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This Arsenal star’s injury could actually help the club…

Danny Welbeck has been ruled out for the next five months with a knee injury, meaning he will miss out on the European Championships as well as the opening three months of the Premier League, which may force Arsenal to sign another forward

The 25 year-old was preparing himself for an exciting European Championship tournament this summer, having come into form since recovering from an injury which ruled him out for 10 months previously.

That dream will not come true this summer however, after Welbeck limped out of the Manchester City tie at the weekend, and has now been ruled out until October.

This will come as horrible news for England fans, but could be a blessing in disguise for his club however.

Arsene Wenger praised the performance of Olivier Giroud at the weekend, leading to thoughts that he could overlook the chance to sign a new striker in the coming window, but surely this injury will force the manager’s hand.

Lacazette and Karim Benzema were strongly linked with a move to the Emirates last summer, while Gonzalo Higuain and Edinson Cavani could become available in the coming window.

Any one of these four strikers would go a long way to please fans who have grown frustrated with the stagnating approach to strengthening our side.

Theo Walcott has been strongly linked with an exit this summer, but that may now not be an option unless two replacements can now be found.

Will Welbeck’s injury end Theo’s exit chance? Will Wenger HAVE to sign a striker now?

Pat J

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18 thoughts on “This Arsenal star’s injury could actually help the club…

  1. SoOpa AeoN

    I Like the fact that the EPL will be very very competitive next season!….There will be no strolling in the park!

    He who wants to make the best of next season will have to do what’s required for his team….

    For the records, Bayern who are not really Lacking Have already started work….Renato and Hummels already in one day

    Let’s hear another excuse like “we can’t find quality in the market”

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    1. atid

      If spurs lose Sunday and arsenal win, wenger will say that 2nd and finishing above man city, Chelsea, man United, Liverpool and spurs is an improvement on last seasons 3Rd place.

      He didn’t feel the need to sign a striker last summer, even though he knew Welbeck would be out for almost all the season. I just don’t see him feeling any different this summer.

      His midfield will be weakend, but I can see him saying the emergence of elneny, toral and iwobi has covered the fact that arteta flamini and rosicky are leaving.

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    2. NY_Gunner

      Hummels to Bayern was a given already. Bayern have the luxury of being top dog in a 1 team League. They use that status to gut the rest of the Bundesliga teams of their top talent. 99% of the Bundesliga players want to play for them.

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      1. sood

        What hurts is not comparing Arsenal to Bayern, nope. It’s the manner in which the best teams see the reason to strengthen their teams more, while Arsenal, the Wenger trophy specialists see no need to strengthen the already average squad that could require 2 or more quality players??

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  2. Ramterta

    why do you want a striker when we have giroud walcott campbell sanogo and akpom who are all world class

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  3. seancali

    I’m pretty sure Wenger will sign a top class striker this summer. I think he will bring in a DM and CD as well. It will be a busy transfer window. I’m certain for once

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  4. Arsenal_Girl

    Next season will be tough as hell
    This season was our best chance to win the PL in 12 years
    Wenger not signing a single outfielder to strengthen the squad was ridiculously bad decision
    We only needed a top CF and another DM
    He needs to make up for it by getting a handful of WC players : CF, winger, CB and DM

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  5. Twig

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    1. NY_Gunner

      I think Benteke is the best of the bunch. Then Bony, who I think would be surplus when Pep comes in…

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  6. dboy

    AW’s response: we have Olivier in that position and Alexis and Walcott who can also score. Ozil has added goals to his game and I think he will only get better. So I think our goal scoring problem will be solved.

    Not holding my breath.

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  7. Fatboy Gooney

    Hahaha 😂 and wtf! 😲
    If Wenger doesn’t sign Lewandowski in the summer then he can go …. do himself!
    Munich want Sanchez, who cost us 35 million,
    We want Lewandowski, who joined Munich for FREE!…. Offer them a swap deal … Sanchez+ Danny Setbeck! 😂
    … What? 😲

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  8. badenglish

    I read many times the name Robert Lewandowski. Forget it. Levandoskis price is 150000000. try to get Draxler. His price is 35000000 and he is in 2 years Ballon d’Or winner. My Tip for Arsenal was Toni Kroos too. But its to late. He goes back to Bayern Munich. Xabi Alonso must leave Toni kroos house in Munich because Toni need this for himself.

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  9. mark

    Oh sweet Jesus, this means we are stuck with Giroud and Walcott….Mr no risk Wenger will stick rather than twist, and keep what we’ve got.

    Oh dear.

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  10. jonm

    Any injury to an Arsenal player is bad news, there is no blessing in disguise. Since his comeback this season, Welbeck has impressed, strike rate has been good and he scored two match winning goals. One of our major problems is lack of goal scoring.

    There is no way that a five month injury to Welbeck “can actually help the club”.

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