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The Ultimate Arsenal Transfer Rumour Post – Every Real Summer Target

The big Arsenal transfer news! by KJ

Being a writer for JustArsenal, I decided to invest time in researching possible transfers to Arsenal. I even went as far as adding the majority of ‘reputable’ journalist on Twitter to get the latest on Arsenal transfer news. One of the journalists was Javier Perez. Looking through his feed and there are many names on his list that are likely to go to Arsenal.

The first sections are those who have ‘99%’ signed a pre-contract with Arsenal: Matias Suarez and Lewis Holtby.

The second are those in advanced talks with Arsenal: Jan Vertonghen, Lukas Podolski

The third is those in progressive talks: Yann M’Vila

Finally, those in fourth category are those that have just started talks: Younes Belhanda, Mario Goetze, Del Peiro

Now the majority of the readers must be in shock or must think I’m lying. I’m definitely not lying! Javier Perez is a well renowned journalist and has a reputation that he of course wouldn’t want to tarnish by ‘making rumours up’. Rather than accepting the media consensus that Podolski has signed for Arsenal, he goes out of his way to say that it’s still in advanced talks and nothing is agreed. This of course isn’t the best news for us fans but it does go some way of proving his validity. However, this article isn’t about proving sources, we will learn in the summer how accurate this Argentinian journalist is.

Let’s do a little analysis of each player’s situation:

Matias Suarez: He has been confirmed on a pre-contract agreement and not a lot can be said. We know he’s a winger for Anderlecht and is a very good player. He can also play striker as well as attacking midfielder. Could this be the replacement for Arshavin or possibly Walcott?

Lewis Holtby: He is a midfielder from the Bundesliga. Schalke currently own him but his contract will run out in 2013 and hence was always going to be sold to a bigger club. Perez is certain he ‘is in the bag’ for Arsenal and will definitely be moving to us. Possibly replacement, there is none actually. Our midfield is looking decent and wouldn’t really want to lose anyone. Possibly rotation option or cover for Song.

Jan Vertonghen: I recently wrote an article on why he’s a likely transfer for us. He has continuously praised Arsenal and Perez believes the Gunners are clear favourites for his signature. Possibly a replacement for Djourou and Squillaci. May also be an option as a defensive-midfielder.

Lukas Podolski: This is an obvious one. He has been hailed as the back-up for Van Persie who we desperately need. He can also play on the wings giving us variation and depth in our attacking line-up. Like I said before, rather than saying this is a confirmed deal, Perez feels it’s in advanced talks and although it’s 99% likely he will join Arsenal, he can still look at other options (Obviously nowhere near as good as Arsenal)

Yann M’Vila: We are at the moment in progressive talks with the young Frenchman. Rennes are resigned to losing him this summer and Arsenal are ready to pounce early to get confirmed signatures before big performances in the Euros. Again no real replacement in the team, however he could move Song to a box to box midfield role.

Mario Goetze: This is the big one. He is the big fish out of the lot. Arsenal have been tracking the German for some time now. He was supposed to be the natural successor of Fabregas last season but it was confirmed that the bid of £20 million by Wenger was not enough to secure his services. Ultimately, Goetze decided against any move because of his respect to Jurgen Klopp. However, Wenger is adamant that he will get his man and will up the ante to £25 million. These are early talks but you can’t help feel excited by such a prospect. Our man Perez says he will have a much clearer picture in the next couple of days (having meetings in Germany) and I will be sure to let you guys know!

Younes Belhanda: We apparently have just started talks with the Moroccan. He is seen as the back-up if we don’t secure Goetze. It will be admittedly hard to get the German regardless of how much money we spend so it’s good to see that we are thinking one step ahead.

Del Peiro: This is a very surprising one. Perez himself is shocked by the news but he was in Italy yesterday and received news from Juventus representatives that Arsenal are front-runners. The only real conclusion I can come to is shirt sales, I hope by god that this is not an actual signing for the squad/first team.

