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Thierry Henry could help the other strikers at Arsenal

The former Arsenal striker and all-time record goal scorer for the Gunners, Thierry Henry, is due to become an Arsenal player again on January 1st apparently. The Frenchman was at the Emirates on Saturday as Arsenal beat West Brom, and will probably be training with the team from now on.

Henry will surely not have failed to notice that the two Arsenal strikers on show, Olivier Giroud and Gervinho, could do with a little help in their strike play. In fact, you can include Lukas Podolski in that as well, and I cannot think of anyone better qualified than Henry to offer some help and advice to improve their game.

Gervinho will be jetting off to join up with the Ivory Coast squad for the African Cup of Nations, probably in the second week of January. Hopefully, Henry will have had some time to work with him before that. As a striker and winger who plays down the flanks, Gervinho occupies the same role that Henry did for a long time, and could do with some help. He gets in good positions, is quick and good with his feet, but seems to make the wrong decisions. If Henry can put him straight, Gervinho could be a fantastic player for Arsenal.

Giroud has stated that he would love to play alongside Henry, and the 35-year old can take the pressure off Giroud, while helping him with his movement and finishing. Arsenal fans will be hoping for goals from Henry, but if he only helps to improve the players already in the squad, it will be worth having him.

To see highlights of Messi breaking Gerd Muller’s 40-year old scoring record, and Falcao hitting five in a match, go to

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20 thoughts on “Thierry Henry could help the other strikers at Arsenal

  1. sollygunner

    agree great to have him here for confidence and hopefully a few cheeky goals but we need to make some good signings and start to build a strong squad wich we can keep

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  2. leo

    what strikers we have only one striker in giroud podolski,walcott are more of wingers or supporting strikers or 2nd striker we need a genuine striker who is mobile a typical false 9 like huntelaar judging by media reports it’s adone deal but still i hope wenger get’s llorente too he is cheap has aproven track record every club has 3-4 stikers like at city u have tevez/dzeko/aguero/balotelli & at manure rooney/rvp/hernandez/welbek while we have got giroud & chammakh we need huntelaar & llorente COYG’S

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  3. leo

    jonjo shelvey had a great game last night for lfc a former arsenal academy player how did we let him go

    manchester city fans & their fans are same always throwing money at players

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  4. RAJ ALI

    GOT NO problem with the king coming back. But why cant we go and buy some strikers. What will happen when the king goes back to new york. We need someone like falcoa. If we had a owner who is willing to spend we could buy the falcoas etc etc. But who will we get is a kid from france or africa while the shittys chelskis and man ures will get the qualities. Even the spuds are spending wtf is that about.

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  5. leo

    manchester city owners & their fans are same always throwing money at players & seeing nasri hide behind the wall during rvp’s freekick then sticking his leg out was hilarious lol dench

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  6. ams

    henry is a legend…but he is old already…not the same henry…i’ll love to see him play again with arsenal…
    but,please get some more player…and i dont wanna see walcott,sagna leave…please please and please do something..

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  7. owens

    U know if sahna live lives dat keeps an unexperienced jenkinson oh..i pity wat would happen to arsenal if we dnt get qtality players..and stil sell sagna and walcott.

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  8. Tamil Sundram

    @ leo

    thats not surprising…every fans are shouting to spend big instead sign this player and that player…

    comparing Price tag of each player as quality

    and would not giving Arsenal youth player a chance to play and shine…..

    dont be surprise that Eifeld ,Gnabry, Coquelin , frimpong, Meade, Ryo, Akromp, Toral etc…

    become super stars elsewhere instead of at Arsenal……

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  9. Zery

    Henry is always welcome at Arsenal but by any standard he is not a solutuon for current problem at Arsenal- we should not be taken by this and he should not be shouldered this responsibility. Arsenal badly needs striker like Benzema,Jovetic, and Falcao or completely changes its style of play. Sorry to say but it looks that Arsene didn’t bother to check whether the “strikers” he recruited in the summer fit his style of play.

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  10. McBright

    as much as i admire king henry, arsenal must look ahead and plan ahead. i wouldn’t tell wenger what to do, just hope he does, what is good

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  11. jackie

    @Consrod – Totally agree. Sign him and make him another assistant coach I say. A player who was the spearhead of our greatest and most successful era, who knows what it means to be a success and more importantly an Arsenal man through and through can only bring good things.

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  12. That Gunner

    He will be very valuable in the dressing room,I dont think he can help Gervinho,only movement wise,Gervs aint a natural finisher,hes a dribbler,Giroud and Poldi wud more benefit from The King,Podolski isnt a dribbler but hes a predator,if Poldi could take on 2-3 players,I would never worry about his finishing,unless its his right foot..the WB win was nothing to cheer about,I am glad we got the win thou because it helped,we started the natural wingers and wing backs,I expected the clean sheet and a win or draw,when we have players in their proper positions,we accelerate,I see Santi drifting to the wings when Rosicky comes on,I like how they were taking turns in the middle,I still think we need another creative winger,one whos not afraid to take on wing backs and swing those crosses in,it would be better if hes a distance shooter as well..looking at the table,I dont really see ntn stopping us from getting that 3rd spot,our biggest PROBLEM IS OURSELVES,but I think the squad has found that out,we made less mistakes in this game..*sings* “we are on a rise and GUNNERS are going for the prise”

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  13. Gunner_Nation

    Mr. Forehead does not deserve to become a striker. I dont get why Wenger thinks he can be. Nothing in his game so far has told us that he can be. I think he is just trying to prove people wrong and showing that he can make another Henry. Plus, we have Walcott, dudes been pretty consistant the last two seasons, give him a chance. But Wenger being the douche that he is, will not allow it to happen.

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  14. Invincibles nice (1)

    Really dont think you can teach it, you either can do or can never do, well not consistently.

    Gervinho will never be a cool calm calculated finisher.

    Walcott will never be a trickster who can hold the ball up and see the right passing/shooting options (consistently).

    Giroud is just so one footed it hurts and will never be the type of striker who continuously pulls you out of a hole with wonder goals, is reliant on good supply.

    Thierry Henry is King.

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  15. ArseneITrust

    After Westbrom match I feel that Arsenal was still toothless, hopeful for January improvement on Striker area

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  16. Philthompsonsnose

    Your spot on. Henry was the best in the premiership and that should alway remain in our minds.. But to play him alongside that wooden carthorse giroud will make him look dreadful! Great players have great vision and anticipation, Henry would just get too frustrated!! Cesc is in dreamland at barca.. Van p saw the writing on the wall and who can blame him for joining manure!?
    Henry would be btr used as a coach for wally n poldi!
    There’s no hope for forehead or carthorse!

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  17. Gundam

    The person who needs lessons the most is the person who leaves when he comes.. GERVINIHO needs some valuable lessons from henry about composure… and using instinct rather than staring at the ball and fretting about what will happen next.

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