The players Arsenal need to win the title next season….

What do Arsenal need this Summer to be title contenders by CJ

Arsenal are 18 points behind Man Utd and 5 points behind Man City, however both teams have a game in hand on us so the question is realistically how far, in footballing terms, we are behind Man Utd and Man City.

Last week’s game against Man Utd showed us that this current group of players under this current manager have the desire and the quality to compete with very best – but don’t have the required mentality that’s needed to win a major championship. United had nothing to play for and in that 1st half we absolutely dominated them. We were quicker to the ball, we were closing them down and were passing the ball quickly and accurately, but then Man Utd showed why they were champions and why we are not even contenders right now.

Man Utd showed (and that traitor showed) a clinical touch that wins you championships, and we made mistakes that you simply can’t make in big games. The domination mixed with conceding a penalty at the end of the half showed all the good and bad of Arsenal this season.

Today again against QPR we started off controlling the game, showing our quality and superiority on the pitch, then we backed off and gave the worst side in the division a chance to get at us, making what should have been an easy afternoon an uncomfortable one for players and fans.

Here is what I believe are our main issues, at the beginning of games we start by pressing high and winning the ball high. This allows us to dominate the game and take pressure off the back four, however gradually players begin to tire and suddenly we aren’t collectively closing down the opposition, our defence drops deeper and deeper and naturally the opposition gets a foothold in the game.

Our second problem is that the team seems unwilling to shoot from outside the box how many times have you seen the likes of Ramsey and Arteta have an opportunity to take a shot from just outside the 20 yard box – and have instead elected to pass just to have the move peter out. We need composed heads and clinical finishers coming from the midfield.

More to the point I believe that we have to challenge for top players this window. Players such as Falcao, Cavani and Lewandowski should not be out of our reach. Furthermore these players are exactly what we need; people who don’t like losing and who can guarantee you goals, even though its unlikely we will make a move for any of these players. Considering our global stature. Should it really be unrealistic?

Also we need stronger squad players, proven Premier League performers starting with, in goal, I would love to see the likes of Begovic or even Schwarzer. These are keepers who play every game and make important saves in important matches.

Then we need an experienced centre back, I think if we could pick up Phil Jagielka for 5-6 million, that would be a bargain, he is a proven defender and a leader; although he lacks pace he can organise the defence, and due to our other good centre backs he wouldn’t have to play every game and could stay fit. He also puts his body on the line for the cause. This is what we need if we are to win the big games.

Neven Subotic would be a good addition, he speaks great English so could easily settle in and has great height and physicality in the heart of the defence making him very ideal for premier league football.

In the midfield we are crying out for strong defensive midfielder, with Wanyama being the ideal target. With his height and power he is also ideal for defending and attacking set pieces.

Next I think someone like Gundogan from Dortmund would be a quality player for us, he is composed on the ball as he showed in both games against Madrid. He is still young and crucially he has won two Bundesliga title,s and is what we need at this club, winners and people who have experienced victory.

Someone like Diame could also improve the quality of the squad. So often we see with these Championship winning sides that it’s not the strongest 11 but the strongest 25 that wins. For 2-3 million could we really go wrong with purchasing Diame?

Finally I believe much rebuilding is required in the striking department. If you look at Man Utd they have Van Persie, Rooney, Welbeck and Hernandez. I would personally love to see Hernandez at the club as he is a proven striker who can score 20-25 goals per season and even though he doesn’t contribute much else what Arsenal have been crying out for is big goals in big games and this is what Hernandez does. I think 10-15 million would be a snip.

There have also been a lot of rumours about Loic Remy, Jovetic and Villa. I think all of these players would be great acquisitions. Remy would provide clinical finishing, Jovetic would provide much needed creativity and quality behind the striker as well as providing 10-15 goals. Finally David Villa has scored goals in the biggest games and is also used to playing our type of football. Recently he has looked a bit shaky but Arsenal could be the new challenge he so desperately needs?

I would love it if we could get Benteke. Young strong and hungry he would be a phenomenal signing and if we could get him, we would show our intent and spending power to other clubs. We should be a big European power again that attracts the best players.

However if we are to sign any of these players we need to clear out the dead wood in the side who are clogging up the wage bill, the fact that Bayern have a lower wage bill than us with all their talent is ridiculous. Even if at low transfer prices, players like Bendtner, Squillaci, Park Chu young, Djourou, Denilison and Gervinho should leave. I just don’t think that Gervinho has the potential to be a very good player in the Premiership. He is too inconsistent and time after time when we really need him he has not delivered.

I think we have a good foundation all across the field. Ramsey has come on leaps and bounds this seasons; Jack is back and Walcott has had a good season. With a top four finish and a few quality additions I think we can be right up there next season.

Come on you Arsenal!!


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83 thoughts on “The players Arsenal need to win the title next season….

