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This BIG transfer has made Arsenal EPL title favourites

Arsene Wenger has already assured the Arsenal fans that he will be having a busy month in the transfer market and it seems pretty clear that the Frenchman is planning to sign more than just one player to boost the squad and our chances of keeping up the good run of results and not letting the Premier League trophy slip through our grasp once more.

A lot of Arsenal fans feel that the boss should have done more in the summer, but that it another argument. What I am talking about today is the one transfer we did complete in the summer and just how important it has been to the Gunners.

Once again yesterday, in the very tough and tight match against Newcastle United, Petr Cech kept Arsenal in the game at key moments and that gave us the platform to nick all three points. Those points could be crucial at the end of the season but they are also massive for the Gunners right now.

After Man City came from behind to beat Watford, we could have lost the lead and found ourselves back in third place and that would not have been good for morale. As it is everyone at Arsenal is feeling good and this is not the first time the Cech effect has been felt like this.

A couple of months ago the former Chelsea striker, and bane of Arsenal, Didier Drogba was asked who he thought would be champions this season and he said Arsenal. When asked why he replied because we have Petr Cech. Even the bookies believe as they have us and Man City tied as favourites for the title. Is that mainly because of the one transfer Wenger made in the summer?

Is this Spanish beauty the reason for Bellerin’s drop in form?

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23 thoughts on “This BIG transfer has made Arsenal EPL title favourites

  1. GoonerLad

    Admin can you please ban any article that uses click bait as its title? Here I am expecting talk about Aubameyang but instead I read about Cech who has been playing for us for more than half a season. Why exactly should he be called a transfer when the window was half a year ago ? If I read more articles with misguided titles I will have to quit visiting this website.

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      @ Lemmings Lad ?

      Stop moaning about click bait ?
      When your always on here chatting ? Bait ,
      no matter what the Article’s are about! ???

      What makes me laugh is that you think that you know it all with your remarks to other fan’s comments, but if you had more than 2 brain cells you would know that Sky sports and the BBC are the most reliable regarding transfer news!

      As far as I’m concerned, I was one of the first to report on here that Arsenal have signed Elneny and I got thumbed down to xxxx ? not one muppet ✌ credited me for that, a week later ?

      Haven’t you got any homework to be getting on with! ?

  2. ArsenalGenes

    Once cazorla is back, I would really like to see ozil as a striker. Whenever he played striker, even for 10 mins or so, attack looks breathtaking. He makes amazing runs in the defensive channels and keeps the flow going. Wouldn’t hurt to give it a try..

    1. Godswill

      How many goals did he score? He’s a creator with no good second and not a finisher. Just give him a good finisher.

      1. ArsenalGenes

        I am not talking about whether he will be great, I am just saying, we can test this at some point. Coz it is the only way to accommodate Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil in one team. All of them are mandatory in the squad. Cazorla will play as CAM, Ozil False 9 and Ramsey in his favorite Box to box role. Ramsey on the wings is a terrible idea. So is cazorla as Box to box. I haven’t seen any other striker with better movement sense than ozil. His gameplay is based on Accurate passing and Off the ball movement. By playing him as False 9, Arsenal will create chances galore. Walcott and Sanchez will benefit from his movement and will score plenty. Giroud is good as a 60th Min sub striker.
        My Best XI Team

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      None of them are for Sale, According to their clubs!

      The Dortmund director stated a few months ago that they would sell Aubameyang if a offer of 42 million came in for him!… And now that Arsenal have put that offer in, they are playing hard to get, especially now that 4 clubs are interested in the player… Arsenal don’t play to Ransoms.. So you can forget about these two players now mate.

  3. davidnz

    To be fair Admin this
    was a callous clickbait
    heading. Knowing we are
    eagerly awaiting news of signings
    to lead with this “big signing”
    (Cech) heading was a low blow.
    Next heading will be “brilliant winger”
    huge Arsenal signing…Sanchez.
    Wenger lands world class midfielder…Ozil.
    C’mon admin you guys are better than that.

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      And What? ?

      Did anyone really expect Cech to make the big difference that he has, when he was signed?
      NO! ..Especially after his debut game against West ham!
      Alot of fan’s moaned like XXXX!
      Some were calling Cech a double agent!
      And moaning about signing an Old man Chelsea bench warmer! ?

      Wtf is wrong with you people? ?
      Where in the title does it say ” Arsenal have JUST signed someone ? ?

      Yes it’s about Cech… Yes, we signed him and Yes if we do win the premier league it will be mainly thanks to him!
      So what’s the problem with that, you sad Lemmings ?
      And here comes the fart that you all giggle too simultaneously ???? ??

    2. admin

      David how can you compare my titles with ones from other sites? The fact is that Wenger signing Cech is the reason we are favourites to win the title. It is NOT dishonest or half as bad as some people make out.

      1. stubill

        If it was an honest title, it would have made reference to Cech, not a “big transfer”. But I doubt this will appear as you don’t like criticism!

  4. davidnz

    If when Sanchez returns
    Arsenal beats Liverpool
    Stoke and Chelsea
    will we still need to bring in a striker?

  5. Subi

    Admin: In the long run ‘click bait’ articles will ruin this site. Keep it serious or sooner or later no one will click anything here. They won’t even enter the site.

      1. admin

        Some people are so bloody picky. Have a count of how many of our last 100 articles you would call ‘clickbait’ even though some call them accurate. Then when you see a figure of 3% or 4%, then compare JustArsenal with the millions of other sites that have 50% or more.
        Why do I never see comments like “Oh, thanks for an honest title’ on the other 96% ???

        1. Fatboy Gooney


          That’s because they are Spoilt Lemmings! ?
          There’s no other sites that even come close to matching this one!

          By the way … there was nothing wrong with your title!
          If these kid’s really believe that Wenger is going to Spend Big in January then they are in for another Rude awakening! ??

  6. john0711

    Admin can you tell me why my comment was deleted without explaining why, I can only assume that certain opinions are allowed if it suits ??????

  7. tissiam

    im tired of these misleading titles,this site doesn,t need them,we are all arsenal fans who love anything to do with the club,you don,t need to trick us for us to read your articles good or bad ,don,t become like gooners den,oh to be a gooner,caughtoffside who take us for fools(by the way they should be banned from arsenal news)??

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