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Arsenal fans laugh at Spurs fan’s slating of Cech!

This could finally be the year that Arsenal falter and our mighty rivals Tottenham, from down the road, come steaming up on the outside to pip Arsenal at the post. And the thing that is going to herald this long awaited (by the Spuds anyway) transfer of power in North London? The transfer of Petr Cech.

Arsenal trump rivals to make Schneiderlin 3rd transfer?

Arsenal are not the only club that is said to be interested in the Southampton and France star Morgan Schneiderlin. Despite the fact that there have been Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the all round midfielder for over a year now, our Premier League rivals Man United and Tottenham are also rumoured to be very keen on signing him this summer.

Another Arsenal v Spurs battle set for DM transfer target

Although Arsenal fans were able to celebrate St. Totteringham’s day nice and early this year, with our north London rivals never even looking like they would give us a run for our money in the second half of last season, the spuds did come out on top in the head to head battle.

Wilshere puts £40,000 in the Arsenal swear box!

When I was a lad my mum used to keep a big jar in the front room, and anyone whose swore in front of her had to put 10p into the fund, which was presumably used to buy some soap to wash out the offenders mouths! But I don’t think that jar would be nearly big enough to hold the £40,000 that Jack Wilshere has had to cough up after he embarrassed the poor old FA by uttering a few choice words about Tottenham!

Champions League a MASSIVE threat to Arsenal title challenge?

A lot will still depend on what happens with Arsenal when the final draw is made for the Champions League group stages on August 29th, but looking at how the Premier League games fall for the Gunners around and about the dates of our UCL group games, we could have a problem on our hands, Houston.

Jack Wilshere has only proved he’s a REAL Arsenal fan!

Every year Arsenal fans take great pleasure in St Totteringham’s Day nd this year has been no different. We also all know the famous chants that Jack Wilshere used in the FA Cup Parade from the top of the Open-Top Bus and most of them have been sung by ourselves when we are out with our mates (or even with Tottenham fans!)

Lloris transfer is GREAT news for Arsenal

Bear with me on this one Arsenal fans because it could get a little complicated. There are a lot of connected threads coming together in this article but if things work out as I think they might, it could all add to up to some very good news for the Gunners.

DONE DEAL? Saints already planning transfer of Schneiderlin to Arsenal

It was one of the biggest Arsenal transfer rumours of last summer and although Southampton managed to hold on to their France international Morgan Schneiderlin back then, it has looked increasingly like they would be losing him sooner or later.