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The real Arsenal were back against West Ham!

Arsenal 5 – 1 West Ham United, this is the Arsenal we know and love! by KJ

What a win to get things back on track. I had my doubts after seeing the starting line-up. It looked very offensive and potentially dangerous but also had a soft underbelly. My fears were compounded when we conceded but we fought back valiantly and got the deserved win.

The game started off quite strongly for Arsenal. We generally start matches quite terribly and Wenger even brought up his concerns in a recent press conference. Obviously the players felt they had something to prove. We were dangerous and the passing looked crisp. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t find the breakthrough in the first 20 minutes. What happened next was typical Arsenal.

We were defending a corner (pretty well I might add) and out of nowhere we are 1 – 0 down. I was in shock as was most of the stadium. We were so dominant and yet found ourselves a goal down. It was actually not really down to our bad defending but more down to a wonder strike by Jack Collison (who will probably never score a goal like that again). 0-1.

The German Lukas Podolski however put us right back in it with an equally good strike at the other end. It was a very good dink by Wilshere around the midfield area that two players out of the game. Podolski was free to either take a shot or make a pass and he made the right decision. It was a thunderous strike. 1-1.

We started the second half equally as good as the first. But what happened in the next 10 minutes, no one could predict. Theo takes the corner and Giroud runs around the congestion in the box to score a near post goal. It was clearly a worked on routine that came into fruition against the Hammers. 2-1. Podolski had to get in on the action and unselfishly gave Cazorla the pass who then proceeded to walk the ball into the back of the net. 3-1. It was Podolski again who had completely stretched West Ham’s back line and he placed a beautifully weighted pass in Walcott’s path who coolly dispatched the goal. 4-1. Podolski wasn’t done assisting and managed to get Giroud a goal with a lovely cut back and a tap in by the Frenchman. 5 – 1.

After the hectic 10 minutes, things did calm down as there was no real onus on Arsenal to overstretch themselves for the sake of a goal with important matches coming up. Unluckily Dan Potts had to be taken off after being knocked unconscious by an accidental clash of heads with an Arsenal player. Arsenal played the remainder of the game a man up and made some glorious chances but we didn’t really overcommit when attacking and hence didn’t really take advantage of the extra man.

All in all it was a really good performance by the Gunners which should give them confidence for a difficult away game against Brighton in the FA cup.

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54 thoughts on “The real Arsenal were back against West Ham!


    don’t start with this shit !! we have had 1 good win against a very poor west ham and anyone would think we have won the cup !!! reports like this will make wenger think twice about spending money you fool

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  2. TrueGunner82

    Would love to see Villa come to arsenal and also a defender/defensive midfeild player and we could have performances like that week in week out.

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  3. 7

    But why is it that we falter in the big games? In order to be World Class we need to beat the best, let’s see what happens against Bayern.

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  4. green gunner

    l have read enough negitive comments on this website to last me a lifetime.

    Our team won 5-1 last night and I’m going to grin like a Cheshire cat all day long.

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  5. LP

    Does anybody know why cazorla always kisses his wrist after scoring……wondering if it is some kind of tribute??

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  6. jp


    Its nice to see good posts about our team for once. (especially on this site)
    There are enough articles out there that slate our club.
    I’m tired of hearing everyone’s moaning, the club knows what it needs to do to improve and I have full faith that they will do it.
    Support your team.

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  7. Base Billy

    Ramsey. Not everyone will like this, but the truth is the truth. HE WAS QUALITY LAST NIGHT. Kept the team ticking over, great passing, vision on through balls and defensive work. Superb. Alright, i know it was West Ham, but all the same if he carries on like that the future is bright!

    This could be his role in the team, in a Pirlo ‘esc role. Keep it up Rambo!

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  8. Gunnerineverylife

    Giroud MUST play well against big games.He seems to miss vital chances when we play against top teams,I know its not easy for someone who played in ligue2 2-3 years ago to bang in goals in every match in a league like EPL.Lets hope that he imrpoves with time BUT we definitely need a DM,Striker and LB(if Gibbs gets injured we will be left with Santos).

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  9. Sam c

    When podolski fancies playing you can see why he has got 100 caps!

    We need a striker and dm still and perhaps cb, shouldn’t paint over cracks but a good performance nonetheless. Most importantly we need consistency!!

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  10. Professori

    Wonder where Adam Kemp is? He never seems to post when arsenal have played well. He seems to be on a personal crusade against Wenger. We have a good team but all we need is a leader who takes charge on the pitch right from the start. Is it not a coincidence that our team does far better in the second half after Wenger has had a go at them.

