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The Ox can haul Arsenal forward

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has not had the impact so far this season that he did in his first year at Arsenal, but the young powerhouse looked like his old self against Reading on Monday. His driving run in the first few minutes of the game set the tone for a brilliant and breathless first half performance, and if he keeps it up. he can inspire the rest of the team with his urgency and enthusiasm.

“I want to be getting more goals and more assists, so I’m always beating myself up when, like tonight, I don’t. As long as the boys are winning, that’s the main thing.

“Whenever I get the chance, I can guarantee I’m always going to give 100 percent and I’ll be looking to get on the scoresheet a bit more as well.”

The Ox is his own worst critic, and that will drive him to get better and better and hopefully rub off on his Arsenal team mates. He is really impressed with the talent of the Arsenal players, especially Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski and Jack Wilshere who were not in the Arsenal team last year, but they could all learn a bit from him as well.

“We’ve got players in the team that can produce things, Jack in midfield and Santi and Mikel, Lukas up front. Theo was a different dynamic up front today and I thought that worked really well.

“We know that if we compete, do the right things and trust our game, we’ve got enough ability in the squad to beat anyone and play free flowing football wherever we play.”

Hopefully nobody has picked up a knock and that Wenger picks the same team again against Wigan on Saturday. It was a great display against Reading but will count for little if it was a flash in the pan. With Wilshere and the Ox driving us on, we could have a bright future.

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23 thoughts on “The Ox can haul Arsenal forward

  1. Segun

    Yes, totally agree but hope Wenger does the following;

    – New DM = Capoue/M’Vila/Fellaini (Ambition?)

    – offer Theo the 85k p/w + cf role

    – offer Sagna a 2 year extension

    – Clearout/release the deadwood!

    – Play a 4-4-2 Diamond to get the best out of our players



    ———————–New DM————————–




    – Maybe a new natural winger (Since he might not quit using 4-3-3/4-2-31)

    – Maybe a new LB to replace Santos.

    I know we’ll be successful with these changes.

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  2. Sit down

    I dont think people realize fellaini plays best as a center attacking mid not a cdm…

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  3. Pat Rice

    I’m glad arsenal are planning to keep these 5 british players and build the team around them, coz they are the future of THE ARSENAL FC.

    Chambo, Rambo, Jenky, Gibbs, and Jack the lad. (Wish walcott could be part of that 5)

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  4. leo

    Theo Walcott friends insist his preferred option is to remain at Arsenal. It is likely the winger would accept a £85,000 a week offer

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  5. A7

    we already have a core in the team. the defence is good but a
    left back to cover for gibbs is necessary otherwise we have
    RB sagna,jenkinson CB vermaelen,mertesaker,kocielny. some have asked for a DM wenger does not want to break the trio of arteta,wilshire,cazorla but a DM as back up would be great.
    also i actually dont see how wenger will accomodate giroud, podolski, walcott and demba ba(if we get him) but again backup is better than nothing.

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  6. Th14

    The Arsenal Football Club Public Limited Company is an Active business incorporated in England & Wales on 26th April 1910. Their business activity is recorded as Activities Of Sport Clubs. The Arsenal Football Club Public Limited Company is run by 7 current directors and 1 company secretary. 3 Shareholders own the total shares within the company. It is also part of a group. The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/05/2012 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £60,180,000, ‘liabilities’ worth £67,546,000, ‘net worth’ of £151,922,000 and ‘assets’ worth £105,930,000. The Arsenal Football Club Public Limited Company’s Risk Score was amended on 06/12/2011.

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  7. AJ

    I agree, he must be made a bit responsible now.
    We can have Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, Ox rotating as the front three. Not bad at all.

    Plus we must give Rosicky a game a week when we have mid week games, in place of Cazorla, for I feel he is being overplayed. Cannot afford to lose him, and it won’t be too much for Rosicky either, considering his fitness problems.

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  8. Th14

    Can anyone really expect us to spend £50 million on players? Plus the money’s used will be used for wages aswell, £15 million fee, £5 million a year on a 5 year contract = £40 million on 1 player! We’re going to have to sell or loan before any major investment. Nothing will change this January, arsene has said as much saying he ha to work within the clubs budget so why is he going to recklessly spend? People are in for a disappointment unless he shifts all the dead weight that he couldn’t in the summer. Don’t hold your breath over major signings.

