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The international break will HELP Arsenal for a change

Upcoming international break is ‘gold dust’ for Arsenal’s squad by SE

There is something about injuries and Arsenal that keeps them together, always. One season after another, Arsenal seem to lose their most important players through injuries, and long term ones at that.

But one staunch reason behind such ‘misfortune’ has to be the number of games Arsenal have played so far, in comparison to their title rivals in Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. What those injuries tell you is that Arsenal’s squad, despite being a huge one, doesn’t look sufficient for the number of games they play in a season.

Now, if Walcott, Ospina, Gibbs, Giroud and Arteta return to action, here’s how Arsenal’s 18-man team sheet could look like:

Starting XI – Szczesny, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez and Walcott.

Bench – Ospina, Monreal, Giroud, Chamberlain, Chambers, Cazorla and Sanogo.

That team sheet is chock-a-block with quality, and other enviable attributes a manager could ask for. And mind you, Podolski and Flamini don’t even have places on the bench. So the conclusion is that Arsenal have a terrific squad but, due to injuries, it doesn’t quite look like one, for now.
Coming to the international break, it is ‘gold dust’ for an Arsenal squad handicapped by injuries to the crest of the team. The reason is because the non-injured players have had a huge work load themselves, and the fortnight-long break couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Conversely, some of the injury casualties in Gibbs, Arteta and, even Walcott, could find themselves sporadically ‘match fit’ come September 13th, the day on which Arsenal take on the English champions at the Emirates.

Once the upcoming international break culminates, Arsenal will have to hit their strides, as they can’t be on a trial all season long. In addition to the aforementioned home fixture against Man City, Arsenal face a fixture pileup that sees them play 7 games during a 3-week period, which includes an away tie against Dortmund in the Champions League; with Man City, Spurs and Chelsea to take care of, in the Premier League.

International break will be of huge help for the kind of circumstances Arsenal’s squad finds itself in. However, once the fortnight-long break culminates, things don’t get any easier for the North Londoners.
Bottom Line: Embrace!

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169 thoughts on “The international break will HELP Arsenal for a change

    1. seancali

      the only thing that would help our squad at the moment are a couple of signings. what on earth is wenger doing? Bring in carvalho and Sokratis…

  1. leo

    William carvalho has turned down manure wants cl football espn believes we could get him for 22m + add ons

    free willy

    1. Jimbeam

      Yes Carvalho looks like it could be the last transfer of the window.

      Sanchez,Debuchy,Ospina,Chambers,Carvalho is probably the best window we had in a decade.

      Imagine if by some miracle we can add Falcao to that??? That would be the most successful transfer window of any team.

      City is loosing to Stoke!

    2. pranavTrue Gooner

      Also falcao withdrawn from monaco squad for todays game!! So he is moving!! But to which team??????

  2. Bigvalbowski

    As much as I loathe the Orks and there fearless
    leader Sh***cross , they are really showing some
    incredible collective spirit against Oil City and Stephen N’Zoni has bitch slapped Yaya and the two Fernandos all game

  3. rock88


  4. lambo1pwrr

    We can sugar coat out issues all we like, the fact of theater is we do need a touch of clinical quality, a commanding figure to pull the strings at the heart and another versatile defender!! I personally feel a class strong striker is needed and whilst Cavani and Falcao are that touch of magic the money completely eradicates any possibility there! We missed out on balotelli which is a shame but there has to be someone… Carvalho is a must for me, whilst khedira would be a great signing I think Carvalho is the ticket to pull the strings for Arsenal! Finally the defender situation, we need to find someone who isn’t playing the level of football the deserve to be and has everything to gain…. Also someone that is able to step up to the void! I feel Micah Richards is the man for that, can play rb and cb is strong, fast, tall, strong and finally English!! He is proven but drowned out at city by internatal names!
    That’s my opinion anyway, what do you reckon?

    1. rock88

      Carvalho is must. Arteta is weak and old, Flamini is old and average, Diaby is injury prone and
      Wilshere is small and cant defend.

