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Defining what would be progress for Arsenal in the coming season

What is progress? And can it be achieved? By SV

Dictionary definition…“Forward or onward movement towards a more improved or advanced position/destination..”

Fellow Gooners…..

I Ask what is progress and do we have the personnel to achieve it..? After winning the FA cup.. Progress could be measured in 3 phases..

1. Premier league winner
2. Champions league winner
3. Top 2 finish in premier league and quarter/semi final Champions League.

Although No 3 is 2 options.. it’s progress in either competition

It’s time for moaning Arsenal fans to BELIEVE in Wenger completely!

‘Arsenal fans now have a responsibility’ by Le Prof Knows…..

As the curtain closes on the World Cup, our focus turns to the opening day of Arsenal’s season against Crystal Palace. Clearly, this is going to be an exciting season and from our point of view, one of the most exciting for years.

With Sanchez through the door, closely followed by Debuchy and Khedira (hopefully!), we are getting serious and will be in the hunt on all fronts. We did relatively well in the league last season without the new additions… with them, we will definitely be in contention.

Realistic aims for Arsenal next season?

Realistic goals for next seasonby AlexTheGooner

I think that Arsenal can look back on the 2013-14 season as a success. We qualified yet again for the Champions League, to which some fans would mock and say that we shouldn’t celebrate the fact that we have ‘another 4th place trophy’. Well the ’4th place trophy’ is especially crucial in being able to recruit a good standard of players. Ill try not to mention Man Utd mid table mediocrity this season. Also who could forget that whirlwind of an FA Cup final this season which we won to break our 9 year trophy drought, unless you count the Emirates Cup, Amsterdam Tournament and the Markus Liebherr Cup, yes they are pre-season tournaments and they are included for the inherent irony of using the words ‘trophy drought’.

Wenger is still an Arsenal legend, even without trophies!

Arsene Wenger is the longest serving manager in the Barclays Premier League at present. That alone is a great compliment. A manger overseeing over a thousand games in this cut-throat era of football management is very rare. Throw in the three league titles and four FA cup victories and you have a legend.

Now, recent Arsenal fans might not remember the glory days but Arsene Wenger once delivered success. Not the dubious kind of Top Tour ‘success’ of recent years but real trophies. When Wenger was appointed, Tony Adams, who was the Arsenal captain at the time said, “At first, I thought: What does this Frenchman know about football? He wears glasses and looks more like a schoolteacher. He’s not going to be as good as George Graham. Does he even speak English properly?

Are you an Arsenal Fan or a glory-hunter?


I know all of you would be sad right now and furious on our team’s performance. But Gooners, I want to ask each one of you some very basic questions.

What if we don’t win the title, should we stop supporting our team? And stop getting behind our players? Now, what if our team loses FA Cup, should we stop supporting our team? And stop singing at the Emirates? Even tougher, what if we don’t qualify for CL this season? Should we stop supporting our team?

Bacary Sagna cheers up Arsenal fans!

Arsenal’s current longest-serving player Bacary Sagna has looked to be set to leave the Emirates this summer as he has not yet agreed to sign a new contract extension. Talks seem to have been going on for the last 18 months and there have been rumours abounding that PSG and (God Forbid!) Man City have been preparing to offer the versatile Frenchman a big-money contract to end his career with them.

But now perhaps the talks are nearing a conclusion, as the right-back’s latest comments would seem to indicate he has no desire to leave Arsenal at all! Sagna said in The Mirror: “I love Arsenal, I love playing for Arsenal, I love my team,”

Wenger puts job on line if Arsenal win no trophies

After eight years without a trophy, it is quite understandable that Arsenal fans have become frustrated and desperate to win another. When you consider this is the same club that just 10 years won the Premier League title, becoming the first, and still the only, side to do it without losing a single match, eight years without even a measly league cup is just not good enough.

Do Arsenal fans underestimate Wenger’s passion?

Wenger’s Passion by Ash

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been criticised a lot in recent years, as it seemed ever more likely that we would not regain glory under his management, however many fans are forgetting what he has done for the club during his 17 year reign, as well as the figure he represents the club as.

Arsenal CAN win title but MUST be consistent says BFG

There is a strange feeling around Arsenal Football Club at the minute, especially among the players. It is an unusual sensation, characterised by being able to sleep soundly at night without waking up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare about being chased by a crazed potato(or spud) down the Seven Sisters road.

This long forgotten feeling is called confidence, and it seems to be contagious. The latest Gunner to be overtaken with this confidence knows a thing or two about big games and pressure, having won 90 caps for the German national team, but strangely he has only got one winners medal, from the German cup final of 2009. Our Big F**king German has been runner up in the Bundesliga, the Uefa cup, the German cup and at Euro 2008, so he knows all about disappointment.

Analysis of what Arsenal fans can really expect this summer

What can Arsenal Fan’s expect from this new Era at the Club? by Josh09

So what does a new era at Arsenal really mean, well Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis came out quickly in an interview shortly after the premier league season was over, answering questions on Arsenal’s financial situation at the current time, and the views and plans to take the club forward and win trophies. During this long waited interview Gazidis also braved the ‘million dollar question’ to answer to the question on Arsenal’s transfer plans, opening the door for big transfer fees and extravagant wages.

Have faith! The Arsenal bus is coming soon!

The Arsenal Bus is coming by JT

Being a Londoner there is nothing more frustrating than public transport, especially buses. You find yourself waiting absolutely ages, and then three come along at once. But you wait at the bus stop because you have faith that eventually one will arrive, and you believe that the TFL couldn’t be so cruel as to discontinue the bus service just as you get there. This feeling is also symptomatic of an Arsenal fan in my opinion. We wait ages, close to eight years for that beloved trophy or those stellar players to walk through the door. Now it appears that a lot of us are starting to cut our losses and are ever nearing that tube station, but I would advise all of you to reconsider.

Arsenal need to win trophies to hang on to Jack Wilshere

Bayern Rebuffed by Ash

Wilshere has announced something that will give all Arsenal fans a sigh of relief after small reports speculated that perhaps Arsenal could lose one of their star players once again this summer. However this time around the player in question, Jack Wilshere was quick to diminish reports stating; “Obviously, I’m flattered. How can you not be? They’re the best team in Europe, but I’m an Arsenal player and I just signed a new deal. So right now all I’m focusing on is the upcoming season.”