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The reasons Arsenal need to sack Arsene Wenger


Fellow Gooners, before you start reading this, I would like to make an appeal to you. There is no doubting that Arsene Wenger has achieved great things for our club and has made us proud of our team many times in the past decade and a half. This article is not a rant, its rather a constructive criticism of Wenger’s recent performances. I would hope even the diehard Wenger backers would give the whole piece a read before passing judgement and I hope you understand the frustration of a fan who has always pledged his undying loyalty to the football club.


Arsene Wenger is known to be one of the most stubborn men in all of football, if not THE most stubborn. He is unfailingly loyal to his football philosophies, and even more so to some players who perpetually disappoint. He persists with the same style that has yielded no success for the past eight years. He sticks to the same ineffective transfer policy that has borne little fruit and worst of all, he either cannot or does not want to realize that his persistence is dragging the team down and preventing it from achieving any success. If Wenger cannot wake up, it is time to show him the door.

Arsene Wenger should be applauded for consistently approaching post defeat interviews as a way of deflecting blame, for repeatedly refusing to put the onus of responsibility of defeat on his under-performing team. In many ways this is the best way to help detract attention from players with a fragile confidence but this form of management can also leave players unaware of their failings.

Wenger is a stubborn man, as are many top level managers, the Frenchman has his way of doing things and after nearly a decade of initial success at Arsenal, the Gunner’s boss feel no need to change.

Arsenal lose nowadays with frightening regularity and consistency.

In the depressing hours following a loss, Arsene Wenger can always be counted on to trot out the same hollow excuses that he uses to defend his bedraggled team, while trying (and failing) to restore some level of faith in his men.

Whether it’s the bad pitch, poor refereeing or injuries, the manager never fails to come up with some canned rationale to explain why his team cannot deliver.

Arsenal deserve a man in charge who can actually get results, rather than constantly coming up with new reasons why he cannot achieve them.

The game has changed and Wenger hasn’t.

Arsene Wenger is a genius when it comes to unearthing young talent, for spotting a relative unknown and making him into a household name. Arguably these skills and qualities are from a bygone age when this model of squad building was a cost effective one. However the game has changed. Even when scouting a teenager in today’s market a Premier League boss will still need to fork out a small fortune to land a starlet who may or may not prove to be the ‘real deal’.

It is worth remembering that Arsene was not always in favor of youth over experience. Most of the successful arsenal sides he built in the past including the infamous invincibles had a good blend of youth as well as experience. But recently, Wenger has abandoned this and has decided to pursue a policy weighted down towards signing and nurturing younger players. Many reckon this is not by choice and that Wenger’s hands are forced due to the lack of transfer funds available to him. While there is an ounce of truth to this statement, one only has to take a look at the club’s yearly budget to understand the erroneous nature of the statement. While it was true that when the Emirates stadium was still in its infancy, the club did have to balance the budget, it does not hold true anymore. The club has had some leeway to flex its financial muscle for quite a while now but yet Arsene is choosing not to exercise it.

Wenger has gone on record saying he is prepared to spend if he feels there is value in the market, which indicates 2 things. One, there is money available to spend and two, Wenger is not too keen to pay big money and take chances on players, which I suspect goes back to his roots as an economics major. Either way, it is simply not practical to expect to succeed in this era without taking financial risks on atleast a few big name players particularly with the likes of City, Chelsea and United around. My honest assessment is that the money is available but Wenger isn’t entirely comfortable in spending big money. But the club’s future takes precedence over Wenger’s comfort zone in my opinion

Time for change/End of an era/loss of the dressing room

A manager, like a player, cannot live off his past glories indefinitely. Arsenal look good to complete a seventh successive season without silverware and could top it off by missing out on a top four spot. There is only a certain amount of time that supporters will give a manager, even one who has been so successful in the past, and that time is fast running out. Just because a manager has in the past produced the goods , is no good reason to stick with them indefinitely. Indeed a new appointment may well act as a breath of fresh air and a new beginning for a side that cannot forever live on Wenger’s past glories.

