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The protests just make Arsenal fans look idiotic and entitled

Real supporters don’t expect to win every single game and competition by Coldzero

So some Arsenal ‘fans’ want to remove the manager, the board, Kroenke, and no doubt after that any players that don’t 100 percent pass completion and 100 percent shot accuracy. Where will it end? You think us Arsenal fans are hard done by? You think this is as bad as it gets?

We been competing for years at the highest level, some clubs have never even been in the Europa league, let alone the CL for 20 years straight most have not won the FA cup – never even been to a quarter final. They have no idea what it is like for their team to be in the final stages of a cup let alone win it countless times.

So we haven’t won the EPL in a long time, never won the CL… So what…. Lots of other clubs haven’t- they don’t constantly protest and whine. Why do some Arsenal fans feel so entitled? A few years back we were dominant- now not so much, it happens. We may become dominant again, we may not. But if you are basing your life and feelings around how a football team performs I can assure you that you are in for a big disappointment. We won’t always be on top, it’s impossible, be a supporter is about taking the rough with the smooth.

It seems to me the most vocal and whiny are the people that don’t actually go to the game, they aren’t getting the real atmosphere, the social side to deflect things when we have a bad game. To those people it might perhaps be better that if you can’t get behind the team to help ride this out, stop feeling entitled and embittered when we don’t do well, or heaven forbid other teams do better than us some seasons- then it might be better you find a different team each season to support – the ones that are doing well that year and give you the bragging rights. At least them you can always be on the up, not deal with defeat, always a winner. If as a football supporter you cannot get behind your team and find constant reason to put them down or in some cases hope they lose to prove a point – then it is time you supported someone else if that team is causing you so much anguish, or find another sport.

Don’t bring your problems to a game because you cannot deal with your team not playing 101 football every game and not winning every match- it says more about the person expecting that than the team itself.

We can’t win every game, we are going to have seasons where we are crap and season where we don’t have the players we would like- that’s life and that’s what supporting a team can sometimes be about- you don’t have to support them.

Stop bringing this protest stuff to the games, it ain’t cool and it makes our fanbase look idiotic and entitled. Don’t buy the shirts, don’t come to the games if you feel that strongly – but don’t protest at the team or the ground.


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  1. Leon

    A few years back we were dominant?
    2004 we were dominant for one season.
    Arsenal fans don’t feel entitled what they expect is a manager who can competently make sensible decisions.
    Someone who can address the squad issues and buy the players we need – does not have to be £200 million just players who can bring us up.
    A manager who is tactically competent – who knows to play players in the correct position.
    Sorry but the author of this post is as deluded and moronic as the manager himself.
    Of course the idiot who wrote this probably wasn’t feeling that way last season or when we lost so pathetically to Liverpool.
    Entitled indeed.
    Entitled to call him a blithering idiot…

    1. wanko kanu

      Leon you really are a muppet, this article is spot on. Please tell me who you think can do a better job as manager,wenger might not be as good as he used to be but he’s still probably the best option for us at the moment.

      1. Ivan

        Almost anybody under the age of 55. For starters in the EPL already we could list the obvious in Pochetino, Klopp or take a gamble on Wagner, Koeman or others from abroad like Simeone.
        For a salary like we are paying Wenger of £10.5 mil that is one thing we are extremely competative as most of them are on under £3.5 mil. Only the 2 Manchester clubs pay more. Even Conte is only on £6.5 mil.

        1. Fola

          What has Klop achieved that makes him better than Wenger? Even with Liverpool.
          What are the stand out achievements of these coaches you have mentioned?

      2. Lugdush

        The question is..eho can do worst?? U are afraid to a change just like the board is…u and ur fears are part of the problem
        About the topic: Arsenal is one of the richest teams in the world and used to be a big team…so why we have to compare ourself with the smaller teams?? Are we arsenal fans paying tickets price like a smaller team? Paying salaries like a smaller one? Manager salaries?? We have to demand the best…we are not complaning because we are not won the epl, we are demanding to get a manager who are capabable to compete, what is exactly what we were promised every single year, after failure
        Who can do better? Ivan answer u quet well…i willl not waste my time abswering that miope question

    2. gotanidea

      Yes, Arsenal was dominant when the super rich people like Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour have not owned the Premier League clubs. But that should not be an excuse, because Leicester City won the Premier League with very small budget.