  1. budgie

    I would like to see a fully fit rested Jack Wilshire next season, I dont think we have seen the best of him, and can someone tell him to stop sliding on his knees when he scores, its an accident waiting to happen!I would like to see someone tough and strong to play alongside him to take a bit of the weight of him!

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  2. tobi

    This is a pointless article…You want us to buy every player on earth. You don’t know what you are saying or writing

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  3. JONNO

    So u want a GK, CB, Wanyama, Gundogan, Diame,
    Remy, Jovetic&Villa? Wow. Wenger will buy 3 players
    only mark my words. 1- Gk 2- Dmc 3- St/Amr/Aml.

    Ur right about the big players tho, they shdnt b
    out of reach but with our current board they
    all are. Such a shame. If we buy well and DONT sell
    any of our gd players, promote the right youngsters
    then i think we can take a crack ag bein great again!


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  4. goonatic

    hope people stop mentioning falcao, cavani and lewandowski i would love them to come but realisticaly never happening if it does they can sleep with balotelli’s missus

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  5. Mwana wa arsenal

    One day i know we gunners shall pop champaigne after winning a trothy….i believe in Arsenal

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  6. jack wilshere

    Steven Jovetic
    Lars Bender
    World class CB.

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  7. Ddog

    we certainly lack strength in midfield, and clinical finishing up front, these are the two main concerns in my opinion. If we look at the invincibles we had gilberto & viera dominating the central midfield, two big strong players. now we dont even have one. So really a strong CDM is vital. and ofcourse we need clinical CF someone who can win us those games that arent going are way. Ok if sagna goes we will need a right back. and maybe a new goalie. however i dont think a new keeper is as vital as a CDM and quality technical CF. i beleive we are two world class players away from challenging for the title.

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  8. Jordan

    I would love to see benteke and jovetic at Arsenal nest season! :)

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  9. Dubya

    I’d like to see Wenger’s go “old”. Bring in a few experienced hands — Cesar, Villa and an experienced, mouthy DMF. My icing on the cake would be DiMaria, I think he’d fit in perfectly.

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  10. chun

    We need big players who don’t get bullied in this league! Remember the invincibles-they were HUGE! Wenger’s Barca fetish must stop

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  11. Alex

    Just a thought but what about ibrahimovic. I know he’s not stable but he is one of if not the most complete striker going around and can put the ball in the net. We need to be looking at a striker who is clinical and can bag them week in week out. Undecided on jovetic as he doesn’t seem prolific and seems more like a cam.

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  12. Arsenal 007

    You called RvP a traitor…that’s uncalled for, and completely unfair. He let us know his reasons for leaving, which have been justified by him winning a trophy. If we contact with mediocre activities during this transfer window, we’ll be getting mediocre results…like for the past 8years.

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  13. Mk

    “I don,t think Gervinho is had the potential to be a good player in Premership..,.. blur blur ” What a stupid statement .You sound as if Gervinho is responsible for Arsenal,s failure to perform and to go go 8 years without a silverware.You even label him as deadwood .You article is useless and not objective .Gervinho didn,t play many games this season .It the players who have been playing who you should blame for failing to deliver.Gervinho has made some good contribution to team in the few games he played.He scored both in the CL and did well as a centre forward and recently had been outstanding scoring and assisting.He is shined for his country at international stage where he was one of the best players at Africa Cup of nations.If its about consistence which Arsenal player has been consistent.Giroud goes for many goals without scoring.Walcott lost form since January,Wilshere is injury prone and hasn’t regained form since his latest injury.Ox hasn’t lived up to the hype.Vermalin has lost his place Goalkeeper are not consistent .Carzola,s contribution has diminished since he began playing out of position.Podolski is failing to deliver.So don,t blame Gervinho for Arsenal woes.At least he has a trophy in his cabinet which he got while playing in the same team with Eden Hazard

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  14. Syed

    Good idea..lets just sign all the players we are linked with, spend around £150 million and offer players like Cavani, falcao, goetze £250,000 wages!
    Get real! Wake up and smell the pot!
    All this is easier said than done & we know its not gonna happen..sad but true :-(
    I’ll be happy if we just get rid of the deadwood, sign jovetic, begovic/adler, diame/waynama/gonolan and corchia and most importantly retain our players to carry on from where they left off!
    And I can honestly see us ending our trophy draught :-)
    Maybe we won’t start off by winning the champions league, bt the fa cup and the epl trophy should be within our reach!