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  11. Reality Check

    I am quite unsure, I would say Arsenal were OK. Rather WestHam played poorly, they were shit in Attacking as well as in defending. I think Big SAM had submitted the game before it started yesterday. It is long road ahead for Arsenal I feel,Last year Spurs slipped, you never know they might not this time! And Hell Ya we need a Good DM, playmaker in Fabregas style and a CB, Vermaelen is better defender of the lot.

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  12. Noldo

    Consistency comes with experience…Wenger needs to balance the squad…I think he has been getting his tactics wrong of late…that’s y we have always been poor in the first half…Good win though….was nyc to have our Arsenal back, even if it was only for 45 minutes…COYG

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  13. John-Legend

    Juƨτ tell Wenger τ☺ sign quality players.

    He should have done his business a while ago, D Guys would have started τ☺ gel, before Bayern game, it would have been perfect. At least, we wȋιι stand a very gφφd chance.

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  14. Gunnersince15

    A fantastic 10 minutes, when we destroyed the Hammers. However, this once again shows our Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality. It’s great to have such a convincing win but it’s no good playing like Brazil one minute and like Scotland, the next. We need consistency if we are to get fourth place, starting by beating Liverpool, next week.

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  15. Mallu Gooner

    Giroud should try to control the aerial balls with his head or chest (like Fellaini does) rather than flicking everything with his head.

    Most of those flicks result in loosing possession. Some of them only reaches Theo or Podolski.

    Our players are bit shorter on average than most of the teams.

    Players like Giroud and Mertescaker is not making enough contribution with their height factor.

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  16. LT

    What we did to West Ham in those crazy 10 minutes must be sustained for 90 minutes in every game we play. I know that is impossible but if we are consistent especially against the bigger teams we will win some trophies.

    I am happy with the win. It may not be enough to win us the title but it helps us to get some positive perspective on the club. So many so called fans dedicate their time to crushing everything the club does but they never have anything to say afer such a game.

    When Arsenal plays like they did yesterday, its obvious to see why Wenger beleives in these players. They are coming of age but they need to be reinforced with quality signings. We have an excellent core, we just need to reinforce it.

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  17. Th14

    @Professori actually he commented on the post just after the match and was ‘surprisingly’ impressed with our performance with the football we played some what resembling the arsenal of old. These negative fans are annoying but i understand why they are so negative, but what i cant stand are the fickle fans.

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  18. mwenyeji

    It was kind of poetic justise for Big Sam having said all that crap of how we are shit without RVP so on..
    Call it a midtable team or whatever but i realy feel good when we rub it it against guys like big sam and all these teams that either break our players legs or are deliberately targeting them. Last year we worked 7 against Blackburn, this year we have humbled Westham and I know f that soon, we will put Pulis and his Stoke thugs to the sword.And then I will be a very very very happy man!Because i would have won a trophy of football
    And people should get off Giroud back, he aint RVP he is Giroud with his faults but look at who defends against all set pieces which is a shame as Per is quite tall too.

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  19. gooner23

    Quality performance from the lads try keep it dm and amazing striker 4th is ours n possibly fa cup keep it up lads* COYG !!

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  20. Big Gun

    Ramsey had a good game I agree, but lets look at facts. West Ham were no threat at all. After their first goal, Arsenal dominated. Ramsey had very little defensive work whilst CDM position. Also, his passes were primarily to players a few meters away under no real pressure. He did a good job of what was required from him, but Ramsey is not capable of doing what Wilshere and Cazorla do. He is no AM or Winger, and trust me, if we were playing United, City or Chelsea last night he would have been made a fool of! As I said, it is like saying Sczcesny had an absolute brilliant game because he only let through 1 goal. The guy hardly handled the ball, so a statement like that cannot be made. Same with Ramsey. I’d say if was up against players like Rooney, Tevez, Fellaini etc and was able to do what he did last night, then YES he deserves absolute praise, but the fact is he was hardly under any pressure. Seriously, I cannot fathom how people are now saying Ramsey has found his true position in DM! Don’t make me laugh!

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  21. John-Legend

    Yoυ should not expect A. Kemp here. Were we supposed τ☺ lose yesterday??? Kemp frowns at we losing irrelevantly, even against big teams, especially when the teams don’t play convincinly.

    Should we lose against Brig $ Hove, expect another Kemp’s post.

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  22. Twig

    West Ham were shockingly poor. Diame probably wasn’t started because Arsenal were after him. The scoreline would have been much higher were it not for the injury. I wouldn’t read too much into the game.

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  23. hamid

    Ramsey improved, Ox worsened, his age is starting to show. Can’t wait to see the todays youngsters in three years from now. Somewhere around that time Arsenal will win an EPL trophy for sure.

