1 of these 4 strikers could make Arsenal complete and compete

The strikers Wenger should really be looking at. By stefanthegooner1

Dear Gooners, I would just like to reiterate that I am still buzzing over Arsenal signing Mesut Ozil. He is a world class talent that will definitely improve our squad. The thought of him linking up with Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere in midfield is just mouth watering! However, I still do believe we are one signing away from challenging for the title.

It’s quite obvious we are lacking that final punch in the striking department. Do not get me wrong, Giroud has been brilliant so far, but we can’t expect him to play every single game of the season. He is a target man striker that offers brilliant link up play but does lack certain qualities. We need another striker that can complement his abilities and offer something different such as pace, dribbling, and of course clinical finishing. There are only a few strikers out there that I believe would drastically improve the squad.

Luis Suarez: He is a brilliant striker that is proven in the Premier League. He could easily guarantee us a 25+ goal season. However, he does carry a lot of baggage and could prove to be too much of a liability. I’m not sure if he is worth the risk.

Wayne Rooney: Another striker that is proven in the Premier League that could offer a different style of play to Giroud. However, it is obvious he prefers a move to Chelsea over Arsenal. Even though he would improve our squad, I personally would not like to see Rooney at the Emirates as he is not the player he used to be.

Javier Hernandez (Chicharito): I believe he is a striker that would work well at Arsenal. He does not get much playing time due to Wayne Rooney and Robin van Payslip. However, he is still a brilliant striker on his day and I believe he really would blossom under Wenger. He offers pace, dribbling and can finish quite well.

Robert Lewandowski: My personal favourite, I believe he is the ideal striker for Arsenal. Many will say that he is definitely heading to Bayern but a lot may change in a year. Szczesny is his best friend and he is also very close with Podolski. With Cazorla & Ozil behind him he would be completely mad not to join. We can offer him his wages because we just showed we are ready to break the bank for top quality. As well he will be in the final 6 months of his contract in the January transfer window so we could get him on the cheap. Need I remind you that he also single handedly put Real Madrid to the sword in the champions league semi final, scoring 4 goals.

Despite these suggestions, I have complete faith in Wenger to bring in the reinforcements we need. Just be patient gooners, our time is coming!

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46 thoughts on “1 of these 4 strikers could make Arsenal complete and compete

  1. Gooner4Life

    If we’re buying in January, it has to be Suarez. Only world-class striker I can think of who isn’t cup tied

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    1. O2-Home kit

      If it’s Suarez we target I just hope we don’t drag it out the whole month. Make a serious offer right at the start, £50m-£55m. If Pool reject then forget them and look elsewhere.

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      1. muda

        EL-SHARAWY as he a very tricky CF, and is now playing on the left do to the present of balo. The guy is versatile, pacy, young and a great finisher

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        1. karansagar

          El Sharawy wouldn’t go anywhere.
          I agree that we should put a straight bid of 50 mil for Suarez in the 1st week of Jan. If Liverpool reject then a 40 mil bid for Rooney. If that is rejected then 30 mil for Lewandowski. And if that is rejected then 20 mil for Chicharito.
          And if all are rejected then a 20 mil bid for Luis Muriel and just wrap up the deal.

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      2. Bergkamp10

        Suarez all the way. If we want a world class striker, then he is it.

        No more messing around with money either, turn up at Liverpool with 60M and get it done.

        Not cup tied, will have served his ban, perfect.

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        1. karansagar

          NO WAY! Suarez is too controversial for being a 60 mil striker! I would say 40 at max, but given the market, 50 would be the max we should bid.

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    2. SaveArsenal

      He is a big risk who’s next suspension could see him out for a season, also remember if the big boys come calling Suarez will be on strike and off again.

      Martinez at Porto has a release clause and has all of the qualities of a killer striker, he would be my number one choice and would not be likely to spit, bite or break someone and leave the team without him for a considerable time.

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    3. Gunnersway

      Everybody seems to be a Suarez-fan, but I really don’t want to see this retard wearing an Arsenal shirt.
      You can’t buy class but you can buy idiots

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  2. napersie

    we are been linked again to a certain Romanian Cyprian Marica…yes he’s free and i wont be surprised if we sign him, we are short on that front. Scored for Romania WCQ on friday.

