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The real reason why Arsenal can’t beat Man City to Jonny Evans or any other player

It has been confirmed by the BBC that Arsenal have made an approach to West Brom regarding the availability of their captain Jonny Evans, but the bad news is that Pep Guardiola’s Man City may also be considering making a bid, and Arsene Wenger thinks that the Gunners would have no chance at all of buying him if City decide to go all out to sign the 30 year-old centre-back.

The boss was asked in today’s press conference whether Arsenal had got an agreement for Evans and he replied: “We don’t have an agreement with anybody. I think the best thing is not to talk,” Wenger said in his press conference prior to Arsenal’s trip to Chelsea for the first leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final.

“We will need to see off any interest of any other club, yes. I don’t know if Manchester City are in for anybody. I don’t know what their policy is.

“If the decision comes to finances against Manchester City, we know we will be second best.”

This is a fact as the Citizens have an unlimited pit when it comes to buying players and paying higher wages than anyone else in the Premier League, and even if Wenger won ten jackpots in a visit to he could still never outbid the oil-rich shiekhs. But there is another small fact that may be the reason that Evans would prefer to go to the Etihad. Perhaps he would like the idea of having a Premier League winners medal handed to him on a plate?

This could also be the reason why Alexis Sanchez is also desperate for a move right now…


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  1. muffdiver

    Arsenal have £766 million worth of fixed assets — following their move from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium — more than any other club in world football, while only Manchester United have more money in the bank (£307m) than Arsenal’s £300m.

    The north London club also have the lowest net debt (£8m) of any other team from England, with Chelsea’s £800m recorded as the largest of clubs in the top 100.

    The annual report by Soccerex suggests that Arsenal have the monetary muscle to “invest significantly” in the transfer market.

    we are second in world football

    so as much as i dont want jonny evans
    i dont want lies either- this club is run by LIARS

    1. John0711

      Only the AKB soak the ? up though muff
      Most of us know better now we can compete we just choose to continue to rip of the gullible fans
      Wenger out
      Kronkie out

      1. Ken 1945

        Sorry guys, but if majority of shareholders do not want to invest in a player, then Arsene Wenger has no say in the matter.
        Surely it must be the owner who must carry the ultimate blame?
        I understand that both Ozil and Sanchez have been offered salaries beyond our wildest dreams, but, so far that hasn’t worked.
        Both of these players have won more silverware in the last four years than any current Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool or Spurs player.
        As far as ensuring that Arsenal Football Club is financially secure for many years to come, then the figures stated by Soccerex prove that.
        It might help if “supporters” did not turn everything that Arsene says in to a scenario of gloom, doom and lies.
        The fact is that every football supporter knows that, at the moment, Man City are playing wonderful football and (I believe) any player would want to be part of that…especially if they can get paid a kings ransom as well.

        1. jon fox

          Ken , Still peddling this “how well,we are doing and how lucky to have Wenger” nonsense. All to no avail except a few deluded souls like yourself. Have you ever even thought , exactly WHY it is that the mountain of daily dung that Wenger and the dishonourables above him constantly get, goes on daily? Is it perhaps that no one but YOU and a few other “see no wrong, hear no wrong, so no wrong exists” dullards know everything about football and all the rest know nothing, perhaps! All the evidence from your many “away with the fairies ” posts would seem to point this arrogant way. Ever heard of AMBITION? OR EVER REALISED MOST OF OUR FANS, UNLIKE THE CLUB, AND YOU, ACTUALLY HAVE SOME? I don’t think you and your rapidly diminishing sort, would even know how to spell the word! Shameful!