There are signs that Wenger may have ‘lost the dressing room’, not in a mutiny-type manner and not in the sense that he is being challenged by the club’s big stars eager for change. It just seems that he is unable to rile up the troops to get them up for the fight. There are too many in his squad who trudge on and off the field of play feeling that sub-standard heartless ineffective displays are acceptable.

Wenger and the board are scum and deserve no support as of now. Since David Dein left we have not purchased any quality players. What is wrong with Wenger? Arsenals consistent failure to win football matches boils down to a lack of quality, tactical diversity, squad balance and squad depth. The club is a very healthy financial position and yet the billionaire board members refuse to spend any significant money and increase the wage structure. This inhibits Arsenal and ultimately will make us a mid-table club struggling to fill the emirates. Arsenal needs five or six top players to provide the required level of experience and cover in key positions. We all know the areas that need significant strengthening and yet one of the most experienced football managers is blind to the seeing the truth.


I often notice that there is a witch hunt of all Arsenal fans who are not fully behind Wenger. The assumption is that somehow questioning Wenger’s policies makes you less loyal a fan. This assertion is quite bewildering to me. We as fans hold a responsibility to constructively criticize the team and the manager to make sure we are getting what we deserve. If this does not happen and we just accept what is being served to us and make excuses for the manager, the club will be run like a dictatorship. I fear there are shades of this happening already.

Furthermore, there is this notion that Arsenal as a club still somehow owes Wenger for what he has done. While I agree that he has achieved a lot with our club, the notion that the club and the fans still owe him some more time after 7 years of trophy drought is quite frankly ridiculous. There are even a section of fans who seem to think Wenger made Arsenal the force it is today, and the club’s current status is a tribute to Wenger. But the fact remains that Arsenal won a lot more trophies before the Wenger era began. The club won 10 league titles and 6 FA cups before Wenger made it through the English shores. In fact, Arsenal were the second most successful team in the country behind Liverpool before the Premier League era. The fact remains that Arsenal were a force before Wenger came over to the club and arsenal will remain a force long after Wenger has departed.

We fans often sneer at Chelsea as a club for not giving their managers time but the message from their board and fans is a straight forward one i.e mediocrity will not be accepted. Chelsea football club expect to be winning every season and if success is not delivered, your future at the helm is under threat. Even our local neighbors, Spurs have been steadily improving for the past 4 or 5 years. Last year seemed like their year as they were a couple points off the top of the table going into febraury but a collapse caused them to finish 4th, one point behind us. The message from the board was clear, that the collapse was not acceptable and Harry Redkapp was dealt the axe, some would argue harshly but the point was made, such a poor run of form was not acceptable for a team aspiring to win things in the future. We at arsenal have suffered so many such spurs-esque collapses that we almost expect it at this stage but yet there has been no action undertaken nor has there been a difference in approach. If we as fans keep quiet after yet another mediocre season, I believe we would deserve what is coming to us.

There is also an apprehension from a set of Arsenal fans in sacking wenger at this moment even though they realize Wenger is not doing a good job simply because they are not sure as to whether the replacement will be better or will simply add collateral damage. My feeling is that now is the perfect time to look for a replacement as there is no shortage of top managerial talent available with Guardiola already indicating that England is likely to be his next destination and Mourinho also expected to head back to the premier league at the end of the season. Arsenal can afford these managers quite comfortably seeing as Wenger is one of the highest paid managers in world football anyway

All of you fans slated me at the end of last season by claiming he would spend money this summer. You are all wrong and your false optimism is eroded by the simplicity of the facts I have delivered. Arsenal is a club in crisis and yet we have the resources to fix this!

“It is very difficult because the level of expectation is very high – people want to see Lionel Messi come in, they don’t want to see a promising guy,” said Wenger.

Arsene, when you sold someone with calibre of Cesc and RVP, of course the fans demands the same quality to come in as replacement!!!! You dont replace them with potential when you sell proven talent! Else you are just feeder club breeding players for top clubs! He proves his stupidity !

