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The season is not over! Arsenal can still win the FA Cup and make Top Four!

There is a very long and interesting article from Jeremy Wilson in the Telegraph that would appear to show that the respected journalist has an inside line to what is going on at Arsenal at the moment. The crux of the matter is that the club have NOT made a decision on Arsene Wenger’s future, and will not do so until the season is over for us. This probably means that our FA Cup campaign is over (win or loss) and a Top Four place is mathematically impossible, which, according to some people, is far from a foregone conclusion. Until then they are standing by Le Prof.

He also says that there are major changes being planned for the coaching staff, and they are interviewing for a Sporting Director, but they won’t give up on our most successful manager when there is still a chance he could win an all-time record-breaking 7th FA Cup Final and still make the Champions League, however unlikely. This will certainly aid worldwide shirt sales! If Arsenal fans are looking to get souvenirs cheaper they can visit Dealslands UK.

Wilson also quotes the ex-Gunner Matthieu Flamini, who was a substitute against us when we got massacred by Palace on Monday, and he seems to reflect the Arsenal directors thoughts on Wenger’s position: โ€œIt is painful to watch what is happening at the moment because I am still an Arsenal fan,โ€ Flamini said. โ€œI spent many years over there so my heart is white and red. They have so much quality in the team and I really believe they can do it [finish in the top four].I really hope they will make it because they deserve to be in the Champions League. I understand also the frustration of the fans because they are such a big club. It is not an easy situation but the season is not finished.โ€

The season is indeed not over, and there will be a lot of people with egg on their faces if Wenger does somehow manage to make the Top Four and/or win the FA Cup. Maybe we should just get behind the team and wait until the season’s achievements have been confirmed?

Sam P

You can read the full article on this Telegraph page.

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  2. Midkemma

    Time to be SUPPORTERS and SUPPORT the club you love.
    Let the fans unite and get behind the team for the end of the season.
    When season ends, unite in making CHANGES happen at Arsenal.

    Lets show the world that being an Arsenal player means great support while you wear the badge, make players want to wear the badge because the support is unbelievable.

    Show maturity and know things will take time, do not expect the impossible and support the club when they make progress. From my experience people are willing to try harder when supported and bury their heads in the sand while moaned at. Let us unite in a positive way to make the changes in getting the result we all want… a winning formula.

    Ambitious board.
    Ambitious manager.
    Ambitious coaching staff.
    Ambitious squad.

    Let us unite to support changes from the top down once the season is over and players can not be distracted by the supporters.

    1. Tas

      the peoblem is if we unite then the board will not change anything they only take action under pressure it seames

      1. Tas

        There is talk of spending 200 million in the summer but how many players are we going to sell 200 millions worth?

      2. Midkemma

        Unite behind the idea of reducing Wengers role once the season has finished.
        Forget about sacking the man, that call just divides us, we all want to be competitive and not just make up the numbers so unite in getting the infrastructure in place, this will reduce Wengers role and our dependence on him.

        1. RSH

          we dont want reduction of wenger’s influence, we want him out because he’s not a top manager anymore. So it won’t stop fans from being divided. There’s no compromise on this issue for me. Manager’s gotta go.

          1. Midkemma

            I want Wengers role reduced.
            I want someone as good as David Dein back to support Wenger.

            After Wenger, I want that type of support to help the next manager.

            The WOB is nothing but harm to AFC and I wish you all would STFU !

            got the word SUPPORT in there, not moan like a little bitch.

    2. RSH

      Sounds nice, but if fans pretend to be happy, nothing will change and we’ll continue to decline.

  3. ThirdManJW

    Another ex-player talking rubbish again! “They deserve to be in the Champions League”, cannot believe Flamini said that. We get humiliated every season in that competition, and Leicester have already progressed further in one season, than we have in the last seven!!!! If there’s one team that isn’t deserving of a Champions League place, it’s Arsenal.