          1. Ken 1945

            Been waiting for you to comeback to me old friend.
            Firstly, I remember you getting so annoyed someone challenged you that you asked them how they dared call you this and that when they didn’t even know you.
            Now here you are doing exactly the same thing to me. That must tell everyone who is fairminded just what you are about.
            Once again the dribble you come out with is completely against the points I tried to make in response to someone else’s views. There was no personal attack on anyone. But that doesn’t seem to bother you does it?
            I’ll try again and see if you can give me a succinct answer (please no capitals).
            If the shareholders say no to a transfer can a mnager overturn that decision? yes or no?
            Have Ozil and Sanchez been offered more money than you could ever dream of earning? yes or no?
            Have they won more medals in the last four years than any current top five clubs players? yes or no?
            Are Arsenal in a financial situation that ensures they will be secure for the forseeable future? yes or no
            Are ManCity playing superb football? yes or no?
            If one was offered a kings ransom to join them would they do it?yes or no?
            Please explain how that is peddling anything but the truth?
            It will be interesting to see if and how you respond and I hope we get some other responses to this as well.

            1. Trudeau

              If could thumb this up ten times I would. Not necessarily because I agree with everything you said but because your response went high and stuck to the matter at hand rather than going low and name calling like the earlier poster. Kudos to you Ken.

            2. lugdush

              the pont of the medals is ablolutly absurd men…or do u really think any player would prefer 3 FA CUP medals than 1 EPL medal? u should add to that all our shames in games vs all of those who are supposed t be our competittors…

              If the shareholders say no to a transfer can a mnager overturn that decision? yes or no? in our case, wenger is who choose…even the ceo said that they would buy any player wenger needs aside 2 or 3 (we are not demanding pogba, coutinho, neymar, levandowsky, etc, BTW)
              Have Ozil and Sanchez been offered more money than you could ever dream of earning? yes or no? yes, but that was not enought, and that is because of our performances, our player (choosen by wenger) and our tactics
              Have they won more medals in the last four years than any current top five clubs players? i already answer this pointless (i have no problem with u and i dont want to point u, but making this point shows how blind are u men)
              Are Arsenal in a financial situation that ensures they will be secure for the forseeable future? arsenal with arsene can only secure failure and mediocrety, targeting 4 spot like our goal and forgetting that arsenal is a big club, with the obligation of put a fight for the big prize…and a real fight btw
              Are ManCity playing superb football? yes or no? yes they are, and we should be trying and demanding the same..dont we have a manager who is being paid as much as guardiola?
              If one was offered a kings ransom to join them would they do it? yes, more if that someone is playing in a team without blood and with a walcott mentality

              1. Ken 1945

                Facts are what we are talking about:
                First point regarding medals. I didn’t say that three cup winner medals (plus three Community shield medals) was better or worse than one Premier league medal. My point was that they had won more than others had.
                Point two regarding Ozil and Sanchez contract: So the fact is Arsenal have offered them both incredible deals which proves that Arsenal can and will offer top salaries. Why did Lacazette join us if we are so bad? Remebmber he could have gone to Liverpool?
                Point 4 we agree that Arsenal are secure for the forseeable future.
                Point 5 we agree that Man City are playing superb football and I agree with you that Arsenal should be up there with them..but so should Man Utd Chelsea, Liverpool and the Spuds but none of us are. So, by your definition, all the managers of those clubs are only going to secure mediocrity and failure. There can a really good case for your observations regarding Wengers salary as I also think he is being paid to much.
                Lastly, a kings ransom. We have deadwood players in our club, one would have to be blind not to realise that. But in the case of Evans (that was the point of the original post) Wenger is only stating that, if City want him and it comes down to salary they would be prepared to offer a larger salary.
                Likewise, I have no problem with you and your views. It’s really good to discuss things. My only concern is over the personal attacks on our manager (like him or not). I have a real issue with what Steve Bould is supposed to be doing for his salary, but I try and do it in a civilised way. I am not a blind follower of Wenger and, like all of us, he has weaknesses. What I try to do is work onfacts not blind personal attacks on people.
                Point three: You say Wenger has the last say in transfer delalings, so why is he not getting Evans (not if we need him or not) when he has made a bid. Same with Lemar and he had to wait a season before the board said ok.
                Thanks lugdush for your reply, lets hope we win something this season!!!

