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The big money says Aubemayeng is coming to Arsenal!

The latest news on the betting front is that the German bookmakers bwin have suddenly taken a rush of bests on Arsenal to beat Man City to the signing of Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who was scoring goals for fun in the Bundesliga last season.

Today we have found out that Jamie Vardy is definitely staying at Leicester, and the Man City talks for Aubameyang have stalled, so it is highly likely that the Gunners have moved on to other targets, and this man is one of the best on the market right now. Glenn Woodage, bookmaker at bwin, said: “With Vardy turning his nose up at Arsenal to remain at Leicester, the pressure is on Wenger to deliver his first world-class striker since Robin van Persie. Aubameyang’s move to City is stalling and Arsenal are good value to swoop in and snatch him from beneath Guardiola’s nose.”

This could just be a ploy for the bookies to try and take money from unsuspecting punters, but with Arsene Wenger desperate to make up for last years failures it certainly makes sense that he should go all out for a top goalscorer.

Could this be every Arsenal fan’s dream come true?


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26 thoughts on “The big money says Aubemayeng is coming to Arsenal!

    1. Jimbeam

      Auba, Higuain, Lewandowski, Greizman, are the top available Strikers in this window. And to a lesser degree Morata. I wouldnt mind any of the top four they would all be a massive upgrade to Giroud. Morata would also be an upgrade but not in the same league at the moment as the other 4.
      If we buy a top striker and a good Center Back I think we are good to go.

      1. onlyoneicefm

        Remove Griezmann from your list. He signed a new contract today to 2020 with athletico. Realistically aubemeyang makes sense. He’s a typical Wenger signing if you ask me. If there’s one thing I know Wenger for, is that he knows quality when he sees it. Not always the first to put in a bid, but he knows his players. Just listen to his analysis of Euros the players he mentions are devastatingly good! OT I would love a raid on Juventus 150million for guess who? Pogba & Dybala. We give them Ramsey in return. You may be like why? Well because Pogba does everything Ramsey does only a 10x better! He alone wins you matches! He has a good understanding with dybala already. He also knows Giroud and plays well with him. He hates Man United for selling him and not believing in him (same pull that got us welbeck) and finally Wenger has said it himself. ‘The best strikers come from South America’ he also put in a hefty sum for Suarez and look at what he’s doing now, Despite his canabalistic behaviour and temperaments. It is apparent that Wenger is aware and also has an eye for talent. So I say. Wait and see Vardy snub was a blessing in disguise!

        You should have a reputation meter for profiles. So people can know who’s comments to read here and who’s to skip. You can do it based on the amount of likes or dislikes someone gets. That’s a revolutionary idea you should consider

    2. muda

      ARSENE WENGER: Hi Auba, you are one of the best strikers in the world right now, and we have the world best goal provider in the world in Ozil, come let me make you King Henry or even more, I see that in you, you are our missing puzzle, with you in the team we will definitely win a league and Champions league double in no time.
      I will double your current salary.
      The following day Auba is a gooner.

  1. tobby1983

    Sweet dreams are only healthy if you can handle the reality as soon as you wake!
    The reality……..
    If Pep/City think the money is just a little too much, then Wenger/Our board will think the money is blue murder!
    Next dream, pls.

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      The players Valuation may not be the reason why talks have stalled with City!… Since when have City baulked at a fee?

      The real issue could be that Aubameyang wasn’t guaranteed to be first team starter, since Aguero is the main man there. ?

      1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

        Thank you for bringing that perspective into it. I always knew Auba/Aguero wouldn’t work except one plays out of position -which still remains an unattractive prospect for both players.

        I hope that is the case. I remember weeks before we put in an official bid for Vardy, it was the bookies that came out of the blue with that idea when they slashed odds on the Vardy thing.

        If the bookies believe there is a good chance we put in a serious bid for Auba, then I believe them. The only major hindrance will be Dortmund’s resolve not lose out on all of their star players in one summer window.

