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The next two months are crucial for Arsenal…..

Arsene Wenger’s decision to stay at Arsenal and sign a new two-year deal brings to the end a season-long saga over whether he would still be at the club next year.

It is open to debate whether the news was universally welcomed as it is obvious that there is a large section of the Gunners’ faithful that want a change in the dug-out.

But they have the Frenchman for at least another two seasons and will have to get behind him and the players to close the sizeable gap to the leaders.

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Wenger now knows that, after last season’s unrest, he cannot rest on his laurels and, without Champions League football, it will be tough to lure the really big names to the Emirates over the summer.

There is no doubt that he needs to recruit but just bringing in a host of new faces to bolster the squad is not the Wenger way.

The veteran tactician has always stressed that he will only sign players who improve his squad but how is he going to attract anyone of the class of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil?

Both players’ futures are up in the air and the club must work quickly to secure them on new deals.

Getting the pair to put pen to paper on fresh terms would certainly be a boost as, on top form, they are undoubtedly the players who can make a real difference to a game.

Monaco’s Kylian Mbappé is one of the hottest properties in European football at present and Arsenal have been linked with the 18-year-old France international.

Unfortunately, so have most of the biggest clubs and, with the principality outfit in no rush to sell, it may be forlorn hope that he will ever be seen in north London.

It would be a major coup if the youngster came to the club but fans should not hold their breath on this one.

Olivier Giroud scored 12 Premier League goals last season but spent many games on the bench and it seems obvious that Arsenal need a new striker.

Whether the Frenchman stays only time will tell but he appeared frustrated with a lack of playing time and may well seek pastures new.

Gonzalo Higuain has been linked with the club many times before and he would certainly be a player that would enthuse the Gunners’ faithful, but why would the Argentina international want to leave Juventus?

Similarly, Paris saint Germain’s Edinson Cavani is always mentioned when talking about possible Arsenal signings but has recently stated that he wants to return to Napoli and is now the wrong side of 30.

Arsenal have a history of signing African players and have been mentioned as possible suitors for Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The 27-year-old Gabon international is prolific in front of goal and is not at one of the really top European clubs, while Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette is another in-demand hit-man that has been spoken about.

Talented left-back Sead Kolasinac will join from German club Schalke and it is good news that Wenger is looking to do his business early in the transfer window, but it is at the other end of the pitch that he must recruit well to get the fans back on side and quell the unrest.

He can be a frustrating manager at times, refusing to bow to fans’ and pundits’ pressure, but, with participation in the Europa League a constant reminder of last season’s woes, the next couple of months are going to be crucial to how the season plays out.

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6 thoughts on “The next two months are crucial for Arsenal…..

  1. kklin

    The arsenal manager is just too slow. I hate the cold feeling of imminent disappointment am getting.

  2. lord wafflebury

    Wenger has been told by the board to get the signings done early!
    Wenger is quoted as saying he will get top top signings !
    Wenger also quoted as saying ozil and sanchez going nowhere !
    When the summer transfer closes and none of the above has happened then he should be held to account not only by the fans but the board as well.
    We will wait and see but dont hold your breath….if managers in my businesses didnt act on board instructions or lied to clients they would soon be shown the door.
    Somebody else on here has said that chris willock has only got weeks left on his contract and that man city are waiting to pounce !
    Ffs..what is going on with our contract negotiations ?…surely proof that wenger , in trying to control everything, is actually ballsing things up big time.

    1. Janssen

      And why would Wenger be held to account now if he has never been held to account in the past?

      If you ask me it is best to accept things will not change and hope for the best. Not sure if anything else makes sense.

  3. Janssen

    I wouldn’t expect Wenger to strengthen our attack. We will lose Sanchez and whoever Wenger signs as forwarding will not be quite up to Sanchez’s level.

    Quite possibly Wenger will do the same as he did in the year he sold RVP when he first signed Giroud.

    He might sign a forward before he lets Sanchez go but he won’t add a second forward or one of equal PL quality, so net-net we will be weakened and not strengthened.

    Our improvement will have to come from other parts of the pitch.

  4. Midkemma

    According to reports from Spain, Real Madrid have only offered £75 million for MBappe and unwilling to pay more than that for him.

    I do not know if this is true, I wouldn’t be surprised if the British media was spinning it to sound more like a battle so they could sell papers but at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if the report is false… again, spin to get readers.

    However I have read UTD have bid big for him as well. Let’s hope MBappe will look at Martial and Rashford and think it is too much risk of bench time then look at Giroud who was used as a sub and think “okay, looks a good start” then he will look at Welbeck and prob think “Fcuk me, can I play as much as they will need me too…” XD

    If we are to keep Alexis then we have to sign players who will convince him that we can compete for the EPL next season as well as win the Europa League, basically better than UTD did this year. I feel hopeful as the board has told Wenger to spend, Alexis is a BIG ASSET and Silent Stan likes his share prices to increase, not decline… If Alexis wasn’t in his last 12 months then how much do you think he would be worth? £80 million? £100 million? Either way, it could be more than double than what we could get now.

    Point here is spending a bit more this year to get Ozil and Alexis to sign could be balanced by increase is asset value for those two assets. Doesn’t matter if we sell them or not, the share prices will benefit, this will be a benefit for Silent Stan. Even though we lost out on UCL, he could see his share value increase if the right players are bought in and existing players extend their deals.

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