            3. Nothing changed

              Ken – don’t want to get involved in other peoples squabbles but your questions are a tat misleading to me or irrelevant.

              Does anyone doubt Wenger decides which players are bought and sold?

              Is it possible Ozil and Sanchez are not only interested in money?

              Is it possible Arsenal could have offered Sanchez what he wanted but just don’t want to?

              Is it possible big players want to win major trophies and play for clubs that also want to win major trophies?

              Has Arsenal won any major trophies in the last 14 years?

              1. Ken 1945

                Hi Nothing Changed.
                Thats what this forum is about…facts and opinions.
                If Wenger decides who comes and goes,why isn’t he getting Evans as he clearly wants him (2 reported bids).
                Totally agree that it could be more than money, it could be winning medals including the champions league. When they joined us, we had qualified year after year. Last year was our first failure in twenty and I believe they should stay and put that right.
                What does sanchez want? Nobody knows but him.
                Of course big players want to play for big clubs that want to win big trophies.
                Could I suggest that’s whyLacazette signed for us. Surely your not suggesting that any football club doesn’t want to be successful?
                Major trophies in the last 14 years?
                Well, this iis where personal opinions come into play. If you went back one year then we were premier league champions. We were then lampooned for not winning anything even though we qualified for the champions league every year (this now seems to be a wonderful achievement since we failed last year) and have won the FA cup three times in the last four years. Compared to Liverpool=Brilliant Spuds=Fantastic.
                Compared to Man Utd=Not good enough
                Man City=about the same amount of trophies. Compared to Chelsea=Not good enough.

                1. arsenal#7


                  the points you are making are simple but there is no yes or no answer here
                  Wenger or Arsenal for that matter can’t get any players if clubs like City/United/Chelsea are also involved
                  Simple fact is those clubs are always offering high wages and opportunity to win major trophies.
                  FA cup is not a trophy that Sanchez or Ozil who have been world champions are tempted by. Maybe good enough for Iwobi but not them.
                  In the above is also the answer that Arsenal HAVE NOT won any major trophies last 14 years and the club is in a downward spiral.
                  No world class players are coming to play under Wenger unless they earn Chinese League money.
                  These are the facts as much as we want to admit it or not.

                  1. Ken 1945

                    So why did Sanchez and Ozil join in the first place then, as we have been on a downward spiral for fourteen years?

                2. Nothing changed

                  Ken, I think Wenger might want Evans but I think Wenger is not willing to pay whatever it takes to get his targets and usually appears to miss most of the players he wants because he offers too little or is outbid. Not always because we don’t have the resources but often IMO because he finds it hard to spend money in this ever inflating players market.

        2. Ken 1945

          By the way Muffdiver I agree with all you have pointed out except your last point about liars.
          That spoilt a really good and informative piece.

  2. Break-on-through

    Would Evans play even or would he be another mercenary taking the money even though he knows they will bring in top quality at every opportunity. Too many Brits took that city money knowing they will not play. Arsenal need him, they need someone who can help the younger ones on the field which Mert Kos Cech cannot seem to do. Maybe he’s not the right player but we don’t know that yet, when back is against the wall he will be used to that more so than our guys and maybe he can teach some of what he learned to at least one of Chambers Holding Bielik. As for our open play maybe he will surprise us and do allot better this time around. Wouldn’t be my choice by the way but I’d be willing to see what he’s like before bad mouthing.

    1. gotanidea

      Evans might be very good and has a lot of experience, but Arsenal already have Koscielny for that. Unless he is available for less than 20 millions.

      Arsenal need to rejuvenate, like what City did with Sane, Bernardo Silva, etc. They had better get someone younger like Atletico Madrid’s Jose Gimenez or Lazio’s expiring contract rebel, De Vrij.

