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Arsenal boss declares his burning desire for a trophy

Wenger dreams of taking Arsenal to victory once again! by Ash

Not seeing Arsenal win for almost 9 years now seems to have got Arsene Wenger cracked as much as it has the Arsenal fans, as he has admitted that his dream ambition and dedication is now focused on winning something with Arsenal again. Wenger’s dream was initially to see how far he could take a side unbeaten in the league. He achieved that with the Invincibles between 2003-04 and even went on to the next season, finally stopping at 49 games. Then it was an ambition to be successful with the youngest team. The likes of Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere and Van Persie broke onto the scene; however that was a dream that never quite materialised.

Wenger baffled by the collapse of his Arsenal defense!!

Arsenal fans can sit and argue all day, and often do, about the reasons why this season, which promised so much, has turned into yet another last gasp fight for fourth place in the Premier League. Olivier Giroud and whether he is or isn’t up to the standards of the Gunners, a crippling injury list, bad luck, Wenger’s stubborn refusal to use the January transfer window and many other factors have been touted as the root of our problems, but Wenger has suggested that it is the recent defensive problems that have done for us.

Latest Arsenal injury news (crisis) means Ramsey must start

Are you sitting down Arsenal fans? Because I have a shock for you; Arsenal have got big injury problems for this weekend’s crucial FA cup semi-final against Wigan. Surprised? No I didn’t think so. This is beyond deja vu, as every week we seem to be sweating on the fitness of a few players, not to mention the long term absentees that we have to without.

Arsene Wenger has given Arsenal.com an update on the latest injury news and it does not sound good. As well as still waiting for the return of Laurent Koscielny and Mesut Ozil, the Gunners could be without key players Tomas Rosicky, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs when we run out on to the famous Wembley turf to take on Wigna Athletic.

Arsenal legend says forget 4th! We NEED a trophy!!

Despite all the media baiting about Arsenal not having won a major trophy since the FA cup triumph over Manchester United in 2005, more level-headed and less headline grabbing students of football appreciate what a great job that Arsene Wenger has done to keep Arsenal in the Champions League for all those years with no money to spend.

But that was all supposed to change this season as the financial shackles came off and all of our main Premier League rivals changed managers. And it looked for a while as if the Gunners were going to take advantage, but that hope has gone. So what should Arsenal do? Focus on securing that fourth spot again and the millions it brings? David Seaman doesn’t think so!

Wigan crank up the pressure! Will Arsenal cope?

Wigan may be the underdogs of this game but the pressure is certainly on Arsenal, who need to end what will otherwise be 9 years without a major trophy. Almost a decade ago Arsenal won the FA Cup with that famous penalty shoot out with Manchester United, this time however, our opponents Wigan Athletic don’t quite boast the same stature, but will be a hard test nonetheless.

Why this Arsenal fan is giving away his Wembley ticket!!

“This fan is NOT going to Wembley!” by P.H.

Hi all you Gooners. Firstly, before I get shot down in flames by all of you, I hope Arsenal pull off a brilliant win on Saturday at Wembley, and then win the FA Cup in May to end what seems to be a never-ending trophy drought. The players certainly deserve it, for they have struggled away with the bare bones of a squad, and have battled through to this stage, and the fans above all certainly deserve it for spending their hard earned money watching their team. For so many of us Arsenal F.C. is a substitute for … so many other things in life. Does anything spoil our weekends more than seeing us lose? Sad, aren’t we?!

Starlet hints Arsenal failed at Everton because of FA cup focus

I bet that a lot of Arsenal fans, like myself, were surprised that Arsene Wenger started the Premier League game against Everton on Sunday with Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the bench. The Frenchman went for the double pivot of Arteta and Flamini, probably hoping to keep the game tight, but it clearly did not work.

Arsenal will NOT mess up another trophy chance says Szczesny

All this talk about nine years without a trophy is getting more tired and boring for Arsenal fans than the average TV schedule on Dave, but the fact is that, should the Gunners fail to win the FA cup at Wembley in May, that is how long it will have been since Patrick Vieira scored the winning penalty against Manchester United in 2005.

It’s time for the REAL Arsenal fans to step forward…

So-called Arsenal fans by Mikey B

I expect lots of criticism for this article on Arsenal, but that’s okay because I’m saying it as I see it. The term fan is used so loosely these days. Most of the so called ‘fans’ these days, however, are really just followers that appear to know everything there is to know about football and the inner workings of Arsenal football club. They are fickle and complain when the going gets tough. I don’t know about you, but that’s not my definition of a fan, heck I wouldn’t even classify it as a supporter, because in situations that are tough for the club, manager and players, when the support is most needed, that is when you see the true fans and supporters.

Arsenal still favourites for FA cup and top four!!

There are certainly doubts about whether Arsenal have the players, mental strength and whatever else is needed to finish the season strongly. But it appears that most of those doubts are in the minds of Arsenal fans themselves. Of course, we are a lot more reason to be nervous than the neutral, but a look at the odds tells you that the bookies, who do not tend to make many mistakes, have more belief in the Gunners than most of us do at the moment.

Arsenal’s FA cup opponents have their own problems

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that Arsenal head into a massive game for the club in not exactly the best form or frame of mind. But it could be so much worse for us. If Wigan Athletic had not pulled off a shock result against Man City in the last round, our hopes of finally adding another trophy to the cabinet would be very thin indeed.

As it is, Wigan are no mugs and the Gunners are going to have to play better than we did against Everton to make the final, but our opponents have got their own problems to think about. It sounds strange, but Wigan having won it last year could actually help Arsenal.

Charisma, confidence, belief – How do Arsenal get them back?

Arsene Wenger pulled no punches after his Arsenal team were comprehensively outplayed by Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday. The Frenchman may not know exactly why things have got so bad for the Gunners, but he has clearly identified what was wrong with the players, as reported by Arsenal.com. Identifying the issues and fixing tham, however, are two very different things.

Wenger said, “Certainly psychologically we have lost a bit of confidence. Today as well we were behind early, Everton were very good on the counter-attacks but I still feel we had a lot of the ball but were not really dangerous.