These are all the players that Arsenal are definitely looking at. However we will not get all of them. I firmly believe that we won’t get both Vertonghen and M’Vila as well as both Belhanda and Goetze. Even then, you look at the possibilities and its mind boggling.

The team we could have next season with the signings:
———————— Szczesny ———————-
Sagna ——– Vermaelan — Koscielny — Santos
———– Song ——- M’Vila/Vertonghen ——–
—————–Goetze/ Belhanda/Wilshere———
Suarez/Chamberlain—- Van Persie——– Podolski

That team right there looks amazing in my opinion. With all those options, we should be favourites to lift the league providing that none of the other teams goes completely mad in the transfer market (maybe Chelsea). Even looking at the prices, we would spend about £70 million. It seems a lot but remember the £50 million we definitely have as well as money generated from player sales. We all know the likes of Squillaci, Djourou, Chamakh, Park, Arshavin, Almunia are definitely gone. They could all together build up £15-£20 million if we sell smartly. Hence forming that £70 million I was talking about.

These are big hopes for a team that was looking down and out only a month ago. Fortunately, Arsenal have fixed up their league form and are now looking to take the Premier league and Europe by storm. I am still sceptical about all of this as many of us are but I can’t help but feel we are finally ready to make the transition from top 4 to league contenders once again.

I did pose a question to Perez himself and he did answer on Twitter:

KJ: @JavierPerez108 Will Arsenal honestly sign Holtby, Vertonghen, Suarez, Podolski and M’Vila? Surely that’s too much for Arsenal’s standards

Javier Perez: @KJ forget the past, next season, AFC have different goals and hence the change in mentality.
All we can do now is wait.

Also I hope we can all appreciate what’s happened to former Arsenal midfielder Fabrice Muamba. It’s sad to hear such a young life is on the brink of death and I just wanted to remind everyone to pray for his recovery.

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76 thoughts on “The Ultimate Arsenal Transfer Rumour Post – Every Real Summer Target

  1. gunnerman92

    Arsenal have a very sttong squad now amd tbh some of these signings are unnecessary. As much as i would like podolski and gotze to come to arsenal i honestly do not see both happening unless its to keep rvp… But i agree witb the need to back up alex song… If he was not such an amazing tank then we would have been in trouble this season. Him and walcott are joint top for assits to the Van man but we don’t want to wear him out. Lastly, some of these signings would make it hard for players like ryo miyaichi to break through and that is just a waste of talent.

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 35 Thumb down 29

  2. Joseph

    Those mentioned are good players and can improve the current arsenal squard but I am afraid to mention names as if arsenal is promoting them to be taken by other clubs. Consider last season we mentioned Ricky, Mata, Samba but we ended up signing Benayoun and the like. Come on arsenal sign good players not only mentioning them

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 59 Thumb down 2

  3. alwyn barrett

    the best part of that article is that arsenal are going to have different ambitions this season . i dont believe such a dramatic change is necessary . would rather see 2 real top players + keep the quality we have . clearing out certain players is a must – they cost money + give a false sense of depth in the squad . looking forward to next year but just hope we dont get shafted again .

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 41 Thumb down 1

  4. liquor

    i am looking forward to see podolski,suarez,ventorgen,mvilla and stephane nxt season

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 5

  5. waltaze.kenya

    oh my God that would make me go nuts..thts the ARSENAL we want sign@least 4of thoz players..

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 22 Thumb down 1

  6. nazafi

    i dont know abt this. if it happens i will be the happiest arsenal fan ever. cos i 200% believe this line up could win champions league , EPL and worl title or could challenge any title. but i believe Pudolski have hinted he like to move to italy very recently but even though he have said its uncertain. well i wish this time wenger makes decisions little early. so the team could get along in the practice session and could kick asses from the beginning of the season, i hope for the best as every one

    Gunner from Sri Lanka

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  7. rocky

    good article, nice to have a bit of substance to back up the rumours.