Arsene Wenger you deserve to be sacked and forgotten for the direction you have now taken this once great club!

Love Arsenal, Hate Wenger!


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153 thoughts on “The reasons Arsenal need to sack Arsene Wenger

  1. di marco

    i would def like to see him go as well. it’s just time for someone new to come in and take over the team but this is arsenal we’re talking about here. they don’t care about winning.

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  2. DrPepper


    I 100% agree with you, but your argument has 2 flaws


    Most people that want him gone didn’t support Arsenal pre-wenger

    They either are too young (a valid excuse), or supported us when we became successful (should have no say on Arsenal).


    People are ignorant to the economics of sport, which we are all guilty from. None of us truly no what is going on behind the scenes.

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  3. gunner

    i agree with a lot of things you have said but the thing is; if wenger has to go then the board have to follow him because wenger is not the only culprit, the board have contributed to our decline in recent years too. getting rid of wenger but not the board is like; trying to get rid of a tree in you’re garden that has been bugging you, so you decide to cut its leaves but the trunk and its roots are still there. if you want to get rid of the tree you have to start cutting it from its roots and that’s the only way to get rid of it.
    so if you want to solve this problem surrounding our club then you have to start with the board and make your way down the hierachy.
    tree = problem
    The board = Roots
    leaves = arsene wenger

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  4. Matt Metics

    Shameful article. You expect players to have loyalty, when we fans don’t even show. By wenger I stand.

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  5. Raymond

    I totally agree wiz u;

    U p’ple who talk abt remembering da past(before Wenger);u r very wrong c’z dat was da past and its gone.Our basic past is da time Wenger was successful, now dat he is failing we refer to da successful past(Wenger Time).

    Do u mean Liverpool sh’dnt hav sacked Benitez c’z he had successful past years?? Dont even tell us about yo past issues c’z we need success whether sacking Wenger or …..;we need success. Wat does it help u to recall da failed past and yet u hav some sucessful past years??? Change yo minds otherwise u will die poor.

    Its like we r building a team to win da first trophy of all time!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. true goon


    Are you an Arsenal supporter or an Arsene supporter.cos last time i checked this was justarsenal not just Arsene.

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  7. beyonces pervy mate

    i hear u with this article but he aint going nowhere, and who is going to replace him-pep, guus,jose. none of the top top managers will come. I say if we nosedive this season it won’t be the worse thing-it will make fans stand up in their droves and the board take action-good or bad season we can’t lose-

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  8. zulhazmiabd

    We are crushing,yet again……..couldn’t understand an under performing manager still around.For how many years to come before arsenal would end this trophy less drought?How on earth we rate excellent, good, average or under performing managers?What is the GOAL to competing in a league when 4th spot could be regarded as being the league champion?Why on earth,yet again he refuses to spend in order to lure proven quality players and stick to his youth policy and keen on the FIFA fair rules?Nothing happened to big spenders such as Chelsea and Manu or real Madrid.not even we heard that these clubs been given strick penalties or whatsoever by FIFA!and they keep on winning trophies!How can we been rated as a big club when nothing achieved for the last 7,8 years.Where are we compared to those champions?Even the mid-table clubs like Liverpool had the sweet memory of winning the CL.We won nothing.What happened to him when those talented young players were mature enough to think on their own?They walked away anyway,so get rid of nurturing these youngs,wasting money and time because at the end of the day,they will go to their so called stepfather and leave you sobbing.and do remember,the difference between an adult and a young is their ability to STAY FOCUS.No need to be another Ajax!

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  9. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Every empire has its day! Yes Wenger contributed to what Arsenal was few year ago——, and has also contributed to the poor Arsenal we have today.

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  10. Richard

    Aw has a dream unfortunatly that is all it is and ever will be, to the fans it is becoming a nightmare

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  11. DrPepper

    @true goon

    No I just want what is best for Arsenal, is there a better person?

    Free of risk and ready to step in?

