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The uncertainty is frustrating Arsenal fans…

Arsenal need to pull off some great transfers, or Wenger will face fans frustration once again. by Konstantin

So what’s up people? Looking at those summer transfer news, we are kinda linked with a few interesting players but as usual it’s nothing certain and until it’s on you cannot believe anything.

One rumoured player is Thomas Lemar, who seems like a really interesting buy. He’s very young, and his record of 17 assists and 14 goals is impressive, but it’s unclear whether he’d leave Monaco because of the apparent exodus that’s gearing up over there.

Another player of course is Lacazzete, but I don’t think we’ll really get him. He could join Atletico in January and to be honest they are a better team than us. Besides, the words coming out form the vocal president of Lyon doesn’t sound like he’ll join us. Mbappe is bound for Madrid so we can skip him.

And there comes Mahrez, who is more of a one season wonder so far and he’d cost a lot of money and I don’t think we’ll get both Lemar and Mahrez. On top of that we don’t know the situation with the Ox, Ozil and Sanchez. Add uncertainty over Giroud and that’s 4 of our front 5 that are uncertain over their future.

We need to build on top of what we have and if we’re going to change players it should be to improve the squad and it shouldn’t mean strengthening our rivals by selling them players. I’m still waiting to see what will happen, but hopefully we’ll cough up the money and act in the interests of the club this time.


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38 thoughts on “The uncertainty is frustrating Arsenal fans…

  1. ThirdManJW

    I am not actually finding it frustrating in the slightest, because it’s exactly what I expect from Wenger. Once he renewed his contract, and arrogantly dismissed the notion of a director of football, I knew it would be yet another shambolic transfer window, and I fully expect us to start the season with so much uncertainty surrounding many of our players, and potential signings.

    If anyone thought it would be any different, then clearly they haven’t been paying attention for over a decade!

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    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      Well, I’m frustrated as Fork but that’s nothing new 😂👍
      But I can see and hear the differences from previous transfer windows, the difference being is that Wenger is actually trying to sign players before the pre-season starts, whereas before he would wait until the last couple of days of the Window before panic buying on the last day.

      Wenger knows he has to unite the fan base by showing real intent in the transfer market and surely he must want to win the Premier league again before he retires?

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      1. Raj

        Is he really trying to buy player before pre-season??.We had the similar situation last yr where we bid less for couple of players and got our bid rejected.
        Thanks to this tactic of wasting time, we will be losing Lemar this time.
        He doesn’t care about fans anymore.He has the backing of board.
        Only way things will change is if the revenue goes down and board starts to feel the pinch which is not going to happen unless fans boycott matches.

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  2. Robin Vanpayslip

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    1. McLovin

      Finally the day has come when our good ol’ Vanpayslip lost his marbles.

      Get well soon mate!!

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      1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

        Got his sarcasm hat on.
        Dependent on what rap album he’s listening to

        Like when he’s in a kendrick mood

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        1. McLovin

          You mean Kendrick LEMAR? Oh please anyone but him!! Why do you have to keep remiding us of our transfer failings!

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  3. Re-source

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    1. McLovin

      Who on Earth would we be interested in a second rate forward Fekir if supposedly Lacazette and Lemar deals are done?’

      And you promised the unveiling of the 2 players during the weekend so you do know you’re on a thin rope right now?

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      1. Re-source

        They are exploring potential options as wenger wants to play two strikers next season to partner giroud. An injury ti lacazette or giroud would hurt the system. Club are also unsure on alexis as he is the only one who decides his future.
        It is for squad purposes only but club arent all that interested in fekir.

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        1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

          Hahaha 😂👉 Jog on son. your full of 👉💩.

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          1. Re-source

            Bet on it? Buy arsenal merch from the site if i win? If i lose i will publicly apologise to the forum..

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          2. Re-source

            Actually donate 25 quid to a charity in my name if you lose..

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            1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

              Your still here?
              I’m wondering who u used to be on here.
              No way u found justarsenal an started spewing this straight away

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        2. sam-afc

          exploring targets? do you mean see which players are going on a free??
          we seem to be able to tie those deals up quickly

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          1. McLovin

            If Re-source is WRONG, he will have to donate 25 quids to charity.

            If he somehow is RIGHT, Admin has to donate him 25 quids and an JustArsenal shirt?

            Deal? Okay then!!

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  4. Gooner4321

    Wenger has already failed as he should have brought in the new players by now. His only chance to keep the fans happy now is to get Mbappe. But if we do get him then we probably lose Sanchez 🙁

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  5. sam-afc

    Bakayoko is pretty much a Chelsea player….

    why would Monaco let Lemar now go to us?? they’ve lost Silva to City. Mbappe could be going to Madrid. Monaco wont have a team left if they keep selling their stars

    Arsenal don’t move quick enough, then you hear the same old excuses why we couldn’t get our targets

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    1. McLovin

      Only regarding Mbappe, I think Real ruled out the move for him as they rarely don’t buy wonder kids for huge money.

      Zidane 28
      Ronaldo 24
      Bale 24
      Kaka 27

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  6. Kostafi

    It is so frustrating!!!!!!!!! Every year our team does not prepare well in pre-season because of summer tournaments or because players have not arrived! Can we just get everybody fit bar those away at Confed/U21 action to preseason down under AW? Is that too much to ask?

