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The door is still open for Arsenal or Spurs to sign Seri for just £36m

The brilliant Nice midfielder Jean-Michael Seri has been considered to be just as good as the long term Arsenal target Thomas Lemar but with Monaco’s outrageous pricing he is available for a much cheaper price as his current release clause is set at just £36m. Tottenham have also been linked with the Ivorian international, but for Arsenal he must now be a priority target if the Lemar deal has become impossible to push through.

Seri provided 9 assists and 7 goals to propel Nice into the Top Four in Ligue 1 last season, and according to the Spanish website Mundo Deportivo he has been a top target for Barcelona, along with Ousmane Dembele and Philippe Coutinho, but now have ended their interest – as the Catalan giants are concentrating on the other two players as their priority targets.

This has left the door open for Arsenal and Tottenham to match the £36million release clause and bring the talented midfielder to the Premier League. Arsenal have been linked with Seri and Lemar for the whole of the transfer window and he would be a brilliant addition to the side, as attested by the recommendation of Xavi when Barcelona were in the race for his signature.

Come on Wenger, get the cheque book out. This looks like a great bargain to me!


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47 thoughts on “The door is still open for Arsenal or Spurs to sign Seri for just £36m

  1. Wolf

    Transfer window should shut the day the EPL kicks off. I’m tired of hearing crap about transfers we never going to make.
    Roll on 2019 when Arsenal sacks the ole fool we have as manager. Never felt this pessimistic about our team in 50 years

      1. Muff d

        Seri has chilblains he can’t play in cold weather . So he’s not coming to the UK

        The negativity around the club at the moment is nuts.
        Sanchez save us.
        At least till u leave next summer .

        1. Muff d

          After hearing that barca made a play for seri due to barca fans twitter campaign
          Arsenal fans have started campaign to tell barca about Walcott


    1. Remember Resource?

      Seri was never joining arsenal. All rumours. Arsenal have been very happy with the midfield situation at the club. He’s got ramsey, welshere,chamberlain who can play centrally, elneny,dhaka, coquelin, ozil, iwobi. Lemar our main transfer target along with lacazette. He still is from my source’s understanding but personally I think arsenal are done in the market. The saved wages from departures will be used to fund alexis if he renews and all other new contracts for raspy, chamberlain, ozil etc: It really doesn’t make a difference who we sign because the mentality and tactics won’t change. We have a better squad than tottenham and have had a better squad than the other big clubs over the last 3 seasons but we can’t compete because of management. If we had poch we would have won the league. I think that that is a fact. Arsene keeps hold of players like walcott and debuchy but sells gnabry. Arsenal are a future newcastle utd. Like newcastle fans we will also expect players like ronaldinho to choose us and arsenal to win the ucl but it won’t happen..

      1. Sal

        we have a better squad resource? we are all gunners but not clueless, out of the top five we have the weakest squad in terms of quality and hunger…..your talking about spuds let me open your eyes buddy they have a better squad and a better manager if we are truthful, other than sanchez no player from our team would be in the starting eleven and rightly so. none of our mid would be playing in any of the top 4 teams and rightly so, be honest with yourself so you dont get dissapointed later on trust me this season is gonna be longer and harder than the last with more ups and downs than a rollercoaster ride. we started strong in the transfer market but as always forgot to address the core issues that will come and hunt us a cm was needed a cm wenger, a cm gazidiz, a cm board but we are left with three starting players at the end of their contracts well done!! i would like to salute koeman and everton for their transfer dealings this window and how they integrated youth products in their team as well, got to give credit to whom credit is due.

        1. Remember Resource?

          Kosclielny, bellerin, kolasinac,alexis,chamberlain,ramsey would all walk into their starting lineup. They are all high quality players and giroud would be an able number two to kane. Hunger, tactics all come from the manager. Which is what I have been saying..It is evident. Why do barca want bellerin? why did fergie want ramsey and why did barca want ramsey? Why do chelsea want chamberlain? Why did bayern want xhaka? And why did all the top teams want kosclieny? I believe bayern wanted kos as well. Out management and tactics are to be blamed. City wanted wilshere before injury. Players ramsey would shine under a good coach and manager. Ramsey would be better than delle alli if he was under poch. Cmon… every club can tap up a tottenham player if they wanted to. Its just that none of the spurs players want to leave !

