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How much have Arsenal REALLY spent so far this summer?

A look into Arsenal’s financial side of this summer by Pearsenal

As most would agree, up to now Arsenal have had a very productive summer. However most would also agree that a couple more signings are required if we are to claim top honours this season in the form of the Premier League or rather more optimistically the Champions League.

There have been rumours of a £100m budget and media links with the likes of Nastasic and Hummels, Khedira and Carvalho, and Reus and Cavani to name just a few. Unfortunately it isn’t a bottomless pit of money, but after departures and arrivals what financial situation do we look to be in and what can we expect in the time leading up to the 1st of September.

Should Arsenal give Sagna the 100k a week he wants?

Over the past few weeks, there have been plenty of reports from the English media in regards to the future of the Arsenal full-back Bacary Sagna. The Frenchman has so far refused to sign a new deal at the Emirates and while Arsene Wenger still seems pretty optimistic about the situation, it is not hard to see that talks are not going ahead as planned by the club.

Bendtner yet again invites Arsenal fans’ anger on himself

Arsenal fans do not expect a lot from Nicklas Bendtner, after years of frustration. Most of us expected the Denmark international to be on his way out of the club this summer and it appears that Bendtner expected the same. But due to the late collapse of Arsene Wrenger’s plans to bring in another front man, the Gunners boss decided he had to keep hold of him.

Greedy Bendtner has ruined another chance to leave Arsenal

Arsene Wenger spoke the words that strike fear and dread into the heart of every Arsenal fan, or anger and frustration at least. The Gunners boss was speaking after the match against Napoli yesterday and was asked about the players that would be leaving the Emirates this summer, supposedly Nicklas Bendtner, Gervinho and Chamakh.

Wenger said, “Bendtner, we are nowhere.”

Just why do Arsenal pay Wenger so much? Not for Trophies!!

Is Arsene Wenger Worth £7.5 million a year? by MA

No Arsenal fan or anyone else needs to be reminded that Arsenal Football Club has not won any trophy since 2005, and are still strong favourites to end the coming season potless as well. You should check out Betfair for this season’s recommended bets before investing any money. But as well as being trophy-less, what Arsenal fans need to be reminded of is that Arsene Wenger was the second highest paid manager in England – earning £7.5 million a year before the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and the return of Jose Mourinho to Chelsea. He will likely remain the second highest paid behind Jose Mourinho. Irrespective of the position the fact is that he earned £7.5 million last year and the salary will likely remain the same or increase. We all know what Manchester United got in return for paying Alex Ferguson £7.6 million a year and we also know that Arsenal got NO TROPHIES in return for Arsene Wenger’s salary.

Keep Calm Arsenal Fans – Selling the Deadwood is just Phase One

Lack of Transfer Announcements and the Dead Wood Connection by Uche

Hello friends and good day. I hope you are all doing well. If you have a gun pointed to your head because Arsenal have not yet taken delivery of our Higgy merchandise, you might want to lower that gun and consider what I am about to tell you. This is not based on inside info or anything. I have just been thinking, weighing developments and making connections.

Why Arsenal should NOT give up on Abou Diaby

Is it really the time to sell Diaby? by Blaz

Lots of you/us Arsenal fans do think this way. But, first thing, do you really want to sell the player while he’s on crutches and unable to walk normally, let alone play football? If nothing else, it would be a very poor financial decision – I’m sure you get plenty more/bigger offers when a player can actually join the team on the pitch and not in the therapy room. So, if nothing else, keep him until he gets fit and is able play in a game or two and than let him find himself a new club (I’m certain Arsenal can still get 6-7 millon for him).

Arsenal Debate – Why we can’t attract (or keep!) top top players

Why there is Virtually No Loyalty in Football anymore by Scott M.

Hi Gooners,

The reason why I’ve decided to write this article is due to most of us football fans constantly getting angry when players leave the clubs we support, and particularly in this case our club Arsenal FC, Now what we need to all take into consideration is the evolution with how the sport has changed over the years.

Arsenal cannot lose by letting dead wood go!

It’s a Win-Win scenario for Arsenal by AH

Although some people may slate the club for letting the deadwood players go for stupidly small sums of money, a lot of people will correctly recognise that although it hasn’t added much to our transfer chest, it does free up a lot of space elsewhere.

Now in this article, I’m addressing how much the club could realistically make if we were to sell all the players that have been touted for a move this summer. Of course some of them will stay because they won’t be able to find a club, and some of them just genuinely won’t be sold because they are still wanted, like Vermaelen. I’ll look to address a player’s value and how much wages they will open up and obviously each player that goes frees up a squad place.

ALL the reasons why Wayne Rooney will not go to Arsenal

Wayne Rooney Heading to Arsenal? Highly Unlikely by MA

Since the now retired Sir Alex Ferguson excluded Wayne Rooney from the Manchester United team that lost to Real Madrid in the return leg quarter final match of the 2013 Champions League and his subsequent revelation that Rooney has asked for a transfer, rumors have been flying around as to the club Wayne Rooney will lace his boots for next season should he decide to leave Manchester United.

Arsenal to smash wage structure for summer signings

All of the talk and information coming out of Arsenal Football Club suggests that the days of scrimping and saving to pay off the Emirates Stadium are over. The latest financial figures show a big cash reserve and good profitability, with new sponsorship money on the way. It is not just the money to be able to compete with the big spenders over transfer fees that has seen Arsenal lose it’s best players and miss out on big name signings, however. The current wage structure at the club falls way short of what top players are earning, but that too is going to be torn up, apparently, so we really should be able to compete.

A call to arms for the Gunners and the Gooners!

Time for Arsenal supporters to act by Tohans


It is time for action, Gooners. The supporters keep the club alive – but we don’t get a hearing. Without us they will not survive. There would be no big wages, no sponsorships and no transfer money. The whole club has its existence because it has so many supporters, but yet we get ignored in our calls for some form of return to glory.

Here is my suggestion….