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Former Gunner backs Arsenal’s BFG over Ozil rant

The Arsenal fans have been a fairly long suffering bunch in recent years. Despite paying the highest prices of any club’s supporters in the Premier League, including food and drink in the Emirates stadium, they have had to endure eight long years without a trophy.

On top of that, Arsenal has often felt like a conveyor belt for top quality players, but the belt has been heading out of the club. Ashley Cole, Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri was bad enough, but when we sold the Premier League player of the season to Manchester United, handing them another title, it was just about the last straw.

Winterburn – Arsenal won’t spend more than £15m on one player

The Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn is as aware of the rest of us that Arsene Wenger has more money in the bank than just about any other team in the world ready to invest in the tyransfer market. The rumours are saying that he has a minimum of £70million to strengthen the team, but Winterburn doesnt believe Wenger will be going for established stars.

Nigel said: “The problem at Arsenal is always that they have a wage structure which is fairly high, but in terms of competing with Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, if they are after the same player, particularly with the history of Man Utd and Chelsea of late, the player is more likely to go to one of those teams.

Arsenal defence making “basic errors” says Winterburn

Nigel Winterburn’s damning verdict on our defence by NS

Tonight, I had the pleasure of Nigel Winterburn answering my email on TV. I am most proud. Basically, it was about our defence. I asked him to make a comeback for the Bayern game. Earlier in the show, Nigel made some brilliant points.

He said that the big problem with our defence is that BOTH full backs go forward at the same time. He said that you leave yourself wide open when you lose possession and he is correct. He also said that both our centre halves drop off, and most teams play against Arsenal with one striker.

Arsenal cannot afford Big Stars!

Arsenal are one of the most highly profitable clubs in world football. The cost of building the Emirates stadium is nearly paid off, we have qualified for the Champions league second round for the last 13 years and Arsene Wenger has spent next to nothing, in net terms, in the transfer market for years. How is it possible, then, that the Gunners cannot afford to go for a big name player valued at around £30 million?

Winterburn – Arsenal are already in crisis and MUST beat Spurs!

The Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn was quite confident about the Gunners recovering from the loss of Robin van Persie and Alex Song in the summer, and felt that the new team started the season quite well.

But now things have fallen flat and Arsenal have only two unimpressive wins out of their last seven games, and Winterburn thinks that if Arsenal don’t beat Tottenham this weekend they are definitely in a crisis position, if they aren’t already in one!

He said: “I thought this season that Arsenal would be stronger than last season, even though they lost Robin Van Persie. I liked the togetherness of the squad.

Liverpool deny transfer rumours about Walcott from Arsenal

There have been lots of rumours and opinions flying around concerning the case of the Arsenal striker and winger, Theo Walcott. Former Arsenal player Nigel Winterburn has added to the calls to keep Walcott at the Emirates and the Liverpool manager has denied that his club are preparing to make an offer when the transfer window opens in January.

Brendan Rodgers is probably counting the days until the opportunity to add to his squad starts in January. In a disastrous summer transfer window that made the Gunners look good, Liverpool failed to add any strike power to the team while letting the striker they paid £35 million for, Andy Carroll, go on loan to a Premier league rival.

Winterburn – Wenger has never spent big and Arsenal fans hurt him

There is much talk (started by Ivan Gazidis) about Arsene Wenger being offered to extend his tenure at Arsenal yet again, and although most Arsenal fans can’t imagine life without Wenger in charge the Frenchman himself has indicated that he first wants to see if he can stay successful this season.

Realistically that usually means that he wants to guide Arsenal into a Top Four position once again this season, but the Gunners legend Nigel Winterburn thinks that Wenger is feeling hurt by some of the Arsenal fans reaction to his seven year trophy drought.

Nigel Winterburn thinks somethings not quite right at Arsenal

Arsenal legend blames the club’s contract negotiation policy by AM

Another Arsenal legend has come out and slammed the club’s transfer negotiation policy. Former Arsenal left back Nigel Winterburn, who made 440 appearances for the Gunners, has blamed the club of leaving it too late (for negotiations). The former England international has said that the club shouldn’t allow the players get into the final year of their contracts in the first place. He believes that contract extension talks should be held a lot earlier.

Winterburn – Van Persie can beat John Terry, but the Arsenal defence could lose it!

Former Gunners left-back Nigel Winterburn has shared some varied thoughts in Arsenal’s ability to defeat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Speaking to Goal.com, the ex-defender said, “Van Persie only needs half a yard to work the ball into a position where he can shoot at goal with his left foot, and I won’t be surprised if he gets the better of Terry this weekend”.

Indeed, Arsenal’s much-feared Dutchman is undoubtedly regarded as the biggest menace from the Blues’ perspective and he will certainly prove to be one of the most significant threats to their unbeaten home record this season so far. The fact that he has scored 10 goals in 13 away matches since his consecutive away goal record began last season does back this up tremendously.

Winterburn – Arsenal need to sell Fabregas to improve the team

The Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn thinks that the time is ripe for Cesc Fabregas to leave the Gunners. He believes that the team is too attacking-minded and Fabregas should be replaced with someone more defensive minded “to balance up the midfield”.

He said: “Jack Wilshere has been nothing short of sensational this season but when he plays together with Cesc Fabregas and you also have Theo Walcott and Samir Nasri in your starting eleven, you are going to struggle to win the midfield battle.”

“Something is not right. The balance of the side is just too attacking and that is because Arsenal’s midfield is technically fantastic but defensively weak.

Winterburn – Arsenal need to start the season strongly

The ex-Arsenal defender Nigel Winterburn has been looking at Arsenal’s opening fixtures next season, and thinks that the Gunners will have to have all guns blazing right from the start if they are going to challenge for the title, especially away from the emirates.

The opening match will be at Anfield, and Winterburn thinks they may be a bit of an unknown quantity with a new coach at the helm.

“Liverpool were very indifferent last season but they’ve got a new manager coming in.” said Winterburn. “It will be really difficult but you’ve got no form and no momentum going into the first game of the season so I don’t think Arsene Wenger will be that disappointed. ”