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  8. duc

    So another year with no academy breakthroughs? Brilliant. I’d go for a greater role for on the cusp players like Yennaris and it’s time for Lansbury to be given his chance. Lets see if he can make the leap. I’d also try to tempt Sturridge. All these usual suspects. No one wanted Belhanda a month ago until the French Kool-Aid kicked in.

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 16

  9. Takuruku (ABUJA)

    Hahahahaha! Until i see o! Arsenal r likely 2 sign bt thnk uncertain

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 3

  10. eMMkLin

    Thumbs up, KJ!!! Good or bad, let’s have the news (even your personal opinion).

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  11. xtreme

    Arsenal fans are usually excited at transfer rumour…but the club leads us down,unless arsenal improve in their wages policy,they will keep scaring the players away to other clubs

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2


    Brilliant article. But being realistic, I can only see 1 or 2 of these at the emirates next season.

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 4

  13. MiLf GunNeR

    what a touching article… Nice one.. Every single year arsenal was the bussiest rumour around.. i dont see the different

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  14. macca

    I’d just be happy to have wilshere back by next season. He’s already one of the greatest players in europe and will be like a new signing next season. if only we had him and sagna fit all season i wonder were we would be now??

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  15. vincent

    we already have a strong squad, and i dont think getting all this additions will be neccessary. for instance, where does this leave arteta and rosicky who have been so vital for us. coquilin, miquel, jenkinson, ramsey and yennaris have all been amazing and need some play time. lensbury, ryo and campbell also have 1st team quality. remember, we also still have wallcott diarby n gervinho. for me, vertonghen, gotze, podolski and martias suarez are enough. then sell almunia, squid, djorou, arshavin, chamack, bendtner, vela, denilson,and park.
    Team squad to be something like this;
    sczesny/mannone/fabianki _
    sagna/jenkinson-kozzier/ vertonghen/miguel/per/vorm-gibbs/santos_

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 19 Thumb down 6

  16. Gooner

    Journalists ‘making rumours up’? Surely not. Are we really meant to believe that an Argentinian journalist has the inside track on Arsene Wenger’s transfer intentions? Is this a credible blog site or Football Manager?

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  17. apen

    Screw belhanda, I watched his compilation and he sucks. Just like chamakh before arsenal bought him, I watched chamakh video and quite surprise to see how ordinary of a player they both are….screw belhanda…..

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 11

  18. gunner forever

    All the best to Muamba. Let’s all unit and pray for this young lad. I was so damn schoked seeing him fall, it doesn’t matter if he is former Gunner or not, God keep him alive!
    About our transfers, I would go crazy if we got all this players, but we won’t. For me Verthongen, Goetze and Podolski are enough.

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 30 Thumb down 0

  19. Malik

    n hazard is definitely being signed by abrahomovich or sheikh mansour but i don’t understand y arsene doesn’t go 4 Iker Munaian, kawaga or others wat is this obsession with goetze? every1 knows deep down that arsene would die b4 letting that type of money go n the dude’s not even french we’re buying noone guys trust me all the youth(miyachi,lansbury, bartley, miquel, frimpong campbell coquelin the ox exc.) is being awesome n arsene is only down 4 making money n developing starrs….i pray i’m wrong n 4 fabrice


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  20. Robin van Bergkamp

    The board will try and offload players first before they commit to big buys. The big fish normally bite late so I reckon Arsenal will spend the first few weeks selling and generating secured funds for big purchases. M’vila, Gotze and Vertonghen will be costly and i say we’ll be lucky to get 1 let alone 2 out of the 3. With Frimpong, Arteta, Wilshere and Diaby, we have capable DMs but either Vertonghen or M’vila would be a great addition for games where we need to grind it out to win. Gotze would be most needed as we still lack that flair in the centre. Wilshere Gotze and song combo would be brilliant with Rosicky/Eisfeld/Ramsey as subs

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  21. Abu

    We dont need many players, two to three are more than enough. Our squard is already good, just need motivation. Among the players listed they wont get first opportunity in first eleven, hence will get rotten like our Chamack. He was good when he was in first team but rotten in bench after recovery of RVP. Same case to Park and Ryo, they are good but no ample time to play.