    Dont bid £44m for a player the club want £57m for. Dont take the piss. Pay up and move on. We have been waiting for a heir to RVP since 2012- 5 years!!!! If Aulas wants Giroud on loan for a season or (gulp) permanently to sweeten the deal- do it!

    I don’t know about Lemar- another attacking forward surely is not a priority (Ozil,Sanchez, Walcott,Perez,Iwobi,Ox, hell Welbeck can play wide) unless a replacement for Sanchez since we know Ozil is heading down under for pre-season. If he is an upgrade to the above, why not?

    An upgrade or back up to Rambo in CM seems more important as well as sorting out the back up keeper situation (Ospina-Szczesny) and sorting out Sanchez-Ozil-Ox-Wilshere contracts.

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  7. Ignasi M

    If arsenal don’t sign a world class striker and Sanchez goes we will struggle to make top 7. If Everton keep Lukaku (who have strengthened considerably in the window) they will leapfrog us.

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    1. Napersie

      Are you Miguel Ignasi? Which club is he in now. Dude was promising.

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  8. frustrated gunner

    whats the uncertainity?
    we will not buy any top stricker
    we will not finish 4th next season
    we will not win league
    wenger will still remain boss

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  9. Vlad

    Back so soon from your hibernation, Konstantin? Wenger is still in charge, go back to sleep. As for “uncertainty”, and “frustration” – speak for yourself. I, for one, am always enjoying transfer activities and rumors. The window is not officially opened yet, but you already making bold statements like we won’t get that guy, or that guy, and won’t re-sign these guys, etc… Like you said yourself, wait until it’s on Until then, just enjoy the ride. It’s not all doom and gloom, you know.

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    1. Red Dawn

      Vlad you speak for YOURSELF.
      Can you not see what is happening at Arsenal?
      The window does not need to be open you brainless moron to sign players.
      There is nothing to look forward to with that useless, senile idiot in charge.
      Enjoy the ride?
      Its not all doom and gloom.
      What fu*king drugs are you on?

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    2. Red Dawn

      Don’t worry about signing players.
      Just enjoy next season when he destroyed by the media – they already have the knives out for him.
      With any luck it might start ringing bells in that thick skull that it is perhaps time to leave.
      No one wanted him to stay apart from the idiot pundits and his own lazy squad of players..

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      1. Midkemma

        The media can not be trusted.

        If you read the papers and believe in it then you are a fool.

        Media is happy to paint what-ever picture will get the most views and the WengerOut/WengerIn debate is like turning lead into gold for them, they will keep using it to get people reading and happy to perpetuate misinformation for the continued views.

        I wanted him to stay and glad he got the new contract.
        I hope AFC keep getting top people in support roles with knowledge of football and sportsmen.

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    3. Red Dawn

      And you were proven so correct last season when we finished fifth.
      But you enjoy the rumours – trouble is you can’t field a team of rumours.
      And the window does not need to be open to sign players in case you had not noticed.
      I hate people you…

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  10. Uwot?

    Fat boy.he(the ditherer)has changed tactics.end result will be the one of any note.vlad “it’s not all doom n gloom you know”lol you’re easily reason the ditherer has clung onto his job for 13 seasons.still just “whistle a merry tune”when we’re in mid table next season & have been tanked by the big boys.more please.mmmmmmm

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  11. Innosantos

    Keeping tabs.
    Actually, the uncertainty is not healthy at the moment.The team rally needs our support and it would be prudent for everyone to be available for the pre-season so as to aclimatize with the rest.
    No one knows whatever Le prof thinks or plans, but as a fan, I hope they can finish up with the signings as soon us next week and reveal them to the fans so as to begin getting support from all quarters..

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  12. arsenal-steve

    Wenger is the greatest ditherer in the world. He is a Mr Bean tribute act who has not got the faintest idea what he is doing. My mum would get more from our players and sign players too. She’s 96. I guarantee, on Transfer Deadline Day Wenger will be panic buying at 10.45 pm.

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  13. Midkemma

    Arsenal got the 1st bid for Lemar rejected, we have gone in with an improved bid by reports.
    Lacazette isn’t dead either yet with reports that negotiations are still ongoing, this would also explain Aulas hard stance as it would make him stronger in negotiations.

    MBappe is the most unlikely to happen, still… I didn’t think we would have gotten Pires all those years ago and we did, I didn’t think we was going to get Reyes and we did… Football is a funny old game.

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    1. Marty

      If Wenger really wants Lemar then why put a low bid in knowing Lyon want more and risk pissing them off for trying to get him on the cheap. We are only talking of a difference of about £15 million, it’s really pathetic the way Arsenal do transfer buisness.

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      1. Midkemma

        Ivan Gazidis and Dixk Law are AFC main transfer negotiators, ask them why they low ball the bid.

        If it was Wenger then please explain how AFC bought Nasri.

        Nasri at the time signed a new contract to help AFC pay more for him, he felt he was worth it. Wenger just payed the asking price, no try and save 1 or 2 million… Just payed it.

        Gazidis was hired not long after and Dein wasn’t around for that transfer.

        What changed? Obvious. Gazidis was hired. 1st transfer was a few months after his appointment and that was Arshavin, I can’t prove that Wenger was the influence of that transfer but it would support the reason why Gazidis claimed Wenger didn’t understand player valuing. This site reported on Gazidis saying that so you can search the archives for that article if you wish.

        Since then we have missed out on players numerous times due to undervaluing players.

        IMO that was the turning point for AFC in transfers, when Gazidis arrived.

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