      1. lambo1pwrr

        Couldn’t agree more with most of that…. However I completely disagree about jack, he has had a rough time of late! But he is strong for a little lad and breaks play up well! He isn’t shy of a tackle! You might want to refer to the other night and possibly giving away a penalty but if you look at the replays, he just lost his footing and went down! I believe jack is a contender for mid but doesn’t deter from the fact we need presence right now, there is no time to wait for jack to grow into a role there.

    2. cardo87

      I’ve always been a fan of Micah, had a lot of injury issues though. If you’re asking would I want him at Arsenal? Yes I’d have him.
      Carvalho is a no brainer really.

    1. RSH

      despise em, but happy they beat City, only because they are title contenders. Now Stoke can get relegated please…

      1. NY_Gunner

        Lmfao. Looks like Shawcross was tryin to take out Kun Aguero early on in the match. Dude is a f**kn bone crusher…

      2. RWRW

        LOL, agree with every word. Fcuk both of them quite frankly but nice one Stoke. I just hate Nasri with a passion.

  5. SirKnight

    I wonder what excuse everyone’s going to use now for the unstoppable City? Good job Stoke, what a way to rock the Etihad. This has already made my weekend and hope we now take fulls points tomorrow…

    1. RSH

      lol anyone who said they were unstoppable is foolish. Its the EPL, any team can win any day. Now lets do the job at Leicester, take nothing for granted.

  6. Jimbeam

    Agent Edward is saying that Chelsea bought Remy. BBC says that the release clause has been triggered by Chelsea.

    Look it doesnt matter what we think of Mourinho, I love the way he decisively goes into the transfer market when he needs something and gets it done.
    Got Torres off the books which was a 15M saving and then used that for somebody who actually can make a difference as 2nd or 3rd string Striker. Well done.
    Costa,Cesc,Felipe,Remy quickly and efficiently plugged the holes in his team.

    Lets go get Carvalho and Falcao anddo the same.


    And this is where AW should man up and say no to his players. The games in midweek mean shit. Arsenal pay the players who will come back with fresh knocks. Man up AW say no

  8. SirKnight

    Been hearing at lot about Sokratis, Carvalho and Cavani lately. Hope this is Wenger’s grand finale to the window…


    Falcao on loan for £20 million and about £10 million in wages for the season.. So that’s about £30 million all together on him for just one year..

    And we have desperate and gullible Arsenal fans saying please Wenger pay all it takes to get him for this season.. Are some people that slow in their heads?


  10. NY_Gunner

    It’s a huge slap in the face, coming from a team with tax-free status. They should pay his wage and charge 10m for the loan.

    1. muffdiver

      it includes the wage bro, 20 is a flat fee for everything.

      we should have got costa, i was screaming for him all last window

      1. Robin Vanpayslip

        But that would have stopped the development of Giroud and Sanogo

        *breaks down in tears*

  11. luvdaguns

    i am thinking best result would be chelsea everton tie, both represent problems, need point dropped, remember how important 2 points would have been to everton last season….

  12. john0711

    For me Carvalho and maybe Reus would be perfect then Cavalho could be 4 th choice CB and you could play any thre up front from, Walcott,Ox,Sanchz,Reus, with backup of Sonogo Podolski
    Carvalho/chambers DM
    Wiltshire/Ramsey CM
    behind the strikers

    1. luvdaguns

      he quit us over his schoolboy team, his schoolboy team the quit him, he put wenger thru hell trying to keep him, not sure i would bring him back either… you let your ex wife back in after she dumped you publically for her childhood boyfriend then she gets dumped by her childhood and wants back?

      1. gunnerman8701

        This is freaking soccer and business and not some relationship crap. It would be stupid for Man U not to sign back Ronaldo if he became available. Ex my asssss

          1. gunnerman8701

            I think we should learn to manage our emotions. Should we bring back Nasri and RVP and they won us the UCL or PL, u would probably change ur opinion about them. Like I said, it’s football and business and we should learn to cash in on opportunities.

