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The Alexis Sanchez saga – How and when will this end?

What Is To Be The Fate Of Alexis Sanchez?

When it comes to Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez is never far from the news. The Chile international has been linked with a move away from the Emirates for quite some time now and being in the last year of his contract hasn’t helped. When deadline day loomed, Sanchez looked set for the exit with Manchester City ready to step in and meet his incredibly high wage demands. Arsenal were pursuing Monaco’s Thomas Lemar but with that move failing, Sanchez had to stay put. So what’s next for the want away star?

First if all, no matter what happens this season, the likelihood of Sanchez being an Arsenal player this time next year is extremely slim. Arsene Wenger has repeatedly said that Sanchez won’t be leaving the Emirates; but come the next transfer window they would surely cash in, even at a reduced rate, in order not to lose him for nothing in the summer? While he has been the best player at the club for a while, with the arrival of Alexandre Lacazette, you could say he’s now slightly less important.

So far this season Sanchez has played 274 minutes of league football, setting a goal up but has so far failed to score himself. There is a general feeling that his influence is waning, which is reflected in Sportingbet having Sanchez 50/1 to be the Top Goalscorer in the league, compared to Lacazette who is 13/1. Arsenal are probably preparing for life without the Chilean and rightly so. It’s also been rumoured that Sanchez, as well as fellow contract rebel Mesut Özil, have both failed to attend a pre-arranged club media day, much to the frustration of their team mates. If things like this become common place, it will see Sanchez head for the exit a lot quicker, especially if his team mates begin to become further disillusioned by his behaviour.

You could say that Sanchez’s fate rests in the hands of three people. Firstly, his own. If he wants to make life really difficult for those around him in order to force a move away, he could but it would also make things harder for himself until the move came about. Secondly, Arsene Wenger can still have a say. Nobody is forcing him to sell right now, there’s no pressure on him to do so. So, if he wants Sanchez to stay, he can make that happen. Finally, and most importantly, the board. There have been reports recently that they do actually want to win trophies and challenges; and that they’re prepared to bank roll this. If there is money to spend, as seen with the £92 million bid for Lemar, they can replace Sanchez comfortably.

Arsenal fan or not, the realization is that Sanchez will depart the Emirates either in January or the summer. For the pundits and neutrals, the hope is that he will stay in the Premier League because he’s such a great player on his day. Arsenal fans probably hope the Chilean will head abroad, but either way, he’s been a great servant to them but they will maybe be better off without him, especially with a bulging transfer kitty at Wenger’s disposal.

With his current attitude, should Arsenal just get rid now – or make him wait til next summer?

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15 thoughts on “The Alexis Sanchez saga – How and when will this end?

  1. Tony

    since RVP left we needed a good stricker. laccazate isnt alexis’ replacement. sell him n ozil for 40mil january n buy draxler or moura or mehraj.

    1. gotanidea

      If Ozil doesn’t sign, he will surely be sold, because he was purchased at a very high price. But Sanchez was purchased at a lower price, so Arsenal doesn’t really lose anything if they do not sell him in January.

      I think Ozil is fed up with the critics from the football legends and would leave soon. But Sanchez’s departure would depend on his replacement’s arrival and I hope he is Draxler.

    2. neil

      Enough already about sanchez… at least he is trying hard… but his heart is not there

      Ozil looks like he is waiting for arsenal to give him a stupid new contract… earn it !!
      Lets get some young players like Draxler who want to make a name of themselves !

    1. Redmau5

      If he become huge …still better than anyone in our team

      Best things in life are fat…
      Phat tunes…fat booty….phats and smalls….

  2. Ray

    It was great to see some big clubs blocking transfers of so-called “professional” players during the summer. Players who “down tools” to force a move for personal selfish reasons should pay the club not the other way around!

    Unfortunately, we have so many of these footballers in the EPL who came for the money and fame and then realised they can get more in other leagues (China for example).

    Then there are those who want the prize too. The recognition of having done (and won) something special. Alexis is a grafter and he loves what he does. He wants to win. Personally, I think he has less motivation for more money and he has only asked for more from Arsenal because he knows he won’t get what Man City can offer. Thus, forcing a move to a club who are massively tuned and focused in winning at all costs.

    Love him or hate him (rightly or wrongly), he has passion for winning and success and will do all he can to be “top of the game”! He’s ambitious!!

    I love Arsenal and I admire Alexis. I personally think I would feel the same if I was told I was joining a team that would be built for success only to throw it all away (stupidly at times) and finish outside the top 4 for the first time in 20 years.

    We should have sold him during the summer and got top money for him though because it’s totally unreasonable to ask him to stay at a club that wants to challenge for the EPL yet, made a profit during the summer transfer window!?

  3. Arsenal_Girl

    It will end up with him leaving in summer
    He has his heart set on City and Papa Pep

    I don’t see him going to PSG or Chelsea in January. It makes more sense for him to wait until summer and choose for himself. Although Alexis would make City a real contender ie Alexis, Hazard, Fabregas, Morata is a great attack. But am almost 100% sure he will go to City

    As much as I rip on Wenger, I have to take my hat off to him for not selling Alexis to our rivals without getting someone in return
    The only thing I can wish for is for Alexis to go in January and City gives us a top player in return. Again highly unlikely

    If Alexis stays I hope he plays his very best and helps us win another trophy and helps us get back in Champions League then his move to City won’t be as bitter

  4. Liam

    Embarrassing some of the comment she calling Sanchez fat because he’s leaving.Very childish indeed.Sanchez deserves to win major trophies or atleast compete for them, he’s the reason we didn’t finish outside the top ten last season and by his standards it wasnt his best season. Why would a player of his calibre stay at a club that comes out of a transfer window in profit when rivals are splashing over 200m each?

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