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Wenger – No guarantees on signings….

It certainly looks like this is going to be a typical Arsenal transfer window, full of frustration with the fans complaining about Wenger not investing some of that so-called 100 million ‘war chest’.

How much have Arsenal REALLY spent so far this summer?

A look into Arsenal’s financial side of this summer by Pearsenal

As most would agree, up to now Arsenal have had a very productive summer. However most would also agree that a couple more signings are required if we are to claim top honours this season in the form of the Premier League or rather more optimistically the Champions League.

The team(s) Arsenal need next season?

Wenger to swallow pride and a achieve a dream team by Mo

Well, as a Gooner who read these threads on Just Arsenal on a daily/hourly basis, I, for once have decided to write some short notes for Wenger et al. I believe that we, as fans, watch different players and would love them at Arsenal this summer. But, we have to accept that Wenger and Co have their own preferences.

A fantastic win for Arsenal – but we still need to invest to improve!

FA Cup win must be a springboard to success by Konstantin

Good times to be a gooner. A trophy finally. And you can immediately see what it meant to everyone at Arsenal. The players were so happy, that’s what they play for. To tell the story of how they won trophies. You could just see how happy Koscielny was with the FA Cup. Fabianski was loving it. For the younger english players Wilshere, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Walcott. What it meant for Ramsey and the turnaround in his career.

Forget Wenger’s rambling and watch Go Go Sanogo tonight!

Hello Arsenal Fans….so who is watching Yaya Sanogo tonight? By Aondoaver K

Analysis of what Arsenal fans can really expect this summer

What can Arsenal Fan’s expect from this new Era at the Club? by Josh09

Keep Calm Arsenal Fans – Selling the Deadwood is just Phase One

Lack of Transfer Announcements and the Dead Wood Connection by Uche

Hello friends and good day. I hope you are all doing well. If you have a gun pointed to your head because Arsenal have not yet taken delivery of our Higgy merchandise, you might want to lower that gun and consider what I am about to tell you. This is not based on inside info or anything. I have just been thinking, weighing developments and making connections.

Come on you Gunners- Support Arsenal whoever we buy!

Come on you Gunners – by Trishit

Yeah! fine. agreed. No doubt Arsenal haven’t won any trophy since almost a decade, no doubt we have failed to sign top players, no doubt we have lost our reputation as great passers of the ball and no doubt we have to be the joke of our Man Utd friend s- but my fellow Gunners, this year is going to be ours, by hook or by crook!