    Name someone and we can discuss.

    Anyway what right do you have to question my support?

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  12. superflams

    I’m disappointed at Just Arsenal for publishing this article. Wenger deserves a bit more respect than this for what he has done and the stability we have enjoyed at the club for 16 years.

    Do me a favour and suggest another manager who could replace Wenger and take Arsenal to the next level with the wages and transfers we pay. We are not a sugar daddy club, we are not going to start sending 30 million on players and 150k per week regardless of who is in charge.

    The last 2 seasons have been poor, if we are not playing Champions league next year than I think he will step down of his own accord as he knows what the expectations are and the level we need to be at. Wenger has kept us at the top, or challenging for the top since he arrived. Please judge him on where we are at the end of the season and not before.

    With football the way it is, there wont be another manager as great as Wenger at the helm for 16 years or more at any time in the future of Arsenal football. By the time he goes, idiots like Prasanth will realise how good we had it, but it will be too late, we’ll have a mercenary or a muppet as manager for a couple of seasons, who will then be sacked and replaced with another muppet, and the cycle will continue.

    Prasanth will probably write an article bemoaning the loss of Wenger and the demise of the club in the future as well as calling for the new managers head.

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  13. Luis

    I hate it when I say get rid of arsene and ppl respond by saying ” you’re not loyal” , my loyalty is always to arsenal, not wenger, not the players!
    I love arsene and I appreciate everything he’s done for our club , but unfortunately it’s this time when you gotta let go !

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  14. Elokpo

    I have always said that wenger should be sacked . If arsenal could let RVP go then why do these AKBS think Arsenal cannot let him go. I will never forgive him for selling RVP to Manu. After they sold him I knew this guy had no ambition. Also Monaco sacked this guy then the Japanese team let him go, then why is he a decease (like aids) that we cannot cure ourselves from.

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  15. Invincibles nice (1)

    With your arguement that the style of play is flawed, i believe it is partly because we are these days buying more British players than ever, and theres also the fact that overall the players arent quite near the same quality we were used to, but the lesser quality is down to selling all our best players and not being able to properly replace them, we have a ridiculous wage cap in a time that others dont seem to have any.

    If you think we are playing the same style of football as always you would be wrong, Wenger who was the firmest of firm believers in the four four two, knew the game were changing so changed right along with it. Everybody used to say you wont consistantly win anything without some Engish or British core players, so Arsene finally takes that on board and suddenly the fluidity and consistency are all screwed up.

    Arsene, did say on many occasion that there is money if i need it, that in my opinion were Arsene not creating conflict between himself and owners, also so to build confidence within our team, think about it, if he had done the opposite he would be posting his own p45 and our players would know most of them to be second rate players who would likely not be there if we had huge options.

    We have, spent allot of money on players, but our board chose the best option they believe which would bring us better club stability and future growth, im not say it were the right option or the wrong one, but you cant then critisise Arsene for working very well when doing his job in an Ajax type of model, we spent allot of money knowing we were going to get a much better return.

    He (wenger) has showed in these latest windows that we are spending again, but with rvp and all others leaving or being sold how can you expect him to replenish the whole squad with the same high quality that we were used to, you expect too much of him.

    As for the loyalty, Wenger doesnt in the least think we owe him, he is more intellegent than that and is the first to point out that its a result oriented job that they are in.

    Some idiots might say that the club wouldnt of been near the same force without Wenger but i certainly wouldnt, it is our attacking philosophy in which he revolutionised, not just with our club as he brought so many new ideas to the PL, transfers and how clubs scout talent for one, with lower clubs benefiting greatly. Gone then were the days of lager louts and introduced instead were proper nutritious foodings, players are now athletes.

    Allot of peoples criticism (not all) in my opinion should should be directed at how we are making decisions in our board room, like only going for Marwood recently, this position should have immediately been filled with Dein exiting. Who thought it would be a good idea to heap Deins extra responsibility onto Wenger. Seems its not just yourself who expects too much of Wenger, as our board should fill that position soon as.