          1. Me

            I am sorry but you talk rubbish – only Sanchez would have a chance of making the starting eleven at Spurs. Koscelny is too old, Bellerin is in awful form, Ramsey is just rubbish as is Chamberlain and Kolasinac has been here five minutes.
            The simple truth is that Spurs are better than Arsenal hence why they finished 2nd and we barely scraped 5th.
            You are just another example of an Arsenal fan who kids himself into thinking we are a team on the rise – we are not, more like a terminal decline as long as the french buffoon remains in charge…

          2. Valentine

            So sorry, you give the sports tabloids too much credence. Barça wanted Ramsey? Well, Barça actually took Alex Song and even the great Fabregas. But did Song see daylight in Catalonia? Never. Fabregas soon discovered the difference between a river (where he was like a matured catfish among juveniles) and an ocean (where he was like a catfish among sharks).

            Arsenal was growing into a European football powerhouse, but Kroenke happened, and here you have it! Arsenal. Sad! ?

  2. red14

    wont sign him anyway… one medicore signing on deadline day and thats all. sad, but this is the truth.. dont get your hopes up. here he is, for a low fee, very good player, just what we need, he wants to come here, but no. what more you want? what is the excuse for not singing him? he has a release clause, so we have activated that months ago, if we wanted him. why wait? every sane man knows that as time passes, good teams will come for him… Barcelona right now.

    this season i finally realised that nothing gonna change. i always hoped for the league crown, and doesnt care about nobody, who said we wont win it. but now i know we wont, and i have lost my excitement for games. no point of them, wont win the league anyway.. i cant support for top4 and cl football because for the cl trophy we have zero chance. we are blind because we support arsenal. ManUtd went to hell, 6-7 places, but they fixing it in 2 seasons…still we build and build and build..same pattern every season. and what i hate the most, we screw up at the beginning of the season. 5-6 games, and were out from the title race. all hope lost at the beginning, and there is no excitement. all season its just boring, because you know we wont win it. i guess its better for sp*rs, they arent winnig it too, but their season is exciting, because they are in the race until 30-35 games.. let alone the Cl where were out at last 16, no matter whate side were facing. doesnt care about fa cups anymore, nor the players. can you REALLY blame them for leaving? AW says dont panic, we lost only one game. yes, but out of 2! champions are unbeaten at least 10-12 matches. you simply cannot afford to lose at this stage. let alone versus stoke city..10 years, same s..t… well, the excuses for not signing is new every year i guess..

    just care about your parents, girlfriends, hobbys, not arsenal. its better for your health i guess…

  3. waal2waal

    honestly, if barca are interested in this player the price will rocket and our interest will diminish while we pretend to laud another player from a bargain basement. sorry but we cannot compete for players when barcalona come into the equation. name me one player we’ve signed over barca?

    …an eerie silence ensues…

    1. tas

      we are the feeding club for Barca everyone knows that, nothing is happening lately because they are not interested in anyone apart from Belerin and if they really wanted him they would of got him, i think they will wait for another year or two for him to develop in to a better Player as we have seen in recent form his not ready for Barca

      1. waal2waal

        even worse…if we don’t address the need to bring quality players and trim dead wood we’ll be feeder club to the spuds and have cause to be shamed and have to peep through curtains for what could be football eternity. afc need a rapid response purchase the calibre of Gilberto

    2. Remember Resource?

      We cannot compete even when everton come into the equation lol. Remember Pickford anyone?

      1. John0711

        Why can we not compete we have more profits than Everton and bigger fan base. Higher revenue. Higher ticket prices
        So I ask again why can we not compete
        Why and not wanting to are two different things. I have become tired with your insight it’s just annoying now

        1. Remember Resource?

          In the next 3-4 years if things stay as is and board hires a garde type manager. We will be everton, because everton have strong owners now. And spurs are going places. Liverpool have always been ambitious. We will be 6th and competing for the top 4 like we are “competing” for the league today. Similar to how everton always have an outside chance of a top4 finish. Arsenal will be the next everton while everton turn into the next arsenal..

        2. Joseph Paul Saleh. Aussie Gooner from S.A

          Why can we not compete with Everton John0711,
          Because Farhad Moshiri has AMBITION, that’s why he sold his shares in AFC, him and Usmanov can’t get a seat on the board cause our Yankee Doodle owner is afraid off them so he cut and run and invested in a club he could actually invest his own money into turning into a force. THATS WHY WE CANT COMPETE

          1. John0711

            Oh i agree with that, as i said not wanting too. its nothing to do with finance other than the greedy staff and owners are happy to reap the benifits, and wenger is in that equation 8 m a year for nothing

  4. AngryGunner

    Do you really think that these baboons at Arsenal will buy another player ?!
    No , that unrecyclable trash named Kroenke only cares about money , this scenario is probably going to happen : Arsenal will sell Ox for 35 mil , Sanchez for 60 mil , shkordan for 20 mil , perez for 14 mil and then Wenger will say our squad is now good enough.
    Then we will lose 4-0 to liverpool and then it is fans turn to show who owns the club , we will boycott all the matches and will not buy another ticket until we see real changes to happen at Arsenal.