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  15. omololu

    i want fabregas back. I miss him so much. Diame/wanyama, benzema/cavani/remy, subotic,micah richard rb, begovic/cesar

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  16. Daniel bromley

    Adler 6m
    Williams 8m
    Richards 5m
    Gonalons 15m
    Benteke 17m
    Jovetic 20m

    70m roughly

    Sell park,bentdner,squid,Johan,mannone, Denison,arshy


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  17. dan

    Stupid article!lets talk about remaining games in ideal world chelski get beat today then draw with spuds and both loose next weekend then we beat wigan and its then left to them 2 to fight it out for 4th! If chelski win today then its better for us if they beat spuds on wed and then hope they slip up again at stoke. What does everyone else recon?

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  18. Aaron

    To have a chance of winning the league next season we need:
    CB-Williams etc.- £8mil
    Forward-Jovetic/Villa and Remy- £15-30mil
    Bench: Szcesney,Sagna,Verm,Williams,Arteta,Ramsey,Rosicky, Podolski,Giroud,OX
    Sell- Gervinho (12mil), Park-Bendtner-Chamakh-Squillaci and Arshavin leave or sold comes to 20mil in wages and transer fees. Money in 32mil, Spent=56mil
    Net spend= £24mil, that would be great. However this of course is a wish list it is very unlikely we will get all these players or manage to sell players like Chamakh.

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  19. dalinho

    Wanyama n Benteke would give us the power n pace we need but no1 has fort about our left wing? Poldi is not being played there and cazorla doesn’t fit there so maybe D.villa can fill that postion till we find our long term solution or will wenger use 442 more often next season? We certainly need to mix it up like Van utd do to win the title!!

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  20. John

    Man Utd will never let us have Hernandez ( although I would love it)….. Not until he is about 32. Agree with Benteke. Don’t know why w are still banging on about a new GK after what ours did yesterday, especially when we have more pressing options. – CB, DM and Striker.
    What we really lack is depth in squad. At he moment, when we have an injury in most positions, we go into a ‘flat spin’ trying to fill the gap. Bring in world class versions of the above positions, including Fabregas back and we can rotate to suit us, the opposition at the time and cover injuries……… A bit like, erm, let me think……. Oh yeah, United.

    To do any of what we really want with the squad, we have to have a ‘Summer Sale’ of deadwood players. I don’t care if we sell some of them for £3.50 …….. Get them off our wage bill ( if it really is more Han Bayern’s ……. That is ridiculous!)

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  21. Pat Rice

    Unrealistic article

    Arsenal are just infested with small minded bean counting economists and things won’t change this summer.

    These bean counters lack real ambition, so we’ll be fighting for top 4 season after season.

    We’ll keep getting these cheap buys who’ll most likely turn out to be mediocre than any good.

    These players will be given stupid wages to sit on the bench, and fans will continue to buy season tickets to watch arsenal slowly deteriorate.

    With Stan, Ivan and Arsene together, DON’T EXPECT ANY CHANGE!!!

    Many of you won’t like what I have to say, but its true, if we’re lucky we might get one good signing and the rest will be cheap mediocre buys.

    Arsenal needs change,

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  22. dalinho

    I’d swap Remy for Benteke but the dury is still out on gonalons, not sure he’s good enuff for Arsenal but totally agree with Villa on the left

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  23. soooooo sad

    get the boy fellani and a world class center foward that would make arsenal a major force again thats all we need

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  24. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal dont need a cb unless verm is leaving…realistically how many times u see a 4 th choice get games?? football is about teamwork….u break up the centrebacks pairing….u may have a communication breakdown n etc….

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  25. arsenal_fanz

    we need vertile gk like casillas, CB williams, DM wanyama, AM Isco, CF lewandolski

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  26. Ergs

    Forget players for a minute guys Wenger needs to identify a formation and pattern of play 1st
    Then pick his best players in each position not accommodate all your best players on the pitch out of position.
    2nd we need squad variation for example Giroud has given us a top target man for the 1st time in years hus absence is a miss!
    So a balance of different players in defence midfield and upfront is essential so we don’t become predictable Because if plan A doesn’t work we need a plan B Man Utd are exceptional at adapting their game and personel to the opposition they play ferguson deserves great credit for this.
    3rd and lastly we should move on to transfers if say we play a player like gervinho at left forward you then think about upgrading players/ability obviously we can find better then gervinho.
    Young players should be given more chances like Ramsey has to blossom Older players should not be.
    Swansea are a great example of a team who have moved up 3 divisions in a relatively short time recycling their squad along the way every division they have moved up Wenger must be ruthless with the older flops in our squad!
    It’s almost the same for us moving from 4th in the league to the top is massive!
    Recycling players is even harder with the big spenders about.
    The 1st 2 points I made are most important for us to progress lets just hope Arsene can hopefully assemble a squad on paper for the start of next season which has a genuine chance he hasn’t for 3 seasons now.

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  27. Hafiz Rahman

    Cheap buys doesnt mean bad buys…expensive buy doesnt mean good buys and vice versa…. its about signing the right player for the club…..Dortmund din spend big but they won….

