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The amount of Arsenal players that want to leave is staggering!

The number of players who want to leave is staggering. by Konstantin Mitov

I cannot accept this. It’s simply unbelievable how bad the situation is. We had the WHOLE summer to improve and what did we do? Change? We changed for the worse. Arsene survived nothing. He is a coward, saved by an owner who couldn’t care less.

I am outraged and I feel like we will accept Sterling plus cash for Sanchez, because we are already on a profit, but you know what our American owner likes? Bigger profits. Because all we are is an investment for him. This is shambolic. Forget the results, the fact that Ox, Alexis, Mustafi and Ozil, to some extent, want to leave is incredible!

Those are people from inside the club. It’s not me, it’s not you, it’s not the media, it’s players openly showing they want to leave this club. I’d like to see the reaction of the fans when Wenger steps into the Emirates having sold the Ox and Alexis, bringing nobody new in, after losing 4:0 to Liverpool.

If that doesn’t make the fans roast him, we might as well declare we want 10th place and we can all go home and ignore the games. What is the point of this football club somebody tell me? I am seriously starting to believe Wenger will not last past this season.

We’ll be beaten left and right, and the dressing room right now is an awful place to be and there’s no need to be there to know, because it stinks all over the world how bad the situation is at Arsenal – and worst of all the only statement I reckon we could hear from Kroenke is how he gives full support to Arsene. This is pathetic on a new level.

This goes far beyond miserable defeats and humiliations. This is a personal insult to every single Arsenal fan around the globe. This season will be a disaster, but that’s probably the best thing that can happen to us. A major earthquake that will shift the stagnation.

I really hope the fans voice their frustration because things have gotten so far out of control, this simply cannot be ignored anymore. Enough is enough. Wenger out, Kroenke out, Gazidis out, the deadwood players should also go out. We need a fresh start. Hopefully this season’s disasters will be the true catalyst for change.


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      1. JJPawn

        No. I am realistic about the competition that are on steroids (or oil money).

        We are now about 4th to 6th in purchasing power (it not easy to gauge this exactly, as other teams are also getting billionaires coming in).

        If the senior English core have found that they are no longer good enough, it is too bad. Theo, Rambo, etc. are not good enough. Things change. Wenger will sell them, but who will buy them?

        1. bran99

          Being 6th or 10th doesn’t matter, Wenger would fail to even bid for a very good player that we all fans have seen the need to buy him, at the end of the day he comes out like a king and says we weren’t in for so and so as if that will give him extra points in the football world, slowly those teams that strengthened comes back and give us what we deserve, that’s has been the norm, all under the same unchangeable lunatic..

        2. Ivan

          The problem is the idiot picking the team, the idiot deciding the tactics and the idiot who is supposed to motivate the players.
          We have not yet played any of the big moneyed three and look at our season: a dogfight with a team who will finish mid-table, a loss to a team who will finish mid-table and humiliation against a team who is good but not great.
          Wenger’s tactics of sending everybody upfield with no responsibility to track back leaves huge gaps. Anybody who has watched Arsenal live can see from the set up that he expects two defenders to cover more than half a pitch. This is why teams like Liverpool leave sit back and just counter us.
          His mad decisions on picking the team make no sense. Why does he pick people out of position? Why did he favour Welbeck (a goal every 100 miles covered) over Lacazette? Why did he pick The Ox when he knew he wanted away?
          Lastly it was obvious that the players are not being motivated to even try.
          If Wenger had any love for Arsenal he would resign. If Gadzidis and Evil Stan had any caring about Arsenal they would sack him.

    1. Luke bratzi

      Get rid of those who give back zero.Ozil Sanchez Go and bring in the youngsters who will give there all for far less money. CB

      1. JJPawn

        Which youngster are those? You want to watch them being slaughtered by every team in the EPL?

        The experienced players matter. (Read Veira’s comments.)

