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Is Jack Wilshere really the future of England?

When Jack Wilshere burst into the Arsenal first team at the tender age of 16, he followed Theo Walcott by being hailed as the “Future of England” with his bulldog attitude and limitless confidence but, like Walcott, his development has been severely hampered by injuries.

Barca´s brain explains why Arsenal need Jack back

While Arsenal were flying along in the Premier League, and beating an unbeatable looking Bayern Munich team into the bargain, no one was too concerned about the injury situation at the club. And to be fair, there were not many Gunners out of action for us to worry about.

Arsenal transfer pursuit of Gundogan under threat from Barcelona

According to the English media, Arsenal and Manchester United have both been dealt a blow in their pursuit of Borrusia Dortmund’s Ilkay Gundogan, as Spanish giants Barcelona have entered the race to sign the midfielder, viewing him as a long-term replacement for club legend Xavi Hernandez, says the Express.

Continental B-team system to propel Arsenal above Barcelona?

There is a lot of talk and speculation flying around at the minute about how to improve the England national side, and the latest proposal could be fantastic news for Arsenal Football Club. The idea being discussed is to bring English football more into line with Europe by allowing and encouraging the bigger clubs to have a formal arrangement with lower clubs in a `feeder` capacity.

Arsenal’s new star Ozil is BETTER than MESSI

I can’t speak for the rest of the Arsenal fans, in fact I can’t really speak at all because my mouth is full of flies after walking around with my jaw hanging open since Monday night. However, I am going to go out on a limb and say that we are all excited about the prospect of Mesut Ozil playing at the Emirates.