    Mombasa, Kenya.

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  22. Blip

    Arsenal should do everything in their power to keep hold of RVP. Without him I think Arsenal will loose an edge about them, considering the dutchman’s recent form and not forgetting experience of an age of I think 28.

    The fundamental signings that Arsenal should pursue greatly are the players like: Podolski, Goetze and Vertonghen – help the spine of the team, adding a bit more class and. Extra players can include M’Vila which can also be an essential signing.

    Also selling the rubbish players that feed off the club for the wages, who I think everybody know who I’m talking about (Chamchk…)

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  23. Alex

    As much respect as i have for Javier Perez… it was only last season he said that the Sneijder- United deal was agreed on a pre contract and that Phil Jones was goign to Arsenal on a pre- contract as wel as Samba… No of those “100% confirmed” happened.

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  24. van persies left foot

    I can see wenger not spending a penny in the summer. He will have the same excuse as always that the squad is strong enough etc etc. Also i h8 to admit this but our captain will leave us. GET RID OF THE BOARD, ESPECIALLY HILL WOOD AND GAZIDIS. GET USMANOV IN ASAP.

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 10

  25. Arteta

    Shouldnt leave Arteta (The ARTist) out of the line up, he has proven to be a great signing

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  26. Alex jackson

    Yes i no wengar will do business next season but we canct buy all d player mention above i can only see podoski as most likely now plus any other player in wengar mind.

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  27. Bolly

    Why is it that a lot of you guys cannot have an opinion about a player without being totally disrespectful? Nuff said on that, you know who you are.
    Regarding these rumours, let’s not forget that is all they are, rumours. Nothing has been confirmed yet either by the clubs or the players. I do not believe any journo, especially not that one.
    I think the following: Saurez is not a done deal and i believe phe will go to Real. As for calling him a replacement for TW14, more disrespect, this time against our own player! Podolski will go to Lazio. M’Villa will go to Real although would like him to replace Song who would be better as attacking mid rather than defensive mid. Love his forward play but he takes too many risks defensively. Goetze can go where he wants but we do not need him. Wilshire is far better than him. Vertinghen is a great player but we do not need another centre half, though he could do the DM bit. Can’t see him coming here to sit on the bench. Let’s also not forget that his favoured team has changed weekly and now it’s our turn! I like both Belhanda and Holtby but think only Belhanda is likey to come. Having said all that, I believe there will be one marque signing and two three lesser signings. We have so many good players coming through I am optimistic they will break through next season. Lets get third this year and move on next year.

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 10

  28. Oluwaremilekun

    Vertonghen, Goetze,and Podolski signings are enough to create INVINCIBLES 2

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

  29. sammie

    d only bizness wenger wil do in d transfer mrk nex season is to sell some few unwanted players and return d money to d board. He wil b bizi selling while all our targeted players wil b moving to other clubs. I hope am wrong….

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 4

  30. subzero

    we dont need to sign any1 except a capable striker!just get rid of the deadwood!!! the size of that squad is outright obscene! too many players under-performing!

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  31. andre

    WHAT ABOUT HAZARD!!! cant believe he is not on that list.
    And lukas podolski really cant play as a winger. second striker or central forward is his natural position.

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6

  32. LordZeus11

    Belhanda seems far more likely than M’Villa,Wenger declared his interest in him publicly. Also why are you saying the £50m that we have. I have seen alot of times on this site that we have £50m from the sales of Nasri and Fabregas. No we dont.

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  33. xmoro

    According to German regional ( North Rheinland) newspaper Express. (Not so very respectable but has good sources in FC Koeln)
    Podolski transfer to Arsenal will be announced today.

    As part of agreement Arsenal will play 2 times in Koeln and earning will go to FC Koeln. Fc Koeln hope to have 15mln Euro ( 2 games with Arsenal + transfer amount)after that.