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  24. Josh

    Well, it was a good performance but so were we against Swansea n d next game we played poorly. so let’s not be carried away we still got a lot of job at hand and hopefully Asene will add to the squad!!

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  25. realist

    No addittions unless there are departures that is my bet. with 25 players in our first team squad number wise we have enough. the problem is many lake quality and consistency.

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  26. Reddb10

    We did see glimpses of great football but only in the second half.
    The team, the manager, and that idiot Gazidis need to stand up to the challenge and give the fans a trophy whilst getting us minimum fourth place.
    Nothing less will suffice.

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  27. A Goonersville Citizen

    Chuck Norris checked under his sheets, and realized his left foot was missing… Podolski left a note on his coffee table that he’d taken it to work! 🙂

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  28. Glen

    All I want to say is very well done Arsenal, I thought we were fantastic last night, some of our best football ofthe season. Please keep it up lads. COYG!

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  29. Uche

    Great win. Some wonder why we don’t play like this in every game. Blame arsenal. This is like a new team and a new team needs time to gel. If you are going to buy so many first team players in the summer, do it early so they can have a good preseason. Thanks to the euros, we had no proper preseason and before you know it, we were off to asia for what has become our annual money making exhibition matches. This team will play better next season. Individually, they are solid players. But they are also getting to know each other. Imagine a first team with Giroud, Podolski, Carzola and Wilshere. Four players who never played together until this season. That is part of why we blow hot and cold. We are still trying to figure out the best combinations and it takes time. Giroud requires certain kinds of assists to shine. Podolski does better when he drifts to the centre and doesn’t have to defend. Walcot is coming on in leaps and bounds, whether on the flanks or in the centre. He is our top scorer with 16 goals and numerous assists inspite of missing games and starting as a sub in many games too. These are great stats that cannot be ignored.

    As for losing the big games, have you guys ever considered the fact that our opponents are better than us? RVP made all the difference last season and is the most clinical striker in the epl. Giroud is no RVP. So when we play man city with ten men against players like silva, tevez, zabaleta, aguero and kompany, you need a miracle to win such games because it is virtually impossible to beat them.

    A clinical striker and a defensive midfielder will liberate this team to play their best game ever. Podolski does best when he doesn’t have to worry about tracking back. That is why he was so brilliant yesterday. But when gibbs bombs forward for the majority of the game, he has no choice but to cover for him. Germans are very disciplined. This reduces our attacking and goal scoring threat from the left. Hopefully, wenger signs a clinical striker and attacking midfielder to fix these problems.

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  30. Big Gun

    4 people on this forum think Ramsey should be our new DM???
    Thumbs up for Ramsey to be our new DM. Thumbs down for not.

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  31. The Goon

    I would like to see podolski n giroud play up front together . With ox down one wing theo down the other great striking force going forward

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  32. bob

    Crap….. we still have a long way to go and many players to get rid of and bring and then for them to settle in the team before we can say that…I bet you thought the same thing when we bet Barsa 2…..1 both you and Adam Kemp. Everyone keeps saying that Adam Kemp only comes around when we lose, but he did and article after that 2..1 win saying maybe Wenger was right with his youth policy etc.

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  33. Hrayatt

    What we really need to do is invest in a good LB and move gibbsy forward into a left wing (gareth bale type position). Because what i have seen so far whenever he pushes up is devastating. the way he twists and turns in and out of defenders is amazing.

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  34. Mark

    I just want to believe they can win every game, instead of being nervous that they will capitulate or not get out of the blocks. Their performances have been very up and down all season, almost bipolar in nature. It’s great that they win so convincingly, but I’m no fan of the depressing defeats..!

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  35. true goon

    We definitely need to work on our consistency especially against the top teams.The way we beat teams like West ham its like we’e just flat track bullies,good against medicre teams but rubbish against any1 goods

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  36. paul

    we yet again failed to defend from a standing position. surly someone must think id better stand at the edge of the area incase in comes out????

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  37. Arsenal

    @green gunner u r a big fool cause e if you know anything about football you will understand that r our team played with west ham second team so don’t get carried away i will say it again we need a DF and CF

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  38. TrueGunner82

    I think giroud has the potential to be a great striker once he gets use to the ways of the premier league, he has great awareness and great runs. I have faith in him…. for next season.

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  39. saras


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  40. kevin

    the only reason arsenal won the game is because west ham didnt release the BEAST that is CHAMAKH!!! we were very lucky he didnt play. 🙂

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  41. Gunner_Nation


    We had the best game probably of the season last night. But now, its consistency we need. Can we go out and do it again and again against the bigger clubs? I hope so, but I wont put too much into it.

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