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  9. Big Gun

    I just hope Arsenal stop selling our best players, only dead wood. I really hope the board and Wenger keep their promise this time and start strengthening the squad. We can build a really great team around who we have currently.

    I think injuries always knock us every season. Our key players are out and then we do not have sufficient quality backup. Players like Squillaci, Djoure, Ramsey, Santos, etc should be replaced with better players. It’s not like they are earning crappy salaries and their replacements wouldn’t be that much of an inconvenience financially.

    Here’s to looking up at things. Gunners till the end

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  10. Eadah

    Most especially hope wenger picks the same team, big fan of chambo and would never understand why ramsey played on the wing with him alive

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  11. adisa abass

    The 4-4-2 diamond formation or 4-3-1-2 formation will bring the best of this team
    Chambo: wants to play as a CAM
    Poldi: wants to play CS
    theo: Wants to play CS
    Rosicky: Is a CAM
    Cazorla: Our best CAM
    Its a trend growing among our players, everyone wants to play centrally. Hence; the 4-4-2 diamond will promote that
    …………………………Arteta (new cdm?)
    ………..Wilshere…………Rosicky (diaby)
    ………………………Cazorla (oxlade)

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  12. Ade Odebode

    Walcott is good so he should be given is desired requests. He has his mind in arsenal. Wenger should call him for a one on one talk. I believe 85k and some forward role. A choice between Demba ba and huntelaar? I prefer Demba ba because he has premiership experience, currently third highest goal scorer in premier league now, available for transfer and has also express desire to join arsenal. Zaha can be bought because he’s younger

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  13. bashman

    with all you people asking for a new CDM whats wenger going to do with coquelin sell him? i think wenger will buy attackers in january a striker or a winger since walcott may leave or if he stays will play more central plus gervinho is going to ACN

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  14. Th14

    Why did people put a thumbs down on the company accounts I listed? There available to the public on company checker, its there in black and white!

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  15. Gunner

    I cant get so over the moon about AOC to date yet! True he is starting to wake up a bit? About time, in case he wasn’t aware, the season starts in August. Yes he had one or two injury issues. But after the ground he gained last season he should have been fully focused at the ‘start’ of the new season?? It simply isn’t good enough to suddenly ‘wake’ up in December.
    This guy can be a great player for sure, but only if he understands that every season the workload and preparation has to ‘grow’ not stay static?? This guy simply wasn’t ready mentally or physically at the start. That’s one of the reasons Arsenal are out of the Championship race early once again.He is an attacker and has only one goal??
    Sorry AOC, if you want to stay at Arsenal understand that fans just wont tolerate you showing up when you feel like it?? If this guy wants to have a career at Arsenal he needs to focus more and work an awful lot harder than he has been doing. Or else he will finish up in the Championship, or League 2. That’s right it’s about producing the goods, and he hasn’t done it yet. 12million says he has the ability but sooner or later he is going to have to justify that fee or else move on!

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  16. Reddb10

    I don’t know what game you were watching mate but AOC lost possession over a dozen times, looked lost, was too greedy and got caught out of position.
    What i can agree on is that his has the raw talent but dont make him out to be a marvel because he is not.
    the last thing we want is for him to get big headed.
    We want his feet on the ground and his mind on the game and maybe in a few years we have the polished item.

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  17. true goon

    AOC is a great young player all he needs is more games and time,Wenger keeps bringing him off early,needs to leave him be.I can tell he’s a great young player thats why he seems to have so many haters,saying that he hasn’t played well this season,when he’s only started 4 league games this year due to Wenger and injuries.Shame on you haters.COYG!

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  18. Gunner

    Reddb10 if you are referring to the Reading match I was watching the same game as you?? The inference is that you disagree with me but you went on to basically corroborate with everything I said about the same player??

    Your stats on AOC performance support what I said entirely. This guy needs to wake up and start performing. Again, the season starts in August and we are waiting??

    12 million is a big fee for a young player, and to be honest his performances have not justified it yet.

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