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The fans are the only people that can truly save Arsenal now


In these days of darkness we need to unite and create the light.

The fans are the only people that can truly save Arsenal now.

The only way we can do this is by turning our amazing energy into positive energy.

Regardless of whatever has happened and what we feel about our players, our manager or the situation we need to go into these matches visualising a win in our minds and hearts.

If our energy is full of optimism, love and belief. Then this will surely rub off on to our players and our manager. The players, the manager and the fans need to come together.


Yes we should be vocal about how we feel. But during a match we need to be positive. We need to defeat the opposition with our optimism. Our positive energy will make our manager and players feel our love. This will surely have a positive impact.

We need each fan to become an Arsenel, an Arsenal Angel.

At every match each fan needs to become an Arsenel by:

Visualising us winning the match

Visualising we have the best manager in the world

Visualising we have the best team in the world

Visualising we have the best fans in the world

Chant ANYTHING that is positive towards Arsenal

To show your support and to encourage other Arsenal fans to be more positive you can wear one of our many t-shirts which you can find on our website:

Remember when visualising these thoughts, really actually feel it in your heart and have that full belief that ARSENAL IS THE GREATEST!


20 thoughts on “The fans are the only people that can truly save Arsenal now

  1. Jd

    Loads of pie that is, arsenal is slowing being made a mid table team,we can’t support the people doing this to arsenal, let’s it go down like Liverpool did and come back up again with people that are hungry to make arsenal bigger wining things and even make more money, the board , manager and the snoring kronker would sit tight rubbing their hands waiting to cash in the more if we show any support

  2. Bolly from Borehamwood

    I’m all for positive thinking but there is an awful lot of visualising being asked for there. I really do not want to be cynical but is this for real or just an advert for tee shirts?
    By the way, the web address does not work.

  3. gotanidea

    Arsenal might lose sometimes, if they keep using the new tactic in this season. I just hope you and the other fans will not condemn Arsenal if that happens, because it is necessary to do some experiments in this season. I always see people spitting negative words on this forum if Arsenal lose and only cheering if they win.

    Like what Keown said, it is not easy for the players to adjust to a three central defender tactic, because it is completely different than the 4-2-3-1. But Arsenal has to try it this season, no matter what the result would be, so they can play better next season.

    The fans should not expect the 4th position this season, because it might bring us to the same cycle next season. Sometimes a team has to go down first to achieve greatness, like what happened to Juventus, Chelsea and Manchester United.

    1. John Ibrahim

      Its definitely not easy…u have an Inexperience English, ageing French and a confuse Brazilian….

      All 3 lack proper communication and coordination

      This hasnt include the 2 cm, lb and rb supporting them

      1. gotanidea

        Yes, it will not be an easy task. But if Leicester City could do it, Arsenal should be able to do it as well. Leicester City rose from the relegation to a Premiere League champion, with very limited resources. If Arsenal is truly a great club, supported and ran by great people, they will achieve the same thing. Let us see what kind of team Arsenal really is.

  4. Lord wafflebury

    Alleluyah bro…..hope Wenger sees the light and moves towards it…maybe it’s an oncoming train !

  5. ArseOverTit

    No, through inaction there is unchallenged rule and the continuation of a status quo that keeps our club below where it should and could be. If it were not for a disinterested owner and greedy board hiring an ineffective and outdated manager we would not be having this discussion.

    If you truly love the club,Speak up and out NOW or face another contract extension and more of the sam as has been proven over the last 13 years.

    Rooftop bus protest planned for the city game!

  6. Gunner 4 Life

    I really feel sad about the way things have been turning from bad to worse.. n still U are optimistic n I appreciate it.. but.. for how long mate….? we.. as fans.. ofcourse want Our Team to win.. but 4 some reasons.. we are tired of being “almost there”.. we want to win trophies and compete for major silverware.. Today.. Our club is turned into a joke.. and no one takes Arsenal seriously now.. even smaller teams fancy their chances against Us.. and it’s about this week.. or month.. or season.. it’s continuing from past 13 years.. so.. U cannot blame the fans for not supporting.. n it’s the manager We are against.. not the Team.. We love Arsenal.. The Club.. n it’s not because We started following this Club for the Manager.. n I m not saying Wenger did nothing for the club.. He did.. n yes He was the one who made Us Dream.. but now He himself is killing that Dream.. so.. all We want z that Our Club once again rises n takes its place among the European elites.. We all want that Romantic squash buckling Arsenal to be back…. it’s only that.. we cannot see it happening under Wenger anymore…. #COYG

  7. reddb10

    The board and manager dont give a $hit that fans are fighting each other in the stadium. So why must it always be us fans who need to swallow the crap and just continue filling the stadium and buying the merchandise. It’s time for the greedy rats running the club to get off their arses and work for the sake of Arsenal. Start by getting rid of that pathetic excuse of a manager.

  8. Nebsy

    Try saying that to the owner who’s only ambition is to make as much money from this cash cow as possible. We can be as positive as we want, nothing will change. You know that Crystal Palace has the loudest and the most positive fans in PL and what is that changing? They’re having a bad season with a best squad so far.
    Fans mean nothing.

  9. Muffdiver


    This post is how I used to.sound when I took ecstasy in the 90’s

    Through love man. Unity man…visualise bro
    I’m already there lol

  10. Rkw

    LOL …. Next we will be asking hari khrishnas to be chanting away outside the emirates before kick off in the hope that this will counteract the idiots who now pass for management at AFC .. Get real .. This is football … And our problems are serious … not some kind of deepak chopra group love in session

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