      I agree that there are many fans want Arsenal to win every game, with any means necessary. Well I am not one of them.

      I don’t want Arsenal change their style to very pragmatic one ala Mourinho, Ranieri and Simeone, just for the sake of winning. What I want to see is beautiful and entertaining football, while the players play with high football skills.

      I want Arsenal to always try to display good shows and fight with all resources they have, also be more adventurous in their play. I think the fifth richest football club in the world should be able to do that.

    3. Fola

      Good article. Spot on. If you cannot support a team during challenging periods and you rather pile more misery and pressure on coaches and players, then get away and find yourself a new winning club. Must it be arsenal for you? If it must be, then get behind the team and stop your pessimistic approach to life.

    4. gmv8

      ..and it’s not expecting to win games, it’s expecting TO MAKE AN EFFORT to win games. Although I was disappointed by the Stoke game, I felt that at least we put 100% into it. I didn’t feel that way with the Liverpool game.

    5. Ack77

      Lol this just made my day, we dont even win 75% of our games let alone every game.
      We are entitled to have a fair chance at winning like the top 6 teams that we are. we look like the weakest right now

      we are entitled to have a competent manager not a over expired has been manager( i used to rate him as high as fergie now he’s gone senile, arrogant and stubborn)

      We are entitled to have a good happy squad that want to play for the team and the manager, most of the team obviously don’t want wenger, some show it, some don’t out of respect, some are blindly faithful like part of our fan-base.

      We are entitled to demand change because we are arsenal and we clearly see the club in decline and most of the reason for it. if liverpool fans managed to get hick and gillette out, we should get the leech kroenke out.

      We have been crap most of the 13 years without winning the titles, we are entitled at least 2 or 3 season where we properly challenge if not win.

      Perhaps you should change sports and join a game where everyone wins and lose.
      what a dumbass move to tell people with different opinions to go.
      You are probably retarded, dumb, naive and a special kind of stupid to think your opinion is better than us. Now go cry to your mama or maybe arsene daddy lol.

  2. Jay

    Absolutely! Just look at how successful we have been compared to Liverpool and Spurs in recent years, yet their fans actually get behind their team and manager.

    Whenever I talk to someone about Arsenal the very first thing that they always bring up is our embarrassing fan-base. Honestly, some of you lot should be ashamed (some Arsenal “fans” even wish defeat on our team, as it looks bad on Wenger).

    Perhaps some of you should look up the dictionary definition of the word “support”. I would love in Wenger last seasons, for the entire fan-base to get behind him and the team. When will these people realise that their pathetic “protests” and interminable whinging and moaning have literally zero impact on whether Wenger stays or not.

    Get behind the club for once in your lives!

    1. Leon

      Do you watch Arsenal games?
      Did you watch the Liverpool game?
      Were you happy with that ?
      I will always support the team.
      But as for the manager the sooner he leaves the better.
      I cannot possibly lend my support for him for the simple reason that he has put his own selfish needs before everything and everyone.
      This was not about him believing he can lead Arsenal to the top – he simply cannot. This was about his fear of walking away from being in control – he is a control freak.
      And our disastrous form and activity in the transfer market shows that I am right..

      1. Jay

        Yes, I’ve never seen an Arsenal match in my life; you’ve caught me! Because you couldn’t possibly want to be positive and supportive about Arsenal, unless you’d never seen them play before. What brilliant logic. Truly.

        I’m not happy with defeat, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn against the players and manager, because I know that that’ll only make things worse. I’ve grown past that stage in my life, where you throw the toys out the pram when things aren’t 100% going your way.

        I remain positive and happy about supporting Arsenal. More fool you for focusing on the negatives. I just wish you wouldn’t spread that horrible attitude of yours throughout the club.