            1. roni

              Yah, it’s only business. Then next year Ransey wants his madrid career test, Kos wants Barsa, if they fail, then always can come back, right?

  13. muffdiver

    anyone still wanna say i was wrong about diego costa. scored in every game hes played in.fab assist.

    an he was 32 mill. smh

    we need buys, mourinho has plugged last years holes up.

    a dm is not enough

    1. Trudeau

      As much as I loathe them, one has to admire the way Chelsea has gone about their transfer business this year. I still can’t believe that PSG paid 50m for Luis…

    2. Tidan2

      I apologies, Costa seems to be quite a player. They are firm favourites but we’ll see how we look after tuesday because we are better at closing out the weaker teams which is where the majority of points are.

  14. Young Gun_AFC

    Chelsea have the best medical team in the world. Costa meant to be injured for 6 weeks, yet he still scores…

    1. mohawk

      25 goals and you are thrilled with Costa for that. Giroud scores 22 and fans say he is crap. What am I missing here?

      1. gunnerman8701

        25 PL goals for a debut season and not 27 in 2 seasons. He’s already got 4 in 3. 21 to go.

  15. Hafiz Rahman

    DM is definitely not enough we need a proper left wing and 2 world class strikers to rotate….

    letting Fab go to Chelsea was definitely a big big mistake……..

    4th spot as usual if no spending is done

    1. mohawk

      I would be thrilled with a good LW player. But the real problem at LW is Wenger. He could use Campbell or Ox or even Poldi there now to good effect but he insists on playing Ozil and Cazorla together with one of them on the wing – that is the biggest LW problem.

      Even when Poldi plays the LW Wenger insists that he go central. Wenger has not set up the LW for good play since he benched Poldi 2 years ago – at that time Poldi was playing a good mix of wide play and cutting inside and he was LEADING THE LEAGUE IN ASSISTS in the process. Wenger stopped it cold. Wenger is the LW problem.

      1. rock88

        I didn’t rule out City but Chelsea are the favourites they have had a good pre season and they
        have strengthen their key position CF and CAM

        1. RSH

          lol, they had a good pre-season? So did United. And City have just as much depth, even more than Chelsea, and they basically have the same squad as last season, which means they are more accustomed to each other. City and Chelsea both favorites, too early to tell who will win because only 3 matches have been played. Lets hope we sneak in there and keep up with the pack though.

          1. rock88

            Man City and Man Utd didn’t have the best pre season. Most of their key players
            didn’t play in pre season like V.Persie, Di Maria, Rojo and Shaw, Aguerro, Kompany,
            Zabaletta, Hart and Fernandinho whereas Chelsea had Fabrega, Costa, Courtois,
            Terry, Cahil, Ivanovic and Hazard ready.

  16. mjGooner

    God… can you guys get off Chelskis nuts!!
    Its early in the season and things go up and down. Man City lost today so i guess they not in the title race right??

    And stop talking about us letting Fab go to chelski like we owned him. He plays for Chelski instead of us now so deal with it.

    1. luvdaguns

      thats my point, he is now w the enemy, and thus he is enemy, he is no different then nasri, rvp…. fabregas was my favorite, but anyone who play for that bastard, mourinho can eff off! COYG!

  17. Goontz

    Chelsea are looking strong because they had a real pre-season. All the other big teams, including us, went to have fun in the US…

      1. rock88

        Chelsea already had a better squad than us last season. With new signings Costa, Fabregas,
        Felipe and Courtois they are as strong as Man City. We still haven’t signed the players we
        needed CDM and ST. We also have only 3 CB.

        1. Robin Vanpayslip

          IMO Fan and Sagna leaving hit us bad. We needed those two players so we could add on top and not replace.

          Chelsea and Man City are at the stage where they are complete and can better themselves. We are still 3 players short of a full squad so we are way behind.

    1. BigWilli

      no. they bought the players they needed while wenger tries to show everyone how far he can go with a shitty striker and no real dm.

