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AKB or AOB? Arsenal fans should stick together and SUPPORT the team

It seems to me that EVERY YEAR, when Arsenal are not winning every single game, the readers on JustArsenal start abusing Arsene Wenger and start calling for his head, and EVERY YEAR Wenger manages to turn it around and get the team challenging in the Top Four, and even winning the last two FA Cups, but this is quickly forgotten when we have another couple of dodgy results.

Tough love helping Arsenal star to perform

A lot of Arsenal fans have been critical of Arsene Wenger for the way the Frenchman always sticks up for his players and refuses to criticise them even when it is blatantly obvious to everyone that they have just had a shocker and cost the team badly.

Pick your best Arsenal 5-a-side team

The perfect Arsenal 5-a-side team by AB

wenger and ramseyArsene Wenger, without a doubt, likes his intricate, ball-playing sides. Samir Nasri’s goal against Fulham back in 2010 perfectly summed up Wenger’s philosophy; on the floor, technical and rapid.

Walcott confident he can ease Arsenal’s goal drought…IF he plays

The problems that Arsenal have been, somewhat unexpectedly, experiencing in front of goal has been highlighted this week by the slightly embarrassing goal of the month competition. With Olivier Giroud the only Arsenal player to have scored a goal in the four Premier League games so far, the Arsenal website has been forced to include the Community Shield winner against Chelsea scored by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, just to give the fans an option to choose from.

Welbeck injury – Has Wenger gambled Arsenal’s season already?

What was Wenger thinking! by PR

How long have we been saying that the injury situation at Arsenal has been getting better? And, as always, we have been proved wrong once again. But even worse it is our backup striker Danny Welbeck that will be missing until at least Christmas, having already been out of action for the last five months….

Wenger DID try hard to find a new striker for Arsenal

Another transfer window gone by and another chance lost at addressing the problems of the Arsenal squad. Arsene Wenger may have different opinions and reasons for choosing not to sign specific players but the truth is that Arsene tried his hardest to acquire an exceptional hitman, according to Thierry Henry..

Not signing a striker may come back to haunt Wenger

It is very difficult for any Arsenal fan not to be critical of this transfer window. Obviously, almost every transfer window is a disappointment but it would be a soap opera if we start discussing each of those. Keeping our focus on the one that just closed, we can’t help but wonder if Arsene Wenger missed a trick or two.

Arsenal’s Transfer Window – Fact vs Fiction


Like all true Gooners I was a little underwhelmed by the lack of additions to our squad through this transfer window. The media did an excellent job in fanning the fires of expectation by throwing out names like Reus, Cavani, Benzema, Bender, Schneiderlin, Khedira, etc. It was a long list of names associated with 2 key positions – a holding/defensive midfielder and a striker.