        1. bran99

          I realized most of them deluded ones talking about support, they only support Wenger including his horrible repeating decisions.. we want new manager coz this one is really really old, not only his age but most things he does.. time has passed and he’s still stuck in the 90s

          You Wenger lovers should make it clear who you support.. and don’t talk about positivity when what you call positive is negative in the real world. We wish for the club to succeed but you AKBs wish for Wenger to rule forever no matter how inept he’s become

      2. Jay

        I’m not going to reply to you again, because practically everything you type, I disagree with and I genuinely can’t be bothered going through every point, highlighting why you’re wrong (and you’re far too set in your ways and too stubborn to listen, either way).

        I have nothing to gain from conversing with you. You can remain negative and I’ll remain positive. I certainly know which way I’d rather be looking at it.

        1. TIMI

          Hey Jay, if you do not like the protests against the manager and board, stay at home on match day. Fans like you are the reason why we haven’t united to enforce order in this club.

  3. Krish

    real talk, i think this is a great article, in my hometown there is a club which is in the second division of my country and some years ago there was a real possibility that we could promote to the first division but we didnt manage to and now its a bit more difficult but even then the fans who come, come for their entertainment and to be happy with their close friends drinking beers or a dad with his son etc. and we shout if we are winning and discuss every decision (mostly its right one but football fans dont seem to agree with right decisions against their club 😀 ) and we shout if we are losing too, because i dont support a team to be sad.. i support them to be entertained or to be happy that i support them and if my support turns to possessiveness and anguish for every loss, then i have other problems which i project onto the club, because as you correctly said for me seeing arsenal play makes me happy and i DO want them to win the league, but i wont be depressed if they dont

  4. Gelz

    At the end of the day its there rights if they want to protest, so what if you think it makes them look idiotic and entitled. The owner, the board have been making us look idiotic for years, it wasn’t the fans that sold us a dream that leaving Highbury and selling all our top players just so we can sit in the state of the art stadium, with over priced tickets and watch mediocre football, it wasn’t the fans that said we would be able to compete with the top teams just to watch us get smashed by them, it wasn’t the fans that said we will be able to buy top players and make a profit in the transfer window, its not the fans who take 4year’s to address a problem position and neglect other areas, its not the fans who let most of there best players enter the final year of there contracts, if it takes people to look idiotic and entitled to make a point, so be it

  5. Bob

    You sir, are one of the main reasons the club is in the situation it is in now.

    Not only are you accepting the mediocrity that has been creeping into this club over the last 10 or so years, you are embracing this mediocrity.

    We have players who clearly just want to collect a pay check. A manager who couldn’t organise a defense if his life depended on it, insists on playing players out of position and drops key players for no reason. We have a clear need for quality in defense and central midfield. Instead of addressing this need, we make a 30m profit in the transfer window and call this successful. Meanwhile fans are being charged the highest season ticket prices in the world.

    Your solution to this is to go and support someone else? Do you actually spend hard earned money to go and watch Arsenal play? i have been a season ticket holder for 22 years and it hurts.

    1. gmv8

      And an owner who doesn’t know when the club wins or loses. What a joke, no wonder none of the team have any passion.

  6. Gooner

    Failure to address the same deficiencies year in year out. Groundhog day. We have a good base, its just a few additions to really push us on. Not necessarily player wise, but jeez Arsene, loosen the noose, let Bouldy have a good amount of time to drill the team in the art of defending. We score plenty, we concede too many. Is that too much to ask that a manager addresses the shortcomings of a team?

    Most don’t expect to win every game, but most do want to go up against the big boys knowing that we can but in something more than school boy stuff.

  7. John0711

    Another article telling fans that they shouldn’t have an opinion and they should just pay up where do these people come from ???????