    1. Tidan2

      you see them strolling?? I see them having a great start (including an offside goal) and then after that it has been pretty even

  18. RWRW

    I would offer 10m for Gareth Barry tomorrow. Confident on the ball, never attempts silly forward runs, fantastic passing range, composed on the ball, strong on the ball, superb positiong off the ball

    1. HA559

      But how can that be, he cried before last season when he said his hero ‘Henry’ played for Monaco thats why he is going there. How comes he is going back to Spain after one year. It was all about the money?

  19. Runu

    Do you think Fabregas goes home after each game and scrubs himself clean and cries in the shower the same time. because he feels dirty after playing each game for Chelsea

    1. mark

      Possibly. Although he might go home, put his Arsenal kit on, and then cry somewhat nostalgically at what might have been.

      Or, he goes home and checks his bank balance before watching the Arsenal game and smiling wistfully.

  20. juhislihis

    Man United have spent now £150 millions to gain 2 points in 3 against Swansea, Sunderland and Burnley.

    Today the fielded Di Maria, Mata, Rooney and RVP and couldn’t finish the job.


    1. atid

      Just shows the prices are not everything! Spending money does not buy you trophies, it buys you top players on inflated wages. But every now and again a manager hits on a good thing. They have all done it, Paisley, shankly, ferguson, wenger (to some extent), mourinho (to some extent) but not many have ruled and not many will. With so much cash in the game, the days of ruling the roost have gone. Also the days of a player staying at 1 club are well over. There is one or two surviving like terry and???? but money talks now and if arsenal.don’t step up to that bar, we will simply because a team again like we were in most of the 70s and most of the 80s we can win a cup but not the big ones.

      1. juhislihis


        To be fair, Man United MUST pay ridiculous fees for players because

        A) Their squad is completely rotten

        B) They have no UCL nor EL

        If LVG would have the abilities of Wenger to find talent he wouldnt have to pay £16 millions for Rojo while Wenger would’ve bought ie. Koscielny for less than £10 millions.

  21. Cartman

    I can sense Wenger saying this soon

    “We don’t need a CDM or striker, having Walcott and Diaby back will be like NEW signings” lol

    1. juhislihis

      Or alternatively “we couldn’t find top top top top players” while Cavani signs for Juventus and Reus to Barcelona..

      Meanwhile Arsene reunites with Chu Young Park..

  22. haywill

    What if rvp move to chelsea and they hang out together and play together and win the fa cup and the community shield and then ozil get jealous and move to chelsea too and then arsene retire and apppoint david moyes and we become liverpool youll never win again ynwa 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  23. Invincibles49

    So Falcao tweeted about his dream transfer to RM with the words Hala Madrid which was deleted later. Ok so can everyone please stop mentioning his name now. Thank you!

  24. Ks-Gunner

    Take notice Wenger. We need to go back on playing this style of game play. No never ending passing football, but with speed and directness.

  25. juhislihis

    It’s these little things which can determine the PL title. We barely escaped with 1 point from Goodison while Chelsea has blasted 5 past them, and they scored right after Everton came close. And that’s why they are 2 points ahead of us already (bearing in mind we win tomorrow)

      1. juhislihis

        You’re right, they’ve blasted 6 past them, not 5. Never mind how they got it, 6 is 6. Or maybe own goals should only be counted as half goals and make it a beauty contest.

        1. Tidan2

          haha, let me do what you just did:

          So basically, despite an offside goal, two deflected goals, and a goal because of a sunday league mistake from an Everton player just subbed in we should praise Chelsea as if they had won 5-0, in fact, lets give them an extra three points on top of the 3 points for a win and declare them PL champions without even playing any more matches.

    1. fizz

      D plasticity of u being an arsenal fan cannot be overstretched! How can u watch 1 good chelsea game and already conclude the season! By no means man city won the league when they beat liverpool last week! Oh they got beaten by stoke today right? If wenger panicks like most arsenal fans do, we’d be in coca cola 2nd division championship league!!! Grow some balls gunners!!!

  26. vijaygunner

    i f**king hate them chelsea plastic water bottles but regardless of who we bring in before the deadline do we honestly have a chance against chelsea?!…

    1. mohawk

      How about we just watch Arsenal play and hope for the best. They don’t play the game on paper – it is played on the pitch.

