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The REAL reason Arsenal abandoned Schneiderlin transfer?

When Arsenal finished off a very strong second part of last season in style with our demolition of Aston Villa at Wembley. It made the Gunners the most successful club ever in the FA cup and gave people the belief that Arsenal were finally looking capable of winning the Premier League again.

So we did not expect the same amount of transfer activity in north London as we did in Manchester and Liverpool, but we still expected a few key positions to be strengthened. One of the players that was most expected to become a Gunner this summer, according to the amount of Arsenal transfer rumours, was Morgan Schneiderlin and many people are still scratching their heads and wondering why Wenger did not challenge Man United for the French midfielder’s services.

While some of it may have to do with the brilliant form of Francis Coquelin and the fitness of Arteta, a report by ESPN has perhaps hit on the main reason for Wenger’s decision. In it the player himself admits that he still has a lot to learn, especially about playing football at the top level.

Schneiderlin said, “I’m not the finished product. I’m just 25, which is the middle age for a professional footballer.

“Of course playing alongside [Michael] Carrick and [Bastian] Schweinsteiger will help my game. Training week-in and week-out with these players helps you learn and improve your game. I’m ready for it.

“The competition here is very intense but there are a lot of games in the Premier League, Champions League and domestic cups and it’s good competition for us.

“We all work hard together but, of course, it’s the manager’s choice who will play — that’s normal. I want to play and the other players want to play, but the manager chooses the team and you always have to push to get into it. At a club like United you would expect nothing else.

“I’ve not set myself any targets, certainly not with goals. I’m not a striker, so I’m not obsessed with scoring goals.

“My aim is to improve my game, help the team, do my job on the pitch and if I can score goals then great. The main thing for me is to stay fit and give my best.”

That certainly does not sound to me like the player that would come in and instantly transform Arsenal into a title winning team. And if we are going to bring in a player with potential, would it not make more sense to get them at a younger age? Does this explain Wenger’s decision?

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47 thoughts on “The REAL reason Arsenal abandoned Schneiderlin transfer?

  1. plastik Fan

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    1. YingYang69

      Idiot, yous were saying the same bloody crap for years even though we had no money and then all of a sudden we had money to spend. Its a bit like doing a rain dance every single day and then when it rains you take credit for it with your bloody rain dance.

      Do you think Wenger will listen to a minority that demanded blood from a stone. So clueless that they expected to win titles with zero budget against unending resources .

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      1. plastik Fan

        you can google and see it for yourself more than 10 clubs that build a stadium and at the same time winning major trophies at home and in europe…its not like we finished our debt or we couldn’t have afforded to keep our players, we could have but then our bank balance wouldn’t be 300m euros….what i ask is, why should we buy a world class player every year and then take like four seasons to lift the title while we can buy two WC players now and win it in a year????…i or you may not have a say but TIME does and that my friend we cant evade

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        1. seancali

          I don’t get it either, one WC signing per season is just not enough. Why don’t we just sign 3 at once an lift the fkin title?this is the season which we have the most hope of lifting the title, it could be our season only if we add a WC DM and striker. We won’t sign anymore players this window, this is sad but true. I don’t know what’s going on in Wenger’s old and crapy brain!

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          1. YingYang69

            That’s a whole different argument, something Ive noticed been done on here allot. Say something which others might agree on even though the person you’ve replied to has said nothing of the sort.

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      2. sylvainwiltord

        Possibly the greatest comment I’ve ever seen on here ! Well done yingyang quality

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    2. mohawk

      “panic buy of ozil”

      That phrase alone reveals you either lack the capacity for rational thought or you are a spuds infiltrator.

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      1. Goonsquad8

        @ Mohawk

        It literally shows how simple minded the guy is

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      2. gmv8

        The thing is that Wenger refused to pay over 40m for Suarez, when the guy was begging to come to Arsenal, and had even got himself training on his own because of it – LFC would’ve sold to us if the deal was just a little sweeter but Wenger wouldn’t budge. A month later he goes and pays 42.5m for Ozil. Who did we need more? Where would we have been had we bought Suarez? We all know that we would’ve won the EPL or have been very close. I think that Wenger just doesn’t have it in the transfer market – yes he makes a few hits at the expense of a lot of misses. David Dein was better, but then that’s his job.