      2. Viera Lyn

        Although I’ve found it very cathartic to speak, vent and end occasionally rant about all things Arsenal, we need to act carefully and intelligently right now or we’re going to get played by this club even worse than at present…the pro-Wengerites and the suits, who represent a considerable proportion of the season ticket holders, don’t want to believe that there is no plan and that Wenger has mailed it in for several years now or that things are going to get much worse before they get better…why would they…many have spent a considerable sum buying some of the highest priced tickets in the World…they want to have a front row seat to see something special and to be seen doing so, which simply provides ample justification for the expense and the time invested…to many of them, Wenger is the sun in their soccer universe…his awkward disposition, misplaced arrogance and his utter lack of balls makes him a rather unusual cult figure, but the cerebral narrative seemed to embolden those who already felt pretty highly of themselves…many might not even of really liked football that much before his arrival and rarely games they weren’t attending…as such, they desperately believe that Wenger, and only Wenger, can supply them with their required fix…if he goes, they were wrong and that’s a tough pill to swallow…they would have to admit that they were duped…they will definitely resent whoever made them feel this way, but of course it will be too late by then…so when we go overboard with ridiculous comments bordering of anarchy, it scares the shit out of them and they shift their blame towards us rather than at those who really perpetrated this act of treason…we aren’t the enemy…we simply woke much earlier and the reason our comments have gotten more vile in recent years is out of utter frustration…in order for any real change to occur at this club we need to bring as many supporters as possible with us or the big money interests will fade and our ultimate objective will be lost…so it’s time to focus on the head instead of the heart for now

    2. Mudassir

      shut up, all those players want leave of curse. that doesn’t means they must accept any team, an ambitious team is the answer. the way things are going right now even Everton can attract more players than us in a near future.
      with Wenger, the future is dark.

          1. Quantic Dream

            Ok Mudassir I understand you are panicked like every Arsenal fan but lets not forget the real reason players make transfers. Football is a career like any other and most of the time financial incentive is what pulls the overwhelming majority of people. The likes of Lacazette on 200k per week and Kolasinac on 150k per week would happily join us 10 times over even in this crisis status of ours because at the end of the day there are not that many other teams that will afford the kind of money they are on at Arsenal.

            1. Ivan

              It is true that we will attract players with no ambition but like a high wage. For example Ozil.
              Once they are here for a while players with ambition like Sanchez want out as they can see that as a club we have no ambition and they want to win titles. I know we have won some cups but abroad the cups have far less status than the league title or Champions League.
              The fact the The Ox turned down £180kpw to get away from us and will likely accept close to half that from Chelsea says it all.

  1. John0711

    As usual spot on.
    All the media are saying why why why
    Something is going on in the club and I hope it’s not the destruction I fear
    Strip the club bear leave it in a bad state then sell

    1. JJPawn

      There can be destruction when there is a delusional fan base, like several people here.

      Unless Arsenal can spend 200M, there is no EPL challenge. The best players see that and they want to go away to the top three. (Sanchez, maybe Ozil too.)

      Ox (and other senior British players) are delusional too. They cannot start at the top three, but want to get a trophy from the bench!

        1. bran99

          That JJPorn knows nothing, just one AKB who changed his name to come harass fans that really care of the bad direction the club is flowing.. when you hit him with a point he just leaves to find another comment to challenge with his Wenger logic

    2. sabelo

      I think that Stan and Wenger are doing a stellar job at devaluing the club. It is now up to the sponsors to start leaving/non-renewal of contracts then they, Stan and Wenger, will be forced to find a solution that takes either or both of them away from the club.

  2. #Tiredofthis

    Fans have voiced their frustrations season after season after season and nothing has changed, we all know that the main ambition our club is to make profit for the owner as we are now a plc. It’s all good and well saying we want kroenke/gazidis/law/wenger out, but the truth is that while this club makes money there’s no chance of that happening, then we’d need to find a buyer who cares for the club enough to do right by all.

    Those who don’t hear must feel.

    1. JJPawn

      Voiced? It is a democracy? Ha! Ha!

      It is economics my friend. No top three for Arsenal until there is a humongous transfer kitty, to then keep Sanchez and get three other world class players.