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    1. antonioro

      omg…not again…he is a shitty Romanian striker who cannot find any place in any team …just a mediocre player ,I ca’t believe Arsenal is linked with this cr$ap

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      1. Arsenal Fan

        Realistically I just don’t see Arsenal going out and smashing £30m+ on a striker. Just because we buy Özil everyone now expects the same value to be spent regularly.
        If we brought Saurez, I just don’t see how Arsene will keep a man in the best form of his life and a £50m talent happy; both can’t play together.
        Giroud will be the main man, Sanogo will be developed to become like the Anelkas, Henry’s of the world.
        We do need to add to this, personally I would add Chicharito. £15m signing, mobile, agile, goalscorer, young, experienced, hardworking

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  3. Henryesk

    After watching a video of all Arsenal’s goals last year I am convinced that Podoldki’s best position is on the left.. He is so affective in counter attacks as a left winger he often bursts passed the opposition RB and is able to either put in a telling low cross or get a strike on goal. In terms of our striking options I feel like we should go for a striker who’s different to Giroud as I see Sanogo as his long term like for like replacement..

    Walcott is an option to offer pace to get in behind.. Chicherito also sounds like a plausible option.. Surely he can’t be happy being such a bit part player for United. The rest are all fantastic but highly unlikely.. If I had my way.. We would put in a bid for Marco Reus next summer and deploy him in the false 9 with Theo on the right, Ozil behind him and Cazorla on the left.. The interchanging play could potentially be one of the best in Europe as the quartet could all interchange positions ‘anti-clockwise meaning Theo up top, Reus on the left, Cazorla central etc..

    Cazorla was my fav player at Villereal.. He ended up at Arsenal. Ozil was my fav at Werder Brenen, Arsenal. Reus? Dortmund? Arsenal??? I sure hope so.

    P.S. I feel a little bad for Cabaye, we really got his hopes up with that bid :( never mind lad, chin up :P

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    1. NickTheYank

      As much as we would all love Lewandowski he pretty much has a contract with Bayern already.

      Suarez would be my pick as he offers so much not only In terms of goals but he creates so many chances. Rooney wouldn’t be a terrible buy but his ego, wages, etc. aren’t worth what we’d be paying for. Plus he’s aging. And not as good as he used to be.

      Hernandez is a quality player, very likely we could persuade him to come Unless Rooney leaves for another team. He’s not a world class striker that will help build on the momentum that the Ozil signing gave us though.

      There’s also Jovetic, Kiessling, and Oscar Cardozo (age would give him a couple more years while Sanogo & others mature)

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  4. gunnergl

    Suarez would be the worst for us, he is a fainter, he shouldnt play football, he should be an actor. I want the best for Arsenal, he play very good but we dont only need good players, we also need good people, and Suarez is not a good person, get Lewandowski!! If you want watch his match against Perú, he ruined Perú chances of qualifying for WC just by acting.

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    1. gunnergl

      Plus, remember he stopped Ghana form scoraing against them in the WC 2010 with the hand, he is a nasty person.

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  5. FT

    For me it’s Reus 100%
    What a great player , I have some German friends and they would hate to see him leaving Germany

    Suarez is brilliant but there’s a fine line between being a genius and in his case a nutter, could we really trust him on the big occasion not to bite or kill someone?

    Rooney , trust me if Utd let him go then its for a reason, he’s fallen our of love with the game, at best we’d get a season of him trying to prove Utd wrong.

    Lewandowski well ok I’d take him too

    Hernandez is good but let’s not get carried away

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  6. ArashBehnia

    I personally don’t want Saurez, If he is willing to leave Liverpool, who says he won’t leave for Madrid after 1 season? Madrid are bound to come after him. I want Reus, not only does he admire Arsenal, he and Ozil are a super duo, He is fast, great shot and has Messi like Dribbling.

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  7. Greg

    I do believe honestly lewandowski could be the missing piece to the puzzle, to make us the complete team to challenge for the title! Coyg!

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    1. jibber

      I think we should forget about Lewandowski altogether.
      Bayern wanted him this summer, he made a statement to claim he’ll stay this season but he wanted to leave. He also did say he’s happy to receive interest from Bayern, but Klopp was screaming to keep him.

      In terms of style, he’s pretty much the same as Giroud and possibly better. But lets not get our hopes up for someone that is highly unlikely to join.