    1. Ted Samson

      Mid table teams with stadiums nearly as large as Arsenal’s and have their sits filled during every game. Some of their fans don’t know what it means to win a trophy but they come out every game with friends and family to show support, making the atmosphere difficult for visiting teams.
      We were losing home games last season because we had the worst atmosphere in d league last season.
      Protests won’t make the board sack Wenger, all smart Arsenal fans should know that by now.
      The protest will just help reduce player morale and ensure we lose game we should normally win.
      We are stuck with Wenger, losing games won’t make the board sack him, get used to it!!!
      Support the team.

      1. bran99

        “Mid table teams with stadiums nearly as large as Arsenal’s and have their sits filled during every game. ” comparing Arsenal to mid table teams? Delusion have eaten 90% of your brain, why not compare Arsenal to teams of its own status? We moved to the emirates and we were promised to compete with the best, not compete with mid table teams with stadiums as large as the emirates.. wake up

        1. Quantic Dream

          Lol…you compare yourself with Man utd, Chelsea and Man City and AKBs call you negative. They then go ahead and compare us with Westbrom, Everton and Stoke city and declare themselves positive. Its like the main argument AKBs have is that Arsenal is somehow overachieving and we should shut up and appreciate we are never fighting relegation.

        2. Fola

          Stop mourning, put up the money, by Arsenal, sack Wenger and bring in the coaches and players you want.
          Until you are able to do that, your protest is not only a waste of time and energy, it is disruption to the club and the team spirit

  8. John0711

    Admin I find it strange that NEW people come on here all makes my arguments why the club should under achieve and fans should be greatful. I’m sure it’s not the same delusional fans just changing their name this site is depressing which is why I hardly come on it anymore. It’s full of spurs fans ?

    1. Admin Post author

      If you only want opinions from people who agree with you then you are definitely on the wrong site!
      Every Arsenal fan is entitled to their own opinion whether you like it or not. We are all ARSENAL fans

      1. John0711

        It’s amazing admin how you want fans like arseovertit for posting the same thing yet jetambue or what ever he’s called constantly repeats himself. Anyone would think your a AKB but I suppose we all have to make a living ?

        1. Admin Post author

          Oh sorry does someone not agree with you? Poor lad.
          I think you will find I delete more of jembuts post than you will ever know….

  9. Arsenal_Girl

    No. Not really
    Its Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidas. (the three stooges) who make us look idiotic

    If Wenger had got Lacazette 2 years ago for example we could have beat Leicester for the PL. City, Chelsea, Spuds, Liverpool were all behind us. Ozil was on form, nearly getting Henry’s assist record. But Walcott was played up front and Giroud went on a 12 game non scoring streak. (if I remember correctly). So just getting a top striker would have won us the PL probably. Wenger’s reputation would have been restored.

    Now because he only upgraded striker and LB and not Central midfield, not getting Lemar and not getting another Top CB we could possibly finish 6th place

    Out of Arsenal, United, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Spurs and Everton where do we rank?
    Only time will tell but I think the Top team will be United and at the moment after are 4-0 loss to Liverpool and their 5-0 loss to City we seem to be behind United, Liverpool and City at least. We will have a better idea of where we stand after playing Chelsea.

    Also, I may get thumbs down but on paper Spurs still look better than us. Defense, central midfield and attack.

    Also keep in mind why Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidas are multi-millionaires. Because of the FANS. We buy Tickets, Arsenal Merchandise, use our sponsors. If we don’t protest to try and change things we simply look like Muggs.

    All we want is for a decent manager who will complete our team with top quality players. Every summer we fall short. Every summer. Our rivals LOVE Wenger. Really. Spurs and all the others want Wenger to stay. What does that say?

    1. bran99

      True.. how I wished Van Gaal stayed longer, coz I always want to see Man U and our rivals weak. We are very weak and those who support Wenger right now are the Spurs and Man U fans, and some deluded AKBs

  10. Milton John

    Loosing a game or few isn’t the problem of fans. The way how we are loosing precisely without any fight. Year after year you and entire world knows what are to be done to be make us champions again and we are the only club ignoring it. How many teams have players like Wallcot, warming the bench with a weekly wages of 140,000. How many teams are in this world allows their best players to run out their contract, cannot offload the players who are enjoying overpay without playing through out a season for example Debuchy, Jenkinson etc.