      1. Break-on-through

        I agree with you about Giminez. But we have young players and you do need a healthy mixture in my opinion. I would prefer experience at the back so long as they still have the stamina, top young exciting forwards is what Pep done. But Pep would still add 29 year old Alexis to that, because you need a healthy mixture. Also Kos does not communicate, and he’s finished.

  3. Lupe

    So wenger is making excuses incase he can’t buy jonny evans, Jonny bloody Evans… Lol. Man city need him as back up while he is supposed to be our saviour. This is why sanchez and ozil will run away from this club, our defense is so poor but we are going for an injury prone good but not great defender. What happened to having some balls and bid for people like manolas, koulibaly, just try with real intent, who knows what will happen. The problem in this club is we never try to move forward but always giving excuses that what we need to do might fail e.g sacking wenger and bringing on a new manager, we will rather stay stagnant than try to move forward.

    1. Ken 1945

      Who said he is supposed to be our saviour?
      Wenger is just looking at a proven international experienced centre back.
      Then he is accused of not out there looking for transfer targets.
      At the start of this season players such as Lemar admitted that Arsenal tried to buy him, but his club WOULDN’T sell him to anyone.
      But the rule seems to be blame Wenger for anything and everything, except when we win the FA cup three times in four years, THEN its because the competition has been devalued and I guess that must be his fault as well…SIGH SIGH SIGH

      1. AndersS

        Well, if anyone has shown that the FA Cup is devalued it is Wenger himself. Playing an entire B/youth team and getting knocked out!

      2. jon fox

        Well Ken, I’ll say this for you; you argue your case til you are blue in the face and I have to give you some credit for consistency, though consistently getting things WRONG is what Wenger , your matinee idol, does also. PERHAPS THAT IS WHY YOU ADORE HIM SO; KINDRED SPIRITS. Or deluded and unambitious old ” happy as we are, stuck in mediocrity” old fools! fact is , you are fighting a losing battle on any Arsenal fan forum. And when your hero is sacked ,by May at the latest, as he surely will be, perhaps we can hear no more delusions of adequacy from you and your also entirely and thankfully vanished “live in 1950” (when ,as you know, we won the CUP),types. Yes the FA Cup itself , the ultimate accolade of all ambitious clubs. Funny how they all treat it though as secondary and rest tired players to save them for “unimportant” league games. Even your Saint Arsene. eh Ken? Remind me again, by how many goals we beat Forest, when Saint Arsene “sensibly” gave the day off to our whole first team? Just as well he had ferocious Theo and “mad dog” Iwobi to score all the goals then eh? THEY ARE COMING TO TAKE ME HOME ,HA HA, HEE HEE, etc.

        1. Midkemma

          To be fair, Ken has just defended Wenger targeting Evans in this post.
          Ken hasn’t defended Wengers coaching, his tactics, his motivating players…

          Just transfers.

          TBH I kinda agree with him when it is regarding transfers, AFC as a whole needs to be blamed.

          Wenger for pushing to get Xhaka, the board for failing to pay 12 months ago for Lacazette, the board for not making funds available to buy Lemar without needing the funds from Alexis sale.

          I can talk about transfer f..Ups and they go right back to Gazidis 1st season as CEO, coincidence?

          1. Ivan

            Sorry but as everyone knows Wenger has the only say in incoming transfers and must take responsibility for the likes of Xhaka. How do we know that Wenger has the only say well that is by every anecdote such as the recent one by Kallstrom.

          2. jon fox

            But in many other posts Ken has defended Wenger. He and I are old foes and each think the others position is wrong. He has constantly said how lucky we are to have Wenger and as a lifelong fan I cannot allow this stupidity and wilful blindnes s- which is also Wengers very fault too, which is why I called them kindred spirits – to go unchallenged. I say Ken and his like, a vanishing few, live firmly in the past, are content with mediocrity and think ambition is for others, not OUR club. These silly people are the enemy of our club progressing. I really hope and believe that YOU have ambition for our club too and can see the vital necessity for it. In life no one succeeds at anything without drive , fierce ambition and hard work. At Arsenal right now those things are feared and never used. And that MUST change. Or do you disagree? An ambitious man when faced with an unambitious owner and board, would not tolerate this , IF he truly cared for the club he PROFESSES, to love. Would he?

