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Proof that Arsenal are not seeking Vidal transfer? Not really

If you ever get a chance to play poker with the Arsenal manager, make sure that you have got plenty of cash and can afford to lose it. Or that is what you would expect from Arsene Wenger after what his old adversary Sir Alex Ferguson said about the prof when the transfer of Robin van Persie from the Gunners to Man United was done.

Cech – Last season was just too long for Arsenal

Our newest signing the great Petr Cech has been filling the papers with his first interviews for the Gunners, and he seems very confident that Arsenal can go on to great things if they continue their form from the end of last season. But Petr believes that the Gunners slow start was the only reason that they did not really challenge Cech’s old team Chelsea for the League title.

Arsenal have real concerns about burnout of Alexis Sanchez

There was one good thing to come out of the Copa America match for Arsenal fans last night, and that was that our Player of the Year Alexis Sanchez did not pick up an injury. He and his Chilean international team Eduardo Vargas edged out Peru and will now play the final against Argentina or Paraguay on Saturday evening, or the early hours of Sunday morning for those of us watching in Europe.

Arsenal need to strike NOW after UEFA ease FFP rules

The last couple of years have been the best for a long time for Arsenal and the fans, financially speaking as well as on the pitch. Not only has Arsene Wenger finally had some decent money to spend in the transfer market following the Emirates stadium debt being paid off, but our big spending rivals Chelsea and Man City have had their wings clipped a bit by the Financial Fair Play rules that UEFA brought into action in 2009.

Striker told to pack his bags and leave Arsenal

Most Arsenal fans are agreed on the idea that Arsene Wenger should have a top quality striker on his transfer wish list for this summer window, but your guess is as good as mine as to whether the Frenchman agrees. The boss has certainly not made any moves for Arsenal in that direction yet.

Arsene Wenger finally beats Jose Mourinho! CONFIRMED!

Thank God that Arsenal have finally confirmed the acquisition of Petr Cech from Chelsea OFFICIALLY. We know we are all used to waiting for weeks on end for Arsenal.com to confirm any transfers that we have all known about for ages, but it became reality today!

Do Arsenal really have to win v Chelsea to win BPL title?

On the face of it, you could say that it should not really matter if Arsenal and Arsene Wenger cannot end the run of games against the Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho without a victory. That run stretches over the Portuguese managerĀ“s two spells at Stamford Bridge and although it is annoying, the two league games between us are only worth six points.

Arsenal still in race for Schneiderlin transfer?

The Arsenal transfer rumours this week have been moving us further and further away from the hope of securing the transfer of Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton, to the extent that the papers today had all but signed the Frenchman for our Premier League rivals Manchester United and moved Arsene Wenger on to the pursuit of the Chile international midfielder Artuto Vidal.