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Arsenal players rave about new star signing Sanchez

Remember what a boost the signing of Mesut Ozil gave the whole of Arsenal Football Club last August? Well it seems to be happening again with the capture of Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona. There is maybe not quite such a big reaction to this one from the media and from Arsenal fans, but the last minute nature of last year’s deal afterr a summer of nothing happening, meant there was an outpouring of relief as much as delight.

OK Arteta how DO Arsenal avoid another Brazilian beating?

I don’t know about the rest pf you Arsenal fans, but I have been loving the World Cup finals in Brazil. No Arsenal players getting injured helps, of course, but right from the start the games have been exciting, unpredictable and full of goals.

And the semi-final between the host nation Brazil and Germany was the epitome of that, with eight goals and an amazing beating for Brazil that no one really expected, even if they had flattered to deceive up until that point. As most of us were enjoying it, however, the vice-captain of Arsenal was not.

Should Arsenal use Walcott on the left wing?

Arsenal should try Theo out on the left by AT

Theo Walcott is an integral member of this Arsenal squad and it has become apparent in his absence. We struggled to deal damage to the opposition on the counter and they were able to press us without any pace in our front three to punish them. Walcott is almost always a right winger in our front three but could he be more effective on the left?

How Arsenal can get the best from Mesut Ozil this year!

Despite quite a few pundits and sections of the media, and the Arsenal fans, grabbing the nearest stick to beat Mesut Ozil with because of his perceived flop in his debut season as a Gunner, there is no doubt that Arsene Wenger sees him as a key member of the Arsenal team.

Hopefully that will not mean that the Frenchman intends to play the Germany international until his legs fall off, as we saw how his excellent early form tailed off due to fatigue. It does mean, however, that it is vital for Arsenal to get the best out of Ozil if we are to enjoy more trophy success next season and in the years to come, so how does Wenger do that?

What Arsenal really need to WIN the BPL title!!

I am sure that I am not the only Arsenal fan that is already sick to the back teeth of all the Arsenal transfer rumours that are in the papers day after day. The fact that none of them ever come to anything concrete does not help, but I have come to the conclusion that patience and a really hard jigsaw puzzle is the answer.

So instead of worrying about who is going to join the Arsenal squad, I thought we should count our chickens, as it were, and look at what the players we have already got could do for us next season.

Why Cuadrado transfer is the WRONG move for Arsenal

Do Arsenal Really Need Juan Cuadrado? by A.T.

As Arsenal’s search for attacking reinforcements continues, there have been several reports lately in regards to the North London club’s interest in signing Fiorentina’s Juan Cuadrado, who is really making a name for himself with his exquisite performances in World Cup so far.

The Colombian international, who played a major part in helping his country qualify for the second round of the competition, is understood to be looking for a move abroad and it seems as though Arsene Wenger is leading the chase for his signature, with the Daily Express even reporting that the player’s agent will shortly be in London to hold negotiations.

Proof that Arsenal’s biggest task is to solve the injury problem!!

Every time I wrote an article during the season just gone, bemoaning Arsenal’s terrible luck with injuries, and other things like referees and cup draws, I was accused of being biased, blinkered and a bad loser. Well here is the proof that although I may be a bad loser and biased, I am not blinkered.

A report in the Daily Telegraph reveals just how much Arsene Wenger had to cope with and it is pretty emphatic proof that injuries were a major factor in the Gunners’ Premier League struggles. People kept saying that all of our rivals had to cope with injuries as well, which is obviously true, but the difference was huge. Ramsey, Podolski, Ozil, Chamberlain and Walcott all out for long periods would hurt any club.

What happened to Arsenal’s ‘English Core” – Only two go to World Cup

Last season Arsene Wenger made a big deal of Arsenal signing up his young British talents on long-term contracts, saying that they were going to be the çore’of the side that were going to go on to great things.

Wenger said last December: “We are delighted that these five young players have all signed new long-term contracts. The plan is to build a team around a strong basis of young players, in order to get them to develop their talent at the Club. Jack is certainly the best known, the leader of this group – but the other four players are exceptional footballers, and we’re very happy that we could conclude their new deals at the same time.

Ramsey wonder goal shows why Arsenal CAN win BPL title

It was great to have Aaron Ramsey back in the Arsenal team yesterday and no one was surprised to see the young Welshman sign off this Premier League season with another goal. The quality of it was stunning, with Ramsey’s superb technique highlighted as he produced a thunderous volley from Giroud’s excellent set-up.

ramsey celebration

And if Arsenal fans were looking for something to suggest that the club really is on the way up, Ramsey’s goal and all-round performance should do it. He makes the whole team tick and shows just how badly we missed him in January, February and March. People who slate Giroud should realise that it is no coincidence that he seems less effective without Ramsey or Walcott to make those runs past him and make the most of the big man’s great link up play.

Wenger finally admits that Arsenal need more strikers!!

Arsenal had a great chance to win the Premier League this season, there is no doubt about it. But we were not the favourites back in August. That was Man City, who last night took advantage of their rivals’ slips to get one hand on the trophy. In fact, many football experts suggested that this might be the season in which the Gunners finally lose the Wenger trophy. But what do they know, because they were tipping Tottenham at the same time.

Arsenal boss takes blame for Ramsey injury which cost the title!!

Arsene Wenger has given his open and honest opinion about why Arsenal, who were looking great and had stormed to the top of the table, allowed their best Premier League title challenge in years, to fall away so dramatically. The Prof does not shirk from taking a large slice of the blame cake either.

Wenger was talking to the American sports network beINsports, as reported by Talksport, about this season and he picks out a couple of key areas that have cost the Gunners dearly. Firstly, the terrible bad run of injuries, which started on the first day of the season, if not before, and continued like a recurring bad dream, which is still not over yet.

Come on Arsenal fans…give Giroud the credit he deserves!

I am not making any claims to special mental powers, ESP or clairvoyancy, and I don’t even possess a crystal ball or a set of tarot cards, but I can predict the future. I see… lots of Arsenal fans slating me for this article and calling Olivier Giroud everything from a donkey to a Donut, and I don’t think anything I write will change their minds, but here goes anyway…