  4. sanmi.marvellous

    Even winning the FA is still a failure as far as I am concerned. I don’t even want us to get to final now. Cos I am tired of reading:

    ” Mike Dean is a Spurs fan, that is why he gave Chelsea penalty against us which Hazard converted 1-0 for them in final at Wembley, to lift the trophy”

    Or English FA hates Arsenal; that’s why they deny us clear penalty when Zabaleta pulled Walcott down inside 18 yard box”

    Or celebrating Ngolo Kante injury before final in Wembley, after beating City in semis.

    NONE-SENSE @ Arsenal FC

  5. Janssen

    To think about the top 4 or the FA cup is not to have your finger on the pulse of the team.

    This is not like previous years. Is that not clear to everyone?

    I think we will finish 7th, more likely than 4th.

  6. Arsenal_Girl

    I think United will take the FA Cup. Mourinho wanted the League cup badly and wants FA Cup too. He wants trophies no matter the competition. He will play very strong lineups. To him success is judged by trophies, not Top 4

    1. Walter Clunk.

      Not sure how United can win the FA Cup
      when they got knocked out in the semi’s. ๐Ÿ™‚
      May be you meant the Europa league.

    1. RSH

      only top clubs are in for him. Arsenal don’t have the guts to compete with top teams for top players.

    2. Fatboy Gooney

      No need Twig, Wenger has been watching him seen his mother went for an ultrasound scan ??

  7. Break-on-through

    About the sporting/technical director. Wonder has anyone thought about putting David Dein’s name forward. He’s been out of the game for a while but he was always quick on his feet and determined in mind. He’s Usmanov’s partner so he’s still involved with Arsenal in some capacity. We could have someone work with him under a different title, no-body says you can only have one. Head of transfer strategy or something, working side by side. I like Overmars so far, he’s not long in the job but he was a great character him. They say it seemed like he was made for that job over there, he’s been great with numbers and contracts. We should take a close look at Chelsea and see what has worked so well for them. They identify a good mixture of skill and steel. Juventus too, Arsenal really need to look at how those teams filled top positions. I admire Juventus allot, that entire club embodies character, Buffon, Cheillini, Bonnuci, that is how you put a defence together, little to zero management needed. Offer the people above and around Allegri three times what they are worth. These people don’t get the type of salary a player or a manager receives, but maybe we should offer close. Then keep trying for Allegri, get those in and things would surely take off in the right direction. It all depends on how ruthless Arsenal can be, go aggressively at that Juventus set up.

      1. Nebsy

        I wonder why? Oh, yes. Because he actually has sporting ambitions. And those are forbidden in Kroenke’s Arsenal money laundry business.

  8. ks-gunner

    Waiting for Wenger saying he almost signed Mbappe Lottin once. Some pounds made the diff will be his excuse.

    For f sake. There are so many good players out there, and we are stucked with the likes of Ramsey, Walcott and Giroud. So depressing.

    1. Break-on-through

      Edmilson was the name that came up today, former Brazilian and Barcelona CM player. In 2000 we missed out because of passport issues before moving to France. Ended up with Edu then Denilson, would have loved seeing Edmilson and Vieira together, he was prob looked at being Patrick’s eventual heir. We used to know how to target them all the same, before others realised their worth.

    2. Rocky Rocastle

      I am still amazed that Giroud was allowed to get away with saying that winning trophies is not that important. Could you imagine Sir Alex letting one of his players get away with that?!

  9. Ronny

    I love positivity but this is just delusion. Do any of us think we’ll beat city at Wembley and if by some freak we do win the final as well? Can’t see it and personally now I choose to expect disappointment so when it comes it’s less of a disappointment.

  10. Fatboy Gooney

    Well, to be honest, I still had hopes before the Palace game but after that shocking result there’s no forking way that we will be finishing in the top four,even if the above teams do end up dropping points.
    And you’re also tripping about winning the FA cup too ???
    Unless of course you’re talking about another invisible trophy… Then yes, I can see us Winning the Fork All cup ??

  11. ras911

    I ll play the lotto this Friday, if i win the jackpot then we’ll win the FA cup and finish top 4

  12. zubi

    for the FA cup beyond any reasonable doubt we can not win it even if we miraculously got past city in the semis there’s still Chelsea and I hate to say this the inform team in England at the moment spurs still in the competition.and for the top 4 we still have spurs to play at a stadium where I think they will not loose a match this season

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