    Am Sonntag im Auswärtsspiel bei Hannover 96 gibt es einen Vorgeschmack auf das, was bald zur Regel wird. Denn am Montag will man den Wechsel zu Arsenal London verkünden.
    „Das ist bitter, aber so ist das Leben“, so ein hochrangiger FC-Verantwortlicher. Denn beim Schmerzensgeld, also der Ablöse, sei man „im Zielkorridor“ gelandet.
    Dank zweier Freundschaftsspiele, die das Starensemble von der Themse in Köln absolvieren wird, belaufen sich die Transfereinnahmen auf 15 Millionen Euro.

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  34. kleef

    These two talented players who very mobile and versatile, I hoped got some mention and are essential to our squad.
    Just Arsenal, please this request to the Information Centre.

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  35. Gunny

    Oh no……….I do not want a racist(Suarez) in Arsenal..AOC and Podolski must be backed up by Ryodinho and Gervinho…and Rosicky to rest Jack Willy…..

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  36. Gonner Willz

    CDM-Jack Wilshere CDM-Alex Song
    ST- RVP

    Subs:Walcott,Yann M’Vila,Jan Vertonghen,Lewis Holtby and the rest

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 4

  37. martha

    This rumours has been going on for a while I will only believe when I see the players in Emirates. Very good dream.

    Lets pray for Mwaumba I am really shocked and hope he recovers I am praying for him. It is very sad such a young and healthy person.

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  38. James

    Arsenal can sign Dennis Oliech from A.J. auxerre. This winger/forward can ignite the EPL more than podolski can. This is a hidden gem.

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 4

  39. LoveArsenalLoveWenger

    actually, i would like del piero, rather him than chamakh or park to come in when in need of a goal in the last 10-15 minutes…

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 2

  40. ramos501

    Hey guys please lets all tune in to sky news to see if we’ve really signed podolski….at 6pm south
    central africa time

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  41. Overmars

    This is too good to be true. This article forgets that arsene wenger is our manager.

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  42. Blind Love

    Thank you KJ for all the effort you put into this. I feel you have put my mind to rest regarding the ambition of our club.

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  43. sam

    that team looks immense apart from LB, santos is not great and neither is gibbs, bring a world class LB

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 7

  44. jezza

    Thanks for the update! There has been news of Butland joining Arsenal, wanted to know if that is realistic. He is young and looks promising. Plus Wojtech will be a great teacher.

    (Fabianski, Jack Butland)

    Sagna – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    (Jenkinson – Koscielny – Vertonghen – Santos)

    Song / M’Vila
    (Frimgpong – Coqelain)

    Goetze/Corgnet – Wilshere
    (Rosicky) (Arteta)

    Ox – RVP – Podolski/Giraud
    (Walcott) (Suarez) (Gervinho)

    Nastasic, Ryo, Ramsey, Diaby, Denilson, Vela, Lansbury, Afobe, Miquel

    Loan- Manone, Denilson, Lansbury, Campbell, Eisfeld, Welington, Watt, Campbell,

    In- Butland, Vertonghen, M’vila, Nastasic, Goetze/Corgnet, Podolski/Giroud, Suarez

    Out- Park, Squillaci, Almunia, Arshavin, Chamakh, Benayoun, Bendtner

    Ou and if Gotze doesnt come, with the price so high and Reus joining Borissia, than it would be fine, he would just come next season and until then we would have a chance to show him why he should have came before. AFC4LIFE

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  45. lawrence gf


    am with you on the left back situation. gibbs and santos are ok but farfrom solid defenders.

    As for the raft of names linked for transfers? He he he he he….
    Ar ha ha ha haha ha ha ha!

    Aw are stuffed with quantity not aways quality. Aw will not buy big as it will imply that he previously got it wrong. Its only march and people are talking bout summer incomings. Madness. This must be gazidis spin.

    Don’t forget bendtner, vela, denihlson, campbell et al on loan to come back.