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  8. NK

    I hold my nose every time Chicharito’s name is mentioned. Ever since he had those concussions a couple of years ago, he’s really been nothing special. His slow descent into mediocrity is the reason Mexico is struggling in the outrageously weak Concacaf region WC qualifiers. He was great in the 2010-11 EPL season. Afterwards, not so much.

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  9. Aussie Jack

    Not sure I`m keen on either Suarez or Rooney coming to Arsenal, WHY? I simply don`t trust them, that`s all. Hernandez I must confess I know little about so my target would Lewandowski. Wenger has tried for him before but we must remember that come January most will be cup tied, with the exception of Suarez of course but Rodgers would be crazy to let him go to Arsenal.

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  10. harvy

    Rooney- definately hope not- is way past his best and doesnt havr the enthusiasm anymore.

    Hernandez- you mudt be having a larf

    Suarez- good player but thats as far as it goes. Not worth the hassle.

    Lewandowski- stupid suggestion as hes going to Bayern. Would br s good addition at Arsenal tho.

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  11. PeteH

    All targets are unattainable! Liverpool and MU would not sell to a rival. Those days of selling players to a rival so they can win the title is over!! “Van Persie effect”, please google it and do the research! Lewandowski has made it clear that he wanted to join Bayern! Btw, Surez is involved in yet another controversy… not sure we want this kind of guy (brilliant a footballer he is thought)…

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  12. Solwills

    In terms of getting a quality striker that offers something different in attack, Chicharito is out of the equation as he too like Giroud though good finishers, depend on ‘kiss the net passes’, both have no dribbling skills and can’t create something out of nothing. My pick of the 4 has to be:

    Lewwandoski as he possesses all the qualities in a striker, Arsenal No: 1 might have an influence judging by the ‘bf’s’ info you gave us, convincing though wouldn’t be as hard as before with our present mid-feild.

    Suares: could change though under a coach like AW at least while playing for us.

    Rooney: if he chooses Arsenal would be a good addition

    If I have to add any: Reus and Draxler can both take on defenders give assits and score goals, with the former better at finishing off chances. Henry before Arsenal was never a top 9.

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  13. ryzahlic

    how about Messi then ?
    I’m being serious, if Wenger’s so good persuading Ozil with his talk, why don’t try it on Messi?
    since our piggy-bank is breakable now, why don’t try something crazy ? I bet Messi is bored with the same level difficulty in Farcelona, we can offer him higher bar in difficulty …
    no there’s no “LOL” in this comment

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    1. xan

      I’m sorry mate. I love the Arsenal as much as anyone…but that was hilarious

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  14. ethangooner

    We are really light upfront, not convinced with Sanogo at all, he is a league cup player at best. Playing Podolski or Walcott upfront and we just compete for top 4 again, add a top striker in Jan and we can be title contender.
    I do not agree that Javier Hernandez can help us much. He does not fit in our lone striker system. He does not have the physique or technique to hold up or link up play, cannot dribble and pace is just average. He is the fox in the box type of striker, great positioning around the box and clinical finishing. He is best coming off the bench in games where we dominate but cannot finish the game off and can afford to bring in 2nd striker, his poacher instinct would help us here. Starting him up front against big teams would be a disaster.
    My vote goes for Suarez, despite all his antics and controversial, he has the quality that our team currently lack. After the departure of Arshavin and Gervinho, we clearly lack a natural dribbler in the team, one who can beat defenders and cause havoc in opponent defence, pull defenders and give space to others.
    Lewandowski and Rooney are a sure upgrade on what we are having (Giroud) but I do not see them adding a new dimension into our game.

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  15. zifagunner

    why don’t we go for Cristian Benteke…young,strong,has skill,proven in BPL,and …..he is a gunner’s….I believe he’ll be our next legend…how about that??

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  16. henry12

    Out of these choices I would say lewandowski

    suarez is to risky/liverpool wont sell

    rooney wont leave and man u wont sell

    hernandez is nombetter than giroud

    lewandowski looks bayern bound but no harm in trying

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  17. Simon_MrMac

    Its a no-brainer- if its possible in any way get Saurez…

    Saurez makes goals from nothing, he’s a defenders nightmare, he’s a better passer than people give him credit for (he just doesn’t have anyone to pass to L’pool), him and Ozil in same team – I truely believe could be a more potent partnership than Ozil and Ronaldo-

    If we got Saurez- Id run to the bookies, and a put a thousand £ on Arsenal winning league!