        2. Ken 1945

          I think this the most intellectual post you have mustered to date.
          Read what you have just posted and you still want people to believe you have supported Arsenal for fifty years?
          You are even taking pleasure in the fact that we got knocked out of the FA cup by Forest.
          But of course you knew that the team that Wenger put out would play like that didn’t you? Of course he knew that as well because he didn’t want to win the game so that “supporters” like you could come on and show just what credentials they have to become a premier league manager.
          SaintArsene? Are you really that childish?
          Matinee Idol? Are you really that childish?
          Perhaps thats why you adore him so? Ditto
          How I wish that I could put my points over as well as you do, but if I try and be a little bit more humble and try to discuss relevant points I might not fall into that trap. BLAST I haven’t used any capitals to show everyone how important i am.

        3. Lance

          Jon, must you abuse or call people names in your contributions? I don’t know you but I canbtell you aren’t a a gentleman?

      3. Lupe

        Sorry, whats jonny evans supposed to be to our rotten defence if not saviour..keep deceiving yourself. Wenger should take all the blame with the board. Remember wenger said he loves the club yet supports and even defends the board, he has the power to make a change in this club but decides to do nothing. Yes i blame him because he has all the power, no manager has more power than wenger. I appreciate the fa cup wins but its time for him to go!

  4. gotanidea

    UAE, the country where Manchester City get the money from, is suffering because of oil prices and the big movements to replace the pollutant solar energy with a clean and renewable energy. I don’t see them having an unlimited pit of money and Arsenal is only the second richest football club in the world, according to this study:

    Besides, having much lesser money does not always make a football club unworthy to be title contender. Leicester City have proven it with Ranieri and their cheap players.

    And please do not tell me Leicester City’s success was just a fluke. Ranieri knew he must adjust his system according to his players’ abilities and his players earned the major trophy with hard work.

    1. Ivan

      We will Sue but the dinosaur is looking for that particular player who is injury prone, expensive, too old and/or not top quality. This is why we are linked with:
      – David Luiz (defender who can’t defend)
      – Karim Benzema (too old)
      – Johnny Evans (all of the above)
      God help us if Wenger clings on past this season.

      1. Ken 1945

        So is that why Man City want Evans?
        Why Real Madrid are saying Bezema is going nowhere?
        Why the Brazilian defender is going nowhere says Conte?
        Someone somewhere is seeing something that your not I think.
        Antway, I thought Wenger wasn’t doing anything in the transfer market?

  5. Innit

    I disagree with the “any other player” bit. We pay Kolsanic and Lacazette around £150,000 per week. Money isn’t everything but for some players its enough. However, finishing 6th and not being in CL will hurt our chances getting top players.

    Wenger is a bigger problem. His dithering cost us big time this summer innit.

    We had Lemar on a silver platter. He AGREED CONTRACT TERMS but Wenger waited till the end to agree with Monaco and Lemar was rightly annoyed probably. Wenger must have been haggling with Monaco right to the bitter end. The longer you wait the more time players have to think and there was a cloud of uncertainty above Lemar. This either confused him or made him upset. He WANTED to come here!!! Monaco were willing to sell him.

    Also, Mahrez publicly said he wanted to come here. That was the same as calling Wenger and saying “please sign me”. He was almost begging us. Ideally, he should have got both or if not Mahrez then at least try for Draxler or someone

    Wenger’s dithering cost us dearly. And this wasn’t the first time. It won’t be the last either unfortunately h

    1. Arnold

      At the very beginning of transfer window Lemar was available for 35mln to 55mln and Wenger start dithering knowing wenger with the money we were told we made a bid for 90mln in last day/last hour of transfer window if there is any human being who know how to play with people emotional its Wenger!

