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Should Arsenal be punished for struggling to handle Cologne encounter?

Arsenal’s match against Cologne in the Europa League opening group game was marred by trouble and disruption last week, and UEFA have now tasked somebody with investigating the issues.

Arsenal fans confused as Ramsey beats Ozil to award

I am not one of the many Arsenal fans who thinks that Aaron Ramsey is not as good as Arsene Wenger seems to think he is (shown once again this week when he started an out of form Ramsey out wide against Man United) and that apart from that one fantastic season in 2013-14 when he scored 16 goals the Welshman needs to do more on a consistent basis for the Gunners.

UEFA pick on Arsenal after Wenger speaks out

It is obvious that UEFA don’t like being criticised and they have made that abundantly clear to Arsenal after Arsene Wenger spoke out about playing against “many doped teams” in his career.

Why Arsenal boss is wrong to disagree with van Gaal

Fair enough, calling the Premier League fixture list `evil´ may be taking things a bit too far, but I still think that the Arsenal boss should have some sense of sympathy with his fellow Premier League boss Louis van Gaal, because I feel that the Man United boss is right to say that the lack of a winter break in England is not good for Arsenal or any other Premier League club.

Should Arsenal mirror Man City and Bayern´s protests?

The fans of Arsenal Football Club have had to put up with more than most in the modern age, although I´m sure that the supporters of clubs like Leeds, Portsmouth and others will have a different point of view. Yes we have always had Champions League games to look forward to and despite the failure to win a trophy for almost a decade, Arsenal have never been in danger of relegation or going into administration.

Zagreb doping scandal will not help Arsenal

So it seems that one of the Dinamo Zagreb players, Arijan Ademi, has failed a doping test after the tie with Arsenal in Croatia, although it will not be fully confirmed until UEFA have studied his B sample before any punishment can be applied.

Arsenal have the money – and we are in the market. Really?

Arsene Wenger has made it clear that the Financial Fair Play is now dead in the water and EUFA simply cannot stop the moneybags clubs spending what they like in the transfer market. Witness how much clubs like Man City, Man United and Liverpool have spent lately.

How will FFP changes affect Arsenal? Be afraid…

Arsene Wenger was talking about the Arsenal transfer situation in the pre-match press conference yesterday. Well to be more accurate, he was trying to say as little as possible about it under a barrage of questions from the press pack.