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No-one likes Mourinho but he is RIGHT about Arsenal!

Mourinho’s latest swipe at Arsenal…. by KM

We all know Jose Mourinho is a drama queen, a media feeder. He creates stories for the press and never fails to create a spark, or take a swipe at Arsenal. He was asked about his relationship with Arsene Wenger and what he thinks of Arsenal and what the Chelsea boss said again had a background dig at Wenger.

He said Wenger has “a dream job” because of the stability he gets. He also said that we have a fantastic squad full of attacking quality and in good numbers. Asked as to why we don’t win enough he said “I don’t know”. He said we should be up there with City and Chelsea.

MoneyBall – How Arsenal use statistics for transfer targets

MoneyBall – Arsenal and the use of Statistics By Supertuur

The movie MoneyBall is about a baseball team, The Oakland Athletics, which uses statistical models to buy undervalued players in the market and analyse the game to get them more wins. This approach was needed as the Oakland A’s only had a limited budget for player transfers. The first year it was used the Oakland A’s managed to win 20 games in a row, which broke an American League record. Can the use of statistical model, which is now common in baseball, be used in football which is more complex.

Arsenal get Champions League backing from VERY odd source

It comes with the territory I suppose and is probably the case with most local rivals, but the manager´s of Arsenal and Tottenham have often had little spats and obviously a great deal of rivalry. In recent years, of course, that has meant Arsene Wenger against a long line of coaches that have tried, with some coming very close but all failing, to finish above the Gunners in the Premier League.

Is there anything Arsenal´s Cazorla CANNOT do?

Although Arsenal were not at our flowing and fluent best away to Crystal Palace on Saturday, we did manage to hold on for the winner and there were some impressive performances from the battling Gunners. I personally would have given the Man of the Match award to Santi Cazorla, although I can see why our own KJ gave it to Welbeck and others like the Daily Mail gave it to Olivier Giroud.

Wenger thinks “emotional” Monaco tie is 50/50 chance

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Arsene Wenger spent seven years at Monaco before being snapped up by Arsenal and has many happy (and sad) memories of his time in the principality. He has admitted he was shocked to be drawn against his old club in the knockout stages – as he expected to get one of the European heavyweights as usual!

“To be honest it was a surprise,” Wenger told UEFA.com. “Because I always expect the most prestigious team to come out against us – that has happened the last five or six years. It’s also one of those strange coincidences in life, because between them these two clubs account for 25 years of my life. That’s very unusual, to meet in the Champions League. It was a little bit of an emotional shock.”

Mourinho talking Arsenal AGAIN so who’s the VOYEUR?

We all know that the managers of Arsenal and Chelsea do not exactly get on and it is more than just the sort of professional rivalry that Arsene Wenger has had with the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Harry Redknapp and others since taking over as manager nearly 20 years ago.

And now, after the two had that bad tempered pushing exchange at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season, Jose Mourinho has started again, talking about Wenger and Arsenal as he sat in the Sky Sports Goals On Sunday show. As reported by ESPN, the arrogant one just could not restrict himself to talking about things that concerned him, and had to get in a few digs at his rival.

Wenger agrees that Arsenal were lucky against Palace

This is becoming so regular it is becoming monotonous for Arsenal fans. The Gunners fly into a comfortable lead, try to defend, then end up conceding one and fighting like madmen to try to stop the equalizer. This is exactly what happened yesterday against Crystal Palace and we got our lucky break when our opponents hit the post instead of scoring in the dying seconds.

Steve Bould responsible for making Arsenal set-piece specialists?

What on earth has happened to Arsenal? I am not talking about the way we struggled away to Crystal Palace today, but the way that the Gunners now seem to be a different side, at least as far as set pieces are concerned.

Not only are we now scoring regularly from corners, free kicks and penalties, but we have found a way to stop other teams from scoring against us in the same sort of situation. Okay, penalties are a bit different and I cannot really give Arsene Wenger’s assistant the credit for Danny Welbeck winning and Santi Cazorla scoring the penalty that gave us the lead.

Why Palace win could be IMMENSE for Arsenal

All Arsenal fans should be absolutely buzzing right now. It may not have been the most convincing win by the Gunners, but how often have we dominated games and not got the win? It really is starting to look like Arsene Wenger and Steve Bould (because I am sure our former defender has had a big part to play) have finally got Arsenal playing with the steeel we need to win these tough games.

Wenger – Palace are tough but Arsenal are CONFIDENT!

The Gunners travel to Crystal Palace today looking to keep the pressure on the teams above us in the race for the Champions League places, and Arsenal are undoubtedly in a great run of form at the moment. We have won 7 of our last 8 matches, and in the head-to-head’s against Palace, Arsenal have not lost in their last ten visits to Selhurst Park and are also unbeaten in our last ten meetings with today’s opponents.

Wenger – Giroud COULD become a top class striker

Arsene Wenger has been talking ahead of tomorrow’s game against Crystal Palace, and it looks like he is trying to keep Olivier Giroud concentrated and focused on improving his goalscoring record. The French striker has scored 10 goals in 18 games this season, and has improved his goals-per-game ratio from one goal per 2.75 games in his first season, now down to a goal every 1.8 games this campaign, but Wenger thinks he needs to improve on that before calling himself really top class.

Santi Cazorla is NOT leaving Arsenal this summer

The January transfer window may have only just closed and the summer one is still months away, but we still expect lots of Arsenal transfer rumours every week. Some fans may not like them but I take them as a bit of fun and like to think ahead to how Arsene Wenger might improve the Gunners for next season.

So I don´t mind the rumours, except the sort we had this week which sent a cold shiver running down my spine: Santi Cazorla off back to Spain with Atletico Madrid! Please God no I cried, then thought about it and started to think why he would want to go, when he seems so happy and settled in the Arsenal side and has picked up his first winners medal.