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Can Chelsea beating Spurs save Arsenal’s season?

Although Arsenal will not finish the season empty handed, the Community Shield trophy and another place in the Champions League was not really what us fans were hoping for and expecting at the start of the current campaign, especially after we saw off last year’s Premier League winners Chelsea in the season opener at Wembley.

Does the failed protest back the Arsenal boss?

The protest backfired – By DS.

Yesterday was supposed to be an awkward day for Arsene Wenger. A day where there was a backlash from fans who were supposedly going to make it clear they were not happy, something he has always maintained is the one factor in his decision in how long he stays at the Emirates.

Lay-off Giroud – Arsenal team mates are not helping him

I am going to surprise a few people now and tell you that Arsene Wenger does not pick his team and tactics with the deliberate intention of causing us Arsenal fans grief. He may be stubborn at times and there may be other faults that can be laid at the feet of the Frenchman but the idea that he does things to make Arsenal struggle and lose is just daft.

Arsenal scrape past Norwich, but questions remained unanswered

Arsenal scrape past Norwich, but questions remained unanswered. Guest post by KM.

Hello fellow Arsenal fans! Lots to talk about, but I’ll start with the game. A poor performance in my opinion. Norwich had the best chances of the first half in which we really didn’t create much. I’ll start with a few baffling decisions.

Ox staying put but which Arsenal stars are being axed?

There have been quite a few Arsenal transfer rumours in recent weeks about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the likelihood of the England international star leaving Arsenal in the summer for pastures new. West Ham were mentioned as a possible destination for the young player and it was even said that he had been offered to them.

More double standards from anti-Arsenal media?

Despite the suggestions not long ago from some disgraced doctor that some Arsenal players had been among his clients for illegal performance enhancing drugs, Arsenal have not to my knowledge ever had a player fail a drug test. Arsene Wenger has also been one of the most vocal and consistent managers to talk about the need for the sport to do more to stop any such cheating from going on.

Veteran Arsenal fan lets off steam!

Long standing Arsenal supporter has had enough by PH

Hi Fellow Gooners

Last year I gave up my season ticket.

As this season draws to a close I share the frustration of all Gooners. I am sure we are all more embarrassed than disappointed, as we have let a workmanlike but unexceptional team like Leicester clinch the EPL.