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      3. Champagne Charlie

        As good as Ozil CAN BE (not at all consistent), explain how Arsenal needed an AM the season after buying Cazorla, who had an incredible debut season….

        ….with Cazorla/Jack/Rambo/Rosicky capable of playing AM, but only Arteta/Flamini (no coquelin) in DM, and Giroud as the only senior ST (no Welbz) just how was Ozil the right buy at 42.5mil that summer?

        Oh right, you’re just too blinded to appreciate how completely unnecessary that purchase was. If it wasn’t panic after a 1-3 humiliation to Villa at home then it was simply terrible prioritization. Ironically you’re someone who bemoans our lack of fight in the title yet defends stupid transfers. Priceless.

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        1. YingYang69

          It’s a very late reply and I’m not sure who your aiming at but anyhow.
          Ozil a stupid buy? One of the worlds very best no.10s. Arsene a manager who we all know loves to overload midfield with great attacking quality and you cant see why he would want Mesut Ozil. He said the only reason he turned down chance for Fabregas return was because he bought Mesut, so that alone suggests that he wanted a certain number as well as class. You may disagree on the numbers but that is a whole other matter, just like when I or anyone else bemoans.

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  2. juhislihis

    Di Maria off to PSG for £40 millions, LOOOOL.

    £20 million drop in one season, pheeew.

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    1. KickAssFan

      More like Chicken Maria. Never saw that coming.

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    2. Champagne Charlie

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  3. YingYang69

    I don’t get it? The real reason why we didn’t sign Schneiderlin is because we want someone younger. Schneiderlin, maybe Arsene just doesn’t think he would make enough of an improvement or impact to warrant the price tag. Or Arsene could be thinking if I wanted him I would have gotten him years ago instead of tipping Sou on the player.

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  4. fred cowardly

    United have Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, Carrick and Daley Blind.

    I think Blind did excellent job, like Coquelin.

    Anyway, I’m more concerned about OUR DM situation. We really need one more. Like Carvalho, Bender, Krychowiak, Gustavo, Busquets.

    Arteta and Flamini won’t cut it especially if Coquelin has a long term injury

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    1. mohawk

      Unfortunately, Wenger does not seem to place any real importance on the DM position.

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  5. chinaka1

    Isier illaramendi is having a had time at real Madrid, would be a great signing for us but if i am to choose one position i want Mr wenger to strengthen, it would be the striking department. Goals win you the league.

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    1. Goonsquad8

      Seriously why would he be great for us? Have you seen him play he is garbage he never plays for a reason

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    1. chinaka1

      Season ticket holder.
      What will you gain by trying to frustrate a man that has served us well? Are you really a gooner?

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      1. YingYang69

        That’s just the mindset we are dealing with ???????

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        1. plastik Fan

          Its not like he does charity work at the emirates….the old man as you call him is one of the highest paid football managers in the world and one of the richest for that matter…
          a manager cant be remembered for structures because i believe one day we will still upgrade the emirates or move to a better stadium…titles matter the most…

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  6. _liam_

    It’s difficult to speculate why we ‘abandoned’ the transfer when there’s nothing at all to suggest we were even after him in the first place.

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  7. Ronny331

    He’s gone to MU, move on!!
    samper, Krychowiak, Bender etc. there are targets out there and I leave it totally in the bosses hands to do what’s best.
    On the striker situation I am quite frustrated with the lack of news, is Wenger really holding out for Benzema? Personally I dont think he’s all that, (he’s hardly Suarez or Aguero is he) and I get the impression he has a bit of an ego, not really want we want in the dressing room when the harmony of the sqaud is so good.
    I’d much rather we go for Lewandoski or Reus, if we cant get either of those as mentioned above a Chicarito type striker would be ideal, small mobile and instinctive.
    Theo is quick but a but unproven, Akpom not sure he’ll make the grade, Welbeck more suited to covering Sanchez left wing, Sanchez better of the wing than up front this leaves Giroud who will all know is good but not V.GOOD!
    If on the final day we’ve signed no striker I would not mind at all seeing Eduardo Vargas or Charlie Austin, (1 year loan to buy as per Caulker) in an Arsenal shirt, But Wenger would never go for that!

