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How will FFP changes affect Arsenal? Be afraid…

Arsene Wenger was talking about the Arsenal transfer situation in the pre-match press conference yesterday. Well to be more accurate, he was trying to say as little as possible about it under a barrage of questions from the press pack.

Wenger trophy just became even BIGGER for Arsenal

How they have loved to poke fun and laugh at Arsenal in recent years as we failed to win any major piece of silverware from the 2005 FA cup win over Manchester United on penalties until that dramatic fightback from 2-0 down to beat Hull City at Wembley last May.

Proof Arsenal were ROBBED against Anderlecht!!

There is more proof today, if Arsenal fans needed it, that the Gunners and probably every other English Premier League club get a raw deal from the Uefa referees in the Champions League. It happens too often and has been going on for too long for it to be a coincidence any more.

Are new Champions League rules unfair on Arsenal and Premier League?

We have heard complaints for years that Arsenal have had an unfair advantage when it comes to the Champions League draw at the start of each season. But that is no longer going to be the case as UEFA have changed the seeding system and from next year the top pot will consist of the champions of the top seven leagues in Europe along with the holders of the trophy.

ARSENAL to be charged over Galatasary flare episode. What!?!

We all know that UEFA are a farce and this has been proved once again with the news that Arsenal are to be charged because Galatasary fans smuggled in numerous flares which they threw onto the pitch during the game.

Arsenal Analysis – In-depth look at the the 25 man rule and our squad

Rules, Current Players & Hopeful New Signingsā€¸ for Arsenal by Crack

Clubs cannot name more than 17 non home-grown players aged over 21. With a further 8 home-grown players making a total of 25 man squad.

Arsenal to dodge Champions League play-offs as Man City fight FFP?

Arsene Wenger has made no secret of his backing for the new FFP rules and he may soon be even happier about them if Arsenal qualify for next season’s Champions League automatically, without having to undergo the inconvenience, stress and extra strain on the squad that a two- legged play-off in August would bring.

Will Arsenal be content with Man City FFP punishment?

We all know that Arsenal have been one of the biggest supporters of the new Financial Fair Play rules brought in by Eoropean football’s governing body. And there is no doubt that Arsene Wenger and his way of doing business is pretty much the role model for clubs wanting to abide by the rules, which is why the Frenchman has often spoken about the need to enforce the rules properly or risk clubs simply ignoring the new rules.