      1. John0711

        Have some balls man the emerates had a lot of empty seats towards the end of last season I predict the same this year. Stop excusing yourself for paying into the scam by saying someone else’s will buy tickets

        1. Tas

          Yes there were few empty seats but they weren’t allocated for non supporters but the likes of AMEX and other ticket agents are begging for more seats at the Emirates, in fact there are holiday companies who are seling visit to London with tickets to see EPL Arsenal

          1. Finding Dory

            Tas is right. I live in the states and can tell you that I’ve been looking into a PL trip to the U.K. And do you know what the top destination for the PL tour is? That’s right. A tie between Man U and Arsenal. Complete package 5 days, airfare, hotel, tickets to game, tour of Emirates Stadium etc. $2500 US.

    1. John0711

      Why would anyone thumb you down unless you are a uneducated fool who is used to just emptying your pocket when u get home

  5. Ifeanyi

    The Transfer window closed for Arsenal the day they signed Lacazette. Arsenal Board is now busy with sales. They can’t be disturbed with trivial matters like strengthening the team. Wenger has made it clear several times that he is shifting attention to selling. I promise you, no player is coming in again this window.

  6. mark

    Rumours will abound, but no more players will be coming in. He’s dropped the biggest of hints already saying good ones are overpriced.

    So all this speculation is sadly, utterly pointless.

  7. Simon

    If those bids for Lemar were genuine – then surely we’ll at least find another similar player to bid on-

    Or is that just wishful thinking ?

  8. Sarmmie

    If anyone thinks wenger is still going to sign someone, then we’re deceiving ourselves. The man just won’t change.

  9. Leeroysgooners

    And to think we waste 8m a season on wenger and another 2.5m on that ivan loser he even got a 1m bonus last summer for what I really dont know??? we are a joke that the football world laughs at and will continue to laugh at until bigs changes are made from top to bottom

  10. Danny_bliss

    How I wish my darling Arsenal have a good owner and a manager that knows what he want and go for it just like PSG and Man city and even Utd. AW know good players but splashing the cash that is not his is a problem. I am not surprised if he don’t sign anymore playersa again but when he’s thrashed by Liverpool on Sunday he do panic buying and bring in more fringed players to the current crop we have! That is the Arsenal we have at the moment manged by AW I still repeat until he leaves and and fresh manager with fresh ideas comes we are just in a cirlcle turning round without head way. Start the league poorly then gain momentum fade again by February then start fighting for the champions league again by April or May same routine now for years yet AW won’t learn and the board are happy with it. SMH!!!

  11. damigunner

    if you think wenger is buying that seri guy you just fooling yourself… when he had the chance to get fabregas for free… did he not turn it down…. but he could go back and give us flamini who even left us on stiffer terms…. that man is suffering from what old men suffer from where they are so weak mentally and starts behaving like a kid again… I call that diminished returns…. wenger will tell you… I have Ramsey I have Wilshire I have elneny I have xhaka I have chamberlain who can also play in the middle…. utter garbage…. put all those players together and they ate not up to fabregas… and I mean it… the whole assist that have in their lifetime is not up to fabregas own alone…. the moment wenger started playing chamberlain in midfield then I knew this man has lost it…. someone whose touches are always as heavy as he is…. too bad…. certainly law of diminishing returns has caught up with wenger…. he should just leave the team for us

  12. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine

    This club has become one big lie.
    Saying it wants to compete for the EPL, and not doing anything to show that’s what they really want to do. Unfairly raising the hopes of fans and supporters.

    And Arsene can’t seem to get it right even with the squad he has.

  13. Simon

    I love Arsenal –

    But seriously we must have some of the most negative fans of any team. God I pray the players play with more belief than many of the fans seem to have

  14. Turbo

    Don’t really know enough about Seri to judge whether this would be a good move or not. I saw 20 min highlights of like 4 Nice matches last year and frankly can’t remember another about Seri other than hearing his name, so me must not have done anything particular special, horrid, or noteworthy in that small sample of games (or maybe I got distracted by Balotelli antics or something). Reports on here and elsewhere seem very mixed. If Barca were interested he must have some level of promise & potential.

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