      Wenger tried, but it did not work, as the bigger clubs got the best players quickly. Now the money being asked is crazy, and of course the dressing room is down…

      1. Ivan

        I would agree no top three for us with your man in charge. Infact we are fighting Everton for sixth and unless we sack The Specialist not even that.

      2. lugdush

        the problem is for ur idol it never works. He is not a victim, he is the aggressor…he should go years ago but he wants money, he runs down his last contract and ten he should go because it is obiuos for all the world that he is not the man who can take us to the top again…he summons his “love to the club” to back his decision. But the real one is his love to the money, his stubbornes, his ego and his fears to retire because no other club would like him.. he is selfish and shows hes true face last year, when he was pushed to quit. he started to talk about hes previous goals,the “sacrifices” he took to stay here (to me all clevers decision from him, the easyers ones, the cowards ones) and he said everything arsenal is, is because of him. Arrogant morron. he has no hearth and he has spread that to all arsnal players who plays without hearth, without responsability and without love to the plage. That and the mediocrity is all his legacy. Alexis can turn to thta and thats why he wants to leave (not the same for the ox and ozil, both freezing cowards).

        it makes me sick in what has done wenger with my beloved club. Makes me sick in what it is turn, its players, the board, the way they play, the way they react to a lost, the way they act in the transfer period.

        I hate wenger, he is not a victim, or maybe yes, but only of his own stubborness, his arrogance and selfish

  3. JJPawn

    Who wants to sign the want away English princes? Come on, now, who?

    The surplus foreign player are being sold. That is the change Wenger has been looking at. However, if you announce a fire sale, you get no money back. That is why he has tried to sell them quietly.

  4. kev

    JUST IN:Raheem Sterling is interested in the £45 move Man City are offering on the table for Sanchez.The offer is £45+Sterling and he wants the move though it’s a swap which players like him will usually hate.
    REVEALED:It’s been revealed that Antonio Conte personally forced Chelsea into bidding £40 for Oxlade Chamberlain because he felt the player can add the winning mentality Chelsea need and that he can help him nurture and maximize his talents.

    1. kev

      I’ve slso had it confirmed that contrary to media reports Evans prefers Arsenal over City and Van Dijk doesn’t want any move at all unless it’s from Liverpool.Arsenal were told Aguero is not transferrable and are yet to give a definite answer to accept or reject City’s £45 + Sterling offer.

  5. Raoh

    That’s what you call bad management from top to bottom. When you get to a point when a player that in 6 seasons missed a 154 games which is the equivalent of 4 full EPL seasons doesn’t want to extend you have a problem.
    That same player has never scored more than 2 goals in a single EPL seasons and not reached double figure in both assists and goals yet turns down a contract of 180K/wk that overpays him by a mile turns us down.
    He does it for a team that likely won’t pay him as much and won’t even play him in his preferred role. All of that because he seeks ambition, he seeks a platform with a club that is about being succesfull and challenging for major honours. He seeks change and he isn’t the only one.
    Others might and will follow…How can you come out and say that this situation is ideal Wenger? Is it to vindicate the situation as a false truth?…You are losing the plot and our best players along the way…you are making Van Persie look like a visionary!!!

    1. JJPawn

      Ha Ha!

      Anyone with this set of ideas is not looking at the money in this game,

      There are three legit clubs, maybe four, that can can win the EPL.

      Arsenal is not one of them. Get Wenger 200M and see what happens.

      1. ArseOverTit


        He will waste it on mostly average players (if he doesn’t make excuses why they are not available) and play them out of position, whilst not changing his strategy even though different opposition brings different problems to solve.

        Blind following the blind

        1. JJPawn

          Sanchez is average? Lacazette? Ozil?

          You are such a loser. Terribly sill “fan”. Blind to what Wenger has tried to do to compete with the top without the 200M+ they have spent.

          1. ArseOverTit

            No, Wenger is a looser. And yes Ozil is average 99% of the time. Sanchez wants out as he knows Wenger and the owner breed mediocrity .

            Enjoy the slide you helped create

  6. JJPawn

    What trophies are you taking about?

    CL: now there are three British teams that can go all the way.
    PL: the same three will win it.
    FACup: Arsenal can compete, and has won despite the odds.