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  16. Elokpo

    @ superflams we ve judged from the past 8 yrs and he has lost it. Next season will be the same excuse judge him when the season is over. Hey wake the season has been over for the past 8yrs. And we still came up with the same s..t excuses.

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  17. deji y

    let hope we beat swanse to’row.if not no hope of any thing dis season

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  18. RT

    @DrPepper thanks nice to see not everyone’s deluded!

    Yeah I do understand there will be Arsenal fans who have only supported under Wenger, and I know their first response will be to call for his head, however all I was simply trying to do was to get people to look at the bigger picture – that this is obviously due to more than Wenger’s substitutions (which I agree sometimes are questionable).

    I Just can’t stand people shouting Wenger out when IMO problems originated from the board/since our stadium move.

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  19. true goon


    When are people like you gonna understand that,Wenger and the board are entwined together,Wengers the one who rubber stamped Gazidis’s appointment.Wenger an the board are the architects of our strategy both the good points and the bad ones.
    Lets stop all this nonsense about supporters who supported b4 an after Arsene,me personally,i’ve supported Arsenal since Rocky Rocastle and Perry Groves were playing,i know what Arsene has done,i just think he can’t take us any further with his philosophy.

    You can replace any1 without risk,Pep Guardiola,Jurgen Klopp for starters

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  20. true goon

    i mean u can’t replace any1 without risk thats life,there are plenty of good managers out there,open your eyes first choice Pep,if not plenty others

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  21. Bum

    These anti-Wenger comments are simply stupid. Not one good argument in the lot of them. There’s a secret agenda? Yes they moved to a new stadium to ruin the club! It’s just like when you bought a new car in order to crash it immediately!
    We haven’t won anything in 8 years! There are only 4 competitions each year and they’re usually won by a big spender. We will be one day one of the very biggest clubs but why wait? Sack Wenger and get Moyes. He’s won loads of trophies!!
    Of course they’ve needed to give a good impression of the club in terms of cash available. Who would want to play for a team that comes out and says ‘we’ve got very little money’. What did it do for Rangers, Portsmouth or Leeds? So you say you’re ok but Wenger knows he can’t spend like the three teams that are better than us. Only 3!! Reading these comments you’d think Arsenal were a nowhere club!!
    I’m just glad the club is more sensible than these morons

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  22. villa123

    everyone’s right in der own way! but don’t u worry.. even if we qualify or not for the champions league dis season wenger will quit his job himself. so just sit back and wait for the end of the season.

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  23. DrPepper

    @true goon

    How is pep not a risk?

    He managed a Barcelona team with Messi, Xavi and inesta! Don’t bother with him, he may be a great manager in the future but let him try a harder job elsewhere first. Why risk him with Arsenal – what could any half decent manager do with those players?

    Klopp is the only manager that performs at the top level with budget constraints, but Wenger does exactly the same job. Klopp comes in he has to acclimatise to the country bring in all new players – again why take the risk.

    Klopp is nowhere near Wenger’s level. You want a new manager in, fine. But we then have to give the manager money, if there is no money to spend then Wenger is the man. If there is money to spend – then give it to Wenger.

    If you truly have been supporting the team that long then you will remember the 10th and 12th place finishes – and you would have an understanding of the 1971-89 trophy drought. Would you want to go back to that?

    We only sign half the players we do because of Wenger Per, Jack, Pod, Santi, Arteta and a whole lot of past players online signed because Wenger is the coach – how much money would they be on elsewhere?

    I love the club, not Wenger – but as @Bum said there is not a single argument for sacking Wenger that makes sense. Financial or football.

    I have said it once and I’ll say it again this article is a disgrace, and the person who has wrote it probably became a fan in 2005 – just after the invincible year.

