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The one transfer Arsenal NEED to beat Barcelona

Whether Arsene Wenger feels under any more need of new signings after Arsenal were paired with the Spanish La Liga, Copa Del Rey and Champions League holders Barcelona is anybody┬┤s guess. We will have to wait for the January transfer window to open and close before we find out.

In my opinion, though, it could well make a difference to Arsenal’s transfer plans. If he was wavering on whether to make a certain transfer or not then this should encourage the Frenchman to err on the side of spending rather than trusting what we already have. I hope so at least.

And while the centre of defence is not a position that has been talked about much as one of the priorities for the transfer window, I feel that being drawn against Barcelona should change that. I know that football is a team game and that Barca are string all over, but their biggest strength is the front three.

And with Messi, Neymar and Suarez, the forward line is full of pace, trickery and technical ability rather than crosses into the box. Am I the only Arsenal fan that gets cold sweats thinking about what they will do to the ponderous Per Mertesacker? So for me we either have to sign a top class centre back next month or start to give Gabriel more game time in preparation for the UCL games. What do you lot think?

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13 thoughts on “The one transfer Arsenal NEED to beat Barcelona

  1. Greg

    No disrespect to big mert , but gabriel should start against barcelona for the 2 legs because he has the pace to cover! Coyg!

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    1. mohawk

      You are probably right. Certainly Mert’s lack of pace at least requires that he play with another CB who has pace.

      But pace is not everything. In the Norwich draw Gabriel decided that defending goal-side was just so old school. His poor positioning allowed let the attacker just easily roll around toward goal to score.

      In that case Gabriel’s pace was worthless because his positioning was all wrong and it cost Arsenal the victory.

      So it is not always an easy to decide between Mert’s experience/positioning/size vs. the energy and pace of Gabriel

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      1. Big Gun

        Good point, but I do not think Gabriel will make that mistake again in a hurry. I’d still pick his pace over Mertesacker for this game.

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    2. Luko Bratzi

      Absolutely aggree Mert has to be replaced before we can even win the Premior lg. Even Debuchy will be a great defender against Barca has played there before and did a great job and has pace.I believe we need a midfielder of class to help Ozil to be more free in attack . CB

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  2. Davros

    I don’t see Wenger spending on defense in January (if he spends anything at all). I think it will depend on who is available and our injuries

    If Rosicky and Wilshere are back I don’t see him getting anybody for CM/DM.

    If we get Welbeck back then I don’t see Wenger getting a LW or striker.

    I wish he would get top players but if you look at it logically or “Wenger logic” lol, then he would have signed players in the summer. If we get most of our players back in January, then Wenger will just follow the same thought process again that we don’t need anyone

    Very stubborn in transfers he is

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  3. optimisticgooner

    Would prefer but Gabriel in place of mert but its not that easy. Gabriel lacks experience of such competitive games and mert although lacks in speed , he excels in other aspects.
    In the past when we faced barca or Bayern we watched only in hope and no real expectations. This time however, there are players who give us a real shot at qualifying, like cech ozil Sánchez koscielny Theo monreal coq and rest too.

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  4. Demwan Jones

    Even if we sign the whole world, we have a slim chance of progressing over two legs. We should concentrate on the league and fa cup

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    1. dragunov762mm

      Arsene and all his men won’t like your idea. Don’t loose the war before it begins. Barcelona is one of two (ts he other is Muenchen) best football club on earth. But, not like Pep era, this one isn’t invincible. They might be still strong from middle to front, but they have a crack at the back. Barca is still can’t find a CB as good as Carles Puyol. If we can’t keep our ball pressure at high intensity, and make our offense highly effective, we can’t beat them

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    2. Nebs

      All we need is a home win and any result that doesn’t resemble the second leg against Bayern in the group stage and all will be fine.

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  5. Nebs

    Does anybody know Gabriel’s history against Barca during his time at Villareal?

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