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The arrogance of the FA over Elneny’s sending off!

Read this, it’s the official quote from the FA following the Elneny incident when Arsenal beat Southampton at the weekend:

“Mohamed Elneny will be available for Arsenal’s next three games after an Independent Regulatory Commission accepted that he was wrongly dismissed for violent conduct against Southampton on Sunday, April 8, 2018.”

How bloody dismissive is this so called apology? Why is there no accountability for wrong decisions made by referees that matches the consequences of their actions. Here’s the obvious scenario… In a close fought match a player gets sent off at a pivotal point which changes the whole balance of the game and the team who are reduced to ten men go on to lose the match. Let’s be honest that outcome could quite easily have occurred at the weekend.

The FA overturn a horrendously wrong decision with a dismissive comment that no action will be taken against the innocent player!!!

I would like to see a minimum one goal added to our goal difference as compensation for poor referring decisions resulting in an unfair dismissal. I don’t mean it added to the result of the actual game which would possibly change the result and points earned but just a generic goal added to our total as a small compensation. Let’s be honest, if that sending off had turned the game and we lost, there is no way the FA would have dismissed the ban because the implications would have been enormous. It just proves they are a completely unlegislated body that have zero accountability and clubs should be able to appeal to a third party ombudsman if such decisions have a direct result on the outcome of a game.

Neil Watson

66 thoughts on “The arrogance of the FA over Elneny’s sending off!

    1. ThirdManJW

      And Pep, Conte, Poch, Ancelotti, and so on… Just think, we still have ANOTHER season of Wenger, and there’s still no guarantee this will be his last contract.

        1. Break-on-through

          Klopp is allot like Wenger, very open and expansive, when it’s good it’s brilliant to watch but when it’s bad it’s shambolic. Something else that Klopp has in his favor is that fan base, I don’t care what anyone in here says but that crowd is f**king electric at the big games. I believe Liv’s European record is totally linked to that Celtic atmosphere.

      1. jon fox


      1. Break-on-through

        I totally agree with you. But that 20 year thing was supposed to be bad mainly because players are tired of the same old drills, hearing the same old everything for too long, but these players are fairly new enough and don’t know enough about Wenger to not feel a freshness that you’d get just as if another manager arrived. This should feel new to allot of our first team other than Ozil Ramsey Wilshere and some defenders. And Ramsey and Ozil are our best two players thus far, Mkhit and Auba since Jan are another two. If the club hadn’t of broken their promise of us signing the elite and challenging the very biggest, I wonder if maybe it could have gotten us back into the game.

    2. Mwsupporter

      Wtf, the article was about Elneny, what is the matter with you people if you want to talk about something else raise an article. Amazing just amazing, who gives a sh.t about Klopp?

        1. Break-on-through

          Allot of people would already have said what they’ve had to say on the cards. I called it a joke, and am sure most people said similar. About the FA not apologizing or the ref getting off the hook so easily, if I can live with our league position then I can live with this.

      1. Goonerboy

        This article is actually for us to comment on the Cl games am pretty sure. As Arsenal isnt there, (although we would have been out if we were)we will need an article to discuss the games on..

        Pls dont tell Admin i leaked this to you

        1. Mwsupporter

          Absolute nonsense, so this site is being abused by people to ramble on about anything they want regardless of what people put up as discussion points. Time to give up on this, as it used to be a really good discussion forum for true supporters to discuss good topics about our great club.

              1. Ozziegunner

                Glad to see Elneny get off without suspension as he appears to be a genuine person and a clean player. For the price paid, he gives 100% to Arsenal on the field.

            1. Quantic Dream

              What are you apologizing for? We are Arsenal fans and above all football fans. The day we get tired of the game we will quit Arsenal but if we get tired of Arsenal we won’t necessarily quit watching football. The champions league is the epitome of football and we will discuss it and not some useless article about a backpass superstar.

              1. jon fox

                Well said! If most of the articles were of interest to the vast majority on here and also actually said something new or gave a fresh insight or viewpoint, then it would be good to keep to the thread subject. BUT, BUT, BUT, many of these articles including this Elneny one, are written by people with nothing original or fresh to say and are just constantly rehashed from previous articles. Frankly, I am getting thoroughly bored with this site and have been for some time. I stay because SOMETIMES, though only in a minority of cases, I am interested in what they say.

  1. Ks-gunner

    Oh happy day. As a fotball fan i am loving the today’s results. Bravo Roma 👏 well done liverpool 👍

          1. RSH

            haha exactly. The draw every fan fears but is impossible to avoid. Doubt we’ll be getting any favors. Gotta beat them to win Europa. Simple as that. Not to mention a team like Leipzig or Lazio are capable of knocking us out too. We may think we’re superior because were regulars in UCL, but with this Arsenal side we can lose to anyone.

      1. Ks-gunner

        It will be a weak well done 👍 due of us competing in a secondary competition not meant for us

    1. Goonerboy

      Yea, with Barcelona out, only Madrid and Bayern can stop Liverpool and am quite sure Liverpool will get a fair draw in the next round.