  2. Jansen

    It’s nice to dream. I for one would be the happiest fan I could be if this deal were to happen, partially because I don’t expect it at all.

    1. Midkemma

      Same here ^.^
      Sometimes dreams do come true though… Not like I’ve experienced much of that tho XD

    1. Jansen

      Perhaps with more than 200 million in the bank and no striker Arsenal also have more money than sense? 🙂

  3. El Blaze

    I have said it long before now, even as early as the beginning of last season that if we are serious about winning the EPL next season Abumeyang is the striker we must go for. He is available for sale and we have the money, so why are some of us saying it’s an impossible dream? It is because Man City is in the mix? When did we develop this level of inferiority complex? We should put the money on table and get our man. We the fans deserve it.

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        This is where all the big talk from the past by Gazidis, comes into play! ? ? So the answer to your question is “Now”

      2. Midkemma

        1st one that comes to mind (and from a very select list) is Pires.
        That’s going back some time tho isn’t it.

        I can’t think of a transfer since Gazidis joined us where we outbid a ‘richer’ club, we have been outbid by smaller clubs if anything :O

      3. paul35mm

        Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil were both brought in from Barcelona and Real Madrid. A number of other teams including Bayern Munich and Liverpool were interested in one or both.

        Danny Welbeck was bought from Man U.

    1. Arsenal007

      I understand what you’re saying @El Blaze.
      However, we’re not just pulling out these feelings out of thin air. Wenger and the Board have a way of dashing the hope of fans in the transfer window. If it only has to do with the fans dreaming for the best…WE HAVE.
      It’s true that we deserve it…but that doesn’t mean Wenger will do it. I really hope he does too. VERY UNLIKELY THOUGH.

    2. Midkemma

      I have thought it an impossible dream and still think it is a dream because Aub himself said he didn’t want to play for us and that he would be happy to stay where he is.

      Maybe the sales of Ikay and Hummels and the Miki troubles have convinced him that we would be better than staying there?

    3. jperiod

      Your are obviously confusing hope and dreams with reality. Just because people like yourself want this transfer to happen, doesn’t mean anything, and AW doesn’t care what you think. AW has stated at the beginning of this season that it takes three things for a transfer to happen:
      1. A club willing to sell at a price
      2. The player willing to go to the buying club
      3. A buying club willing to pay the fee the selling club wants.

      So I ask you guys really, what credible evidence ( not bookie odds) have you seen that any of the three items are true in the case of Abumeyang and Arsenal.
      I think you guys are grasping at straws. But if it makes you feel like you are accomplishing something, go for it.

  4. Fatboy Gooney

    I for one, am pretty excited about this news,
    Even though the 45° temperature here, could be the reason for my delusional state, yet, I still believe that there has to be some kind of leaked information to spark off this kind of betting frenzy.
    What hooks me more is that the bookies are based in Germany, Which obviously is where Aubameyang is plying his trade. Which for me, means that the leaked news has come from there, rather than anywhere else.
    Of course, this isn’t a guarantee that we will sign the player, but it definitely means that Arsenal fc have stepped into the equation…. The rest depends on Wenger ?
    I’m sure that he will find a way to cover that £65 million valuation.

  5. Midkemma

    What have I been smoking?
    Am I dreaming or… I read the odds are down to 4 to 1 odds…

    If there is a way to tell the world that we are going for titles it would be to sign this guy.

    It has gotta be too good to be true right?

  6. Wilshegz

    If we get Aubameyang and sign No1 else.. we would have had a perfect transfer window.

  7. zen2oh

    Arsenal can convince Aubameyang with a 200k weekly wages and offer Walcott plus a sum of £48 millon to get him Dortmund might be willing to accept because they will fancy walcott as per they play similar role and walcott will sign in Germany because there are 18 teams unlike 20 EPL teams and also he will get winter breaks for the 1st time in his life in Bundesliga and Dortmund could offer him up to 100k weekly wages and Arsenal could add 20k weekly for him,Dortmund also play in the champions league next season.

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