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Arsene Wenger is Arsenal’s Kryptonite! (And the Reasons Why)

Wenger is Arsenal’s Kryptonite by AD

Wenger seems like a person of conviction, principles, honesty, discipline and obsession more than anything else. He seems to belong to the kind that are great as troubleshooters and turnaround artists. Unfortunately for all their wonderful gifts, such people are horrible at taking organization on to the higher plane beyond the precipice. For the very qualities that make them indispensible at the time of crisis prevents them from gaining a higher ground. There is a reason that wartime generals are horrible in peace time, their very nature makes them unsuitable for the tranquility of peace.

The ROT started when the Arsenal Board sacked Dein!

Here we all are again biting chunks out of each other, rowing and bemoaning the abysmal performance and the state of Arsenal FC in general, as well as arguing and taking various sides regarding the “should Wenger stay- should he go” scenario. It really is a little more simple than most of us are willing to admit – and unfortunately its rather grim to consider.

Arsenal WILL rotate but stick with Giroud

After the umitigated disaster of the Champions League defeat, Arsenal will certainly be making some changes to the starting line up for the visit of Everton on Sunday. Arsene Wenger admitted as much in his pre-match press conference earlier today and the Frenchman knows it is vital for the Gunners to get right back on track in the bread and butter of the Premier League.

But although some angry fans would suggest that Wenger should make 11 changes after the terrible performances all over the pitch on Wednesday, that will not happen and Olivier Giroud is one of the players I believe the boss will stick with.

Monaco gloating gives Arsenal PERFECT motivation for 2nd leg

For the last day or so Arsenal fans have been in a state of shock and I expect the same is true of Arsene Wenger and the players. It has been a painful time as we agonise over the mistakes made against Monaco that leave us teetering on the brink of yet another early Champions League exit.

Arsenal were truly awful from top to bottom but instead of cheerfully accepting that and enjoying the fact that they got the Gunners on a bad day, the Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim and striker Dimitar Berbatov chose to rub salt into our wounds by claiming that it was their tactical nous that caused the shock result. No mention of luck that we missed our chances and they got a wicked deflection for the first goal.

Monaco openly expose Arsenal’s tactical weaknesses

It is one thing for Arsenal fans to think that Arsene Wenger’s team simply had a “bad day at the office”, but it is quite another when the opposition admit that they knew exactly how Arsenal would perform, and how easy it would be to counteract their game plan.

The Monaco striker Dimitar Berbatov, who had lavishly praised Wenger before the game, made it clear that the Gunners had played into their hands. He was asked in the Guardian if he had been surprised to have found so much space in the Gunners defence.

Listen to Wenger sayin Arsenal were suicidal!

Personally I was shocked to the core by Arsenal’s result against Monaco last night, but what did Wenger say?

Was he there on the touchline shouting at the players? Was he giving tactical instructions from the sidelines? Or was he trying hard to get his zip sorted and throwing bottles of water? What does Wenger have to say?

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How did Arsenal become so VINCIBLE?

Arsenal could hardly have played a worse game right before Sky Sports showed the recently released video celebrating the amazing achievements of our best team ever; ‘the invincibles’ side that won the 2003-04 season without a single defeat. I watched it again anyway to cheer myself up.

But in a way it was the perfect time because it highlighted a failing that the Gunners have had for some time now, our vincibility (and that is a word you can look it up). In some ways the current side are great and we can play brilliantly but every now and then, like last night against Monaco, we go missing and make it so easy for our opponents to beat us.

´Brainless´ Arsenal stuck in time warp! How to get out?

I can just imagine Arsene Wenger getting the Arsenal team (full of talent and experience all over the pitch) just before the Champions League first leg at the Emirates last night. `Right lads what I want you to do is panic if we don´t get an early goal and throw everyone forward. Leave just one player back to cope with their counter attacks. And I want the forward players to run down blind alleys and take on three defenders, don´t worry if you lose the ball´.

Arsenal need some leaders or we’ll never change

Gutted! by CT

Before tonight’s game with Monaco, I was fairly optimistic after four years of drawing against stronger opponents and only being narrowly defeated, we finally had a great opportunity to make it through to the quarter finals of the Champions League. But after watching that absolutely disgusting display, which took me by surprise to say the least, has left me wondering what the problem actually is at Arsenal.

Serie A club CONFIRMS Arsenal transfer target talks?

This one of many Arsenal transfer rumours will simply not go away and every time we hear about a new piece of the puzzle it suggests that Arsene Wenger really is very interested in the young Argentina born striker Paulo Dybala, dubbed by some as the new Sergio Aguero, due to his attributes and scoring prowess.

The Gunners were linked with the 21-year old back in the summer and then again in the run up to, during and even after the January transfer window. And then a week or so ago it was being reported that Arsenal were in talks with his current club Palermo from Serie A as we tried to sort out a deal to bring the talented forward to the Emirates in the summer.

We know Wilshere and Szczesny – but who are Arsenal’s other smokers?

I am sure that the Arsenal and France striker Olivier Giroud was just trying to diffuse the situation, perhaps with a typical Gallic shrug of the shoulders, but I am not so sure how well his words will be received by his Arsenal team mates, or by the manager for that matter.

Arsene Wenger has always condemned it when his players have been caught smoking cigarettes in public and claimed that as professional athletes it is not sensible and as role models they should know better. But the boss has also tried to play down the media furores that have surrounded the likes of Jack Wilshere and Wojciech Szczesny in recent years.

Arsenal were awful – Wenger can’t motivate them any more….

What can the Arsenal fan do? Arsene will not be sacked even if we get relegated.. by KM

Well there you have it. Arsenal beaten by a terrible Monaco side 3:1 at the Emirates. Worse than the result was the performance. Not one player had any sort of character. I really saw an uninterested side. The same one I saw against Crystal Palace.

Monreal was benched and on came Gibbs who was more focused on going forward and doing nothing, rather than helping in defense. Bellerin was the same. What the hell? Coquelin was terrible. Where was a man to block Kondogbia on his first shot? Wasn’t that Coquelins job?