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  28. Hafiz Rahman

    Apart from rvp man utd first team and a few reserve players have been there for at least 2 years….football is all about team work consistency discipline and determination……make as many changes to the first team and u will destroy the cohesion and will nt win any titles..

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  29. joe

    Ashley Williams

    promote eisfield gnabry aneke

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  30. Arsenalover

    First Arsenal need to keep their best players….then world class Striker and Goalkeeper + RB

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  31. Gazwills

    I think ceaser would be a good signing, sanga can leave for me jenks will slot in a rb next year, a cb is a must I’d like to see Micah Richards come in can play rb/cb a centre back hummels would be class but doubt he’d join as I think barca will get him so howedes would be ideal, a holding midfielder like Lars bender or Gonalons, both would be great and then 2 strikers jovetic and remy.
    Would put us in with a great chance of the title.

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  32. Darrio

    Do we really nid villa …he is old and at d end of his rope….podolski nids more games ..gerv is gud benteke wont b bad …prefer wanyama or capoue in dmf offf chamk,squallci,djouru,denilson,bentna,

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  33. Vazis ouse

    Tell me if we won the FAcup and Carling Cup and finished 5th would we all be happy.I would be CB

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  34. Nigerian Gunner

    It’s so sad the writer can critisize Gervinho this way.

    It’s more sad that the Arsenal technical department can’t work on this guy’s weakness, he’s got pace, can dribble, hold the ball……JUST….. JUST that. Weakness of not been able to hold his composure to score… He should be doing shooting lesson everyday till he gets it right!

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  35. Dejan

    We need top players:
    1. Defending midfielder
    2. Central defenders(Subotic and Williams)
    3. Goalkeaper(Begovic)
    4. Fabregas
    5. Jovetic

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  36. DanielC1989

    I don’t understand why people keep mentioning Dortmund players. they have just lost their best midfielder and are about to lose their best striker. do you really think they’re going to let more players leave? they will end up how Liverpool have, a mid table team. they aren’t stupid

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  37. DanielC1989

    so many people forget this is real life not football manager / FIFA. get a reality check

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  38. PAN

    one thing is for sure is we need leaders at the moment we do not have any

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  39. Akuve

    Thesame old stories evriday. Sign dis player, sign dat player, blah… blah… blah!!! My major concern is d coach. I don’t hate him but I hate his current tactics n ideologies dat has kept us initially inches away frm titles n trophies but nw miles away. His financial policies r nt bad n r nt d worst if u ask me, but his decision making is wat I question. Why choose 2 sign Gervinho for £11M wen a player like Hazard was available for only £5M? Y sign Giroud for £12M wen Benteke & Jackson Martinez was available for £8M? Wat was d reason for stealing Chu-Yun Park right from under Lille’s nose? A wasted £5M if u ask me. Y was Alex Song sold so cheap (£15M) n nt replaced adequately? Y wasn’t Chicharito or Welbeck included in d RvP deal at least, wen d bargain stood at £15M or better still ship him out 2 Juventus n include Matri or Giovinco in d deal? Y allow a player lyk Adam Johnson leave Man-City to Sunderland for £10M wic fits d Arsene bill perfectly? Y nt snap up Hugo Lloris or Julio Cesar 4 cut prices (£10M & £12M respectively) last summer? Y reveal 2 Jan Vertongen u’ll play him as a DMF b4 signing him? Datz d dumbest thing I’v eva heard a coach do. Sign him n use him thr in a case of deficiency. If he does well, he’ll love it n b d 1 2 beg U nt 2 change him 2 his initial position agn. He’s arguably d best defender in d EPL (LB/CB) n cost just around £12M n ws veri close 2 signing 4 us bt long-nosed wenger blew it up. So many questions evn on tactics like playing Ramsey n Cazorla on d flanks, hence limiting dia potentials, Sticking tightly 2 Giroud evn wen itz obvious he’s useless, waiting (like it’s a spell) untill 75 or 80 b4 makin vital match changing subs in crucial games, showing preference 2 certain players based on sentiments rathter dan performance e.g prefering 2 play Ramsey or Wilshere or Diaby evn wen Rosicky is fit, better result oriented n performing better dan dem all. Wenger’s our biggest problem n nt evn d board. Gimme a Jupp Heynkes, a Jurgen Klopp or evn a Michael Laudrup n I believe our squad reshuffle, overhaul, rebuilding n establishment will b one of Championship winning quality. Up Gunners!!!

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  40. rman

    hmmm you said that traitor you should have said “clinical traitor” wenger needs to see the UCL FINAL ,dortmund had the same prediction for us elimination in the group stage due to man city and real madrid expected to go through today they are there i mean look at them just see the boss always buys from france which is a mistake and i don’t think jovectic will come wenger see REMY as the next french player he needs

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  41. Jimbob

    Guys, did anyone see how Townsend bossed monreil?? Everytime he got on the ball he looked dangerous, running at defenders, making things happen! Thats what we need, someone to inspire and make things happen. We looked bereft of ideas up front, no killer pass, no final getting to the byline.. Lets get a proper winger!

