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Thierry Henry won’t rejoin Arsenal unless he is asked to help

The Gunners legend was the Arsenal academy coach until Arsene Wenger gave him an ultimatum to either give up working as a Sky pundit or give up his training job, and the ex-striker decided to continue earning his millions via criticizing Arsenal rather than helping to nurture our youngsters into becoming great players.

But now that it looks like Wenger’s era as coach is comning to an end, Henry has admitted that he would come back to the Emirates, but only if the club specifically asked him to. “We are hypothetically speaking before people jump ahead of everything, [but] I have never backed down from a challenge since I was young.

“If I had listened to people who were talking about where I was going to be, I would not have been here.

“When I arrived at Arsenal, they said to me, ‘Why are you outside of the box, you will never score goals?’ with my position being on the left or whatever it was. You don’t back down from a challenge, you always think that you can.

“When I came back to play for Arsenal, everybody, all my friends were saying, ‘It can only tarnish your legacy, why are you going back there?’.

“If you love a place and they ask – I repeat, they ask – for help, you are always going to say yes. What I am saying to you is again, we are talking about hypothetical thoughts.”

It may be hypothetical, but it is often said that Henry is a good friend of Josh Kroenke, who is now over in London to oversee the new regime at the Emirates. it is quite possible that Kroenke could ask his friend to take over as caretaker, even if it just until the end of the season as atrial period. Is this now looking likely?

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23 thoughts on “Thierry Henry won’t rejoin Arsenal unless he is asked to help

  1. Innit

    Henry came back to us for a few months when Wenger asked him to. Scored an important goal in FA Cup. He always said nice things about the fans and club. He has been awesome to us. He is a legend

    1. gotanidea

      Agree and I don’t think Arsenal would ask him to replace Wenger, because they need quick results

      Ancelotti and Enrique would be the strongest candidates, because they are unemployed and they have won major league titles

      Whoever Arsenal next manager is, I hope he can show entertaining football again, that has been missing after the Invicibles era

      1. Innit

        Yes. Henry needs to manage a club first
        It’s better to get a proven Top manager
        I like Ancelloti too
        He was treated badly by Chelsea. Fired after winning the double.

        1. tas

          pls guys drop this Henry thing he has no track record his not serious about managing its all showmanship “Mr Hollywood” and yes i love the guy but not as a manager but Viera is different he is a serious management candidate or even Arteta the later would be my choice of ex Arsenal players but why are we scraping the bottom of the barrel wile there are managers like Diego Simeone already a made man, give him what he wants and he will come, announce it that AW stay until summer then Simone take over,

    2. chris

      Yes but Henry has never managed a top football team which has been driven into the ground by an aged manager who is past it. If they want an ex player I would go for Vieira. Otherwise a highly experienced man to stabilise – stop the rot. Nobody is going to come in and turn things right immediately – the team is in ruins.

  2. barryglik

    I like Henri for his interviews.
    He has however done jack
    with regards management.
    Let him go manage Sunderland
    then Everton for 3 years each
    then we will see if he can manage or not.

    1. John Ibrahim

      exactly…if hes interested in managing….go learn the ropes first

      be an assistant or junior coach…then when ready manage a smaller club before joining the big ones..

      ..juz like arteta

      1. John0711

        You are so much a AKB it disgusts me. Henry is and always will be a legend
        A winner through and through, he would not tolerate this slack attitude that runs through the club

        1. tas

          @John0711 being a legend don’t make you a good manager in fact TH would be a bad choice, he had the chance to start but he preferred the limelite, let TH go and manage a team before taking on the worlds 6th biggest club

    2. Arseneout

      Look at zidane and guardiola. They were suddenly hired and they succeed. Its never about experience (wenger is the biggest example). Its about fresh ideas and a manager that can adopt with changes, new formation new technics.

      1. Hayzed

        I agree with you 100%.Even Milan’s Rino Gattuso was unproven before being offered the Milan’s job but he breathe new life into the players and they’ve now gone 10 or 12 matches unbeaten.
        It’s all about hunger and desire to stand out and that will make one search for a way to succeed.

        1. tas

          Guys you know even a broken Clock is accurate twice a day, one or two ex players sometimes works out but regarding Zidane he was around the youth team for a while before he got the job

  3. Roy

    Someone 4 me not Henry.
    No time 4 blooding inexperienced managers.Simeone has had to X swords with Real and Barcelona but the German backroom staff hints at a German manager.
    Ps Bellarin angry at being dropped?
    The amount of time Wenger has given him to get his act together I was wondering if he was his love child.
    Pops Check out debuchy’s current form.

  4. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    Sorry I agree with those above that it is too early for Henri. Being a media commentator is no substitute for managerial experience. Henri has to work his way up.

  5. Andy

    Is this the dumbest article of all time – Henry will only go back if Arsenal offer him a job. So he won’t go back if they don’t…. right? It’s true that clubs do get upset if you walk in and start ordering people around when they don’t ask you to….

  6. Innit

    I wouldn’t mind Henry as a caretaker manager. Like if Wenger was fired tomorrow 😀😊😆. And Henry took over until May/June and then we get a Top proven manager
    Henry has no experience. It is very risky

    1. stubill

      Henry won’t be coming in as a caretaker manager even if Wenger left today. He’s not going to give up his Sky job for a position that would last no more than 3 months!

      Jardim gets my vote.

      1. Will

        Why would he need to give up his job, look at G.Nev – as soon as Valencia got rid of him he walked straight back into the studio.

        Initially I was very against Henry taking over but don’t see why not give him until the end of the season to prove himself. We have nothing to lose, we are not going to qualify for CL we could possibly be out of the EL and we’re not going to get relegated. Our season is over and sticking him in as caretaker manager until we can recruit properly in the summer doesn’t seem too bad an option.

  7. Joseph

    Not Henri guys, we have had total tough periods already. We need someone very optimistical about this job that on other hand we can easily sack if he wont deliver. Enough with relatives in the job Henri will again be hard to sack, am tired of trying

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