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The 4 Players Arsenal will sign in January?

A Busy January Transfer Window On The Cards? by AH

Rumours are nothing to go by and Arsenal are linked with what seems to be every single player in the professional game each year, however there are the rumours that stand out and seem to have some truth. These are the rumours that are both realistic targets for Arsenal and the figures such as fees and wages that those players bring with them and in my opinion there have been 4 stand out players that I could genuinely see Arsenal being interested in this January.

The players are;
Klass Jan Huntelaar, a Dutch international striker currently playing for Schalke. Arsenal have seen the best from Huntelaar this season with the 29 year old scoring 2 goals in 2 games against us, in the group stage of this year’s Champions League competition. The striker who previously played for the likes of Real Madrid and AC Milan is out of contract in the summer and he reportedly wishes to leave Schalke. He would be available for a reported £7 million.

Pepe Reina, a slightly more unrealistic target in my opinion, however I wouldn’t completely rule it out with the Arsenal management team reportedly looking to add a goalkeeper to the squad as well as Wenger’s admiration for the Spaniard. The 30 year old would be available for a reported £10 million and its understood Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers would be willing to sell if he can find a new goalkeeper himself.

Wilfried Zaha, the crystal palace youngster has been lighting up the Championship recently, gaining interest from many of the top clubs in England including Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City. However Zaha is a known Arsenal fan and so that may be something that turns him Arsenal’s way. At £12 million price tag, he would be costly and in my opinion a big risk, especially with the young players we already have, as well as the wingers we currently hold. I’m not sure on this move as £12 million is a big price to pay for a player we don’t know much about however we did the same thing with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and look how he turned out.

The last player is the return of Thierry Henry, for his 3rd spell at the club. Like last year Henry has been training with Arsenal and he seems to be still as impressive as ever despite now being 35 years old. The possible move would likely be the same as last year, a loan move until the return of the MLS season in February.

So with those players in mind, would you be happy with that as a transfer window for Arsenal? Clearly through those players we would mainly be adding to the attacking side of our game, with 3 of the 4 players playing in attacking positions however it’s important to remember that we will lose Gervinho and Chamakh to the African cup of Nations tournament and so that would leave us with 3 recognised players who could play as a striker, but only Giroud is the real recognised central striker.

Henry would only be a short term loan so it wouldn’t add any real gain apart from the time that we lose Gervinho and Chamakh, whilst Zaha would only play a small role at the club as he is likely to be a bench player. But Huntelaar would certainly push Giroud for that central role and the competition for that one place would certainly improve the pair, as well as hopefully the team overall.

Is this enough for Arsenal to compete in the Premier league, or do we need more, or different, players to make us better?

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110 thoughts on “The 4 Players Arsenal will sign in January?

  1. Jaws09

    the cheapest option for Arsenal would be to sign Yanga-M’Biwa.
    He is in the last year of his contract and play’s for a smaller team than Arsenal so we should be able to sign him.
    He is a strong centreback who can play play left back (cover for gibbs) and right back (for when we lose sagna on a free) and he can also play defensive midfield.
    So rather than wenger buying 2-3 players to cover these positions he could just sign the 1 player and cheer us all up (including the greedy board who would only have to pay 1 transfer fee and 1 set of wages).

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  2. Gunn 'em Down

    well wenger did say he would be signing 2 more players excluding henry

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  3. AOB

    You cannot trust AW whennit comes to transfers. He told us that he was still in the mkt for some top top players before the transfer window closed in August. He did not sign any one other than the 3 he had earlier sign. He is still taking about signing some top top players in January if they are available. AW cannot be trusted. The board and AW have turned AFC to a purely money machine. This is not fair on the fans. We need our club back. It is enough of all this mess @ the club. We need to spend and stop selling our top players. That is the only way we can remain competitive. AW need to buy a DM, Arteta is not quick so can break up opposition play. Jenkinson always passes the ball backwards. Send hint the reserves cos this kind of player will not make d bench for Swansea. AFC is now full of average players, Hw can you expect magic. You can only drag your luck so far not any longer

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  4. godwin obanor

    If you have been following Arsenal, you will know that the setting is wrong.
    1- there is no defensive midfielder. when Diaby was fit earlier in the season, we saw the result.
    2- Ramsey has no direction. You do not know where he is playing and Wenger has a soft soft for him.
    3- the players go forward and find it difficult to run back. just look at Barcelona, though not perfect, you see mobility in them as they crowd you once they loose the ball to you and run from one end of the filed to another.
    4-these days arsenal do not know how to open up. they crowd themselves up and leave themselves vulnerable. this is why the defense is always shaky

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  5. atid

    3 strikers and a keeper! are they really the positions that we need to strenghthen?

    we play 4231 that means we have 4 attacking players and 7 either keeping goal, defending or holding. our first choice 4 attacking players are cazorla walcott podolski and giroud who between them have netted 28 times already this season. the back up 4 are chamberlain gervinho arshavin and chamakh who between them have netted 9 goals in 20 starts.

    i personally dont see too many changes in attack, i think henry will come in to the back up 4 on a temporary basis while gervinho is away. i think rosicky will come into the back up 4 as replacement for arshavin and it appears that has already happened. which leaves chamakh and walcott, if these 2 leave in january then and only then will more attackers be sought.

    however, defensively we are in a mess. we are kidding ourselves about wilshire at the moment, he is clearly in need of being eased back in gently but as a result of the teams poor form wenger is rushing him again! the back up options for wilshire are diaby and ramsey, say no more. arteta is clearly struggling alongside jack and the back up options to arteta are coquelin and frimpong who is now on loan. right full back we have jenkinson and sagna, though for how long is anyone’s guess. at left back we have serial strainee gibbs and out of shape santos. we are so light here that we are having to use our captain out there, who is clearly also off form. centre back is also clearly a problem, where mertesacker koscielny and vermaelen are all over rated, whilst djourou squillaci and miquel are clearly no better. as for getting a new keeper, its needed, but with szcesney, mannone, fabianski, martinez, shea, charles-cook, iliev and vickers i dont see it as a priority

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  6. Unreadable Format

    Klaas is the only one we need. Zaha can be an option.
    Reina is shockingly poor goalkeeper, I don’t want him even for loan in Arsenal!!! Henry, as you said, won’t solve Arsenal problems, so not wanted too.

    If to fill 2 vacant spacies, I would love to see Mario Gotze and some goalkeeper like Hugo Lloris.
    1) Klaas
    2) Zaha
    3) Gotze
    4) someone like Hugo Lloris

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  7. paul omar

    wenger should do something to please the arsenal fans by signing the believable players

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  8. atid

    @ AOB


    do you mean the club before wenger? or during wenger? or do u mean something different? the trophy that arsenal have won the most is the league title. we naged to win it 10 times in the 108 seasons before wenger came, that is an average of one every 10-11 years. during wenger’s reign we have won it 3 times in 17 season, roughly once every 6 seasons. when you look at other trophies it gets worse un der other managers for the fa cup where of the 10 wins wenger is respoonsible for 4 of them. the only trophies where wenger hads failed is in europe and the league cup. but seeing as wew have only won the league cup twice and european honours twice they are hardly times to be screaming out for.

    we dont want our arsenal back thank you very much, what we want is a new arsenal, one that wins trophies on a tregular basis, certainly a lot morew titles that one every 9-10 years and more fa cups than one every 12-13 years.

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  9. Paul

    I believe in Arsené.

    We need 4 top players:

    1. Jovetic
    2. Hummels
    3. M’Vila
    4. Gotze

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