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  42. Uche Edochie

    Before i even finished reading this article, i had to quickly respond to something. Did you watch other teams’s games yesterday? Everybody struggled. Spurs was outplayed and out hustled by southampton, another team battling relegation. At the dying minutes, bale’s quality bailed them out yet again and they won one nil. City won the league last season and could only manage a draw playing swansea, a team that barely managed to survive relegation a few weeks ago and have failed to muster a win in five games since then. Nobody is having an easy ride at this time of the season. Anybody can beat anybody and very often, desire trumps quality.

    Yes we were not at our best at qpr but we won. Prior to this win we have never beaten qpr at their home since the start of the premier league. So going with our history there, this is a game we could have lost or drawn at the very best. But we won. Wow. How terrible. Enough of the criticism. We have learned to get three points while not playung particularly well. That is a sign of progress even if it doesnt look that way.

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  43. emma

    its like you guyz are saying all our players are not worthy to wear the arsenal jersey!!!!!!!! that’s not true. as i mentioned earlier, we just need two or three players to give us the silverware next season. with 70million pounds, FALCAO at 30milpounds, fellani at 23milpounds and benteke at 17milpounds. thats 70milpounds well spent. pliz gooners give me ARSENE WENGER’S private number NOW!!!!!!!!!

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  44. rman

    i think we need jovectic not remy,diame has proved in many ocassions he is more than capable,Wilshere has to warm the bench before he can actually control the mid Iniesta,xavi waited for years wilshere can wait but still we need experienced players Giroud looks like he enjoyed most of the season and wenger is now throwing a bone to podolski to act as lone striker.

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  45. terry

    ok people… dortmund players arent gonna come to arsenal… they’re consistently competing for the title in their league which is fast becoming stronger and stronger every year. oh and are doing quite well in europe i believe. why would they go to us to challenge for 4th. as for falcao and co. hahahaha. would love to see them, but lets be honest, its not gonna happen. strike quick for players like fellani, who will improve us and already has premier league experience aswell as going to a club higher than the one his at now.

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  46. Gooner Cape Town

    Besides obvious, GK, DM, Striker, we need a SERIOUS playmaker. My choice, Adler, Gonalons, Benteke, Isco, Fabregas…….

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  47. Do

    Who are these players going to replace in the current squad?
    You suggested we get three midfielders in an already congested midfield and two top class defenders when we have three centre backs of similar quality. Along with adding a striker or two.
    That will be 5 centre backs who will want to play every game, 8 central midfielders who will not want to be on the bench let alone not involved at all and then we have 5 strikers/wingers as well.
    That all adds up to 18, which evidently is the squad limit for games. This isn’t including our fullbacks and keeper’s.

    I like your suggestion of Jakielka however. He is an experienced defender. He has turned us down in the past, we have bid up to £16.5 million in recent seasons but he rejected our approaches. This may be a problem but with Moyes looking like he may leave, Jagielka may decide to follow out the exit door.

    Our midfield as it is, is perfectly fine. We just need to add more quality. Jack Wilshire will bring an extra dimension next season. I think he will be on fire next term. But just in case our prodigy’s injuries come back to haunt him, and us. I think we should bring in alternative. A truely quality midfielder is needed to fill this role approprietly. Cesc Fabregas would be ideal but as no one knows what is actually going on, on that matter I think we should talk about other options.

    Ilkay Gundogan is a possibility but I have my eyes set on what I think is a more like for like player in Joao Moutinho. We were extremely interested in him a year before his move to Fc Porto. His driving runs and work ethic will suit our new shape midfield perfectly and his acquisition would piss of Spurs fans. Fabregas should be first target however as he will obviously just slot into our midfield, replacing Ramsey or Arteta in midfield.

    In the striking department, I think we need a more fox in the box type player. But a player who is versatile. Which is why I like the idea of David Villa finishing his career at Arsenal. He will give a good 2 year service for us before age starts to get the best of him. In that time we could see the likes of Akpom to develop. Villa would bring a much needed goal threat in and around the box. And he can play on the wings, so he would be perfect for the short term.

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  48. Coach

    Imagine this arsenal team


    Richards Meta Koz Monreal

    Lars wilshere

    Reus jovetic Carzola


    Subs: Sezs, varminator, Gibbs, Ramsey, Arteta, Chambo, walcot, podoski, Ryio, gnabry, Rosky, Federico fazio

    Sell: Gervinho, coqueline, Sagna plus all the deadwoods

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  49. Segun

    Let’s be realistic, Wenger won’t break the bank to sign anyone. Hopefully, I’ve drafted a list of affordable quality players.