  11. Ivan

    Admin you clearly do not watch football much. Supporters at other clubs make just as big a song and dance when their teams don’t perform to their capability and lack fight. For example in Spain with their white flags and in Italy and South America where physical violence is sometimes seen.
    Ours is more noticeable as the same situation has been continued for 10 years where we usually raise hopes by competing well until December then the losses start and then somewhere around March/April we pick up again.
    At most top clubs when a team stagnates in the league the board change manager as you have seen at Man U, Chelsea, Spuds and Liverpool. That is why in England protests have not really been seen too much at other clubs. It is only in the last few years that supporters have voiced their disapproval and that is because nothing changing and it is like Groundhog day (or should I say season) every year.
    For those who are happy for Arsenal to just be a cup team not capable of even trying to be competitive in the league then I can see why you are happy. Personally seeing us being like West Ham, Southampton and Everton and having such a limited ambition makes me sad.
    That said I wish the protests were kept out of the stadium as I don’t think t helps and concentrated more on the money side which I think is the only thing the owner cares about.

  12. Atid

    My dad, now 73 watched us win 1 league title in 36 years once. I started watching us with him just before we won our first European title, the following year we won the double, which was his first title. Attract point I just thought this is arsenal we are simply the greatest. It was then another 18 years until we won the league again. Ok there was an fa cup and a league cup during that period. But there was protests, Mee out (after we nearly got relegated) Neill out, Howe out, Burtenshaw out. However, my support of the club has never wavered and never will. Sure financially I have stopped funding the kroenke just giving club, but I am still an away supporter and I am a fan of the club from my spot in the pub. As soon as Kroenke goes, I am all over it again, but my honest opinion is that changing wenger alone, will not change our fortunes.

    1. Ivan

      Your dad was really unlucky to have such a fallow period. As you can see in terms of the league we are currently in the 3rd longest period between titles since we got good in the 30’s.

      1939 War starts and league ends
      1946/47 league starts again

  13. ThirdManJW

    “A few years back we were dominant”!! Really? That must have passed me by! I think Coldzero needs to do his research before writing another article, and a real fan would know it was a whopping 13 years ago that Arsenal last won a major trophy.

    Arsenal fans that live in the real world, like myself, don’t expect Arsenal to win every game, and every trophy going, of course not! But we should be competing, at the very least!

    I have to say that I am disgusted by this article, and shame on Coldzero. First of all, we live in a democracy. We have the right to protest. Arsenal fans have been incredibly patient, but no more! What do expect fans to do? The club treats us terribly, in fact, we’re probably the worst treated fans in Europe! Should we just continue to stay silent, turn up at the stadium with big smiles on our faces, ignore ALL the problems (which none of them are recent), have big smiles on our faces after so many shocking performances?

    So what I gather from this writer, is that when faced with adversity, we should just roll over and take it? It doesn’t matter how horrifically we’re being treated, we shouldn’t try and change things for the better?

    Finally, to say we’re entitled is ridiculous! But if any fan of any club were to feel like that, then Arsenal fans should have a right too considering how much money we pump into the club. We pay the highest ticket prices on the planet! We should get something back for that, and we’re not!

    Coldzero clearly wants to treated very badly by Arsenal, and also wants end to free speech. I am sorry, but I cannot agree with that!

    1. Admin Post author

      13 years since Arsenal won a major trophy!
      There are THREE trophies in England and Arsenal have won one of them, the FA Cup, three times in last four years.
      If you don’t think that the FA Cup is a trophy try talking to a Tottenham fan that hasn’t won an FA Cup in 25 years! Liverpool havent won it since 2005.
      Arsenal have won it NINE times since Spurs last won it. It is the second most important trophy in England, but are you saying there is only one trophy worth winning??

      1. John0711

        How is it a major trophy when most clubs including Arsenal play weakens teams in the competition
        Would the do the same in the CL knock out stages

        1. sanmi.marvellous

          Chelsea team threw away a 2-0 lead to lose 4-2 at home to third-tier Bradford City in one of the biggest upsets in the competition’s recent history, while City lost 2-0 to Championship high-fliers Middlesbrough at the Etihad Stadium.

