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The Ox and Walcott both help England to qualify

England simply needed to beat the minnows of San Marino to ensure qualification for the Euros next summer, but they would also have been keen to make it 8 wins out of 8 in the Qualifying Group Stages ahead of Tuesday’s clash with Switzerland at Wembley on Tuesday.

Roy Hodgson gave debuts to Jamie Vardy and Jonjo Shelvey, while Walcott and Harry Kane were both on the bench. But Oxlade-Chamberlain was started on the right wing.The full starting line-up was thus:

Clyne Stones Jagielka Shaw
Milner Shelvey
Vardy Barkley Oxlade-Chamberlain

The captain Wayne Rooney was aiming to equal the record 49 goals for England and duly obliged with a penalty after ten minutes, although it should never have been awarded in the first place!

The San Marino defender Brolli denied Rooneys 50th goal by putting the ball in his own net, and England went into the break with a 2-0 lead.

It only took two minutes after the restart before Barkley finally got a valid England goal, thanks to a storming run down the wing from Oxlade-Chamberlain. Just before the hour mark, Hodgson surprisingly took off Rooney for Kane, and Delph replaced Milner.

Ten minutes later, Walcott replaced The Ox, who had an excellent game by the way, but Theo immediately madean impact by scoring with his first touch of the game to make it four. San Marino were now looking tired and a mere eight minutes later Kane scored an excellent goal, and nearly straight from the kick-off Walcott had an easy finish to make it six.

A brilliant performance from The Ox, and Walcott has had a confidence boosting double, but expect a sterner test from Switzerland on Tuesday….

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24 thoughts on “The Ox and Walcott both help England to qualify

  1. Raoh

    Hopefully Walcott’s form will translate at club level…Ox we all know he has a high ceiling/tremendous upside just need to be more efficient that’s all: a few assists & more goals…

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    1. Raoh

      That will also depends on how Wenger decides to set up the team, finding that balance & being more fluid on the attack!

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    2. HA559

      Keyword there you use is efficient. Most of Arsenal players are 40% efficient at the moment. That’s why we can’t win the league. Most of this comes from Manager not being tough on players making too many errors. I bet he even puts Mertesacker back in the team against Stoke ahead of Paulista whom by the way has been the best CB for us this seasons so far. If all our player were around 80% efficient then you would see us win the league. Only a handful of players give more than that in every game, you know who they are I don’t need to mention them.

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  2. Dee@ease

    England won’t make it past the quarter finals they are just not a good national team and perform poorly in major tournaments

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    1. davidnz

      The England football side
      are shite. They are
      useless and play
      awful football.
      Pure crud.

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  3. Demwan Jones

    Hopefully it will boost their confidence even though it was against the mighty san marino.

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  4. 17sanchez

    BREAKING:New Arsenal signing Own goal continued his good form after scoring on his England debut against San Marino

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  5. Koss

    Wenger should just stop experimenting things and play TW14 on the wings where he is effective and confident. we need goals & all the points.Goodnite.

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  6. Greg

    I hope wenger rejects man city’s bid for our new prolific striker “own goal”!

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    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      I hope we don’t have to go through another day of that joke……..

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  7. Greg

    Congrats to our new “golden boy” striker “own goal: for scoring on his debut 1st international cap for england! Stats : 1 shot
    Goals: 1goal

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  8. kenyanfan

    Walcott should play on the right wing for arsenal. no debate about that!!!!!!!!!he can assist and score on the right..having him on one side and Sanchez on the other plus a Giroud means we can expect goals from any of them…it also gives opponent defenders a headache on who to mark hence creating space for pop ins from even the midfielders. Wenger is an idiot..he pretends that Walcott is a striker so as he can easily accommodate his lovely boy Ramsey.

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    1. HA559

      Problem is, it makes the right side really weak with Walcott. He doesn’t defend thats why Manager will prefer Welebck, although he is out now. Even with walcott on the right he always needs overlap otherwise he can’t do anything unless you feed it to him direclty on the opposition third in which case he can do cutback passes from there.

      Better to put Coquelin as DMF nearer to right side and Ramsey on the other side so we have in midfield;
      ————-FRONT THREE———–

      This would cover for Walcotts inability to track back and defend. The left side will take care ofitself with Sanchez, Monreal and with Rasmey helping there if needed. Wenger needs to make Ramsey b2b CMF again. He is getting way to ahead of himslef thinking he is AMF.

      To be honest right now I hope Wenger gives Joel a chance somewhere upfront or on the wings. He would be better suited than Walcott mainly because he has more strength and power in shots. Look at most of Walcotts shots this season they are just finesse or small, delicate touches in front of goal no real commitment there at the moment.

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  9. Tas

    TW14 is most effective on the wing, when RVP (that sh!7) was at Arsenal they really conected well and there is no reason why it can’t happen with OG or Sanchez and even DV when he returns

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