    GK – Adler/Julio Ceasar (Will most likely take a pay cut)

    CB/RB – Alderveireld/ Micah Richards

    DM – Gonalons/Kondogbia

    ST – Higuain (Our record signing maybe)

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  50. kV

    I agree, with some of the names you’ve called. Benteke, Remy, Jovetic and Giroud (Imagine we had 4 strikers like that fighting for a spot in the starting 11) The Celtic CDM is unavailable this summer but Gundogan can be a great signing, even Capoue(Toulousse) or Gonalons(Lyon) ..tbh, a new GK isn’t a “Necessity” at Arsenal FC but it would be a great addition. One more CB, in the likes of Dragovic (Basel) would be an immense signing! ….what do you think? Great read btw.

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  51. Douglas

    wenger need to promote English player by signing dem bf he can win any trophy…..learn from man u n man city………if u don’t promote English players no trophy 4 u.

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  52. Neil

    Well, if we had 500m to spend we could get all of those players.

    No way will we get Cavani or Falcao. They want 250k per week.

    We won’t go there. That sort of salary is for Sugar Daddy clubs.

    If we have got around 70-100m (who really knows the actual figure anyway) then we could try and get:


    Those are realistic targets. I still feel Cesc would be the most difficult one as Barca don’t want to sell anyone to us, it seems.

    Still, we should try and get those I mentioned as we will certainly not be 20+ points off the top.

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  53. Neil


    Sorry, but let’s say we had 70m as you suggest.

    That money would vanish on buying Falcao! He’s gonna cost anyone 60m+.

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  54. dalinho

    N’koulou n vermealen could rotate with mert n koss if we want to go for all 4 trophies next season same as benteke n Giroud if wenger makes the signings

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  55. para

    I do not think it is about the players really, as we know we can beat most anyone if we play like we want to win. Mentality, now who instils a certain mentality into the players? Who instils the way the players play?
    I think the way our players are trained and coached is the culprit here. We are too soft, although a certain hardness has crept into the club and we are not pushed around any more and fall down, it is still overshadowed by the training methods, and even after a brilliant start, we just seem to relax, almost like playing a board game, “it’s your turn now”. We have to hurt teams again, and i do not mean physical hurt, but mental hurt, the killer instinct is just not there and i really do not know where that is going to come from. What ever AW is, he is just not that type of coach, and this has been the problem for the last 8 seasons, when we had more quality players in the squad, we played great football and were feared, but the final touch was lacking. Now we play normal football, BUT the final touch IS STILL LACKING. It has to be about coaching methods, because EVERYONE that comes to AFC ends up playing like that, and loses a little of themselves, that individual part that can create, change, be spontaenous and surprising, we end up being predictable to the opposition.
    So i say, it does not matter who comes to the team, something has to be done about the training, which is obviously not having the desired effect this team really needs to start to succeed.
    All those who are calling for AW to go, realise this, but if the man would only get a team of coaches in to help, after all, this is just what bosses do is it not? We need a new style of coaching for the new AFC team next season, and if things stay the same, no matter who comes to the team, i fear that we will still not have that cutting edge if the training methods continue to be the same.

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  56. OldHorse

    People listing United’s 4 strikers seem to be forgetting we don’t play 4-4-2, therefore the chances of us having 4 strikers of that quality is highly unlikely. With the 4-2-3-1 we play its more likely to see a high number of wingers (Podolski, Walcott, Ox, Gervinho, and even as of late Cazorla/Rosicky). We realistically need a GK, CB, CDM and ST.

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  57. goonarretic

    This site usually produces great articles but every now and then a really dumb and bias is placed was gotze then hummels then lemendoski now gundogan…the obsession with bvb players continue..bvb is a better team right now than afc so why would they come her?for money?hahaha…gervinho has been labeled deadwood here..he has been bad but so has ramsey…when will people learn that working hard without any kind of conviction does not improve your team.

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  58. iitronics

    Tbh, I dont think we need guys like hummels or subotic. even though Im a huge fan of dortmund players but nah. Unless we get a young striker thats like 15/16 from their youth team. If youve noticed, we havent had any striker from our youth team, getting promoted to the first team.

    I dont think we need another big striker cause it’ll affect Giroud nd I want Giroud to be our main striker. 16 goals and still struggling is very very impressive. Imgaine how great he’s going to be when he settles. As long as he gets 20 minimum a season, Im happy. He’s just 4 shy.

    If Jovetic comes, Podolski or Gervinho would have to leave because they wont get games if they are both here.