          If your ”weakens” teams had beaten Arsenal in those fixtures you would have called for the head of Giroud and Wenger – the easy targets.

          Give credit where it is due, little man.

      2. Nothing changed

        I agree with Wenger on one thing, a top 4 place is a better trophy than the FA Cup and no top 4. After the top 4, the FA cup is the next best thing IMO. But I would never trade a top 4 place for the FA Cup and I don’t think any top 4 teams would trade that for an FA cup.

        1. Admin Post author

          So 8n the last 4 years Wenger has got 3 fa cups and 3 top fours. In the last 21 years Wenger has 7 fa cups and 20 top fours. And he is rubbish????

      3. ThirdManJW


        I love winning any trophy, but I am talking the big ones, a European trophy, or the league. Competitions that are genuinely difficult to win. It was fantastic winning the FA cup last season, but we basically had a bye to the semi-finals. In the league, there are no byes!

      4. Henry for Manager

        Yes- for top teams or teams with aspirations to be a top team there is only one trophy worth winning in England and one trophy worth winning in Europe – The rest are for bridesmaids.

      5. gmv8

        Everyone knows the EPL and CL are the trophies everyone wants, and puts the effort into, the FA cup sits somewhere between the EFL and the EPL cup, mid-level, which is exactly where we are – we are competing with Leicester according to Kroenke, so why don’t we have Leicester season ticket prices? Get out Kroenke, you disgrace.

    2. Mobella

      This major trophy madness started in 2014 when arsenal started winning again. Before that it was arsenal has not winning ANY trophy in 10 years. The moment arsenal wins epl again it goes back to be a trophy.

  14. ArseOverTit

    Yes down with free speech.

    This is not a democracy. Everyone must like Wenger and what the club are doing and just pay your money and shut up..


    Protests are coming, like it or not…

    1. Admin Post author

      Haha so it’s not a democracy unless everyone agrees with you. Come on every Arsenal fan is entitled to an opinion whether you like it or not…

  15. summerbreez

    Arsenal are a successful club and will always be seriously last season was not that bad for the past 21 years we remind a the top four no club in England had achieved that 21 years on the trot I believe we needed a new look at ourselves and the reason why we have not won it we have not won the premier league in the past 12 years while clubs such Leicester have won it having said that we were the only team to have won them home and away we seem to be a little short at every term in one stage opponents literally broke our players and some were very viciously broken every one ganged against us and we crumbled to the pressure we need to assert our self by winning lower tear competitions and grow to be strong and fight it hard and give other teams what we were giving Firstly we need to unite and create a fortress at the emirate stadium become the twelfth team player once we get the fundamentals right I know and guarantee we will win it all we need to plant our feet in the ground we need unite become one strong unit

      1. JJPawn

        Ox was sold for 35M. Ramsey plays, while Theo comes on from the bench.

        I too would like better positional play by Ramsey, so I hope that his place as MF would go to Kolasanic for some games to see how it would work.

  16. Bur

    There we are, we beat Bournmouth and weegor fans raise their deluded heads again. Do they forget the ten goal pounding by the Germans, the very, very poor league campaigne last season and the previous 8, the lies and broken promises and the sheer embarrassment that has been bestowed on us the Arsenal fans. Some say to get behind the team and management, I am an Arsenal supporter through and through but I will never be behind weegor and the current board. They are totally degrading.

  17. gmv8

    No – it is KROENKE that is making us look idiotic – we pay the highest ticket prices in the WORLD, we are ENTITLED to see a decent, competitive team on the pitch, not having our hard earned money, which is supposed to invested into the club we support siphoned off into KROENKE SPORT ENTERPRISES.

