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How much have Arsenal REALLY spent so far this summer?

A look into Arsenal’s financial side of this summer by Pearsenal

As most would agree, up to now Arsenal have had a very productive summer. However most would also agree that a couple more signings are required if we are to claim top honours this season in the form of the Premier League or rather more optimistically the Champions League.

There have been rumours of a £100m budget and media links with the likes of Nastasic and Hummels, Khedira and Carvalho, and Reus and Cavani to name just a few. Unfortunately it isn’t a bottomless pit of money, but after departures and arrivals what financial situation do we look to be in and what can we expect in the time leading up to the 1st of September.

The team(s) Arsenal need next season?

Wenger to swallow pride and a achieve a dream team by Mo

Well, as a Gooner who read these threads on Just Arsenal on a daily/hourly basis, I, for once have decided to write some short notes for Wenger et al. I believe that we, as fans, watch different players and would love them at Arsenal this summer. But, we have to accept that Wenger and Co have their own preferences.

A fantastic win for Arsenal – but we still need to invest to improve!

FA Cup win must be a springboard to success by Konstantin

Good times to be a gooner. A trophy finally. And you can immediately see what it meant to everyone at Arsenal. The players were so happy, that’s what they play for. To tell the story of how they won trophies. You could just see how happy Koscielny was with the FA Cup. Fabianski was loving it. For the younger english players Wilshere, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Walcott. What it meant for Ramsey and the turnaround in his career.

Forget Wenger’s rambling and watch Go Go Sanogo tonight!

Hello Arsenal Fans….so who is watching Yaya Sanogo tonight? By Aondoaver K

I am waiting to catch a flight from Lagos to Abuja and I am trying to digest what seems to me to be a very complicated news conference from Arsene Wenger about transfers. There is the part about.. “What I will always do in the future is not to use my longevity (at this club) as an advantage to stay in this position if I don’t do well…” By our interpretation, this means he should not stay in this position if he fails to win a trophy (this year) Then he says ‘…I hope in the next two or three years the club will be competing for the Premier League”. This part is not good.

Analysis of what Arsenal fans can really expect this summer

What can Arsenal Fan’s expect from this new Era at the Club? by Josh09

So what does a new era at Arsenal really mean, well Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis came out quickly in an interview shortly after the premier league season was over, answering questions on Arsenal’s financial situation at the current time, and the views and plans to take the club forward and win trophies. During this long waited interview Gazidis also braved the ‘million dollar question’ to answer to the question on Arsenal’s transfer plans, opening the door for big transfer fees and extravagant wages.

Keep Calm Arsenal Fans – Selling the Deadwood is just Phase One

Lack of Transfer Announcements and the Dead Wood Connection by Uche

Hello friends and good day. I hope you are all doing well. If you have a gun pointed to your head because Arsenal have not yet taken delivery of our Higgy merchandise, you might want to lower that gun and consider what I am about to tell you. This is not based on inside info or anything. I have just been thinking, weighing developments and making connections.

Come on you Gunners- Support Arsenal whoever we buy!

Come on you Gunners – by Trishit

Yeah! fine. agreed. No doubt Arsenal haven’t won any trophy since almost a decade, no doubt we have failed to sign top players, no doubt we have lost our reputation as great passers of the ball and no doubt we have to be the joke of our Man Utd friend s- but my fellow Gunners, this year is going to be ours, by hook or by crook!

Arsene Wenger set to manage PSG from 2014?

Of all the thousands of Arsenal transfer rumours that have appeared since the end of the season, surely this is the biggest bombshell we have seen yet. We all know that Arsene Wenger’s current contract ends at the end of the coming season and the Frenchman has always insisted that he has and will always honour his contract with the club, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t make plans for when it finally ends.

Arsenal must keep the momentum going – and continue digging deep!

Arsenal must dig deep in the transfer window by AK

Arsenal should dig deep off the pitch and the time is now, in the transfer market. We all know about that extra effort, the extra skill, and the extra energy that wins tough games. It always sounds good to say after the match that ‘we had to dig deep’ especially if the team is losing or drawing a match they need to win. Right now in trophy terms Arsenal has lost 9 seasons and still counting

The positions Arsenal REALLY need to strengthen

The Areas in our Team that REALLY need Strengthening by Uche

Hello boys and girls. The 1st of June is here at last, and with that comes the eager anticipation of new signings at Arsenal. Up until now, we have managed to find excuses for the club’s lack of announcements of new signings because the transfer window has not officially opened. But once it is 12am on the 1st of June, we are officially allowed to rip into Arsene and the Arsenal Board if nothing is announced.

A realistic view of Arsenal’s prospects next season…..


This article wouldn’t be a pleasing sight for most of the Arsenal fans here. I would have come up with some extremely horrifying comments if this was some one else’s writing. But in all fairness, I pondered over the plight of Arsenal and the Premier league and couldn’t resist sharing them with you. May be a different perspective, or may be something that you have been reading again and again, now that the transfer window (or peep hole for the gunners) is about to be wide open any time now.

Arsenal Debate – Could we start the season as title favourites?

Future Seems Bright For The Gunners by SS

As the Premier League season came to an abrupt end on May 19th, there were celebrations going in the Arsenal dressing room at St. James Park. No, they had not won the title. They were actually celebrating their 4th place (which according to Mr Wenger is a trophy). They had just beaten Newcastle to claim the last Champions League spot. And they had beaten their bitter rivals Tottenham to it.