    The only CDM I would love to see at arsenal, is Fellaini. I dont even need to explain. Imagine this… Cazola, Wilshere, Fellaini. With Arteta and Ramsey ready to come on for any of them. Plus if Eisfeld get promoted, he can come on for Cazola if we’re winning like 5-0 and got 20mins left. But I still think maybe we dont really need a CDM as we have Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta and Le Coq. Personally, I would train Vermaelan in the DM position because of his style of play. His long range pass and shooting is really good. Hes quick, strong, good in the air,great tackler,can score,loves to bomb forward if his team needs more attack to pressure the opposition and plus… he’ll be even more valuable to us cause then he can play CB, LB and CDM.

    If vermaelan being a DM works, we should then sign just one versatile defender that can play RB/CB. So that way Miquel can be our 3rd choice defender. Plus he can play LB too.

    Dont understand my logic? Look at Bayern. Every player there can play two positions. That way they’ll always be covered when injuries/suspensions occurs. Makes perfect sense when you have a team full or versatile players.

    We dont need a new GK… yet. Wait until next year Jan. Give our GK one last chance to improve and show his hunger for success.

    I still think maybe we need just one winger. Only because Oxlade hasnt really got anyone to look up to and learn from. I cant say walcott cause they have two different style of play.

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  59. goonarretic

    It bad enough that 10 year olds comment on articles here but for 10 year olds to be writing articles is just unacceptable…

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  60. stenak

    Teams wid ronaldo n messi are out CL final, wht does dat say???
    D main main area of improvement shd b tactics n wenger needs to learn dat !!!
    Or else we wud b again stuttering n crawling to top 4 without any trophy nxt season!!
    If u dun believe me jus rewind last 8 years!!!

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  61. Niyi

    Get Fellani and loic Remy…..and you will be surprised how good arsenal will be.
    Funny enough….they are not out of this world.

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  62. ray

    Just get Marco Reus for 22m and Alexis sanchez for 24m and victor Wanyama 12m, Rene Alder for 5m and Arjen Robben for 12m and we are good to go for next season.
    Sagna mer. Kos. Gibbs

    Wanyama wilshere

    Robben. Reus

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  63. ablindman785

    if our wage bll is higher than bayern then all we need to do is sell everyone then buy them. we’d have a much much much better team and be saving money, simples

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  64. George

    i don’t know why people don’t consider Fabian ski for the first goal keeping position, this man is currently the best in Arsenal.

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  65. Gigi

    Even non arsenal sites praise us for beating finalists bayern in their backyard, we held manure, and we re more focused.
    I think its time, if we can keep the squad as is, i dont se any major addition needed.
    As per cavani or falcao, if i noticed them before, surely enger did, we need to go for thwm when they e not that expensive, but i do think the glue together is starting to stick

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  66. chris

    This is just stupid, you mention gundogan and subotic. Why on earth would Dortmund sell these players when they’re selling gotze and lewandowski and if barca go in for Hummels.

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  67. Daniel bromley

    I’ve already commented but I’d like to add more in my opinion we could do with selling alot of the poorer players at the club ie bendtner, chamack, arshavin, Denison, squid, Johan and mannone (just because he won’t play) then when these are off the wage bill send promising players out on loan like coqelin, Miguel, miyachi again. Once these things are done look to add players not just world class players because sometimes they are out of reach or have peaked I’d like players that are proven in the prem, young and full of potential ie all be it for one season I think benteke would add so much.. Strength, heading, finishing, youth and potential. Remy for pace in behind the back 4 finishing skill and versitile (small prem exp but proven in that time).Richards youth, price, potential, loyalty (arsenal fan) something to prove and he’s English. Jagielka or Williams for me either one would improve our defencive options their both good all round players both British also either would be affordable and on top of that lots of experience. Diame for squad strength purposes he posses speed technique strength and stamina! Then a top goalkeeper wouldn’t go a miss someone like Adler begovic or cesar all experienced and affordable also arguably better then what we have! And finally a true cdm who could boss an control the midfield but protect the back 4 my choices would be either bender (bayer) wayamana or (pref)gonalons. With these sorts of players I think we would truly have a squad to challenge for the title!

    Imagine this squad (my preferred squad with transfers I’ve mentioned)




    (Would have Sagna but unsure wether hell stay)

    Frimpong (could be break through season)
    Le coq (if not loaned)

    Arteta (stop classing him as a holding mid he’s a xavi type player)

    Eisfield. (Perfect time for him to flourish IMO)

    Ben arfa (forgot to add to list of players we should buy, but would be a great addition)

    J Campbell (definitely deserves a chance next season)

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  68. charlie

    Arsenal need to make a statement this summer I’m thinking two big names which are realistic. For me Jovetic is class and provide the cutting edge we need, 24m. The seccond is isco 30 mil release clause can be met giving us 2 of the 4 best young attacking mids in the world with jack, The other two are Neymar and gotze which wont ever happen. So 54 mil spent. 10 mil on a british CB who is a rock and a leader either Ashley Williams or Phil Jagielka would be amzing. 64mil spent on world class players. However Im going to push the budget by 10mil as that is what it takes to get us up their again. We need a CDM and for me I dont care whether its Capoue, Gonalons or Wanyama, but the man I want most is Geofferey Kondogbia. This young man is the real deal. He is veira esque in every way and dominates a midfield, check him out. For me 80mil is what it will take to get us challenging again and it should take a season for them to jell. 2014/15 is our year.

