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Lloris transfer is GREAT news for Arsenal

Bear with me on this one Arsenal fans because it could get a little complicated. There are a lot of connected threads coming together in this article but if things work out as I think they might, it could all add to up to some very good news for the Gunners.

DONE DEAL? Saints already planning transfer of Schneiderlin to Arsenal

It was one of the biggest Arsenal transfer rumours of last summer and although Southampton managed to hold on to their France international Morgan Schneiderlin back then, it has looked increasingly like they would be losing him sooner or later.

Tottenham fans set to cheer on Arsenal! HaHa!

We could have a very United North London on Cup Final Day, with the very unusual sight of Tottenham fans cheering on Arsenal against Aston Villa, much to their chagrin!

Do Arsenal REALLY still bottle it when pressure is ON?

When Arsenal took apart the Liverpool side of Brendan Rodgers that has been feted by the English media for their surge up the Premier League table after a shaky start to the season, it highlighted our own surge and the way that Arsene Wenger and the players have answered a lot of our critics and suggested to the fans that the Gunners have finally got a squad capable of winning the title. Or have we?

Schneiderlin drops MASSIVE Arsenal hint

It is a well-known fact that Morgan Schneiderlin wanted to leave Southampton last summer for a bigger club, with both Arsenal and Tottenham constantly repeated as probable destinations. It now seems even more certain that the French international will be moving to the Emirates after he dropped his clearest hint that he would be choosing a club in the Champions League next season.

Arsenal must STILL worry about Spurs in top four battle!

At the minute all the focus from Arsenal fans and players will be on the FA cup, as we prepare to face Manchester United at Old Trafford for the chance to get one step closer to defending the famous old trophy. Win lose or draw though, and the focus will swing straight back onto the fight for the top four places in the Premier League.

Europa League flops take the heat off Arsenal

It does not make the shocking Arsenal performance against Monaco on Wednesday night any better. Only a fantastic night in the principality in a few weeks or a bottle of whisky will do that. But I must admit that it cheered me right up when I saw that both Liverpool and our north London rivals Tottenham had also fluffed their lines and gone crashing out of the Europa League.

Arsenal get Champions League backing from VERY odd source

It comes with the territory I suppose and is probably the case with most local rivals, but the managerĀ“s of Arsenal and Tottenham have often had little spats and obviously a great deal of rivalry. In recent years, of course, that has meant Arsene Wenger against a long line of coaches that have tried, with some coming very close but all failing, to finish above the Gunners in the Premier League.