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    1. xan

      I absolutely agree. Of the choices thats given in the article, Suarez would fit the mould. And if that doesnt happen, Hernandez could be a possiblilty.
      With that said, here’s hoping to Giroud continuing his progress.
      Oh and whats this i hear about some free agent Striker linked with Arsenal? Not completely sure..

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      1. aruration

        It’s about Marica which was released from Shalke. If we do sign him we can kiss goodbye our hopes of signing a word class striker in the January transfer window! :/

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  18. jaws09

    If we are going to buy a striker this year (january transfer window) then my 3 choices in order are……

    1- Suarez

    All 3 would be good additions and are proven premier league strikers. They can also all play in the champions league.

    IF we wait till the summer we should go all out to sign Lewandowski! He will be free by then so we can afford to out pay anyone else in wages due to the money we save on the transfer fee.

    Even if we have to pay 200k a week we should go for it

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  19. inzwelly

    if it was my choice i was going to brazil pick a striker striking for Sao Paulo. Cheap, dribles, creates opportunities, & nt cup tied. Definatly we will surprise every1. We dnt need an expensive striker not even surez coz we have the best midfield in the EPL one that creates that even Kolo Toure can be a successful striker

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    1. frank

      I agree. I like Benteke but South America have the best strikers in the world. Obviously Messi, Suarez, Neymer, Martinez, the list goes on but we should defiantly be looking over there. I rate Fred or Pato for a couple of experienced players that would add something different and probably wouldn’t cost a bomb.

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  20. grimey

    We need a speedy, technical poacher, like Suarez or Hernandez. Someone to compliment giroud and add a different dimension to our game. Imagine a front 4 of Ozil,santi,Walcott,Suarez. Omg!!!

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  21. JustJoy

    Suarez- Liverpool refuse selling to a rival team and Gordon Taylor Backed them.
    ROONEY-Man U. Refused to sell and he have reconciled with the coach and club, but his wage of £250k to £300k?.
    HERNANDES-Maybe, but, selling to a title contender counts, or a mutual One stupid RVP Deal counts.
    L’DOWSKI-going to Beryern or we Hijacked like Chelshit and Spuds.

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  22. Big Gun

    With the signing of Ozil, it will be far easier to sign anyone in Jan. Suarez has even more of a reason to join us now. Although I think Rooney, Lewandowski are world class, Suarez is more of the type of player we need.

    Let us just hope Wenger continues to strengthen by signing a world class player every now and again, whilst keeping our existing good players.

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  23. ergs

    Rooney ont happen in January summer move for him.
    Lebandowski is going To Bayern!!!!
    Suarez will be difficult maybe £50 million could do it by I just can’t see that happening now.
    Hernandez isn’t good enough to play up top on his own.
    Benteke is the 1 who we could realisticy get who ticks all the boxes,
    Whoever we sign must be able to play well up top on his own as Wenger loves a 5 man midfield.

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  24. arun

    what about mandzukic from Bayern? I am 99% sure lewandoski is going to bayern.. he even turned down real and united!So chances of us getting him is rare. However once he goes to Bayern, mandzukic will be unsettled and we can poach him.. just like how we poached Ozil from Real because of the Bale deal!

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  25. mehmoud

    Suarez is a good player,but he has a heavy baggage .his temperament changed all the time.he could be calm and then change suddenly and start bitting everything in his way.He ia also a trouble maker. If he was interested to move to arsenal ,he should open his big mouth and said I want to go to arsenal and a pay cut if required as FELLANI.He was using arsenal as a bait for Real Madrid.but real was not interested in him ?This is the reason WENGER should drop him and go for cherriato.he is a cool player and still young,he will learn under WENGER.why not put FOURTY million for Lewanspodski.he will fit well with Mesut and pods.

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  26. zifagunner

    we have theo,ox and poddy…
    why don’t we make giroud as a wall,and blind pass as our secret weapon ??
    IMHO :
    ozil/santi/wilshere/arteta from the midfield pass the ball to giroud..he hold the ball for a while,then backpass to our midfield..then they pass the ball to the empty area in the pinalty box with their blind pass ability….and we’ll see theo,ox,or poddy with their pacey ability recieve the ball,and than smack the ball to the nett..it’s simple..it’s rational..and it will be our super tactics…with this tactics,I’m sure we will write new history about the mighty Arsenal FC.
    How about that ?

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