    We need a clear out but it won’t happen.

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  46. Kyle

    I think the team would look more like this, in my opinion:

    ———————— Szczesny ———————-
    Sagna ——– Vermaelan — Vertonghen — Santos
    ———– Song ——- M’Vila/Wilshire ——–
    —————–Suarez/ Gotze/Belhanda———
    —Chamberlain—- Van Persie——– Podolski

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  47. Dave.C

    Nice one KJ about time Fabrice Muamba was mentioned here. Heres hoping for a speedy recovery.

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  48. jack

    Most Arsenal fans are out wondering who will sign to this team and the real fact is almost 80% of these players wont. Realistically, Eden Hazard is probably the least likely to end up in a gunner shirt by the summer. A 33 million pound price tag is just to much to gamble for a player who I believe still needs to understand that his impact wont be big at all unless he adapts to the English game. I almost positive that Gotze will stay at Dortmund. But I do think Arsenal will sign Podolski,Vertonghen, and Belhanda will join us. The main reason I am saying this is because all these players want to join Arsenal and in all honesty are quality players who I think can strengthen the squad. Remember players like Alex Song, Van Persie, Koscielney, and Gibbs were all cheap players who Wenger bought and have been essential to are sucess the past few years. Gunner for life. . . . . !

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  49. ArsenalScout

    Yea, we dont need most of these signings as the young players like miyachi, ox, frimpong, coquelin etc who r all epic, AND with all our players really ‘gelling’ we dont need replacements bcz our team is good and got good youngsters and impact subs. I think we should buy 1. Podolski – identical to vp, experience, confident. 2. Hazard – consistent, creative, pace, passing, shooting and is what we r missing from a winger Creativeness, shooting, consistency 3. Honda – ok hear me out he is fast, longshots and svores which none of mids do/can, shoots from freekicks and scores which vp and arteta r not, cheap from russian league, him and miyachi could develop a partnership, wenger called him a “genius”. Gotze is good but hes not good at shooting and if we r ever gonna become independant from vp this is the only way. 4. Vert – fast can play lb/rb/cb/cdm partnership with verm can let mert rest and likes arsenal and wants 2 go so on the cheap !

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  50. Mr Liar

    Must have knocked out about ten reading this. However, not no more as I do not want a disappointment. I’ll wait until after the summer till I whack away again.

    Its certainly mouth watering.

    Get your check book out Arsenal!!!!!!

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  51. stephen187

    The fact that squallici has played a competitve match this season signals we need more quality depth specially with our annual injury crisis. Plus cud do with some different players for rotation and a plan B…also wudnt wana throw developing youngsters into important champions league games if one of our first X1 was injured. Prayers for fabrice.. Get well soon

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  52. sKeeza

    I’d like to see another central defender, attacking mid and striker to our squad, all with the immediate ability and winning mentality!
    But what no one is picking up, is a decent back up goal keeper! Almunia and flappyhandski
    Are a joke, at the others are still progressing!
    Jaskelienen or given wouldn’t have been a bad shout seeing they have premier league experience in abundance!

    My fears in all the above mentioned is wenger keeping his faith in players who consistently make the same errors every time they get a chance rather than pay extra for complete players.

    They wenger announces new signings will be the day we really know how much his thought in arsenals progression has changed be it accomplished or kid.

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  53. newmy

    4 players needed and alot out!
    IN-Butland,Vertonghen, Holtby, Podolski
    OUT-Lukasz,Vito,Almunia, Squillaci, Denilson, Arshavin, Vela, Bendtner


    Rate this comment: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  54. gunner

    woah!!! Surprising !!! Its not like wenger wud want all of em,some r alternatives if he fails (like bringing vertonghen if he fails 2 land mvilla maybe )…

    Honestly enjoyed reading this article cos u hav solid facts 2 back your points and well written transfer update.also getting reply from that journalist was interesting and reaffirms our hope.personally n realistically i would like to see belhanda(whoever he is many of u saying hes gr8),podolski(obviously),and vertonghen(golden opportunity for arsenal with all his come and get me pleas)…
    What i dont understand is how is these ppl get such information ? …

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  55. gunner

    apparently its a reputable spanish journalist who 1st mentioned abt torres move 2 liverpool,that mata is definitely coming 2 premier league,liverpool rejecting 40mill bid 4 theres gud reasons 2 think this is true…

    Guess even Wenger wud hav thought ‘enuf is enuf’.its wenger who said that a coach needs 2 win champ league 2 b termed gr8..lets hope le prof is damn serious abt nxt season.

