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Does Akpom exit mean Arsenal have agreed Benzema transfer?

It was only very recently that Arsene Wenger was fulsome in his praise of the young Arsenal and England striker Chuba Akpom. The 19-year old scored a brilliant hat-trick in our first pre-season game against a Singapore XI and he has done nothing in the chances handed to him since to suggest that it was a fluke and that he is not ready for some first team action this season.

Should Arsenal fans appreciate Wenger more? His legacy….

Is Arsene Wenger the most underappreciated manager in the world?‏ by JH

May 15th, 2004.

After a surprisingly edgy afternoon, Arsene Wenger had in his hands a the Premier League title, It was the single greatest and dominant season in English Football history, Arsenal had won 26, drawn 12, lost precisely Zero.

Wenger happy to take on Arsenal fans’ title expectations

Arsene Wenger has often played down the expectations of the Arsenal fans about our chances of winning the Premier League title. Not that the Frenchman has been saying that his team have no chance, but he has usually been quick to point out that it is a very tough division and that our main rivals for the trophy have been able to outspend us.

Arsenal fans think Mourinho doth protest too much

If you do not understand the reference, I do not blame you as it comes from the great English playwright William Shakespeare and football fans, even in England, are not usually big fans of old Billy boy. It basically means when someone keeps saying something it is clear that they are trying to convince people of something but actually manage the exact opposite.

Arsenal to use special tactics for Eden Hazard?

First of all Arsenal fans, I would like to take this opportunity to once again get stuck into Jose Mourinho, as I think that no chance to do this should ever be passed up. The Chelsea boss has been talking out of his rear end again this week so let´s make the most of it.

Wenger not interested in Mourinho’s mind games

The Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho loves talking about his accomplishments. And he tries spicing it up with potshots about his opponents, especially if it’s Arsenal! If it involves talking about Arsene Wenger then it energizes the Blues manager all the more.

Why Arsenal will NOT be surprise destination of super striker

Arsenal will not be the only club whose fans will be hoping that they are the club referred to by the brilliant, prolific and always entertaining striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But you may as well save your excitement, Gooners, because it is not going to happen and I will explain why.

Is Man Utd legend right about Arsenal’s ongoing problem?

There has been so much talk about the reason for Arsenal dropping off from that pinnacle point of the Premier League, when Arsene Wenger steered our team of stars to lift the trophy in 2004 without a single mark in the games lost column.