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‘Take Ozil out of Arsenal side and add more energy’

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has been described as a luxury, and he should be replaced by somebody with more energy, according to former Liverpool star Phil Babb,

The Gunners playmaker has come under the spotlight in recent seasons, and is currently strongly under the watchful eye of news reporters due to his contract situation.

Ozil will be out of contract come the end of the term unless an extension agreement is met, and the likelihood of that happening looks extremely slim. The German international is believed to have extensive demands, and the North Londoners are seemingly unwilling to pay over the odds for his extended stay.

Babb on the other hand believes he shouldn’t be considered as a necessity to the side, and is more of a luxury than a need.

“This is my personal opinion, I think Ozil is a luxury player,” he said on Sky Sports News.

“I think in the modern-day Premier League you need work-rate, you need pace.

“Ozil plays and strolls around the pitch in his own fashion.

“Yeah, technically very, very gifted but I think you have to play at a certain intensity. So he’s a bit of a luxury player.

“Take him out of the side, put someone else in that’s got a little bit more energy.

“The proof’s in the pudding isn’t it, they’ve won more games without him in the side.”

Is Ozil too good to be benched? Will he be easily replaced should he opt to leave? Does he deserve his inflated contract which is demanded?

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20 thoughts on “‘Take Ozil out of Arsenal side and add more energy’

  1. Mobella

    This ex players can’t stop talking about arsenal and her players because it gives them cheap popularity. It makes them heard and give them audience. Nobody needs about a player who doesn’t play for his former club. Why can’t he talk about his team paid 40M for a donkey. In fact no ex players and pundits are doing that right now but always talk about us and our players .

  2. Waladi

    The problem is almost all players who criticized oezil are English players,they are not much talented or gifted players,so the one thing they know,is use energy and to defend.imagine keown will be the coach,which type of players he will sign?all defensive minded players..since oezil came,we have won 3fa cups,and finished 2nd ,the best time ever since invincibles,,we beat united,city,Chelsea,and Liverpool,with oezil on the team.

  3. Tblaze

    Ozil is mostly good when we are playing teams below the mid table but gets missing when we are playing big games or games that requires strength and not just technicalities. Please let me ask, will sanchez request for a new country since chile won’t be going for worldcup just like he requested for a new club after we missed d champions league? Sorry for the Lad, he should behave better next time

  4. arsenal4life

    Ozil is cruising toward
    retirement at a club
    where he is a big name
    on a massive salary with
    little or no pressure to win anything.
    The 4th place is a trophy club is also perfect for the likes of Ramsey
    Giroud Lacazette Xhaka Monreal Walcott Coquelin Wellbeck.
    Well paid Debuchy Wilshere Chambers intersperse log term lay offs
    with the odd cameo against Doncaster Wigan Sutton
    or a 76th minute sub in a league game already won.
    Cech Koscielny and Sanchez are the only consistently top performers.
    Watford on Saturday evening will see many of these
    superstars return to the level where they can shine.
    The 4th place title charge is back on.

    1. jon fox

      Astonishing Grimy! You actually wrote something with which I agree, for once. Ozil is a luxury player, hugely gifted but weak in body and character and therfore no good to any side with huge ambition in the Prem. Of course it could well be argued that Arsenal do NOT have huge ambition, but let that pass!

  5. Sue

    We all know he’s got it in him, we’ve seen it on many occasions. When he’s back more of it please – more goals & assists!
    I don’t know maybe he’s become complacent

  6. ozmn

    1 thing I realize in him he isn’t a gooner if arsenal isn’t a good team why u fans still stikn to this team? we love this club more than him.
    his place is on bench unless he give wat we missing now I don’t miss him walcot is better than him now

  7. ozmn

    u can’t win when u don’t defend he needs to do both jobs he is being paid. next season will not be here so I don’t care about him mach

  8. GB

    Ozil is going to World Cup.
    Likely Welbz and Jack will and defo Iwobi, Giroud & Laca.
    Alexis and Sanchez are not.
    Babb never went!

  9. Nomad

    Ozil did this to himself. He chose to go to a club with no ambition and with a clueless manager. I am getting fed up of the Arsenal fans. You lost your passion for the club. You were supposed to save the club from Wenger and Kroenke and all you do now is slating players.
    The problem is not the players. It is the manager. Give these players to a decent manager and see what happens.

    Even the admins of Just Arsenal are turning to clueless. There articles are becoming cheap below par rubbish.

  10. Break-on-through

    I agree that you’d want more from the player. We’ve seen Ozil very briefly get heated and try to make it more difficult to get away from him, so he is capable of giving more but obviously he dislikes that part of the game. It’s his mindset, not too much anyone could do about it now. He really could’ve been a once in a lifetime player, probably allot longer. That touch and control with his vision, if he could switch between gears similar to Henry and roll his sleeves up, I’d pay to watch him alone. Bergkamp is that once in many lifetimes player, or one and only as it goes.

    At the same time I think a more tactical manager could get the best out of Ozil and have a solid looking set up. Our midfield isn’t strong enough and he’s a big reason why we switched to three CBs. And when we want our CM to be tougher, then it’s said we lack creativity and Ozil suffers for it. When Walcott and Giroud play in the side with Ozil, that’s when I worry. No pressure, no chasing back and making the challenge, lethargic with little dribbling.

  11. big g

    Ozil should go, yes he has talent (undisputed) but his work rate for Arsenal is poor and so far this season we have won more games without him in the side. It doesn’t really matter who says what about who, after all if nobody said anything then we would have nothing to talk about so why slag anyone off for giving their opinion.

  12. Arsenal_Girl

    I’m not giving up on him.
    Giroud went 12 premier league matches without a single goal. I still kept faith in him
    If Ozil replicates or comes close to replicating his 19 assists/6 goals season (2014-2015), Lacazette would score 25-30 goals and we would minimum finish top 4

    Its because of Ozil and Alexis that we finished 2nd in the Premier League that season. And we didn’t win because Wenger played Walcott up front (instead of signing a top striker or playing Alexis up front) and again Giroud went 12 premier league matches without a goal.

    Surely if Ozil did it once, he can do it again

    But I completely agree that his attitude sucks. Very talented but lazy and not aggressive enough

  13. the barrel

    The truth hurts. Without energy in the team, we are bound to go further down the log table. A team with Ozil, Giroud, and Ramsey will never win Arsenal anything. Those who are good in statistics; tell me the number of games that these three started together. From those games, how many games did we win and lose?
    Look at Liverpool and Tottenham, they dont have players of Arsenal calibre. But as long as they inject energy, they will always be on top of us.

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