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  24. Erick Taylor

    9Years of same lame excuses! I m tired season after seasons more seasons . I ve run out patience. I say

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  25. jesse

    call yourself an arsenal fans we expect players to stay loyal when we fans don’t# in wenger we trust

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  26. Erick Taylor



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  27. DrPepper

    @idiot that cant control caps lock

    I said if you was born after Arsene Wengers Arsenal then yes you have a right to moan. After all you would have been raised on winning – you would have grown accustomed to it.

    If you have been a fan of the club for 20/30 years – then no you have no right to complain, because the position we are in now, is still better than we have been for the majority of our history.

    a 60,000 seat stadium
    a worldwide fan base
    competing at the top level of Europe – we have been a seeded team in the champions league how long?

    I would hope you tell those younger than you to be mindful of the past – and to be careful what you wish for, which is why sacking Wenger – to me – doesn’t make sense.

    Its no fun when we struggle to win trophies and only 12,000 people turn up to you club captain (tony adams) testimonial.

    Some support will never go, but some – and a large portion of these people are calling for Wengers head – could just as happily support a different team. I have seen people on this site they are following Man City now!

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  28. V.L

    In Arsenal FC i trust!!! not a player not a manager nore any individual these can be replaced,sacked, die…or let you down!! Arsenal the Religion my Religion will remain

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  29. Bum

    @DrPepper is right. Arsenal have been successful before of course but not extraordinarily so. The club became one of the big clubs every year under Wenger. Even without money he has kept us there but he didn’t want always to punch above the clubs weight. Arsenal v Man U is an unfair fight, they are a behemoth, Arsenal at Highbury were a well-run medium sized club. Wenger wanted more for Arsenal, not for him but for the club forever more. As I’ve said a clubs long term performance is intrinsically linked to their resources. Arsenal would’ve been up whilst Wenger was there but fallen when he left, like Villa, Everton, Liverpool, Forest!
    These things are for the long term good of the club. It beggars belief that people would think there’s any selfish motive, the grief he gets in the press and then from the clubs’ ‘fans’, he’s not getting any of the credit he deserves.

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  30. George

    I think we should adopt chelsea’s approach because year on year they bring in quality players, which gets fans exited meaning the atmosphere is a lot more positive on match days. Also if you have lots of great players in one team, even if you are losing one nil in the 80th minute, you know you have players who can pop up and snatch a 2-1 victory. Also their manager policy HAS worked, with so many managers coming in the players are constantly having to impress a new boss to have a chance of getting in the team. I couldnt care if we went through 2 managers a season if we won an FA cup and champions league trophey.

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  31. Erick Taylor





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  32. mighty

    Every football fans that support arsenal or not know’s that arsenal need a new players why?because arsenal use to play the most beautiful game in premiership,however the squad we’v got now unfortunately can’t not provide the beautiful football we use to play,so in my opinion we need to do some significant signing,dedwood out first and new players in,we need to act fast simple!.

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  33. DrPepper

    For a start we need to stop referring to our own players as deadwood, that is a disgrace.

    How do you think Ramsey feels hearing his own fans booing him or telling him to stay down injured?

    While they are in the shirt they are Arsenal players – simple as.

    A sad thing about this club is we have great tradition and history, but we are now a laughing stock of British football.

    And our fans have made us that way.

    Our fans moan more than anyone else and we boo our own players more then any other team.

    Yet there are nearly 100s of teams worldwide that would do anything to trade places with us.

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  34. Erick Taylor


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  35. mighty

    We need,hoping,praying,inspecting,shouting,screaming,exiting,believing,,for a new players to come to arsenal at every transfers but we and up with a hand on our head with the same disappointments,in my opinion we should star praying for a new manager,simple.

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  36. GP

    Great Article.
    He must go….The only big club manager in football that thinks winning trophies is not a priority.
    his last quote is that he “is not sure if we need to spend in this window”.
    His supporters continue to indulge this nonsense.
    Wenger and the board have ripped the guts out of the football side of this club.
    8 years of failure and they still have no consience.
    I have never heard a sensible argument in favour of keeping him.
    All you get is “shut up and go and support another club”. Or “you have’nt supported the club long enough to understand” like an earlier ignorant snipe.Then there is the financial excuse.
    Well i think supporting the club for 43 years and having a season ticket for most of the last 25 gives me the right to say “Weneger out”.