    2. Midkemma

      Who waited till the end?
      Wenger wanted him from the start.
      AFC failed to get him, Wenger wasn’t given the funds to buy him without having to make it up from the sale of Alexis.

      I will point to the FACT that AFC only got the reputation of being tight fisted when Gazidis took over as CEO, his first full season seen the change in transfers. A direct correlation. Coincidence?

      PMSL! Only to idiots who think Wenger is the devil and removing him will fix ALL the problems.
      Gazidis is currently fixing some of them, he may be to blame but at long last he is hiring top quality people to do the job he was suppose to do.

      He was hired to replace David Dein who done all of that and we was winning the EPL, investing and competing in transfers, since Gazidis took over AFC have been slowly falling behind year after year.

      Wenger needs to go, his tactics and coaching has dropped, he isn’t producing the goods.

      That doesn’t mean he is at fault for EVERYTHING.

      1. Ivan

        Again the unpalatable truth for you is Wenger has final say on all transfers. It went wrong this summer because he overrated his ability to get Sanchez to sign a new contract.
        Gadzidis is at fault for the poor commercial contracts but has not been allowed by Wenger to have any say over players.
        The system at Arsenal has been this:
        – Board tell Wenger how much he has for transfers and wages
        – Wenger decided the target.
        – Wenger and Dick Law decided how much the player was worth.
        – Dick Law negotiated checking with Wenger all the way through the process.
        This idea that Gadzidis signs the bad p!Ayers and Wenger’s signs the good ones is not logical or true.

          1. Ivan

            As you ignore facts and randomly insult people as I have told you before I am not wasting time dealing with a Wenger obsessive like you.

            1. Ken 1945

              Sorry Ivan if I have offended you.
              My intention has always been to listen and debate facts and views. So please accept my apologies.Period.
              I would just like to know where all the facts come from. As a fanatical Arsenal supporter I read things that I have never seen and do not understand why I miss them!
              I hope you accept my apology as a fellow gooner.

              I read an online headline saying 85% of Arsenal fans want Wenger to go.
              At last, I thought, real facts.
              But then I saw in smaller type “A poll conducted by Sun readers”.
              Got to ask the many Arsenal supporters do not read the Sun?

          2. Arnold

            ” As long as i am here i will be the one who decide” thats wenger’s quote is it helping Ken1945??

  6. Break-on-through

    Like the look of that Argy kid Pavon. Proper dribbler and is quick, can pass and cross from what little Ive been shown. He looks promising. Exciting SA youngsters, certainly prefer that type to the home grown dudes. We should be looking at the next crop of Argentine’s among others over that way.

    1. Arnold

      As long as you have wenger in charge that wont happen and dont be suprised to see Pavon get snatched with other teams and getting sold with bigger transfer fee! and later wenger will come out oh.. we almost sign him – there are also Malcom, leon Bailey very good young players.

  7. Arnold

    We do have Sanllehi and Sven in place which is 99% change of course!!
    we are not going to have those questions any more who will take over from wenger just bring in any coach who has a basic common sense he will succeed as long as he will be ready to work to with those two gentlmen

    Zidane did it and Luis Enrique did it in short period of time and win big!!
    time of lecture of same all same and media entertainment those are things of the past
    Go Arsenal!!

    1. Midkemma

      Someone else who appears excited about Sven and Sallehi 🙂
      Wenger may know about players but he doesn’t have the contacts to get deals done, he relies on the personal approach and while that can work sometimes, it is less likely to work when compared to a team who has someone with connections who can get their foot in the door 6 months earlier…

      I read that Sallehi was responsible for Barca latest transfer, got it all in place before leaving.

      It would be a joy to have someone who can do that for us.

