they knew they thoroughly deserved it. It reminded me of the invincible days when we would score the whole team joined in on the huddle of glory. It brings a tear to a Gooners eye.

Time to pick the Arsenal team to face Tottenham..

Arsenal have had very many crucial games since the turn of the year and, to be honest, haven’t come out of many of them with the result they wanted, but for Arsenal fans this one against Tottenham is probably even more important!

Not only are Spurs ten points clear of the Gunners, and needing to be pegged back, Chelsea, Newcastle and Liverpool are all waiting to pounce on an Arsenal defeat to snatch Fourth Place.

So Arsene simply must put out his best team available and go all out for the win, but what is his best team from the choices available?

Spurs Have A Better Team Than Arsenal Says Former Boss George Graham

George Graham may have managed both Arsenal and Spurs and won trophies for both clubs, but if you were to ask him who he holds a torch for the answer would most definitely be Arsenal. He has been speaking to the Mail on Sunday about the game today and he thinks that Spurs are the most likely winners.

Graham started off by saying, “I am concerned by what’s been happening, by the club’s slide. For the first time I can remember, I think Tottenham have a better team than Arsenal.”

Wenger Tells Fans To Get Behind The Team

Arsenal Tottenham games are always spicy affairs, but today it has a little extra spice attached because of a certain striker called Emmanuel Adebayor. Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has already expressed his concerns about player abuse now it is the time of Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

Redknapp and Wenger both expect Adebayor to cop his fair share of stick today, but speaking yesterday Wenger said, “That is what you don’t want. You want people to support the team in a positive way, not all the hate. A football game is a fantastic day that everyone has to enjoy and with a positive atmosphere it is even more fantastic.”

Eddie: The Arsenal team that will win everything next season!

Great Potential For Next Season by Eddie Bingham

After regularly hunting down various articles concerning Arsenal transfer updates and rumors, I have been made ever more hopeful at the prospect of finally filling that dusty trophy cabinet at the Emirates. And while my ideas for next season’s starting XI go slightly against the typical Wenger way of operating, I think it is perfectly reasonable and is based upon who I have heard Arsene is interested in and what we already have.

JJ: We need more Gooners in the Arsenal team (Read these details Wenger!)

The emotional rollercoaster of the last couple of seasons have been almost too much to bear for most Arsenal supporters. Can you still remember the joy of Adebayor’s goal 6 minutes from time against Liverpool in the Champions league 2008 after an outstanding break by Walcott? Can you remember the deep disappointment when Gerrard and Babel scored in the next 6 minutes to dump us out?

That was 2008 but not much has changed. This year in particular our mental strength was atrocious. The games against Newcastle, Liverpool and Spuds (twice) are evidence of our squad’s lack of confidence and/or character (depending on your opinion).