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A rallying call to Arsenal players ahead of tough March fixtures!

THE SPEECH to Arsenal Players by NS

Fear is your friend. Can you feel that burn? That burn, is fear. That ‘burn’ is energy. Energy is a positve thing by definition. All the media sheep are looking at those fixtures in March and saying that we have no chance. We are too weak to beat Chelsea. Too soft to put City to the sword. The most important thing for now is Stoke. Take them. Then the fun begins.

Wenger – I do my best for Arsenal and let people judge me!

Arsene Wenger was famously abused by Arsenal’s away fans at Aston Villa this weekend, as they chanted “You don’t know what you’re doing” at the end of the 0-0 draw. But the Frenchman has been in this position many times before and he knows he is responsible for his decisions and is happy to take the criticism when the fans think he has got it wrong.

Van Persie – Trust me, Theo Walcott will score 20 goals a season!

Robin Van Persie may be the man in form at Arsenal right now, and Theo Walcott has been considered to be ‘the one that hasn’t fulfilled his promise’, but the Dutch hitman believes that the criticism of his strike partner is totally unfounded and Theo is growing into a top-class striker.

Toby: All Arsenal Fans need to face the facts together and move on with Wenger’s help

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me god! By Toby

With so much turmoil at the club at the moment its hard to know which way to turn or who to listen to, fans like myself spend hours trawling the net for a hint of a big signing or news that Van Persie will pen a new contract.

SVGunner: Don’t blame Wenger. He’s doing everything right!

In Arsène I STILL Trust! by SVGunner

Firstly, I would like to say that I am absolutely GUTTED. I can’t remember feeling worse than this in all of my years. The Liverpool match was a rollercoaster of emotions. I think that the way the two points were taken from us was very cruel. I cannot understand how Kuyt can be allowed to score 4 minutes after the stoppage time should have ended.

A Plea From A Young Arsenal Fan – Trust in Wenger! (And a video of this season)

I have received this article from a young Arsenal fan in Sweden, and he has asked me to publish it. Edward Sai Kuen Sikorski celebrated his 14th birthday yesterday, and has put his poignant thoughts about Arsenal’s season into a very reasonable plea to Gooners everywhere. Keep The Faith!