      I want the next manager to get full support and my main fear about sacking Wenger was having a yes man to Gazidis as a replacement. Gazidis has sold off our talent year after year to supplement AFC income, the big signings we have right now are players that Wenger appeared to want, apart from Mustafi and he was nearly sold by reports. Ozil, Alexis, Xhaka, Lacazette… All wanted and pushed for by Wenger.

      Now with the changes…
      I am looking forward to seeing a new manager.

      If Sallehi can get deals done then we only need a coach type of manager and we could look to swap managers if they do not perform as the infrastructure will remain.

  8. arie82

    The manager/coach just give the list of players he want to the board, and let the management team work to get that players.
    But somehow wenger is also heavy involved in buying/selling players, and the bad is, he want buy players as cheap as can be.
    Pep, mou, konte, or other manager never involved in buying/selling procces, just give the list and waiting the players to come.

    1. Arnold

      Yes, thats need to change even when he used to have Dick Law as transfer negotiator still was him doing it remotely send him out to close/push deal to the finish line and wenger has already price it not a selling club and end up loose a lot of new players they need to take power away from and have him concetrate on training/pitch he does not also get along with super agents, Raiola, Pini Zahavi, Mendes those represent big number of good players but now Sanllehi will take care that section

      also sell Walcott, Elneny, Coquelin, Debucy, Alexis and I’d go as far as Iwobi! Then sign Jonny Evans, Cristian Pavón , Malcom, Fekir,leon Bailey, Mahrez

    2. Midkemma

      Wenger was the one who talked Alexis into joining us instead of Liverpool.
      Ozil called Wenger up as Wenger shown great desire before RM.
      Xhaka confirmed that Wenger spoke to him 12 months prior to us signing… WTF was AFC doing signing ElNeny 6 months after Wenger speaks to Xhaka????
      Wenger wanted Lacazette for a few years now, we missed out on him last year and had to pay more this season for him.

      Arsenals top signings have mostly been the ones that Wenger has pushed for.

      Wenger doesn’t win all the battles and still gets the blame.

      Wenger pushed for Lemar but did AFC pay??? Oh, we will but need funds from Alexis sale…

      Go back EVERY YEAR and look at our transfers.

      Go back far enough and you will see a good transfer window, notice who is NOT the CEO?

      Xhaka has flopped, yes, Wenger is to blame for that.
      Wenger wanted Lacazette and was given Perez, that isn’t Wengers fault.
      AFC failing to pay for Lemar is not Wengers fault, that is typical Gazidis pattern.

      1. arie82

        Sanchez joining us couse he dont want live in liverpool city, and only we and liverpool who make bid.
        Oziel was sold at the end transfer market, we make first and only bid and accepted, if real sell oziel 1 month before transferr deadline, he will ended in bayers.
        If wenger involved is just persuade players to join us, its good. But it seem he also who decide the prices, as cheap as can be.

  9. pires

    some here arenot understanding .Turn over is a thing AND spending power is another.FRAUDS like Chelsea and man city don’t spend what they earn but what they are graciousley given by their sugar daddies.and they are inbeatable at that….Sadly.

    1. Ken 1945

      Thats what I like….facts.
      But I have to ask, how do they get away with it?
      I remember Leed doing this and look at the mess they are in now.

      1. pires

        LEEDS spend more than what they actually earned.and they didn’t have a sugar DADDY.and some fans on here are not understanding that we could end like Leeds if we spend more than we earn

  10. samuel

    truth is always powerful no matter how weak it may look at the moment,lie is always weak no matter how strong it may look at the moment.the moment we start telling ourselves the truth,great things will start unveiling in arsenal,wenger and the board has turned arsenal to ridicule because of their selfish purposes.this people has brought a messy perception to the mind of fans all over the world,all players,pundits,media,say no good things about arsenal.our fans in london are not helping matters,they should start boycotting some of our matches .

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