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Is Wenger right to take pressure off Arsenal players?

Arsene Wenger has always had his own way of doing things. And while some of the Arsenal fans have full faith in the Frenchman to get it right, another section believes that he has just been stumbling about in the dark in recent years.

Wenger tells Spurs to CALM DOWN about beating Arsenal

We have been here before Arsenal fans, although our victories in all three north London derbies last season meant that we had a year off from the usual crazed mutterings from those at White Hart Lane. But after their narrow win over the Gunners, (it was only 2-1 with the winner scored in the 87th minute despite what some spuds would have you believe) they seem to be getting a bit ahead of themselves again.

Arsenal boss shows TRUE class with Spurs and Kane statement

It could not have been easy for Arsene Wenger to face the press after seeing his Arsenal side struggle and eventually lose against our fierce local rivals Tottenham in the north London derby yesterday. But that is one of the things you have to do, unless you decide to throw the dummy out of the pram like Jose Mourinho or Alex Ferguson have done in the past.

Late goals twist the knife in ArsenalĀ“s EPL weekend

It was bad enough for Arsenal fans to take that we lost the north London derby to the spuds on Saturday, but then the football gods conspired to make sure that our loss was compounded by the results of our rivals to leave the Premier League table looking pretty bad from an Arsenal point of view.

Arsenal star’s reaction to derby loss shows RIGHT spirit

There is a saying that Arsenal fans might want to think about as we try to get over the pain of losing to our north London rivals Tottenham for the first time since goals from Bale and Lennon beat us at White Hart Lane nearly two years ago. The saying goes, ‘show me a good loser and I will show you a loser’.

Arsenal don’t need to worry about Spurs! – says Wenger

It is always hard to feel anything positive when Arsenal lose. And when that loss comes at the hands of our old enemies from north London then it is even harder to take. And maybe we have got a little too complacent after beating the spuds in all three games last season, so this was a real kick in the teeth.

Tottenham v Arsenal – Last years fixture revisited

I was just flicking through some old Tottenham vs Arsenal posts on JustArsenal when I saw the confirmed teams for last years fixture, and I found that there was not that much difference from this years encounter. Have a look at the pre-game preview:

Arsenal AND Spurs fans UNITE in booing Adebayor!

The wonderful person and lovable striker (lol) Emmanuel Adebayor has been a figure of hate for Arsenal fans since he forced through a big money move to Manchester City, and then compounded his errors by running the length of the pitch to antagonize our fans after scoring for City against the Gunners.