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  8. davidnz

    The reason Arsenal lost
    interest in Morgan is
    because of the lucky
    introduction of Francis.
    They are too similar.

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  9. anurag

    Guys in last January transfer window we signed a polish boy called bielik he is a dm where is he????

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    1. mohawk

      Bielik was acquired for the future. I don’t think we will see him until……

      1. Wenger is desperate for DM help because of injury.
      2. Bielik proves himself in the reserves.

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  10. Ronny331

    I say Vargas because of his link with Sanchez and I think he’d do well at Arsenal, we can see how he scores goals for the national team, (better squad) but not QPR.
    Austin because I like him, he’s strong, good in the air, can striker a ball as per Poldi and all in all a handfull.

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  11. Ronny331

    Schmeichel on the De Gea situation “This is Manchester united”
    so fooking what! what is it with all the players, coaches, “we are MU”, “this is MU”.
    FFS get over yourselves!

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    1. rpk

      Manu should fkup this season. Then we put banner “This is MU” in their stadium

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  12. Ronny331

    in the gym hopefully on the same exercise regime as Ozil and walcott hopefully!
    Hopefully he’ll be unveiled soon 🙂

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  13. Ronny331

    Also Bielik is 17, if we are going for a cheap/young DM option it’s samper for me all day, looks like a cracking Arsenal type player and he’s 20 and cheap.

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  14. Twig

    Q – The REAL reason Arsenal abandoned Schneiderlin transfer?
    A – Coquelin!

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  15. mohawk

    So let me get this straight. Wenger did not get Schneiderlin because Schneiderlin admits he could still learn more? Right? That is the argument??

    Help me.

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  16. dotash

    No money for DM position, and we Have Arteta and Flamini to backup Coquellin. Average players

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  17. lalitsyal

    He said he is still a learner, and Southampton demanded 25 million euros for him, says it all why we didn’t buy him…….!!

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  18. Franc

    We all need to realized that title/ title ambition is what drives world class players. We also need to remember that it was the same lack of interest by Wenger in the transfer market that caused a lot of our top players to leave the club over the past years and two players that come to mind are Van Persie n Cues Fabregas,I remember two consecutive seasons they were begging Wenger for help to challenge for the title and all Wenger did was promise them to hold on another season n they would get help n that help never come. Same thing is going to happen at the end of this coming season whereby if we fail to win the title because of Wenger stubbornness, mark my word that we will be losing top players. All that had been asked of Wenger is twenty players,a CF and DM and he refused from getting them saying all kind of crap. If you want good players you start shopping as soon as the market opens. Good food come at a higher cost likewise good player. Its now three seasons now that we have been calling for a world class CF n DM n CB,we only got a CB when the injury crisis hit n by the time Gabriel arrived the title was long gone. Let’s pray to God that the injury bug that hit us for the past two seasons don’t reappear. As also Coguelin don’t get injury early in the season or God help us. Wenger don’t have the passion n hunger to win the league anymore,just qualifying for the Champion League is good enough for him.

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  19. sayn18

    I’m not too sad we didn’t buy Schneiderlin but hope we do sign someone this month as a back-up to Le Coq. Most Southampton players off-late have been unable to replicate the same quality for their new clubs. Look at the Liverpool signings, Luke Shaw was a shadow of himself last season and even Chambers (though a potential CB star) didn’t really make the kind of consistent displays he did for Southampton the season before.

    We definitely need a back-up DM and also a consistent goal-scorer ideally at ST or on the wing is Theo is going to move further forward.

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