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  37. Gooner 1


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  38. true goon


    Goerge Graham won,2 league titles,1 fa cup 2 league cups 1,and a cup winners cup.Arsenal didn’t spend big then not many teams in england did,but back then the premier league was not what it is now.Arsenal had 80 staff back then,but thanks to people like David Dein an Wenger we now have around 500 staff we have the second biggest turnover in the premier leagu but spurs show more ambition in the market.

    Hold on i’ve just spotted your mistake you said Arsenal had a trophy drought from 71-89,we won the Fa cup in 1979,an there was me thinking you knew what you were talking about.

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  39. true goon


    Think you caught a bout of amnesia there,if you really have been supporting arsenal so long which final did Andy Linighan score the winning goal in an who was the match against?

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  40. Tight spot

    If old Arsene turns it around in the next few years I hope all you boo boy haters admit you were wrong.

    Yes were on a bit of a slide, were not doing a leeds yet you know!

    I have the confidence in Wenger to turn it around, others dont, thats fair enough, I can see why.

    Show me two other teams that have stayed right at the top through several generations of teams without having a few peaks and troughs. (And thats without a blank cheque.)

    Life is what it is, FU**ING REALITY! so stop bitching, stop moaning and get behind the team, get behind the squad, get behind Arsene and see what he pulls off, looks like the deadwood are being shipped out, all we need now is for a few quality signings to arrive, go on an 8 wins in a row burst and hey presto! NO CRISIS!

    It aint over yet me laddo!


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  41. Tight spot

    BTW when I say deadwood i’m talking about players that failed at our club, squillaci or denilson for example.

    Ramsey will come good, gervino will come good, I still cant work out what happened to Arshavins & Chamaks confidence?


    Some of our ‘supporters’ belong in the circus.

    Bring in villa! Reliable world class proven quality for 14 million that could be the turning point for our season, sign a world class defender / DM then get diaby back (PLease wtf he has to hold it together at some point, maybe he will suddenly toughen up like robin van purse strings did?)

    ANyway im waffling on, We can still turn this season around, if wenger is forced out there is a very good chance our debt will go up, our league position plummet and more years are required to repair the damage.

    Let the man finish his career, at the very least we will have no debt, a great crop of players, great academy and one of the best stadiums in the league.

    Let wenger finish, when he decides to retire you can bet the club will be in an excellent position for someone new to take us to new heights, fuck it we might be back up there by then.

    Lets not sack our manager, the beacon of stability, right at the moment our squad has lost confidence and the fake fans are getting stoked up by clowns like adrian durhum.


    SHE WORE, SHE WORE, SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  42. paulfromnigeria

    This article should be the example next to the definition of “dumb”

    Boo hoo, got an issue grab a tissue!

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  43. lhkhnkjnj

    the most important should be his communist belief

    he pays the whole team same salary? some kind of office??
    gets the most wage of management in england and doesnot pay players what they deserve but just keeps on paying deadwoods loads of money and young talents thats just mad

    the club could have saved at least 50M a year without this communist structure but who is to blame the invincible’s manager??

    hes just a mad guy

    pays squid and rvp nearly the same wages??

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  44. hhay

    Def time for change. He’s had done a great job in the finance side of things specially with the stadium and facilities. But its been too long now. To watch arsenal is most expensive to see in England, but we still go and see them cuz we all love our team. We stood by Wenger all these years, not even challenging for anything. But as soon as he said 4th place is like winning. That’s when my mood changed towards him. He has to go…we pay a lot of money to see the matches hoping at end of season we win trophies, not applaud you on how much debt you have payed off!

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  45. DrPepper

    Come on mate I made a mistake, I’ll rectify it –

    Would you rather go back to 1 trophy in 17 years?

    You made a great point, about staff jumping from 80 – 500, like you said it was a different era back then Wenger came in and introduced healthy living to the players – but again that is in the past.

