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The history of football in a nutshell!

How football evolved into the global phenomenon it is today!

Football has a very rich past; even our ancestors used to play ball games! While the Greeks would indulge in something called episkyres, the Romans had their own version known as harpastum. However, all these variants were more like the present day rugby and not football (or soccer as it’s known in the US). There is a record of Chinese playing a game involving kicking of a ball towards a square goal, dating as far back as 50 A.D. Thereafter, the ball-based games developed differently in different parts of the world including North America, Persia and Japan.

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The English version

By around the middle ages, French were playing a soccer variant referred to as la soule ro choule. The game grew further in England post the 1066 A.D. Norman invasion. At present, England is considered the birthplace of modern-day football. The earlier version of the game was mostly about a bunch of players on both sides doing their best to kick the ball into the opposition’s goal. As no specific rules were laid out, these games used to end up as free-for-all violent affairs. King Edward III intervened in the year 1365 and banned the game temporarily as it was distracting the soldiers from war.

The football we know of today started with the universities and schools in England. Around early 1800s various schools in England were playing different versions of football, with each one having its own unique rules. It was only in 1845 that the first written rules of rugby as a sport were adopted. In the year 1863, representatives from various schools joined hands and collectively drafted the first-ever organised rules for the game of football/soccer. Their association got the name Football Association (FA) and the game of soccer/football was named Association football.

Further evolution

The FA took responsibility of further developing the sport. The common set of rules laid out by them led to the creation of different leagues, tournaments and international competitions. The FA Cup tournament, which started in the year 1871 was a result of all these efforts. The game grew rapidly in popularity and soon as many as 128 city and town based organizations became a part of it.

International football

Scotland and England were the first teams to compete internationally in the game of football. Their first match was played in the year 1872, and it had 4000 spectators in attendance, in Glasgow, Scotland. FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) came into being as the game’s international governing body in 1904.

About World Cup

With soccer/football successfully incorporated as an Olympic sport, FIFA went on and created a world championship tournament for the game, and the first ever World Cup was played in the year 1930 in Uruguay!


Football or soccer is without doubt the most popular sport in the world, and Arsenal are one of the top ten teams in the World. Football fanatics schedule their entire lives around the game and many even follow their favourite teams (literally) to the different parts of the world! The love that this game gets all over the world is well-deserved as not only does it have a very rich history, it brings people together like no other sport on the planet!

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