  27. mohawk

    Transfer rumor media in full throttle mode now. Inventing new rumors by the hour to feed the desperate consumers who will devour anything in these last few hours.

    Literally dozens of players are coming to Arsenal if you believe their nonsense. We will know on Monday – everything else is just feed for the indiscriminate and ravenous crowd.

  28. Invincibles49

    Chelsea are busy destroying teams and mean while @ AFC we are still scrambling to even complete the squad. Would we win the PL. Honestly NO.

  29. Invincibles49

    Removed Costa(captain) from my fantasy team today on reports of his hamstring injury and got the Shrek. F*ckin f*ck!!

    1. Tidan2

      haha, i captained shreck because i figured even burnley is too shit to stop them with dimaria on the wing as well. Bloody hell 😉

  30. Cartman

    Chelsea just scored 6th goal against Everton away. We could only manage draw

    Seriously, Costa scores every game

    If we don’t sign anyone else Fabregas and Mourinho will have the last laugh

    I’m hoping Wenger watching this match and realizes the importance of a top striker and regrets not getting Fabregas

  31. Invincibles49

    So Chelsea are with an attacking approach to this season. They look determined to shed the “parking the bus” tag. They used to win against top teams anyways, is they start breaking down the lower teams too like this, then i would not be surprised if they go unbeaten in the season.

    1. th14

      I remember people on here saying we shouldn’t sign costa because hes too similar to giroud….

  32. ras911

    The team we struggled to draw against just got spanked 6-3 on their own turf! I wish i never watched that game, i’m now more worried about Chelsea than i am with Man City. Hope Wenger watched this game and realizes proper firepower upfront wins you games.

  33. mark

    It’s a long long season. Chelsea have started well, but will slip up along the way once managers start working out how to take them on.

    But yes, they are looking strong for sure.

  34. gunnerman8701

    Chelsea showed quality and looks set to win the League and maybe CL as well should they keep composure. I really hope Wenger proves me wrong. Mourinho is trying to prove a point and I really hope Wenger spoils the party.

  35. Cartman

    I actually was so naive that I thought Everton would upset Chelsea. Chelsea are not perfect defensively but they MORE than make up for it with goals.

    Chelsea = goals

    And I’m sick and nauseated to admit that

    Please Mr Wenger, get Falcao, Cavani or Reus

    1. Tidan2

      I think it’s more naive to think Mourinho has changed his ways, he will continue to park the bus as always, one high scoring match vs Everton and two matches against the weakest teams in the league does not change this.

  36. Invincibles49

    So Chelsea loaned(more like got rid off) Torres and now bringing in Remy. They are strengthening every fu*king weak link in the side and what a fabulous team they are building. I hate to say this but i am not sure which team can beat them. Wenger meanwhile even when given 100 mil apparently to spend the entire summer is still scrambling and will keep doing that till the deadline day to barely complete the squad.

  37. th14

    Theres gonna be pictures of cesc bitting his premier league medal circulating around twitter at the end of the season aren’t there.

  38. RSH

    Chelsea defense was crap today, but their striker, Costa, and holding midfielder, Matic made the huge difference… just sayin… Wenger…..

  39. Invincibles49

    For God’s sake people Falcao to RM is done. Please stop taking his name. And Reus ?? Well he looks well settled at Dortmund and Dortmund are in our CL group, so absolutely forget him. And P$G are not letting go of Cavani. Di Maria to P$G was the only hope of us getting Cavani. Remy is going to Chelsea. And on top of that Wenger has said million times that he is “satisfied” with the striking options he has. So please please stop living in a fantasy world that we are getting a CF. At the most we are gonna get is a CDM OR a CB. I will place my money on a CB. That is how Wenger operates sadly.

  40. Invincibles49

    Chelsea played an open game through out(not like them). But still they came out with 3 goal difference to their name. And it must have been a coincidence that the CDM Matic had a terrific game today. But what does a useless person like me know ?

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