    Would you prefer we went the Liverpool route of sacking managers? How long do you think AVB will last at Spurs? What about whoever replaces Benitez?

    Do you think the scousers or the chavs are happy with their clubs? We are starting to hark on like scousers with talk about how good we was 10 years ago and the ‘glory days’

    Most Chelsea fans are becoming fed up with Abramovic, but accept him because of trophies. As bad as Wenger has been in the transfer market – 50m for Torres!! Would you like it to be like this at Arsenal?


    Why do you want Wenger gone? I can understand why people that jumped on the bandwagon of support, but its people such as you that confuse me.

    No sniping or malice intended in my question, but I genuinely would like to know why you want him out? Or is it more of the board + Wenger?

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  46. DrPepper

    @Erick Taylor

    Settle down internet warrior, you have your opinion I have mine. Argue your point like a grown up or don’t bother.

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  47. davidrusa

    One funny thing with life is that criticism is easier than constructive ideas! Recently someone asked whether Arsenal and Real Madrid should swap managers and the majority feeling among Arsenal fans was an unequivocal no. Why was that? I think because Arsenal supporters dont just want to win but win in style and with a touch of class. Sacking Wenger can’t be a difficult issue. What is rather difficult is his replacement and whether he would perform better. Obviously Wenger is a mortal human being who can’t be at Arsenal forever but there must be qualitative rather than quantitative change. It’s pointless to sack Wenger today and get somebody worse tomorrow. The same group of fans would be the ones to wish Wenger had remained around. My main disagreement with majority of critics is their inability to have the broader picture in mind. Many would rather have a Portsmouth which wins FA cup today and is relegated from EPL tomorrow or Blackburn Rovers which won EPL once and then started a downward trend until they were relegated. I am of the conviction that Arsenal’s future is very bright. Look at the squad in all departments. With just two or three more additions this squad will become a very formidable force. Secondly, save for Walcott all the other major players at least have more than three years at the club. I can see stability and success coming to the club next year and when it does it will stay. Patience is not only a virtue but it also pays and sooner rather than later Arsenal will reap the benefits.

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  48. GP

    @dr pepper
    I would be happy to give Wenger and even the board my support if i could see a willingness to compete.
    Not just verbally but with actions.
    As a fan i stopped seperating football from the real world
    When i realised we are all accountable for our work perfomances.
    I Have never expected us to win every trophy available but the club has an obligation as a sporting business to compete on the pitch.
    I believe that if a formular or policy has failed for nearly 8 seasons, their simply has to be a change of attitude and approach.
    Failure to do this and still demand patients from your paying public is not acceptable.
    Wenger’s belief that 4th place is as good as a trophy allows him to boast that he has brought us continued success throughout his reign. My point is, that should not be supported by a club with a winning mentality.
    Football is no different to life in general.
    As much as i respect Wenger, the hopes and dreams of our fans should not revolve around him just because he won things in the past.
    No one should be entitled to that.

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  49. GP

    I also disagree that the older fans have no right to complain because the past was worse than the present.
    Wanting success should never be seen as a bad thing.
    Politicians always imply that we should be grateful and compare the present with war time in an attempt to convince us we never had it so good.
    Do we stop dreaming…No we do’nt because progress should be about moving forward and not standing still or even looking back

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  50. Paul

    DrPepper, 1971 Champions, 1979 FA Cup winners! 1989 Champions. 17 year gap?
    I was born in 1975, under Wenger its the longest i’ve gone without us winning a trophy, I gave up my season ticket just before Fabregas left, I can’t forgive Wenger for selling RVP to Man Utd. its a joke, should have sold him abroad, but then again we’re a business, fans are just numbers now, Wenger was Great once, the longer we go on like this the more I think he had a lot of luck on his side, 8 years no trophy and it wont change, I’m not spending another penny on the club until we have a new manager, the club only want fourth place for the money, they have no intention of winning the champions league.

    Moyes or Jose please.

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