    Arsenal has done well under the circumstances.

    1. JJPawn

      Ha! Ha!

      Point all the thumbs down you want. That is what we have with the money we have.
      If you want better results, try organizing a fan buy out of the club, and arrange a 300M kitty. (Send me a line, I can afford to buy some shares, but a lot of you have more money, just ante up.)

    2. Dennis

      I though the akb species are extinct but how wrong I was. No wonder wenger continues to be our coach

  7. Mertinho

    So skysports are now reporting that Sanchez will leave for city in a deal which involves Arsenal taking Raheem Sterling. The funny thing is though, apparently Arsenal will ALSO be paying an additional fee as city value him higher than Sanchez.

    This must be an early April Fool’s day joke or Wenger is actually doing everything he can to ruin this club before he leaves.

    Why tell us he is staying, only to try drag more deadwood on high wages to the club…

    What they are smoking over at the Emirates…

  8. Okoro E Alaebi

    It’s so so bad that the American owner the mediocre board of directors n the senile coach care less n less about the club only about their pockets. I keep saying it n will continue saying it its not just about carrying banners Wenger out fans in England should boycott matches for more than half the season and force the owner to sell the club to a person that as the interest of the club @ heart. I do not blame players who want to leave the club, they should all go before they become dead wood like the owner, mediocre board of directors n d senile coach. Many fans all over the world have lost confidence in them but off course they do not care.

  9. tim

    Get rid of players that don’t give a sh$t about arsenal – alexis – ozil – ox – mustafi , debutcheeks, and any other twat that shows zero respect for this great club and fans. Get out of our club !!!!!!!!

  10. Vish

    Yet again it proves that nobody at Arsenal FC have any balls . Had they any balls they would have forced Wenger to step down in a dignified manner and replace him along with the ENTIRE coaching staff as well as the transfer committee and medical staff . All trace of Wengers regime needs to be eradicated and replaced with competent people

    1. JJPawn

      They have balls. That is why they kept Wenger despite the fans.

      What they do not have is 200M to spend to keep up with the City, United, etc.

      When you wake up and realize this, you will happy with what Wenger has done with less. He is not perfect, but he has been good at making ends meet and keeping a good side. The problem is that other teams have more money, including Everton and Southampton.

      1. Mertinho

        Are you fuc*ing kidding???
        We are one of the most profitable clubs in the world with a fan base which is larger than many top teams worldwide. What do you mean we dont have as much money as Everton or Southampton…

      2. JJPawn

        The problem is that other teams have more money, including perhaps Everton and Southampton given what has taken place with new owners.


      3. Disgusted1

        Dude are you an idiot? Arsenal as a deeper and better team than Liverpool at the moment but we were set up wrong for liverpools pace. No where in that says we needed 200m, I don’t know about you but I am a director now if I am incompetent ( which Wenger Is) my employees will obviously do there own thing and that’s what happen.

      4. Vish

        I understand and I acknowledge how well Wenger has managed this club with the meager resources at his disposal but it does not detract from the fact that clubs with smaller budgets than ours and stricter wage bills are able to be successful. Leicester won the title with less than we have , Tottenham have a stricter wage bill and a spend far less than us yet they are PROGRESSING . Tottenham are building a world class stadium , they have some of the best English talent and a young dynamic exciting team thanks to their young manager with 21st century ideas . They have not won trophies but they aren’t the laughing stock of football world like Arsenal . When Tottenham want a player they get them even without Champions league football to lure a player.
        We are stuck with a manager that gets thrashed 4-0 6-0 10-2 and 8-2 by the big teams , he is clueless when it comes to tactics or motivating his players. He is only able to buy players when nobody else wants them , Lacazette joined Arsenal because Athletico Madrid have a transfer ban as well the massive salary we offered . Prior to that we lost out on Suarez due a 40 000 001 pound that infuriated Liverpool and dithered on the Higuain deal which saw him land up at Napoli .

