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Should Arsenal fans complain so much about injuries?

Are Arsenal really that unlucky? by Blaz

Wenger – Arsenal were unlucky and the ref didn’t help…..

Arsene Wenger watched his Arsenal side lose points to a direct rival at the top of the Premiership for the second week in a row, mostly due to another totally inept first half of the game.

David Moyes thinks the referee gave Arsenal a point last night

David Moyes saw his Everton team fight back bravely after going 1-0 behind in the first minute of last night’s game, and he thinks that Everton deserved all three points and would have got them if the ref hadn’t have been so lenient on Arsenal.

Arsenal’s Young Gunners hold off Olympiacos until 83rd minute

Olympiacos v Arsenal NextGen Series by TS

Wenger – We had a bad start but were unlucky in the end

Arsene Wenger saw his team lose yet again to a mid-table side and put the important third place in the Premiership in jeopardy. Aston Villa scored two goals through Darren Bent in the first 15 minutes as Arsenal seemed to play with fear from the beginning, but they started playing too late.