      That said, i dont want Liverpool to win. Klopp never wins a final anyway, so no worries

      1. Ks-gunner

        I have no much hatred for other teams besides manure and barcelona and that a lot. And where i come from we always support teams who are second to our own so i would be glad if liverpool could win it or the likes of roma even if chances remain still slim. Good luck to them.

        1. Footballistrivial

          The only team I hate is Barcelona and Manchester United. I’m so happy uefalona is out.

          1. RSH

            was expecting a penalty the whole time once it hit 2-0. Must’ve not paid enough this time around. well done roma. Dzeko is so underrated, excellent player.

        2. Goonerboy

          What about Liverpool fans banter? Ox would win it too…

          If they win, that would make it 6 for them while we have a bog fat zero….no i dont them winning it!

          1. Ks-gunner

            Them being better then us not their fault its our own so we fans should enjoy being behind them as this is what we fans are rrly asking for.

            1. Ozziegunner

              Unfortunately the behaviour of Liverpool fans at Heisel Stadium caused English Clubs to be banned from European competitions. Arsenal therefore lost opportunities to compete when they had strong teams.

  2. Ackshay

    Hahaha barca, roma showed them how to make a real comeback without the ref gifting 2 pens like vs psg. GOD I hate that shit club.

  3. Goonerboy

    Liverpool might just get Roma in the next round to set up Salah reunion with Roma what with Uefa match fixing targeted at making more money

  4. Midkemma

    We’re Arsenal, we’re used to refs wrongfully sending off our players. How about the RvP one for kicking the ball half a second after the whistle blew but still received his 2nd yellow for it? Ox and Gibbs mix up?

    Refs are not held accountable and as such the standard fails to raise year after year.

    I would love it if AFC shown the fouls on big screen, live.

    Wenger would lose his “I didn’t see it clearly” excuse and maybe refs would be embarrassed into doing a better job?

      1. Tas

        Yea me too, I think that ref revived death threats ( it wasn’t me ) on the night I wanted to put his whistle and his cards inside my boot and shove it up where the sun don’t shine

  5. Ingleby

    On topic – there have been poor referees and poor refereeing decisions in football from the year dot. Just live with it. If the players used some commonsense and also cut out the continual cheating it would improve the game no end.

  6. John Ibrahim

    looks like liverfool will win champ league….

    sallah is their new suarez….their messi

  7. Nayr

    Cristiano ronaldo must be laughing right now.

    he will thrash the likes of liverpool and roma on his own.

    for me real madrid will retain the CL.
    ronaldo is in devastating form.likes of vandijk and manolas cant handle him.

    1. Ozziegunner

      I can’t stand Real Madrid, because they were the club built by Spanish fascist dictator Francisco Franco.

  8. FrankN

    My first thought too. Why is it arrogant? If you watch the video you can clearly see him pushing the Ston player in the face with his left hand. That’s a send-off isn’t it?

  9. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here?

    Tonight’s CL was not good for us. Two money rich powerhouses lost out and their first reaction is going to be how can we appease the fans?

    And what do they do then? They bank roll the biggest transfers of the window. I can see Elneny at City to shore up their frail backline and Iwobi at Barca to add some flair.

    How will we survive? The way we always have! But leaves a bitter taste in your mouth nonetheless!

  10. John Ibrahim

    liverfool will still win the champ league….

    their confidence and morale are very high…..

    sallah is unstoppable….

    back in 2005…they beat a milan team full of quality players such as kaka, schevchek, gattuso and etc

  11. Lexynal

    Some folks are sounding like Liverpool already won UCL. They have suddenly forgotten about Pep. But I thought they handed him the a minimum of treble at the start of the season. Thank God it isn’t AW that was managing Barca or MCity today- some fans can at least give a thought to the outage of MCity and Barca from UCL…perhaps they will tell us winning the League is already enough.

  12. .Innit

    Liverpool could win another Champions League title (during Wengers time at Arsenal)
    How many has Wenger helped us win? I lost count
    Heck I would settle for Benitez over Wenger right now. At least he helped Liverpool win CL.

    Barcelona is rubbish this season (for their standards – we are at a completely lower level of rubbish)

      1. Ozziegunner

        John, you have to admit that Benitez has done a good job at Newcastle, given the total lack of support from the owner.

    1. jon fox

      You are right. But only if you are a rival fan of Arsenal. With your profile name I would expect a comment of this type. Same name, same IQ, SAME INCOMPETANCE!

  13. FrankN

    What’s wrong with his profile name? If you’re going to put “incompetence” in capital letters you could spell it properly

  14. David Rusa

    Let me ask the excitable people on this site who are singing praise to Jurgen Klopp a very simple question. What has he won for Liverpool so far? Arsene Wenger has won Arsenal 3 EPL trophies, 7 FA cups and 6 Community shields. It is not just about emotional love and hate or merely praising individuals in the heat of the moment but being analytical and objective. What do we want to achieve, momentary excitement or real concrete results?

  15. Grandad

    In their own way the FA have effectively admonished one of their own refs.Elneny is a very decent,hard working member of our squad who should start more often than he does.I sincerely hope he starts against CSK tomorrow rather than Wilsh ere who has been very poor in his last three outings.

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