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  56. Craig24

    I wanted us to get Hazard but hes a gimp and changes his mind on what club he wants to move too, like Nasri. Gotze however has stayed true to his current club and has some class about him in this process, i think it will be another year before he leaves Dortmand so a replacement until then i guess is Belhanda. Dont know if we need Vertonghen unless he goes left back, apparently Steve Bould likes a Lazio kid as back up for centre back and would be a snip, Del Peiro doesnt interest me unless they want to sell shirts, we need a young hitman like Hernandez at Man Utd.

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  57. billy

    think about the players leaving on frees in the summer.. Hoilett wouldn’t be a bad option on a free? however I haven’t seen him perform particularly well but there’s a lot of hype surrounding him.. just a thought, I’m not certain on it tho

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  58. MCKANE

    Veryyy interesting article.My sincere opinion is that if Arsenal wants to play wingers, Walcott needs to go. On the right Chamberlaine will be great, on the left Ribery would be an excellent option. If we switch back to the 4-4-2 method like in the Adebeyor days, a striker to play along side RVP would have to be someone in the category of Benzema. Our midfield is great as it is…Arteta was a waste! Wenger needs to play the likes of Ramsey, Wilshere and Rosicky EVERY GAME so that they can fit in with our style. Defense wise we lack BIG TIME! Sagna is a waste…he is over efficient, cant produce proper crosses and often gives the ball away through a dumb pass. His replacement would ideally be Bosingwa or Christian Maggio. But!! Buying players and putting them on the bench after a couple of bad games doesn’t help them to improve. Ideally, this transfer season, we should purchase:
    1 – Ribery
    2 – Benzema
    3 – Maggio/Bosingwa

    YES!! It is a lot of money, but the investors of Arsenal need to realise that unless they stop being tight and stingy, Arsenal will never have hopes of winning any cup. We need experience aswell as talent.

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  59. onaji joseph

    kudos to all arsenal faitful supporter and most to jornalist javier perez for his latest arsenal update.tkns alot i feel happy dis morning after going thru ur report .but if i may ask?are u arsenal jornlist? We need u and we hope u can wil conuitue to inform us on lates.txans

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  60. kickuPtheArsene

    This reporter may be reputable, but we only get the things he was correct about. How about all the predictions he has gotten wrong? The players he has mentioned would move but didn’t?

    Another wild goose chase if you ask me. Let’s just mover 4th or higher this Saxon, Sign RVP, and see what the transfer window holds for us. We will all soon find out who is coming, and who is not. Till then EVERYTHING is speculation. I’m just happy we are winning for a change, and I hope we position ourselves well for next year.

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  61. Matty

    Lets all think positively here, i believe arsenal can sign any one of those names mentioned.

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  62. ein

    arsenal already have a strong squad..we dont really need addition..just 2 or 3 will be enuf cause few would be coming back from loan spell..walcott is hitting top form..same goes to rosicky,,van persie,,konscielny and chamberlain..for me,,vertonghen/thiago silva,,higuian/tello/benzema,,muniain/robben would be enuf..

    players out-ALMUNIA(first),,park,,chamak,,diaby,,vito manoone,,squillaci,,denilson,,vela,,arshavin(keep him for another year if possible) and bendtner..

    players in-thiago silva/vertonghen,,muniain/robben,,higuain/tello/benzema..
    other than that,,good luck gunners..u will end this season 3rd without doubt..

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