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Arsenal heading for a fall after pre-season positivity?

Arsenal in danger of over-confidence by DN

Although I have enjoyed seeing Arsenal blast through our pre-season preparations after picking up where we left off last season, I do still have a little bit of concern that the success in recent weeks and the relative ease with which we have achieved it, could actually leave Arsenal unprepared for when the serious business starts in a couple of weeks.

Wenger – Walcott will sign contract and score goals….

In yet another indication that Arsenal will not be buying a new striker, Wenger started Theo Walcott as centre-forward against Wolfsburg yesterday, and the Englishman scored the winning goal. I am now thinking that Walcott is waiting for Wenger to give him proof that he will not be bringing in more competition up front before he signs his new contract, and Wenger is saying the right things to soothe Theo’s ego.

How can Arsenal pass the Messi test?

Arsene Wenger was quick to play down the bold and incautious boasting from the Arsenal director Lord Harris this week. The claim made by the member of our board was that the manager could afford to sign just about any player in the world and that the club would let Wenger use the reportedly available £200 million if he so wished.

Sweet strike and new contract great news for Arsenal and Walcott

It appears that it has not taken long for representatives of Arsenal Football Club and The England international star Theo Walcott to come to an agreement over the terms of a new contract, even though the 26-year old refused to shed any light on the situation after scoring the only goal of the game against Wolfsburg in the Emirates Cup today.

65? Arsene Wenger won’t be retiring any time soon!

If you take a quick look at the managers around in English Premier League, you will find that the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is in a different league of his own. Wenger has managed more matches at Arsenal than the combined total of games of all his Premier League rivals at their current clubs.
It also makes you wonder how long it will be before he bids adieu. There will be all sorts of questions – will this be his last season, does he want to win another Premier League title before bidding goodbye or is he planning for next season too?

Wenger cautiously optimistic on Arsenal’s title chances

Last summer saw Arsenal fans very optimistic about us winning the title, but the combination of the World Cup hangover and an incredibly long injury list scuppered our chances of keeping up with Chelsea in the early stages of the campaign, but this year Arsene Wenger sounds even more confident of challenging but he’s refusing to commit himself to predictions.

Arsenal to start with strongest XI against Lyon?

I am not trying to tell the Arsenal manager what to do, and I doubt very much whether he would take much notice if I did, but I will go ahead and give Arsene Wenger my thoughts on the matter of which 11 players I think he should pick to start the first of our Emirates Cup games anyway.

Proof Mourinho was talking balls over Arsenal transfer

Footballs, and lots of them, are being kicked around by Arsenal and our rivals as the opening weekend of the Premier League season hoves into view like the sail of a ship to a man stranded on a desert island. This is a time when every fan is full of optimism and every manager is hoping for success in the coming months.