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Why many neutrals want Arsenal not underdogs to win FA cup

It is a noble tradition in football, in England at least, that almost all of the neutral fans will support the under dog, especially in a game like the FA cup final. So you would think that Arsenal fans would be the only people wanting the Gunners to get a victory over Hull City at Wembley on Saturday.

Unusually, however, that is not necessarily the case this time. Of course, the fans of our rivals, especially the Thursday night brigade that is the spuds, will be delighted if we see a repeat of the 2011 league cup final when Birmingham shocked a hesitant Arsenal. But there is quite a lot of support for Arsenal among the neutrals as well.

Will Arsenal take Hull lightly? No Chance says Wenger

The subject of Arsenal, the trophy drought and the shock defeat by Birmingham City in our last major final was bound to come up, and will do many times before Arsenal run out on to the Wembley turf on Saturday. And it is no surprise that Arsene Wenger is not all that keen on focusing on the 2011 League Cup final either.

Captain claims Arsenal and Ozil are in full flow again

It appears as though the FA cup semi-final was a bit of a watershed moment for Arsenal. The nerves were very apparent against Wigan Athletic at Wembley, but the loads showed great character and eventually blasted through the penalty shoot out.

Club captain Thomas Vermaelen played in that game and the Belgian defender reckons that Arsenal have gone from strength to strength since then, as reported by Arsenal.com. Whether or not it was the relief of booking a place in the FA cup final, knowing the importance of securing a top four finish, or merely getting some key players back from injury, but the shackles have come off since then. It is probably a combination of all three.

Why Arsenal would benefit from an Everton win!!

It’s alright Arsenal fans, I have not gone bonkers mental, at least I don’t think I have. When the doctors come round next I’ll ask them. But I do have a reason for thinking that Arsenal could actually do with Everton getting a win over Man City at Goodison Park on Saturday.

First of all, I don’t want Liverpool to win the title, but then I don’t want any of them to win it. What I do want is for Arsenal to go into the FA cup final at Wembley on good form. Forget about resting some of our best players to keep them safe, we want a confident bunch who are in the habit of winning, which is why I think an Everton result would help us.

Nasri lays into Mourinho AND Arsenal fans over Wenger treatment

It might seem strange, given the strained nature of the relationship between Samir Nasri and the Arsenal fans, but the Frenchman will be fully rooting for Arsenal to beat Hull City at Wembley on May 17th and win the FA cup. Why? Because Nasri feels it is the least that Arsene Wenger deserves.

The Man City player has spoken in glowing terms of his former boss, while slating the man he left the Gunners to play for, Roberto Mancini, in an interview in The Telegraph.

Nasri explains to Arsenal fans why Wenger WILL spend big!!

A lot of Arsenal fans are not too keen, to say the least, on the Man City midfielder Samir Nasri and he is well aware of it. I am not going to go too much into the reasons for that now. The France international does still, however, profess to have feelings about his former club, but especially for the boss Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal on Easy Street as Everton lose again

They still have to keep their eye on the prize and put in the effort needed, but everyone connected with Arsenal should be feeling good today. The battle for the fourth Premier League spot is now looking like a one-horse race, and the jockey is wearing red with white sleeves.

I wrote an article the other day about Roberto Martinez and his desperate attempt to put pressure on Arsene Wenger and the players, whereas he knew that it was Everton who were struggling to deal with it. Since baiting us and getting their fate in their own hands, those hands have dropped the ball big time.

Don’t worry Arsenal fans, Koscielny will sign, IF we win the FA cup!!

We heard this week that the Arsenal manager had met with the French football agent Stephane Courbis, and I hope that Mr. Wenger was at his charming best and had a very nice bottle of Bordeaux waiting at the perfect temperature for the meeting, because Courbis is the agent of Laurent Koscielny and Serge Aurier.

Amid rumours of interest in our French centre back from the likes of Bayern Munich, PSG and even Manchester United, Arsenal are keen to get Koscielny to put his signature on a new deal that will put him at the same salary level as the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere, something around £90,000 a week.

Relax Gooners, Arsenal are in for their best season in a decade!!

Is this going to be one of the best season we have had in a while? by Fordo

I know most of the Arsenal fans might not be very happy with our season so far, and I will admit that I have also been heartbroken, especially in this last couple of weeks when we saw our great team going from a title contender to a top four fighting team. But has it really been that bad?

Why FA cup should not stop Wenger leaving Arsenal!!!

Win or lose, Wenger must go by Twig

Arsenal face Wigan today in what promises to be one of the most important games for Arsene Wenger in his Arsenal career. Arsenal is no doubt the favourite for this tie given that Wigan is a “small” club and is not one
of the jinxed trio of Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea. A “small” club that sent EPL favourites Man City crashing nevertheless. The pressure is on Arsenal and Wenger, and the Wigan boss has been doing a perfect job
of putting Arsenal on the edge claiming that as underdogs they can’t possibly lose. Whatever the outcome of Saturday’s clash with the defending champions (yes Wigan are the defending champions). Whatever happens, Arsene must resign.

Wigan crank up the pressure! Will Arsenal cope?

Wigan may be the underdogs of this game but the pressure is certainly on Arsenal, who need to end what will otherwise be 9 years without a major trophy. Almost a decade ago Arsenal won the FA Cup with that famous penalty shoot out with Manchester United, this time however, our opponents Wigan Athletic don’t quite boast the same stature, but will be a hard test nonetheless.

Arsenal need change but why not with Wenger?

Why fourth place finish and a FA cup trophy might just be a lifeline for Wenger! by Madhav

For the last two months Arsenal have been struggling to gain any sort of momentum. With the 6-0 and the 5-1 losses to our rivals, it was clear that we had lost our chance for the premier league way before we even hit the crucial months of April and May. Many football pundits and even managers were writing off Arsenal chances for the trophy even after a really good start but we fans believed that this might just be our year! But as destiny has it we are back to square one, fighting for the champions league spot or for the so called “wenger’s trophy”.