        So tell me does your board have balls or are they too lazy and stupid to find a solution to the problem they created by giving Wenger so much control . Nobody but Wenger accepts responsibility at the club , he shoulders it alone whilst the players and the board line their pockets . I respect Wenger for all he has done but he cannot lead this club forward anymore . He is such an intelligent man yet I can’t believe he does not seem that his methods are not working anymore. The players are bored with the same training regime and the tactics which every team across the world has sussed out .

  11. Romeo

    I sincerely dont care if ox, sanchez and ozil leaves before Thursday. I’d only miss them cos dey made me smile sometimes but Mustafi is just what I don’t understand. That’s like the end of the world. Seriously WHY?
    we sold Gabriel £10m and Gibbs going for £7m….dats how cheap we are. Our negotiation is zero.
    Sincerely not bothered if we finish 12th…we need it to transit. That’s the only way Stan will sack Wenger when his share value plummets. The idiot also needs to go.
    I’m fed up. It hurts. It’s not a conscious decision to love arsenal. We all know we cant help it and our emotions are been raped by those in charge. It hurts seeing other teams looking so good.
    There’s only a little I can say and the rants from arsenal fans is what keeps us sane.

    1. gmv8

      Rumour has it Kroenke has put a stop on any more Arsenal funds been spent, which is why our transfer business has stopped while we sell players. He needs the Arsenal collateral to fund his American projects. Arsenal will never be contender whilst he is in charge, like all his other clubs. I’m not even bringing Wenger into this, as he is clearly happy with what Wenger is doing, with the pay rise and 2yr contract.

  12. jonfox

    Konstantin, you are now part of the huge social media army of Gooners all saying much the same thing, as I also do, which is to turn against the whole club and not spend any money, either by going to games, buying merchandise or anything at all the club make money from. The club is now the enemy of us fans and most of us now realise this truth, which is a major step forward in our supreme effort to rid the club of all those holding any power to make decisions. That means the owner, board and Wenger. We MUST REMEMBER that our club is actually US, not the present “guardians” who are actually, of course the destroyers. The club is also about it’s glorious and honourable history, about the glorious 1930’s, the valiant 10 man fight in the 1952 Cup Final, about Herbert Chapman, George Allison, Tom Whittaker, Bob Wall, Joe Mercer, Bertie Mee Frank McLintock, Bob Wilson, Charlie George, Tony Adams, Steve (the disgracefully marginalised by Wenger) Bould, Ray Parlour, Nigel Winterburn, Henry, Bergkamp, Viera and great players AND great people like those. It is also about honour and a classy way of doing things, including playing it’s heart out for the lifeblood that keeps it – and all clubs – alive; the fans, US who love and truly care, not the conmen who take money out of it and give little or nothing in return. People who were men , not mice like the present regime, have historically played their heart out for the club over the last 131 years. Our club at the moment is in the powerful grip of our enemies but take heart, because no club at professional level can ever exist long without the support of it’s fans. Even the awful parasite and corporate shyster Kroenke know that to be true. What we must do to rid our club of the cancer trying to kill it, is fight them on every level. Use modern technology, which most use superbly well, to be your weapons. Bombard the whole corporate cancerous crew with hate on line , on radio phone ins, and by emailing the club directly telling them you scorn them. The second main weapon is to starve them financially by not going to games or buying ANY CLUB MERCHANDISE. The Sky sports and BT will soon tire of showing Arsenal games with an empty stadium and/or with those who do actually go shouting obscenities and “get out of our club you Ba ****ds” and showing derogatory banners, including plane banners too. We who ARE the club, must fight body and soul to reclaim it from those who are destroying everything the club has achieved over those 131 years. To action dear fellow Gooners. Only we can save our club now. FIGHT !

  13. barryd

    sell sanchez,ox and Mustafi and bring in howedes,draxler and sanches all deals that could be done before Thursday

  14. Chekwube Kwentua

    I can’t help but agree with the poster of this beautiful analysis of the situation at Arsenal! the players are obviously tired of mediocrity and they feel they can harness their potentials better in a more ambitious club! berate them for all I care but I don’t blame these players… let them go, let players refuse to come to Arsenal and maybe, the club will just sit up! bulsh..t!