    Jenks/sanga Mert/Jagielka Kos/Verm Gibbo/Nacho

    Kondogbia/Arteta Jack/Rambo


    Theo/ Chambo Isco/ Poldi
    Joevetic/ Giroud

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  69. 123456789

    @Nigerian Gunner, you right mate. on point as well,It’s so sad the writer can critisize Gervinho this way. this 10 years should not post any article here again this is total unacceptable

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  70. Young Gun

    Players In:
    Rene Adler – Goalkeeper – 7 million
    Aleksander Dragovic – Center Back – 6 million
    Lars Bender – Defensive Midfield – 15 million
    Stevan Jovetic – Center Forward – 25 million
    David Villa – ST/LW – 12 million (Agreement made apparently)

    If i was to be extremely wishful.. Cesc Fabregas return for around 20 million. Barcelona are in debt, owe us money, are looking to offload Cesc to make way for new players and we get first say if he is to be sold. Signing six seems unlikely so if I was to be realistic I’d say: Adler, Dragovic, Bender and Jovetic.

    Players Out:
    Vito Mannone
    Lukasz Fabianski
    Bacary Sagna
    Sebastien Squillaci
    Johan Djourou
    Andre Santos
    Marouane Chamakh
    Nicklas Bendtner
    Park Chu Young
    Andrei Arshavin

    Thomas Eisfield
    Joel Campbell
    Serge Gnabry
    Hector Bellerin
    Nicholas Yennaris
    Ryo Miyaichi
    Emmanuel Frimpong

    Jerneade Meade
    Chuba Akpom
    Benik Afobe

    Usmanov and Dein In, Kroenke and Gazidis Out.

    Possible Line Up For Next Year:
    Carl Jenkinson
    Laurent Koscielny
    Aleksander Dragovic
    Kieran Gibbs/Nacho Monreal
    Jack Wilshere
    Lars Bender
    Santi Cazorla
    Theo Walcott
    Stevan Jovetic
    Lukas Podolski.

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  71. lupe

    we need to go for players that have experience and are realistically able to move to us.lets go for players with amazing stats and not gamble for once. I am not saying we should spend over 50millin on falcao or cavani but go for equally good and established players.

    GK- Rene adler – was germany no one before getting injured and is still a brilliant gk and can mentor Szczesny

    CB- Rami,subotic,sahko,ogbonna.

    CDM- M’vila, wanyama, lars bender-young but lets face it all the old experienced CDM are in better teams right now and m’vila can still be bought.

    ST- higuain,gomez -there stats and names say it all plus (goals) and are experienced in the chams league.

    and then go for one of these potentials before it’s too late.

    CAM/WINGER- isco,belhanda,jovetic.

    these are players that would improve us and are realistic and experienced in there positions and this is all we need cos we can’t go out naming all the players in the world like we want to buy everybody. In total we should buy five players of top quality and sell the deadwoods.

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  72. Roland

    I’m surprised that nobody is mentioning Willy Cavallero as potential number 1 for Arsenal. That guy is a beast! Plus Gonalons/Bender, Amorebieta, Muniain, Iago Aspas, Mario Gomes and Jags would also be great buys. Don’t see Wenger going for Kondogbia though. Arsenal had the chance to buy him when he was still at Lens but opted not to do so. Now he is worth at least 15 million pounds.

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  73. true goon

    Begovic,Fellaini,Jovetic/Higuan,top CB maybe N’Koulou,and a RB to replace Sagna

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  74. Us4rsenal

    @ tobi and JONNO
    I don’t think this article is about getting all the players named in it. It’s just a pool of players from which we should get some to strengthen our team and i agree with him.

    When it comes to CHICHARITO, i don’t think we can get him. Our best chance to get him was when RVP left for them. We could have a good bargaining power. I think that could not happened as we already had got POLDI and Giroud.

    We definately need some ready made additions even though it’s not easy task.

    Madrid,Barca,Chelsea, City, Manu,Bayern & Dortmund are all in the market for their attaking Department and the only players roumered to be in the market are Falcao, Cavani,Liwandowski,Ronaldo,Neymar and Aguero I don’t see us out spending any of the teams i mentioned above.

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  75. Oluwasegun

    Mr wenger please bring on miyachi next seaxon as additional promoted young player he can also do somethinng new else…..

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