      1. gmv8

        We don’t – to be competitive we need leader in the defence, ably demonstrated when Per was playing, and a shielding midfield player. This is obvious to everyone watching, and was obvious to Wenger, but yet again we made a profit in the transfer window, rather than addressing the deficiencies, thanks to Kroenke. For our spending in the transfer window to make such an abrupt turn could’ve only come from Kroenke. One moment we were buying players, the next we stopped everything, said we had no money and went on a fire sale, selling players for 5 million less than had already been bid. And for anyone thinking Wenger is the problem, or has the slightest chance of being replaced, Kroenke is 100% happy with what he is doing, and was so happy that he overruled the board, who would base their decisions on football, rather than the current bank balance, like Kroenke, and gave him a 25% pay increase. As long as that dead-weight is majority share-holder we are doomed to mid level mediocrity while having to pay the highest prices in the world to see it.

  18. nosa

    asernal fans are plastic fans look at the way Liverpool fans cheered Philip contioh and look at wat arsenal fans did to Alexis remember both player where faced with the same senerio. they both wanted to leave but it didn’t go through. was Alexis groomed from your academy? did you guys not buy him from baca as a finished product . he owns no obligation to asernal because you bought him when he was already good. no big player wants to play for asenal because the fans are childish. just look what they did to rvp, nasri ,sagna and so many player who served the clubs with full humility and did their job without fear or favour. a contract is only binding for a particular time and if d employee feels he wants more challenging jobs he can resign and revoke d contract. the employees placenter is not tied to any company for life he can decide to resign and look for a better job especially when he knows the value of what he can offer.the employer has no right to cry or insult his employee especially wen he knows that he is not utilizing his resources to full capacity. arsenal fans are childish at time. I have seen good player leave clubs to other clubs and their fans still cheered them even wen they were playing against their old clubs, am an arsenal fan but I think this rubbish attitude and mentality has to stop thanks

  19. gmv8

    Kroenke must be a Spud, no one could’ve done a better job ruining Arsenal Football club – the Spuds should knight him – Arise Sir Kronke of Totteringham!

  20. David Rusa

    Some people indeed suffer from double standards. During the period when Arsenal was not winning trophies they were clamouring for any trophy even Carling cup and they were rubbishing top four finish. They even nicknamed it the ‘Wenger trophy’. In 2014 when Arsenal won FA after nine years without a trophy all of a sudden the FA cup was labelled a small trophy! I haven’t heard anybody call the Capital one cup a small trophy maybe because Arsenal hasn’t won it in a long time. I recall the same people praising Man U for winning it and saying Moorings had started his usual habit of winning trophies. We need to get real. A trophy is a trophy no matter what your opinion is. Similarly only feeble minded people use double standards to suit their selfish interests.

  21. JJPawn

    To get to top four Arsenal has to win most of the games at home. Basically, we must win against the top sides. That kind of victory is hard to achieve at home with less fan support. If we want top four this year, we must support the team and manager 100%.

    I think is would be fine to attack the owners for not giving a proper transfer budget of 200M to win the EPL.

    Winng the CL is not possible. For that we have to spend much more, and buy a Messi type of player. It will cost a lot more than 200M.

    There is a small chance this year to win the EPL, because we are not playing in the CL and because we have Ozil, Sanchez and Lacazette. We should score many more goals than last year, if we keep these three players together. It also means get a stronger mid-field, and for that we need a better performance from Xhaka, or I would like to see Kolasanic tried there for a few games. I also want to see Welbeck in the side, even if it means starting him behind Sanchez. Then we have issues on the RW: maybe Iwobi or Nelson can play there. I think if we are lucky Koz will stay health, and Mustafi regains form, then we have the English lads.

    While the teams is Wengers to create to win, we need to back him and the team. This year Chelsea have Chelsea type problems inside the club. City are still creating a new team, and have problems with injury too. United is fragile at the back, and still have fragile egos, and Mauriho can attract trouble. Liverpool cannot perform as well against physical teams, and they have issues with their star player. The Spurs might have issues too with player not being paid, and maybe Real coming for Kane…

    We Arsenal fans need to be more strategic and also realize that many team are going to also miss international players.

    I thin we make top four this year. Wit fan support at home, we could go further.

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