  15. COYG_CA

    God . . .
    Please get rid of Wenger . . .
    Please get rid of Gazidis . . .
    Please get rid of Kroenke . . .
    and please, please, block JJPawn & Kev from this site . . . .

    1. Rationalist

      Agreed. Kev would benefit greatly from getting off other people’s Twitter feeds for 18 hours a day and finding gainful employment.

      1. GB

        I’m hoping he comes to my local pub in London Colney and says hi I’m Kevin off just Arsenal. Last you will hear from him, trust me!

    2. Trudeau

      Unless you just want to sit around in a circle jerk with other Gooners that think like you do, you should welcome posters like JJPawn. The site would be pretty boring if everyone had the same opinion.

  16. Ian wrights bruva

    At the end of last season I thought Arsenal could mount a serious title challange if we could keep the starting 11 (mainly Sanchez and Ozil) and bring in 3-4 players to strengthen the staring 11. 3 games into the new season and the players look like they don’t know each other and find it hard to string 4 passes together. The rumours of the ox, Sanchez and mustafi looking for the exit door, a lack of signings coming in and the fact that wenger looks like he has finally lost the plot is a complete nightmare.

    My main concern is that wenger has lost the dressing room, looked what happened to Chelsea when they had enough of Maureen, great players looked crap and Chelsea feel down the league, Maureen got the sack and then Chelsea won the league as the players then kicked on.

    I never thought I would say this but wenger might need to be removed, not that I am sure that anyone at the club wants to remove the man that makes them a few quid and picks up the odd trophy (you can’t Monaco bout winning silverware).

    Can any of you still see the light at the end of the tunnel?

    1. Trudeau

      Another year outside the top four and the Board will throw Wenger on the scrap heap. They have no special loyalty to him. They liked him because he made them money. That’s all part of the backdrop to this Greek tragedy – the only one at the club that has any loyalty left is Wenger and increasingly it’s being shown that his is woefully misplaced

  17. Andrew Elder

    I don’t care who we buy or who we sell anymore, it’s pointless. While AW is still manager we are going nowhere he has not only lost the dressing room he has also lost the plot and probably his senses. He has become a dictator and no one on the board has the balls to sack him, even Thierry is now doubting his ability. His Arsenal ‘legacy’ is already shot but the penny still hasn’t dropped.

    I don’t think we should be looking for one of the top managers to take his place we need a real Arsenal legend to take over i.e. Patrick Viera. Look what Zidane has done for Real Madrid!

  18. shark

    Only the players can make him resign. Anyway, he will be hated for the rest of his life. Nobody will mention his name with pleasure.

  19. i was a gooner

    we are braced to see a panic buy of johny evans.. but he prefers city.
    we might even see danny drinkwater coming in..
    or how about sebastian squillaci ?

    1. i was a gooner

      hi people, now there is an increased chance of lemar joining liverpool.
      how about that ?
      Soundly beaten ?

  20. Vlad

    You are a disgrace, Konstantin. Not the manager. You, and the so-called fans like yourself are what’s wrong with what’s going on. You got a hard on for Wenger? Good on you. It has nothing to do with supporting the club, and I don’t see any of that from you. Ox? Sanchez? I don’t give a rat’s arse about any of those who don’t want to play for the club. They got zero respect for the Arsenal badge, and for us, true fans. We showed them nothing but loyalty and love over the years, and in return we get a spit in the face. Wenger, for all of his shortcomings, gave every bit of respect and support to those guys, and in return they go to our direct rivals in spite of everyone and everything. If Sanchez is so hungry for trophies he could’ve went to PSG or Bayern. Instead, he pretty much priced himself out of both of those moves. Ox? Don’t even get me started on that bum. 7 years with the club. More times injured than not. 9 goals in 131 appearances. He was given chance after chance, and he failed miserably. So once again, I repeat myself … WHOEVER WANTS TO LEAVE THE CLUB CAN F RIGHT OFF! Our youngsters have more hunger, desire, and ballz than more than half of our starting XI. I’d rather lose but see them given a chance than watching Sanchez sulking or even worse, smiling on the bench, while we’re getting our arses whooped. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. And to hear you complain about that is even more appalling.

  21. Nothing changed

    Konstantin, do you honestly think it makes any difference if we get cash or Sterling plus cash for Sanchez? We could get Messi and Lukaku and Courtois and Adams in his prime but as long as Wenger is in charge we will continue to fall down the mountain of honor and respect.

    There is not a player alive who can fix the problems at Arsenal or even improve Arsenal yet there are quite a few managers who deserve a shot at managing Arsenal and who could not possibly do worse than Wenger.

    Wenger is the problem, not the players. Watch Kolasonac and Laca become bang average inside one season, not unlike Mustafi who now doesn’t even make it into the team ahead of Monreal as CB.

    Wenger should be relieved of his suffering now.

  22. AB

    Wow, we have a true wenger “Pawn” here. So Mr Pawn, request you to enlighten all of us on ththe brilliant tactical moves of your master against Liverpool – dropping lacazette and kolasinac and playing Ox when he is leaving. With the 200 M you are proposing, he can buy a few more players for the bench.

  23. Ack77

    right now this is our squad for next season, less deadwood and last year contract;

    1 David Ospina 30.06.2019
    2 Petr Cech 30.06.2019
    3 Emiliano Martínez 30.06.2022
    4 Shkodran Mustafi 30.06.2021
    5 Laurent Koscielny 30.06.2020
    6 Rob Holding 30.06.2020
    7 Sead Kolasinac 30.06.2022
    8 Nacho Monreal 30.06.2019
    9 Héctor Bellerín 30.06.2023
    10 Calum Chambers 30.06.2020
    11 Granit Xhaka 30.06.2021
    12 Francis Coquelin 30.06.2021
    13 Mohamed Elneny 30.06.2020
    14 Aaron Ramsey 30.06.2019
    15 Alex Iwobi 30.06.2020
    16 Theo Walcott 30.06.2019
    17 Alexandre Lacazette 30.06.2022
    18 Olivier Giroud 30.06.2019
    19 Danny Welbeck 30.06.2019
    20 Lucas Pérez 30.06.2020

    perez, mustafi are probably out so 18 senior players
    out of 18, 7 will be in last year of contract.
    unless the board and wenger have planned a hurge purge to rebuild the squad which we doubt and remove greedy deadwoods unwilling to leave WE ARE IN A CATASTROPHIC SITUATION.

  24. John

    No desire and no passion so it no wonder more players want to leave the club for better sides,who want to play for a mediocre side

  25. Gunners

    Guys you are getting everything wrong here. All teams have a player or 2 who want to leave, that is not a disaster. My problem is how Arsenal is managing that. Surely why play AOC and Sanchez when they want to leave?
    My other problem is team selection, we may have all the players on this earth but Wenger is deluded , he will pick his favorite players!
    I complained about the line ups here for the past 3 days and I got more thumps downs than ups, meaning there are more deluded Arsenal fans than Wenger himself, in a way I think we deserve that dictator!
    As for the Liverpool game, it was clear that no player wanted to be in that team, not even one!

  26. Ronny

    I’d love wenget to get them all together and say forgetting contracts all that love arsenal and want to stay and fight over there all those who want put over there could b3 shocking.
    Also I’d say right time to point fingers who’s the instigator?
    Pretty sure that they’d all look at sanchez.
    Sanchez was the one that some may say rightly so kicked of when results weren’t good.
    It’s said the players don’t like him, this along with our position 4 is enough strategy has worn thin.
    Arsenal fan tv dude in baseball cap f’ing every other word summed it up.
    Rich club but no spending or ambition.

  27. Ayodeji

    You know there is crisis when the average/squad players desperately want out and average players from other clubs don’t want to come near Arsenal…

  28. Jay

    I am already preparing my mind for the dark days ahead with wenger still incharge regardless of what happens from now till Thursday. The movie had been played countless times already…For a player like ox to turn down 180k which he knows he doesn’t deserve but rather head to chelshit where he will be paid less and played less tells the story of where wenger has brought our beloved club too. I rest my case

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